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6-12-14 1:10pm Angela: on fatherhood

Jun 12, 2014|

Angela talks fatherhood with four Father of the Year honorees: Jim Henderson, William Norton, Dennis Pearse, and Keith LeBlanc, Sr.

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Happy Thursday everyone and it isn't happy especially for me because I'm surrounded by four incredible guys. And I think you're gonna agree with me he spent the next hour and I hope you do. And I hope you stay with this because we're doing to other programs after one of them. I'll come back again it's about the lights on the Crescent City connection. -- when they turn them off in March a year and a half ago. That in turn them off again so we're gonna talk about what is going. Also going to do a program. On. You'll love this. I know that your pet lover. Or you know a lot. But most people realize that their -- to part of their -- So when a pet dies there is a grieving process and we're gonna have this incredible woman and who is neon grief counselor for -- And I think that if you've never lost that you'll want to hear how we get through that process. But we're gonna start with these four wonderful man. No one ever said being -- dad would be easy. But hopefully those -- chosen that route that have lots of fun along the way. As bothered today is this weekend we thought we'd talk to fathers about the -- experience. The good the bad. And maybe a little -- these guys did change diapers at some point. And who better to have the informant who were being honored tonight. As father of the year and we'll talk about that. We have the one and only sports wonder Jim Henderson. Bill Norton -- here with the law firm baker Donaldson. Dennis -- general manager omni royal Orleans. And people -- CEO of MHM. Urgent care. So happy to have three terrific man and here. Who are being honored for being -- and again that is going to be tonight it's all about the American Diabetes Association. But it's really a tribute to men who commit themselves. To that role as a parent. So deep -- A look at your careers I think -- your stars in your careers. And your stars. In fatherhood. And I think oftentimes. It's always the women that they look at how do you balance motherhood and a job. Someone asked the same view how did you balance and continue to balance fatherhood and. Managing time I think for the most part rearranging priorities and being their whenever you can. In explaining to them as best you can why you can't be there are times when only the mother. Well that I had a great -- so. Who's listening. Yeah well hopefully yeah -- she have a great wife and and you know we kind of it's it's really one unit team effort and so. A lot that she does it helps me out whether. At home whether it be schooling the displaying of the kids and stuff but certainly. Allows me freeze -- time to do that you work. But I was not always like that and so you know about four years ago -- just changed my life and realize would balance isn't like she -- -- all the time to be. Successful and and you want to achieve that pinnacle but. At some time to come to expensive beef and so. When you realize that and you and you have a -- it really is gonna support you. It makes it easier and so you know that the kids just really become -- -- -- important pieces of my life and it's it's an important part of what I am. It's hard to get there's. Intones. Probably one of the best and allocating much time. When the queues were a lot younger but it just gets better and better. The more. The more devote to them with a better Ottawa and her and I know -- -- they like it. And believe it or not working doesn't just draw -- when you cook when you devote some time. -- somehow the world keeps turning her a couple of can't -- and I we Regis made it a priority we tend to workers there's always going to be there. We give up on other social events we -- on the things for ourselves that we surround ourselves most weekends with family oh you know sometimes you have to allocate time and schedule and we -- that's where Jim and I recently started talking my daughter and I go to loses cafe every Saturday that's our retain and we don't miss it. And I think sometimes have to put everything else aside to make sure. That that that times there so we it is easy to give up -- the social events are personal goals just that with the -- imbued them and I think Dennis. Touchdown and two. One year trying to achieve when you're young is usually when you have your children. So you know in the television radio wellness the job pass to come first sometimes to the exclusion of your kids. And then now I think that's why we appreciate our grandchildren so much as we've achieved probably what we're going to achieve. And now we have the time we don't have to devote every single second saying. Can I make it here cannot be employed next year -- economic still rise up the ladder. Having done that now we have the time and the latitude to attend really pay a lot more attention to our grandchildren. I think than we could our own children because it was so difficult trying to achieve professionally at that time. You know I have to speak for Jim Henderson and because and really for Dennis Walter and two because I lived that life with them as their children were born. And as they were raising them and it was fascinating. To see how they would make time because you when you work. You know get off at 11 o'clock at night and that's that shift three to eleven and certainly sometimes long and that noon to eleven. Where do you see your kids and what both Dennis and Jim did which I just so applauded was they became the ones who got up in the morning and -- breakfast. They are the ones who walked into school and drove them to school that was their window. And I thought you know. They're they're making it work even with this bizarre sketch. And with lives and -- big part of the team I mean without them we couldn't have done