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6-12 4:10pm Sports Talk: Saints Mini Camp Day 3

Jun 12, 2014|

Deke and Bobby are live from Saints mini camp looking ahead to the 2014 season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A good evening and welcome to sports talk all of our pro smoking guys on him Bobby -- I'm Deke Bellavia coming up we will preview game four in the NBA finals and would be to take on saint mini camp at 260187866890. Rates -- But you can text this. -- -- 87 in New Orleans Saints offense has been among the NFL lead since John Payton arrived in 2006. Among without each and every year. Well to the Saints need to do in order to keep at -- elite level. It -- on the offensive line and running back. Or receivers and tightening -- operated jaguar opinion poll you can vote on line. At WWL. Dot com let's hear from saint coach on Peyton today as he talked about. Is team what they've done during training camp is mini camp as they prepare for training camp -- coach company. So far guys have been encouraged -- -- -- practicing as one of the challenges without -- Is you -- in the right temple and yet. Staying off the ground been encouraged. With how they've done that. Weather's been good so we've gotten through our our practices at a time for the most part. Coach -- was asked about Jimmy Graham not being here and what that goes on often. No I think this I think number one bands that Ben's been outstanding with we haven't had to change anything. You know in in in our formations and what we're doing from a scheme standpoint just -- someone. That he too is is. This is really picked things up from last year the other time zone we've had to deal with an injury for instance not be able play. -- so I don't I don't know that there's really been any change with regards to installation of play design. If it's at all any. It's just a matter just not having another player especially someone like Jimmy's got that range in size. They can handle the defense inside and and you know add to your. Your threat at tight end but the other the other guys have been doing well so. Really hadn't changed him for that much. More from Saints coach Sean -- the -- top draft pick in the 2014 NFL draft receiver Brandon cooks out of Oregon State that's been able to participate due to. Although -- universities impacting and scooped pac twelve schools being on the quota system coach -- was asked about. What is cook's doing in order to stay in tune what's going on down here in the world. Well what we're allowed to do is basically in the evenings. We've got kind of an online time where we'll go through practice today we'll go through the installation teams here. But the rookie camp. And then he's able to take the ball back with them and kind of work through -- but page. Like today for instance -- Koreans believe mini -- go through the film. And what we've done is set aside an hour hour and a half each night and the long line basically with the and have him go through the -- with with our coach so. He'll be in this weekend and he'll be here Monday and -- you get caught up speed as quickly as us. Now one guy that has taken advantage of his opportunity to -- -- -- in -- do a fifty run him back it's made plays and done. I think with the offense coach -- was asked about house -- has gone through off season workouts fall. Well -- I think. -- with regards to him he's really really sharp. I don't know there's any leg ahead only because he's played defense for them he's been one there I think he was the team MVP as a nickel defense back. When he came to our local work out. At that point I know he wanted to come back and work out on offense because he didn't feel like the opportunity presented itself with this size. As a defense player and to his credit. His work out here on the local day it was was fantastic so he's he's very Smart. He picked picks things up very quickly. He's suddenly got good hands. And those good addition force. The transition for him is going quick and he's -- guys that just has very good football instincts so so it's been pretty rapid in in I don't know that. Many of our guys here would know that he was playing defense last year or the year before. But to his credit. He's he studied in and he's got a pretty good handle on what we're doing especially for a first year ago. It's coach Sean Payton on right Baghdad trojans out of line with the Saints. During camp right now and now coach Peyton most talked about having the services of veteran player like Jonathan go -- back in the fall. Well he's someone that is it's a quick studies he's experienced. -- he's he's quite got initially but he brings experience that meeting room. And you know I think from a centers and point you know he's kind of been through a lot of the nuances of the position and and I think he's someone that you can help those guys. So it's been good. Well the Louisiana he was evident today out at saint to mini camp the hottest day by far during the three day mini camp coach Sean Payton talked about. I was asked about the heat today in if he's looking forward to being at training camp -- Greenbrier and west region. Yeah I think it'll be good you know and really relative suit they Heatley practicing here. Normally today and you know we say it was pretty decent I mean we took enough breaks but. It's a lot hotter than this so. I think we've been fortunate through our spring here early summer with the case. In the mini camp whether. It seems that that hasn't been