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6-12-14 12:10pm Scoot: on generational differences

Jun 12, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Garland and talks about generational differences.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon I'm scoots Garland will be back next week graduate missed on Dubuque will be in the think tank tomorrow as he -- every Friday. Be it for Angeles tomorrow from went for. Two -- Friday the thirteenth. Which you know a lot of confident. It's going to be good day for Loria. It will be if you make it a good -- well what about Friday the thirteenth. On the show tomorrow. I talked for it for those of you who grew up in New Orleans and came of age in the city and you went around her local bands. You remember Michael O'Hara and the sheiks. I mean they were just like a huge huge local band I talked to Michael -- the -- today. He's in Dallas but there's going to be this will be a special. Concert with Michael hero of the sheiks or -- I'll have more details on that. Are coming up here's a quick update on our -- of your party general opinion -- something we've been talking about this morning it's been all over the news for the last couple of days and really dominating the news today. Should the United States -- military assistance to help Iraq. Side deal with -- the militant terrorists. 32% say yes 68%. Say no. You shipping if I go to our web site of the WL dot com. And the president has now said that he's not ruling anything out in the Iraqi Government apparently is quite open to military strikes. This sudden this group -- you bring a lot about the group crisis. That's an acronym for Islamic states of -- Syria. And also involved in this is the Islamic State of Iraq. And these are the terrorist or taking over. And their marching toward Baghdad. So what happens if they if they totally takeover. All we did which sets was it done and thing. And should be go to accept that we've been talking about on the show this morning also we're continuing to talk about what what it means that the Republican Party that. House majority leader Eric Cantor was beaten by Tea Party support candidate -- -- in the Virginia primary on Tuesday. I have read that Democrats campaigned to get their voters to vote for -- can vote against Eric Cantor. And vote for the Tea Party candidate because the strategy is. If Eric -- start there and Tea Party supported candidates -- the Tea Party supported candidate will be easier to beat in the general election. Which you vote for a candidate from -- of the party if it might help your party win the general election. If you enjoyed our show with a comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. In a text -- -- 77. Every generation talks about how hard life wise when they were growing up compared to a new young generation. As a member of the baby boomer generation I remember my parents' generation telling me and telling my generation channeled it. We're spoiled. We had it made compared with it and the things that they had to endure when they were kids and in teenagers. We now that the baby boomer generation. Has grown into the establishment. Maybe this is a good time to -- today's young generation how spoiled they are. And how they haven't made compared to what our generation dealt with him. As -- is watching television in my apartment the other night. I picked up the remote control and I was changing channels and saw a promo for the CNN series the sixties. And it brought back memories of me sitting on my sofa as acute in the 1960s. And having to get up and walk over to the television set. To physically change the channel. And if you were trying to avoid the commercials you had to stand there until you thought the commercials were overtime and out. So you can tune back to the show that you were you wanted to get physically stand there and and change the channel. And that may be just think how differently his fortune nation generation. -- -- for several generations. It made me think about. Remote controls for example. Mean remote controls are like an appendage. Two young generation today in and that may -- think of other things that were were quite different to your baby boomer or if you're if you're older. And you remember some of the stuff that. If you had to do did that teenagers and kids don't have to do today let's talk about the at this hour to try to talk about this for the last couple days we'll probably get into today. When I think about all the changes resulting from the concern for safety for kids. That I have to wonder how my generation even survived. You wish to ride our bikes without helmets. Yeah. There were no laws -- Helmets or seat belts it was optional -- -- Schulze a turn signal is today I mean if we fell off our bikes and our -- -- the concrete. Hurt. Today -- at least technically advanced and well tested helmets to protect or not it's. Effect when I was growing up he -- even have to Wear a helmet to ride a motorcycle. I also thought about what's different today listening to music. Most albums and I'm not sure if you're part of my generation you we remember this most albums had some bad songs she she -- just -- -- year. You wouldn't skip over the -- talks. Well compared to today really wasn't that -- You had to yet. Walk over to the stereo. Pick up the needle. Hoping not to scratch the vinyl. And then move it to detract you wanted to and this was not a precise maneuver. Be more often than not we missed the beginning of the new track that we wanted to and it took a couple of tries to get to that the starting point today young generations just. Hit a button or touch screen to advance precisely to the beginning of the -- track. What's something that we had to do that teenagers and kids don't have to do today. If you gonna join our short numbers 2601 a seventy. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. And a text number is -- decent. And if you were in the car. And you want to listen to music you couldn't listen to your music at least not until eight track tapes came along and and cassettes. You were only listening to the stuff. That the guy on the radio was playing. And for many years ago I was -- in the morning. When our generation -- young our parents. Put us in basic baby strollers. Today kids travel around in the strollers. That bear a striking resemblance to recliner. And they appear to be safe and strong enough to withstand reentering the Earth's atmosphere of its -- necessary. Any parents have a BC in the stroller parents have places for everything. It'd be every stroller has enough room for things that you could survived several days in the wild with you keep it. And of course there's a convenient cup holder for a cold beer. When we were bad in school. We got spanked. Often with a wooden panel -- -- -- ran into pretty desperate trying to -- by one count. To the ribbon cutting it -- -- Volvo yesterday and contention. Dennis and I spent a few years together in in grammar school. And they had corporal punishment and we were talking about the types the types -- we guide. That we -- -- it was interesting reminiscing. Also when we were young we could not talk back to our teachers. -- today's young generation they don't fear that the dreaded wooden paddle and they seem quite comfortable talking back to their teachers. So what's up what what's different. What did we have to deal with that you and telling young generation that they haven't had to deal with because they haven't made compared to us. Our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And a Texan receipt -- seven from -- town Brutus you're under VWL -- good afternoon. -- -- I got some and -- that the kids don't know when bouquets and Thomas crazy I don't know if you remember but at 12 o'clock at night peavy went off depleted star spangled banner and -- that it had never -- -- -- Remembers -- -- if you would like sick and you couldn't sleep. TV was core I mean the only thing I had was radio the TV was going DirecTV went off at midnight or or whenever the show ended shortly after midnight. I remember just. Remember it was kinda creepy and I felt very much alone and insecure. When I heard the star spangled banner London. On the TV station because you knew they were going off the air until the morning. -- -- -- -- I -- -- brewers a political thing today. Here's a text that -- pay phone's a Nokia I mean we were in the car. If my parents -- to make a phone call we had a poll over they had to search for a pay phone get change put the money in the pay -- Today you can make a call anytime. Anywhere. We're talking abouts. What we had to deal -- The younger generations don't have to deal with today. -- you think it's something I haven't thought of our numbers 2601878. Tool free 8668890870. A text numbers 87870. -- like today is a baby boom baby boomers vs younger generations. And if your baby boomer or or younger you can read it shared it's on our website at WWL dot com. Here is attacks -- we had to send a letter to a friend no emailed note yes I got a story about my girlfriend at the time. Went to Europe. I'll tell us certainly comeback also -- your calls are next on obscurity for Garland and WL. -- -- for the rest of this our place and music from the sixties. Because that's when the baby boomer generation was a growing up dismiss the soundtrack of our allies. We're talking about a baby boomers vs younger generations but it about the stuffed it. That we had to do the things that we had to deal with that young people don't have to deal with today I'm scoot in fort Garland. I remember that being in law which really tough for me today you're in love you can pick up the phone and did you default always with you you -- talk to anybody anytime you can text and you -- FaceBook gunman. Instant Graham and remember being a teenager in love me it was painful. Because if you were not at home you didn't have the option of staying in touch with the person you -- -- remembered my girlfriend went to Europe. Where I was when I was young teenager and my girlfriend goes to Europe. For two weeks I got a letter firmer from Australia. After she got back home. From which we go to Charlie you're under the WL. I don't go to college early. It must be your. Ritual ball way -- but puppy yeah yeah. I appreciate you saying that -- by love what I do and I'm happy to do it. I don't know if you ought to look at. It. -- -- -- That oh yeah. You know. And try nineteenth that it bought. Well well. This all figures. -- an area. Action in Korea or. -- -- -- not quite a bit. We would. -- -- -- it on war war is not court. Only. An apple. Lost oil. We ought. To get back. -- -- -- -- -- lot of that happening. And all concerned that this is just -- pastor. Talk like that. Quaint cute like I can't solve. All our Arctic -- and distasteful but it. Well and I hope that doesn't happen -- -- I'm concerned about what happens after we totally leave Afghanistan and were -- -- to televise gaining strength. What -- can't -- much. About this problem. And six. You know Charlie got Bush's son for what he's done for our country and I appreciate you're listening to show here's a text. We had drive in movies. And we drank out of the garden hose. While your mom. Said in or out. And we either pick we had to -- inside or outside. Here's a text. The manual typing term papers on a manual typewriter. I remember those manual typewriters. And I'll never forget the feeling that I governor is in Key West and I went to the home of Ernest Hemingway. And -- back