it by ourselves in lots of times they had to do it by themselves. Tell me about your children we have been talked about the timing best. I have two children my son -- junior it is 31 or 32 SARS on if you listen America. He just returned home he has a dermatologist skin cancer surgery. Married a beautiful girl as fate may have at her uncle was my basketball coach in high school so old home week my daughter in law actually. Have two grandchildren in in grace and a third on the way. So he's my analytical. I don't. -- is as artists. We cheeses GH have been born in the fifties she would remain agree hippy in the sixties. Aid is getting ready fashion institute for design merchandising in LA so she can -- -- Causley goes on October. Putin. Yeah my daughter is that actually have three kids Melissa owns 25 she'd just done graduated from DePaul university and in Chicago -- she currently lives there now she's teacher. Very intelligent very intelligent girl in the -- my second is eleven years name's Kelly peers. And Matt the first Palestinian and Cali. And my son is six years old both those -- -- room school here in beautiful. 32 dollars and -- on there from. Thirties to mid thirties. One -- Kate it is. In Austin now. Then we -- -- a -- but we get senator -- town that's especially for events like this and -- it is written in the -- that we do some. A little weird things that are looked at. What went to a rodeo few months ago a couple of months. That and jam I'm the son Derek who's 37 he's in corporate sales with the saints he's been with the organization for about I guess thirteen years now ourself. And a daughter Lindsay who is 34 going on 35 who's here in the studio. With her three boys. Griffin Dalton and Davis. And her husband is just accepted a jab to move from Middle Tennessee State to Auburn university in the football program as a trainer so we're excited about an -- -- -- -- Let me tell you I wish this was television only so that you could see these three boys because they are the spitting image of their mother and their grandfather. Unbelievable. Henderson gene carried through. Bob we're gonna take a quick break we're gonna come back and then we're gonna put these guys on the spot about fatherhood stay with us on Angela on -- a -- well. Well we're here with four incredible dancer going to be honored tonight by the American diabetes it's not association. And they're being honored as father of the year. And rightfully so I'd like to ask all of these though when you were growing up before you're married you're just a guy growing up. Did you see yourself as a father. And I. Now concentrating on career but chain and where -- society. In not seeing myself as a father dying here. Was there but in this -- -- it's so hard I mean yes it was spot analysis -- can -- We -- we. In terms. You know enough you're going to be a good -- don't take it -- and listen he's award father would quite honestly if it's easy to be a father but it's hard to be a good dad so I mean it. But being a dad is it would amount promised moments. So it almost a separation of as a father you're the provider. And that's a big deal but being the dad is -- whole -- personal. And that via the father is kind of a disciplinarian -- -- -- counting. And I think it's important that your children see both sides of the and I know from our standpoint we have a family camp -- everybody together. Every summer for about a week. And to me that's the opportunity for them to see their father their grandfather's the dad just as a guy somebody -- having fun who can have fun with them and not necessarily have to. Discipline them all the time. I think that's very important in the relationship. Oh my gosh yes. What what's the reality of fatherhood I mean if you didn't envision it and all of a sudden you are having children. What is that I mean did you change diapers did you get up in the nineties -- was with one hand. You can. You can figure out that -- from the used to be changed over time. So hard lessons sometimes but you -- a lot of those things. Just by experience and Newman. And you know trying to the next. And the did you go and when they were infants did you feed them did you cancel her community it was easy for -- a group is Indian restaurants there aside all of premature babies though I got a lot of those duties whether or wanted to might not but but and I think in this generation that was -- easy. That that part. I asked my first reaction was are you kidding me really not yet. -- -- shock. -- through this fear -- and they come out and -- just like anything else just pick it up and go from there it's it's absolutely you know one. -- or no pre planning no pre planning I drew the line of breast feeding. This cars -- changing diapers there was no problem you know I expected that from me. Jim are real but we're in the hotel business at the assets of the third -- But still via the beauty issues. They wipe that thing. I'm sure she's appreciative with everything you did do. What is the difference. Between parenting boys and girls. More. Safe for me. -- -- first of both Mike -- easy both goods academically. Matisse thousand basketball coaches like he gave me Michael Jordan and Larry Burton said OK OC which you can do is just really really very very easy kids. I think historically. We tend to protect the girls more. Com. The difference in temperament I tease my -- some. The difference intemperate my son was more easy going here's the boundary kind of statement and roundtree. Again JGB envoy in the fifties and and Jed was much more challenging so. She's got mom's artistic side she's candidates on Venus on -- head in and and so she was much more of a challenge. In that she just doesn't. Doesn't conform to ignore them. I think that's also maybe subconsciously. You feel like -- and -- take care of himself fifty Carrey's daughter so I think we tend to babies grow more and longer. So it pushed back below at least minded about interest. You know whip