that bad we have been rained on. And then jump and had to July and August early August before we come back here that that'll be good change -- force the facility players. Is. Well underway with regards to construction field and all those things seem to be moved along well so yet but I think. The temperatures. Certainly will be 101015 degrees. Lower than that would be here publishing and coach Payton went on I was asked more questions about the green -- with the Saints will be practicing at and he hasn't talked about the facility. First off -- -- -- grass fields the bit field turf field there. Three fields total and then the football facilities. -- Is real life to stories friend to meeting rooms cafeteria weight room all of those things. So that. The logistics no there's no -- they're the logistics though from where your sleep and to Wear your -- and to Wear your practice and to where you're reaping. All of that's right there and the field turf really basically becomes. You know your equipment whether option if we're getting a lot of rain. And no different than Jackson the thing that keeps you from practice and would be lightning and so. Will be able to deal with that in and make do. And and him one question was an assistant coach Sean Payton wise the selection of -- camp to up to West Virginia at the green. -- like the idea of change. We've been to Jackson and that really was perfect for us at that time. You know six or seven and eight. Set up there was was very good. Certainly it was hot it was challenging but the facilities. Dorms all those things were fairly close proximity so there was a lot of walking or driving -- to practice or facilities. Same thing we got here when we moved back here in 09. And I think you'll see the same things from a convenience standpoint there's just not a lot of travel from where you're sleeping. Where -- eaten in your meeting room space. But there's really no credit Jim justice and in the people there it's. He really built to -- you know and remember the first time looking at it you know to just trying to find something that we might need in it was all there. You guys see the hotel facilities there. Will be fantastic so we're excited about it then bring camp back after our first home pre season game. We'll continue here and in have a little bit of balance of get some of the -- here before we get started. And found lady Katie -- about Nieve as coach Sean Payton about the players so working out. Away from the game. So in the World Cup at the start today first. And what is your policy. And actually gain a week. Or approach the US is -- and who behaved. As far as next than normal routine is hard and then the next -- was -- if you can go -- sixth -- the world opinion out of yeah. The -- At the end of the group match against his right. But if I. -- AA I'm a listen I'm a soccer fan I'm not very educated on on the specifics with the sport you know we were in London. For one week prior or gain we trained at the arsenal's facility and you really gained an appreciation for this. The importance of of that sport in Europe and South America all over the world the facilities over the arsenal's. Complex were amazing. I'm not familiar with the coaches and their policies and I'm I'm for what we have wherever we've been doing -- -- that. And they have it -- OK coach Sean Payton address in the media interest in this final question in. I'll go back to a one of the things earlier we talked about a guy you comment on -- before. There's always. It's kind of easier to go to the veterans because they've been here so long player Redick and -- who stands out -- different. And planned visit it is a young player it's done well out here -- -- and that -- then of course Croshere via disciplinary it to Chansi. Yet he was one of the guys that I that I have that forgot to mention. We knew and I were talking there after practice in. Look I'm like Sean Payton when he said that if you came out here watching you never know that he never played office before but I didn't know that I -- out watching -- Run around and obviously I'm thinking to myself you know. Number one that you won't hear is much about cornerback. In college if you will run him back he would have -- -- little bit more of -- limelight position has -- back but I mean the kid catches the ball well I mean he's got. He's good Beijing -- -- around out they think -- that they'll open spots around to soak I think that makes it all the more impressive. This young man that. He's never had a -- playoff picks before so even -- he was one of the guys that that -- productive to me Tuesday that. The only two guys get a lot of reps in there and if he certainly he's not out of place meaning new position now prodigy. That's okay guys out and beat -- of the -- we'll come back with more from today's practice and it. By the Bears take on the three day mini camp as well this -- sports populist and had a VW. How'd you like tree dead the dead -- to a round of golf before opening the golf caught it stone bridge country club in hardly complain on -- jovial for dead Father's Day contests this that they if you're a chance to win between four and 8 PM -- will go that route. Dirt -- not gonna -- you in the game of golf course that you tell us what state a country that golf course is it. And the first -- calling it right wins it's just that -- -- there's another way if you win on WW radio FaceBook page in the for the -- dead. Where he had Father's Day context like us and register to wing we