here's a look a little bungalow area where he wrote. And I remember seeing the room they've got it set up the way it was when he was writing and there was justice old manual typewriter. And I thought. It really took a lot to write a book then. Compared to what it takes to write a book today because there was no delete Becton. For -- -- Guerrier and WWL. They do government that you are what got one you've gotten memory do. It is -- -- these -- You had thought the you go for an -- about the only owner you know and it was hanging on the law it was pink yellow blue on one plastic kitchen. And every time it took it -- To receive law. Like curly Q school would twist up like. And yet he keeps saying -- on yeah to receive -- to -- did not include coal. Yet there was no privacy because there there were you know there might have been two phones in house but there was always somebody around it wasn't like today where where kids can go into any corner with their their cellphones and a private conversation and they're on the -- Mama mama in my Brothers and then when our own own piece going in could be -- -- phone involved. There was I don't know what it would do do that and an hour or it would yeah. No it was your am glad you call it thanks for bringing up yet tangled up all lines it's not something that you even think about happening today. It's it's exclude back in the day if we wore pants without a -- He got -- behind whipped. Well you know they filled out. Here's the text that breeds are Madden football game had standout and that vibrate and across planned -- I remember electric football the little men they didn't like had something abducted this little. A plastic underneath that and that was still way to control of the that was our version of that football electric football. And you'd you turn on you set up the players and you -- Mean and that players would try to wedge into each other. That was really very fundamental. Got a text here watching cartoons on black and white TV. Another text party lines. I remember when we first moved out to -- -- and party -- -- -- world's a stage a year and a BW well. So thank you before talk about the current catastrophe and Iraq let's review history. The thirteenth century merchant Aman and thought there was no anyways. Let the third crusade to the holy land. He went to the gates of -- and he had outlawed in the army to take the whole league plan but he turned around and went home because -- -- When he took the holy land in the middle of that for the world he could have -- And also what we learned in Vietnam evidently was totally missed by the Bush Administration. You know what bush and Condoleezza Rice and Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz. Donald Rumsfeld. Yes yes so we can establish. A stable democracy that for the world. The history -- Iraq for the last 2008 assists and one violent overthrow that government after it up. Plus the country it's pretty much divided between Sunnis and Shiites. And they hate each other. Now. The same people will be the war drums put that in saint unnecessary Iraqi war that not only on apologetic. To go to war and sacrifice for profit of American lives cost the country trillions of dollar. Now they have been in the war drums again -- eight. Impossible air support. -- to a country. That has happened in the state history in the last 2000 -- I want the United States to stay out I don't want another dime spent or another life lost. And I'm in a no win loss cause and it's unimaginable. That people like Limbaugh who don't want drawn to the draft stock to little pop. Who beat the war drums and all the other right wingers like George Bush and all the others they are totally on apologetic. All the loss of the American military life in all the money it's cost this country. It's just unimaginable. That they have yet to get on the knees and apologize to the American people to the world -- country that had nothing to do not eleven. And had no weapons of mass destruction and now these same voices but not enough apologizing. They're ready to go to war again it's been. Unnecessary money and and and sacrifice innocent American life it's flat unbelievable. AJ I'm really going to call the show. I agree with you -- a lot of those things as your -- say where this scoot -- for Garland will be TriBeCa borders and the WWL news updates twist a scarlet. When we were young we had to listen to music like this. Young generation sort of -- through that today. You know the time this is just a while the song because of that big drum solo in the middle and I remember specifically going to dance with another girl. And where we're dancing and then I just really don't even remember what we did during that the drum solo ice coated for Garland the -- blog today I really enjoyed writing this blog for the show. Is titled baby boomers vs a young generations. And you can read that you share with others it's it's about the things that we used to have to do -- and -- teenagers and young people don't have to do today. And I here's a text steel skates with skate keys. Here's the text rabbit ears on television this was that the rabbit ear antennas. You're -- it would make the kids stand by the TV it'd just the intent every time -- have to change the channel. Here is and another ten I'm reading politics I can't get to all the money your every middle class home had shaggy carpet paneling on the walls. And goals -- -- green applies. Act isn't it the deal with that today. Here is a text typing with carbon paper in racer. No white off filling a ten with ink and using a blotter. What do we not mention yet our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 a Texan receipts of creativity. -- member of the baby boomer establishment or even a slightly