which is more difficult. Yeah. It got. You know my son is. He six years also privacy you know got eventually realize that than any idiot son does not know my oldest is twenty she's a girl on them and cal is the middle but. That the sun seemed to be a lot easier. I think I think keeps right and and you try to you by protecting girls little bit more and and you know when when she falls down hurt theirselves through the little more. Jumping all over to make sure she's okay with a -- like it's OK you know get out of California get -- -- -- to -- -- you know so shaken off. -- up my two girls are so different I'm not sure it's a difference between boys and girls who -- People. Then they'll have their characteristics and their. There wants and so more vocal about them votes but not much of girls can be -- Gooden and then order. My son is quiet contemplated. Keeps his emotions to himself. My daughter's outgoing. Doesn't hide her emotions at all. But very very tough and our own way so I think it's for the voice is kind of -- John Wayne syndrome I think. -- I find this every day. Boys tend to solve their problems by themselves. Contemplating things by themselves at peace. In women usually solve their problems collective -- by talking about the open. I'm still trying to figure out both sexes play but that's the way I feel today. -- -- this is what's keeping you young Jim Malone is right because you're always challenged -- on the news -- What about discipline when you talk about you know. I always think I think girls are more complicated the boys but maybe that's an unfair thing but I think in disciplining. Because of the emotional thing. Did do you -- No I and I am really lucky here my wife sue and I've been married for 27 years so she net did not at all. I'm going to be soft team you do the disciplines I think that was shared and again we've had good kids so it's been been pretty easy. More like you know guiding them to get them back on track then than discipline. I don't know that we had any preset rules and in against who's pretty good she's small but she's tough -- so the you know that was this year response if you happen to be in a moment when discipline needed to happen you do it if not she did it yeah. We -- we didn't have any -- there. For those of you that no Kendall my life out there and she she wears the pants in the family and so hot after for all of us I mean -- -- but. She really handles a lot of the display of the kids and -- and in the hotel business so when I get home 7730. At night so it's not. And if you are -- -- and -- -- -- make that good time that if if -- basis of the -- to get involved with that we but quite honestly it. You know on more of the good can happen and analyze that cup -- and he can't be bad cop bad cop all the time so we do -- She -- that and so sometimes if if on the back out -- and they'll go to Aaron and and -- kind of he's over in and vice Versa so but but for the most part -- -- -- -- this decline. Excellent trial. And there are that's what we. -- -- like you were. In his burial and still our. And the only thing you do them justice -- this moment. Always trying to see what worked -- My kids fortunately like the other three gentlemen here didn't require a lot of disciplining. And my daughter who is here in the studio -- -- I have to say. You could talk to her as an adult when she was five years old he could just explain things to -- so neither one of them ever costs -- sending. Particularly. Difficult times and that's why in many ways. I feel a little bit bad about accepting father of the year tonight because my challenges have been so much less. That a lot of people I know. Sell. I think -- what I'm gonna say tonight anyways Saddam and accept this in the spirit of a lot of people I know who -- a lot more difficult and always will. These are truly the people that -- father of the year I think. And this is just me speaking now I think obviously we get honored because we have a certain position in the city in May be a certain. Notoriety in a way. But to me it's again it's out there working nine to five for minimum wage is holding his family together. Beautifully said we'll take another break go to the newsroom and come back and have a very important question form right after this. -- we're talking to fathers of the year who will be honored tonight wonderful Jim Henderson. Bill Norton -- -- with the law firm baker Donaldson. Dennis Pearson general manager of the omni royal Orleans and keep LeBlanc CEO of M HM urgent care. Talking about raising their kids and interestingly they all have boys and girls of different ages which makes a lot of fun to. But let me ask you and we have talked about this force and -- the what you think -- trying to -- -- but do you remember talking to your kids about the talk. Never it is never did know yes I do now again. And actually -- key step mom's I think he was seven or eight and I think my parents and no criticism intended. -- parents tended to give you less information rather than more. So one of the decisions I made was I was gonna make every attempt to stay ahead of him in and gave him more information than less than -- strategy this Damon and I think that philosophies -- so well. So probably has a better memory than me I don't know ninety and he started asking questions Indian medically based I actually gave him and anatomy lesson at the kitchen table. With really assumption that that they know more than we did in the it was Smart we war. So we just tried to stay ahead and similar conversation with my daughter. My daughter and I have very old frank conversations about about the talk and you know. Dealing with with those issues more so that I would have never dreamt that I have my parents or certainly I would think. You know out of with my momma would have been embarrassed so we're proud of the fact that we're in the open with them and talk. Yes I remember that the talked and I got in fact actually my mother gave me