randomly pick to on line when -- Sunday and into mechanical and not let you -- On Monday morning June 6 month from the station that loves all the it's W you 2601878668890. Rates and they -- -- quarterback. Drew Brees takes on the radio -- coming up at five. Thirty -- -- our approach to recognize John and Bobby -- ID Bellamy were asking you to the Saints Dolphins need to continue to do to be among the -- lead in the National Football League. Who bit on offensive line better at running back better and receivers and tidy thin now it's -- by -- -- camp -- banned by beating -- think so wrapped up its three day mini. Well -- -- -- -- the commercial alternately so welcome here I got a comment on why would that rhyme or reason. And the question in coach Peyton because you know climb. A sports congress or -- how I love sports in general. Any time there's the -- that atmosphere even cricket means to be part of the fan base and have a good time you come up -- Brantley who cricket no I'm talking about British baseball basically no budget to be part wouldn't have even a test match in last of the game -- for eighth in the break Petit. As it was dislike halftime or something yeah so now you see the World Cup getting kicked off in Brazil the whole world is paying attention to this. And of -- on enlighten me is that obviously. When he shared it with myth that act which -- -- that's interesting question. What approach do you take what you players as part. You want him hungry you don't want -- complacent before the game. And tool as it -- then that's laugh -- them the -- -- -- that because that was that the real World Cup coaches. Right coach Klinsmann the United States soccer coach. When they -- in the vital -- -- normal atmosphere Europe family members will be there are so. It is business as usual nothing out of the ordinary where where the Mexican coach. That basically held no not in -- players are haven't fixed while the World Cup going on it and they can't control himself. Then and I professional. Now and go to that extreme but I -- a break now lightening that that go back tonight. Bird man in an effort racking women we can -- yes exactly did you ride on do you know where I'm going to win and we can let him and he's doing now and -- -- -- my staff. And now the Brazilian coach now you know Brazil's not ever be conservative. If you go back averaging caller that's an oval and Mardi Gras Cordoba in the world in Rio in Brazil for the Brazilian coach goes a long -- -- and he says well. You know we get -- monitor players in. We don't want any acrobatic -- we want regular thing so I think -- resilient they're doing quick if you're at Duke or you're gonna monitor that. I don't know if -- ever want to play you can monitor that or I get acclimated it also planning any kind of you know almost that this approach that we're taking. But I but I think the next -- coaches being a little too extreme. I think approach -- take it while I played anything like it worked out look at animal kingdom let the line and are you kind of a bull whatever. That that once you got your business so what you -- -- in the shade and -- big tree in that they can nap or something that you want your players to be aggressive. You want them out of that run it bits that you have a light our goal at the end of the tunnel. So I took an approach that it was based -- on during the football season that it was a reward. So if you once on the kind of like if you are an army you're going to attack this time his ability. He we need to stay aggressive and be reward yourself one you have victory. So what you wanna call it after a big game you have victory love make you know whatever you wanna call it but it was a reward. And I thought not as extreme as the Mexican coach side that aren't alive and say hey look it up a I think the Brazilian coach might be -- you know two weeks being regional any weekly in the World Cup he's got about the run. You know you play soccer so -- coach Payton had fun with it and and it's amazing even though you know like soccer. Right now and is taken off a the next few weeks to come. That that is on the world stage with happening in Brazil all right we'll get more out of the -- practice tomorrow profile guys I'm Bobby bad to breach on just about and now -- -- -- times for 31 time the first and go to him hands. We finally put it a game together for. But the full 48 before as long as suppose we could where we we did exactly -- we we planned to do and executed them better respect. And unless we're going to be any of. Tim Duncan talking about game for the NBA finals of the Spurs well. They got out to a hot start and they never looked back 711. Half points payroll won eleven in 92. Over the Miami heating game three they're up two to one what happens in game 4:2 at 8 o'clock will preview that later. In the program 260187866. 