younger what -- you wanna tell young generation about what you had to deal with. Day to let him know that they've really got it made a from Algiers Peggy your -- WL. That morning I just kept a -- about other things that -- I was problem right there out -- in orbit at JP it's arguably. You'd have a lot to me because. Your parents -- BP in the car in the garage. -- that's true. Yeah yeah and did not likely to their house. Yeah Alex. That you grand -- go without it might. It would hire him to get out and light on the mystery and no -- come home. -- -- -- at you like about it go nobody worried remember went out -- Knocked on the door and that would -- say encouraging someone. Could not -- door and it paid dictate really. Well I think torture -- -- saying take years that -- years ago people were not so likely to a feel like they were entitled to something that they didn't work for. Out exactly map -- never part of that -- cart which he. One time with one to date and we do want to update Nikki can't -- ball. I think that's pretty incredible. I'm glad you called thanks for a socialistic. -- from Metairie Peter you're under the WL. -- -- a I was remembering when we hit rotary dial telephone. And and now what you hit one button you you go to that you go to the phone number the name you wanna call. -- just hit one button and yet the -- we had to dial beats number and we had to wait for the we had to wait for the rotary dial to come back. Before we -- they got the number. The back and and also with your phone elbow was who has. Not crescent -- twin brook. That's right. It wasn't -- That's right I do remember that Peter glad to cult. Here's the text says that reads that. To light the stove we had to use the kitchen matches from the kitchen matches holder. Attached to the wall. I do remember that here's a text basic respect. That's true that's something that we had a young generation doesn't have today are showing your WL. Hey cool man remembered remember the old caller had the bumper Jack would you put it yet reject it ejected -- saint. Look at keep bumper -- guitar on it like it down a -- peace protocol. Yes. Arnold Arnold. Arnold. Yes you could you could smell flesh cooking in the summertime down here we got in the car with the vinyl seats. -- -- thanks for that memory graduates if you wanna join us -- the comment every every forgot something that we need to tell younger generation or several younger generations about things that we had to deal with it. They'll never have to deal with. And the interesting thing is that -- is gonna come. -- younger generations today reached the point of being establishment. And they're gonna talk about the things that they had to deal with that new young generations don't have to deal with what that is I have no idea. If you wanna join our short numbers 2601870. Tool free 866889070. Protection ever -- 77 years a text having to elect postage stamps don't peel and stick. That's true. And you know depending on who was on the front of the -- the stamps some people wanted to put their -- on the other side ice coated for Garland will be right back on VW well. Good afternoon I'm student for girl ever talking about the baby boomers vs younger generations. And -- regardless of what generation you're part of what is it that you would tell my young generation that you had to deal with that they don't have to deal with here's a text from a 46 year old. Dial up Internet. And I remember that but there is young generations they don't have to deal with -- at all. This is all over the news now there is -- growing political battle over what to do and Iraq is something we talked about earlier in the show. And we may end up talking about this -- again tomorrow here's an update on RW well pretty general opinion poll should the United States -- military assistance to Iraq to help secure the country from militant terrorist. 32% say yes and 60% say no give a -- opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com. When I was a kid like parents -- endorse something that not many young people could could tolerate today. Every year we took a summer trip. From New Orleans to Phoenix Arizona where my grandparents and aunt and it was three days there between a drive there at three day drive back. We had a white Ford station wagon with no air conditioning. And and we which is looking so forward to checking into a motel along the way to have a swimming pool we can cool off. In the next morning we were back in a hot car but a full day of driving through one of the hottest parts of the parts of the country three days between. New Orleans at Phoenix. But you know we never complaint. Because that's all we knew I can't imagine taking that trip today especially. With young people and and about young people traveling today their their videos. There. Their phones -- entertainment centers and we used to pass the time planks and some gains I don't even remember what the games were but I think -- involve the license plate game. It's something else that something to do with singing stupid songs for their parents. Are from Covington -- under the WLR. -- one thing that I did think of it a lot until. I remembered. -- I try explain that sun. Two months ago he said what in the world to me hang. You're and that you could listen and somebody I mean we we -- in our conversations. A party line which you shared one phone line with either Warner -- two other people's so if you wanted to use the phone. Mean imagine this if you're younger you pick up the phone and you you're so right talking you have to put it back down and wait for them to get off the phone before you can use the phone. All that it. Would. Shock and now early worried about the -- Yeah that one thing about you as well by. -- -- -- Yet we went out there on the close ally trade and -- that there. And the rain -- -- I'm going to tell out of Covington Joseph you're into the WL. -- your arm you gotta go up under a little bit but remember schools well conditioning. That's right I went to a school better condition. Yeah I mean that I can't imagine yesterday on about it you know I can't imagine that -- geopolitical. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it's quick comment about it or -- you. You know would we elected perturbed or all the warnings very easily do the job done and you don't -- Static page. Excuse and just wait wait you out and do their thing it looks like. That has come solutions so now I know and I have to go back in -- Or what's happening in Iraq is is is not a surprise it's not a surprise to me -- -- -- issue a call. Here's a text blue laws. Stores were closed on Sundays. Kids today younger generations today they can go to the store whenever they want to. I remember going to do the grocery story if they sold hardware your stuff it was covered up with like a blue TARP. You could buy hardware related items you because you were supposed to arrest on Sunday. And you were supposed to do anything. Manual. And so you you could not buy hardware type equipment. He -- something else that I thought of two. Here's what a young generation. Has going for. You see if I was at home playing something. Playing with something toy or whatever and my mom needed cigarettes and beer. She -- -- to the store. She sent it to the time saver. Up the street to go -- cigarettes in the year. We can do that it was baby what. Ten years old could buy cigarettes and beer for my -- LC today. -- younger generations don't have to worry about it because you have to. -- Tony want to buy cigarettes and beer or eighteen to buy cigarettes Italy and he appears continue to distort your kid or teenager. We have to deal with that. Unsuited for Garland will be right back on WWL. We're talking about baby boomers vs a young generations thinks that we had to do that. Younger generations don't have to do to remember additional recess a kid it was on. I think it was on 630. On channel six the Monkees. Came out of area every Monday night no air conditioning at school. -- here's a text. That says. -- dad had a remote for the TV it was called me it was voice activated he said hey -- changed the channel. Is it takes I remember having to go through our expenses. It's like Wikipedia Britannica. For any school reports because they were not able to Google or go to Wikipedia today. Well you know I remember actually isn't as a talk show host when I was at a revealed the nineties I remember having to go to the library because there was an Internet Google like there is today. Mean it's it's it's easy to be well informed now because you can just get it anywhere. But some of us were actually dedicated enough to go to the library to look stuff up before we went on the -- From Metairie Cheryl -- into the WL. Kind scoop how you do -- I'm calling to playa and that's two months ago it was mr. Petit wrote. Being the -- that -- used to. And I'm just wanted to let you know and that means he can and it's so funny because I am I'm one of eight children. And we live in a three bedroom one bathroom talk about kids today who could not into that news. We learned -- tell -- we didn't -- at all but what we hand we learned a beautiful left and -- Actually -- and an endless and we -- -- the -- Everybody in return. Watcher you hit return and one night it was my turn to set the table and I dropped all partitions on the -- I thought I hit the -- and not popular it means usually even the real -- disciplinarian. But it may have looked at me how he could -- -- -- epic and my mother was about who lost it again. Was sure thanks for thanks for sharing and and I appreciate you introducing yourself to me when you when -- projects. I -- tag that these kids today my partner has not only Hispanic at any kind of catastrophe happened in the world. They cannot implement you know and it's so true because they're you know he -- And that we -- the ones doing wrong because. We spoil them and try to make -- better life for them. But then that means it's not a control committee I think. Internet it's wonderful but it's kind of destroyed in the world to wouldn't. Until we can get back and think you know we're watching orientated things and. And hopefully that'll -- aperture and all I'm on Politico thank you for. Thanks and you know I remember in school you know -- school shootings are horrible and no kid should have to route to go to school and worried about being shot. But an even bigger threat than that was when we were growing up. And we worried about on a daily basis we worried about the Russians. Dropping a nuclear bomb on our city. We had drills to practice what to do if there's a nuclear bomb attack. I realized that school shootings are serious but you know we're talking about total annihilation. I'm not complaining about any office. Because life was good we had a lot of fun. Every generation witnesses their kids' generation with conveniences in new technology that makes life seem so much easier. And today's young generation with their cellphones and computers in tablets in 360 degrees of entertainment 24 hours a day seven days a week. They're going to be in a position when data telling young generation how hard life is for them what are we gonna say you know the batteries used to go to dinner arsenal phones. Here's a text that says maybe kids today one day be saying. We used actually have to drive the cars ourselves. One thing can. Donna Newman our executive producer Allison -- associate producer mark in order studio producer Angela is next have a great afternoon. What -- New Orleans.