that one day but. The don't have that I have a masters in psychology and so and at that makes me it you know -- of any sort that you know I guess I can communicate it -- in his to a certain extent. But actually -- I haven't done with my oldest daughter. But not my brother one day called -- -- and listening I need to have a talk with his son. And he was kind of uncomfortable with it and said you know we just do it again you get the masters it's like -- We outlook -- it's great let's do it so when any cable in my house we sent out by the pool that was later in the evening and kind of just dead you know late in -- outside and then. Kind of segue into the conversation and -- You know would it went well but this you know with the size of the -- with my nephew with enough yet. And and then my with my oldest daughter my wife actually had had had a conversation withered by the time she purity you so. Yeah that'll have to. What a brilliant steadily and I hope our brave enough to do. So that the schools were offering things -- -- of both sexes. When my kids were -- but government -- awkward when. -- -- -- And you really know finished in time we got in the car and -- look at it this and we really weren't going efficient. Okay we're gonna do this or we can finish. Did you go fishing I was just and we eventually went fishing and party news most of the stuff just you know. Not that it's right way learn from you know -- street and people talk and watch. Twos. And of course Jim lives at the -- -- I never got the talk which probably. And answers a lot of play to my confusion and I. But I never got the -- and -- truly I I -- mine in the locker room such as it was and being an athlete you learned in that way. They weren't teaching sex -- in the high school that I went to fortunately I think my children got some of that. -- never had a talk with them either hopefully their -- confused this and I am and apparently -- -- Wonderful families. So I mean that's so that's the way I learned in the locker room and my daughter was at an athlete through college I think she that's where she learned as well. And hopefully in school. Yes and now I think absolutely. Let's talk about. They talk about not being talked about it's the truth adolescence is tough man today adolescents. Is even rougher than when we work because the the proliferation of drugs -- proliferation of what we're talking about sex sexual activity. How do you handle that even though you know your kids are good how do you do that protection. You know I think for us and we certainly had our moments. You know with the Internet and and other things and participation of other kids. And we we talk often and you hear a lot of the millenniums and these kids today you know I think a lot of it is it is so much more work to stay on top of it. So I I think for us it was just more a matter of staying on top of it and and guiding. They live and very different world than the one we lived in Jay lives in a very different world and Keaton and her brother -- juniors so. It was the persistence more than anything else and and most of the time. We tried to take the attack of give her good information -- give him good information rather than give them a decision. And let them make the decision themselves and and and it's hard to do that is apparent. Particularly when there is at an uncomfortable circumstance so. Try not to judge him when they faltered. And and give them good information and then very nervously very patiently wait to let them make the decision what we found is nine times out of ten they'll do it. We'll do the right. -- when I was getting my masters and on NASA's program had a one of my professors systems pretty profound to me obviously it's very simple but. The one thing he said was is -- when you have kids the most important thing is to love them. And to listen to them those of the two things that you can really do is apparent and when you listen -- doesn't matter how big -- how small the issue is in me if they're asking you -- talking to you for a reason and so you certainly want to address it. On this key cities -- when given good information. And and we talked together as a family and so you want them to know that listen there's a lot of bad out there and you know we try to shelter them shelter them from it but. You know you can't always and so but if you love them and you listen then and you protect them and then when you finally let them go out in the street hopefully they. Are equipped with the right skills to be able to make the right decisions and and hopefully you've given that in part that value -- them. While I think that the part of the teenage. Syndrome is separation from parents because there's so -- -- and I. But we came as it was hard to protect them and to. It if you want apparent. It's difficult to parents went to win the celebration that's. But we came out of those years teenagers much -- Now that's great that's a great statement. And don't think anybody gets through it unscathed I know when my son and daughter were reaching their teenage years. I was pretty confident that the I was the father of the year actually back then you can look at. And then all of a sudden 1 morning that the kid that went to bed last night in their bedroom somehow the invasion of the body snatchers thing and and I had no idea who that was the next day and it I think what you have to be as a father and among other his consistent supportive. And not to overreact. And I heard one time they'll come back to you and they have. They do it's amazing that -- -- -- And to me that's one of the great things about being a parent grandparent it's. Being able to be here to see what we hope we instilled in our children flour and become adults and have the values that you hoped you were imparting. And years ago and if not being able to see that I think would have been one of the greatest regrets in my life and now that I do see that it's one of the greatest parts. Now. You