889 do you rate simply is the number of getting involved getting your take -- today's Saints -- mini camp and the three day mini camp. We're asking you would design office need to do in order to stay among the NFL's Heatley. Do better on the offensive line. At receiver and -- hand on the running backs step up -- vote on line. At WW -- Dot com Tokyo one thing we talked about in your recap today is that the first two days of mini camp days count. Rehash it in and the little to a kind of a culmination of everything that was put out there today. There was no news of the when they start off -- insulation. And we go to look group and they -- stick him out. They went into a little bit teen early and it was so -- running. And they went to special teams in the back in the team countless situations down and distance. And in Atlanta special -- the last team was kind of like a nickel -- them right. An inmate they finished up practice with a two minute here again they sent us back over crop field so really gave me an opportunity just to see that. But. Then there again I mean you know that the next I mean to me that something that I would I would expect to see it during training camp an enemy camp it looked like they. I -- -- -- the installation process of of everything which listed him as if the quicker pace because I guess I don't recall. That mean he blitzes coming. From the corner back from the safeties from the from the -- back Jimmy's not unusual to have one linebacker -- Yesterday they were -- -- house they they were put a lot of pressure on the quarterbacks yesterday and it's typically some news don't see this early in in. Today. Know with finishing up 12 minute yet mean they didn't run a whole bunch of plays but yet you've got to figure a lot of those young guys aren't just. Kind of stretch in this surface of know what the playbook. Is all about in and -- a minute two minute drill where it plays called a line of scrimmage and you've got to go run it felt I mean I just think that soon it. Speaks well of those young kids that they either picking him up real quick whether it's Sean Payton stand in. I'm getting -- start on everything we know we don't do right now could they still have one more AT OTA session next week. So let them be in those three practices leading into and then after that makes that you seem to be the real deal. Now hooked it a kind of a wave in the drove get ready for the press conference but a look at from a distance at that two minute drill it was like a typical. Like -- and we've seen this thing strive for half. All of a sudden you know they call a timeout because they think they can move -- that appeal reported your -- and so on that play yeah I just real highlight. That -- to Meachem. -- thirty yards and I look like and hit a -- a silent like to think he was displaying his home. You know like cover two safety over the top between the corner he hits Meachem. And then this a good sign because these that are like young guys like then breezed to tune fifteen yards all the sign that could help him between a 510 yard line. -- -- -- -- -- So when I see that you know who knows me -- was in a dogfight to make the team makes a big play. But here in twos and stills and we will hear a lot more of that in a crunch time. Being able to make big plays. 2601878668890. Rates in the using them again well in -- Tom Payne and I think the minute -- him -- in the years they -- the in the NFL what faith the offense has to raise its game the running backs receivers. All offensive line. -- thinking what fate phase out that this is better but the first quarter and I think this was cards coach made the call more runs place. They just get it done up front. Just run block where and I keep bringing up front that this example now this week maybe three times that Cardinals gave you -- to light to discourage. A coach to call running plays not until the Karros got one of the best defense is run defenses. Overall defense in the NFL. Was it like an okay economic hit to run the ball. Best case scenario would be second in nine -- like second hand think eleven -- are well. I mean that they were stalling as that was the game hammered the first game Jahri Evans -- miss him forever. I mean you can rely and in the beat goes starting at guard. It kind of welcome to the NFL also. I think from. The passing game and in different weapons we have I think that's always going to be there when we keep Drew Brees healthy. But I think it he can even make Drew Brees better if it were able to to run the ball and that that's why. I think which they would be more encouraged now when we get it in the past we talked about this yesterday. That this -- year I would really jumped all over teams it was almost like passing the ball percent of the run. Where we knew we'd really get a number of rushing attempt in that fourth quarter Mike Bell to close out games. But I mean if you want that's that's a balanced in the -- -- well -- it helps them play action passes and able could you put the linebackers and combined. And have to come up and honored that run they if you are having success. So I think this day. And I don't seem that no reason why because I'm optimistic Finley because. The way we've been defeated running the ball the last of four games. That that that ball continue with that -- it's a lot of it by competent. And -- brought this up. And I don't think it was a coincidence. Or stand in there and left that was that are Charles Brown does think like we ran. The ball better. You know and you make it difficult to work alongside. And -- look at the film. Like that and they'll copy when you look at it accommodation of being -- and arms that side by side. And and how that they were run block you know we were speculating right now. And you would think in theory you always want the young got to work out and kind of Jonathan could be insurance policy that. If the -- token Hackett -- thinner. You have him at -- and he would be did you person. When I mean -- that. I don't know it's not the go to moderately guard before but I think -- was with the Jets. Are you at the Saints a party united he's primarily always been a