always wrap it up so beautifully so we can go to another commercial. So stay with us we're not that's why he's gone -- that's right -- talking last night. We -- very pleased well I think a lot of beautiful will be right. Jim Henderson bill Norton Dennis Peters and keep LeBlanc. For fathers of the year being honored tonight and we should also say there is the fifth man being honored. Dan -- -- -- the regional president -- of caesar's entertainment who couldn't make it with us today but we congratulate him. As well it has been great fun listening to you guys reflect on. Fatherhood from the beginning until where you are now and and clearly. It's been. It's been a good thing you know because there are moments where you must've sent. What did I helped create economic -- look. -- -- And and that passed. It passed tell me about some of the greatest moments that you remember. I mean as your life flashes in front of you. What are you gonna see with those vote. Angela I four years ago my wife and I -- -- camp and in Bay Saint Louis and we call it. It's a play on my name but it's pure ice and slid a big sign of the candidates on that on the pitch of of the roof then and there's a fish fishing. And it it says creating memories underneath. And because that's what bowl and I wanna do that I'll have my my whole life is in my kids -- video my kids. Every second lives an and they always say well why -- -- -- was so much and so we don't cut you know one day you're gonna wanna see your. And quite honestly one day you know. I'm gonna wanna. And I took it 1 am gonna wanna cry. And and watch that one day when you guys are long gone one down and watch. And but it's about creating memories I mean there's so many experience that I can tell -- happened over the past four years. It's the best way is my life -- had enjoyed every waking moment that the camp with the kids and so. We do so many things and so they we try to avoid the camp of technology. We try to do things that when I was a kid whether it be can't fire walking around and we do we even do skeleton running on Halloween I was at around the key is we're looking for scale -- A plan a skeleton out there and -- and scared and come up you know you can't fires in voting to being fishing. You know just a list goes on and on and on and so it's been a great opportunity to. Really -- and we NBA unit and one thing we do. Every weekend is we'll have a camp fire at night and we ask you to pay was the best thing we did this today is the best thing we did we go around and you know Cali who say something count in my life and I and we kind of just talk about the day's events but it's really talking as a families unit and an. It just been a wonderful experience for me -- thought. Magnets right. -- so many things that are that are fun and memorable. We used to drive to the beach twice every year. With the all the kids and sometimes inference and we we stuff ourselves and our. And we passed Lou. Utica blue for river. And first time -- NASA -- look at that. Institute -- -- river. And the next time we Preston doesn't anybody can tell me what river that. Will give you -- thousand -- and to this day. -- -- -- Hang on your word or members. That. It is the memory here absolutely. And now they're in their thirties to an agreement and still trying to get. Them. For me is questioned my kids succeed. You know to see them go after something and work hard forward and go through the frustration. And then. Seed -- succeed. You know much like everybody else we little island years is Harris. Which there -- no cellphone isn't enough and we spent the entire week it's our home away from home we do the Florida trip every year so why I think all of us have now located at time. But certainly for me yeah I think when you're young you're growing you take pride in your own successes. And have children and you want your children struggled to get something is there anyone that sees -- succeeded far supersedes any pride we feel from your success is all. You know for me to special moments watching markets go after something. Accomplished. You had been one very proud daddy son dermatologist sons and himself -- in that that is me. Tough road that's a tough road and his little sisters right behind she's doing quite well knows how she will be the fashion plate tonight will be if you can't mr. tonight. Dyed her hair paint tonight especially from the so -- and and -- realities on should be able with the -- -- and I suspect for five years from now people we sitting in an audience and if her design she's going to good schools though. Or probable -- oh my gosh he's going to the best -- is -- -- -- -- -- brown yes please don't -- anymore. -- good for. OKMR Henderson. Well I think what Dennis said it's all about creating memories and I think we're very fortunate the four of us and Nash of the finalists tonight. Have a certain kind of lifestyle that allows us to do that I feel sorry for the people who can't get away who can't have that kind of family time. Who are so engulfed in their work to keep their family going. That they're not able to share these kind of moments. And we have a family camp in upstate New York that we go to every year. And as I said earlier it's a chance for them to see you. As a guy as a girl listen not necessarily as a father and mother but as friends as a person as a person. My my son I created a love of fishing for my son and sports. And we still we fish together last weekend will probably fish together on Father's Day. In the best interest. You really. All of you are thank you thank you have a wonderful experience tonight you're so deserving really appreciate you sharing your lives with us. They will be right -- I really hope you enjoyed listening to those four incredible fathers and they are. And they worked at it and they've had a ball but happy Father's Day to them and each and every one of the but stay with us we're gonna come back and were talking about the lights on the bridge.