sinner. So I think if you know so many -- -- it is the state Jahri Evans are of being Grubbs would put down Rockets beat them. All of us that Ocalan -- to you going from starting thinner now the starting guard and putting governance that are may be upon being growth. Or are. Jahri Evans would be output being so I think that's why I was excited by bringing bill -- his experience. Because I think that's gonna help will lead to and I think we'll Vito has that ability particularly. I if you look he started to -- to guard last year against the Cardinals and now. All right if you wanna win a round of golf before including a golf course it stone bridge country club in hobby tell -- where this golf course it. Pinehurst. Number two. Pick -- the phone call 260 win that 2609467. Now the first person who calls -- what the correct answer. Wins with WW yeah congratulations to Jody Alexandria. Picking up on off Father's Day. Contest congratulations don't forget this and tomorrow during atomic taco from six to 10 in tomorrow evening on sports talk with your way. More 260187866889. The rates him when he is beat them again evolving as a pro when we're here for a pair Harrelson. -- Lewis. Also do you go there and he's the news Luke McCown to Ronald did. And Kenny the car all of those guys who -- front coming up on -- -- And they go through the question again that wouldn't always asking asking anyone out there in the chomping at the Saints and knocked him off every year as they have on the -- -- What faith that the offense has to read it gain the running back the receiver with about Obama what the guy thing like you said that passing game and I just go by the track record what they've done since Sean Payton arrived. And you've heard me beat this their -- Over and over and I just go by you don't like numbers never lies they are -- that -- really matter what though if this does matter. If militants are Sean Payton arrive at 2006. The Saints have run from Gordon 2100 yards -- it by committee -- valley got Adrian Peterson cruised out to gain 2000 yards. But they've Russia purported 2100 yards the team twice. And look at look at the success. 20091 consumable 2000 that we should've won this Ruble we became the greatest show with -- with thirteen and three. The that you look at 070. Wait the 2010. 2012. And 2013. They failed to -- 16100 yards that's -- -- a a five or the yards rushing and out of the fact that Ingram however just anybody -- a ball. Like bridges last year we even hit the 15100 mark where 1000 porter's 73. Even though we finished the season strong. The last fourteen stop that same got to do another 4100. Yards Russian. But I would like out chances at the continue to have success. And even help our passing game or would be around 18100 yards hole just -- just a few more not around that fourteen. 15100 yard mark LB in the upper 18100. Close to 2000 game we truly have. That Balata and and -- leave it to corners haven't burned him in night off and not only in the past know that the the Saints can run run over your run around you. Way and you you cam mentioned earlier Rio think about that Patriots game out there it's like were undefeated going updated New England. And they just couldn't get that 11 down that they needed in the ballgame in that given Tom Brady three chances. He appears that it goes one wears them Keenan Lewis and and the interception. Tom Brady late in the fourth quarter. Yeah he's got that I mean you can't get a Tom Brady -- three -- -- an -- on that final do you want first down on the five minutes that Michael yet anyway and just couldn't get the first now also. I don't know on me that. I attribute that little bit more to the offensive line not in the job done because that wasn't. And that's Super Bowl year you didn't have. Good win there -- -- bush tried -- -- in camp Carl makes there I mean knowledge it was that tree -- and Gary Evans. Realistic goal oh absolutely it was physical there yeah yeah yeah yeah so. You know I mean instead again appeal to deepen it and the the poll question for the day united I mean I think it the opposite of line can improve because. Like you said this grouping you don't do it by committee it's not yeah one backed himself -- you don't do that McNamee. During training camp mini camp and now and we have to have a place Tuesday we stay at the Hampton in and week in and -- 515 amounts committee. The folks over -- ms. Jennifer and I passed that it would take Keiaho give myself a Christian for many years and we look forward to be in -- -- for training camp will return home Metairie. A game in the at all the 5047335646. You need to -- in and out. On the wall if it's close enough that everything before an -- way right in the heart of -- what business park poking they take that it was a. Yes they doing you know of the Q shall write what you -- has now I have a lot of friends that have come in town for a game -- -- -- -- -- movement that happening in. And now I I -- stay down in house Wimbledon knowledge down a year away from that idea but yet you're not but he still can maybe help RLR I K six or seven minute anyway had been most of -- -- right there in the middle of it so. For those people that like a guy can be you know all the noise in news in downtown New Orleans that will be mutually. And I -- -- case they needed to have been right there Hampton inn and suites they do on the demand that top pro -- guys on him Bobby Hebert breaking down the day Saints practice on Saints radio WW Drew Brees at 530 for a.