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6-12 5:35pm Sports Talk: Drew Brees

Jun 12, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Saint Quarterback Drew Brees about his expectations for the 2014 season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Saints quarterback Drew Brees and geologist Andrew thank you so much for the time a pleasure to have you on the program men. I do what you guys -- able to accomplish what you all wanted to accomplish that during mini -- Oh yeah yeah it was a productive. You know mini camp -- -- your your practice. It longer the New Yorkers are cute so you know you get more work done. On the insult were focusing on red zone and -- so. But like we got a great worker. Immigrated to Chicago both offense and defense curt because there. The older -- our group RB Savard got by Republicans but. Yeah we got a lot of artwork. Drool we see him I was at the numbers from last year from 32 to fourth and the defense and without with the greats. But from you know from your odds what were you looking at over all the other side of the ball is like -- Is -- this is a lot better group it's it's a lot more challenging what do you see on the -- sad when you're facing it. I think there a couple of -- that are they're one years ago so. You know not completely do like it was last option. So there's a comfort level here in New York look at I don't problem see you perform and and pitched very well and a certain things are great you'll work on amendment you went -- kind of announce something by a new package. According to or whatever might be now to -- part of an order excited you have a guy like yours bird. That's secondary you know you know -- -- and the order the practice. There yet but. Thought Champ Bailey is well. And other guys -- you know some young guys that are now you know that much more better. And I think that -- played with a lot of confidence you know but at Oakland slugger told it makes it very very competitive disperse the fact that. They're very multiple a lot of things they do you know so no matter what. Situation is that there -- -- -- second bounced up for leather skirt whether threat though on the two minute. In other Cutler put -- more and more packages that. You know personnel groups who beat her to certain about offensively a lot -- not a lot I worry about. At the end of the day going up against that every day actually makes us that much better for. -- in the season. Now a -- look at and obviously this is I guess he catches -- but making a mountain out of a mole hill and drew results thing to be five -- -- -- -- Jimmy Graham and -- -- he got to take in the context of what -- truly was thing he and I know you realize that Jimmy Graham has meant. The four years that he's been with you but. Along those lines look at the numbers which you did that you been at the -- and three of the first four years we had the number one offense then and then. Just to look at another scenario. But Tom Brady and the Patriots a look at all the receivers they've had there and he still hasn't missed a beat and still putting up high numbers and these these these numbers don't lie when you look you throw a party 300 yards in each of the eight season. In the past that three being a consecutive what 5000 plus seasons so yeah I mean Jimmy Graham is a big part of what we're doing and I think everything. Is gonna work out of an -- lot next week but I think considering. A long term contract in July 15 and how that's way before training camp that nothing will get done. And Jimmy Graham will be a big part of what we -- its upcoming season. Yeah there's no question and it's unfortunate that bit a writer do you record blah cry about it and -- Of the perception out there and try to get the victory there there article. But come particular question vote he would -- drive anywhere. In the country -- -- know they'll. Not at all I don't regret can be played Portland -- in other words the current or the or a longer contract. It's Latin they're gonna you know long term contract done. Both -- and be very very happy and obviously we are a much better in which you regret but what I was pointing out what you know -- better Warriors. We were up pretty well and you know. Or four years here you know -- six -- about. And then obviously there's been times where he's been out of the lineup. And you know you just that just opens up opportunities throughout the people. You know so. I think our mentality is you know you're gonna have injuries are gonna have guys that are not there for one reason or another. You're gonna have guys taken away from by free agency and in the and other things and then you have other guys step up and are able to utilize those opportunities become. Big part in part of the offense and then they'll have to -- certain role. I think we've proven that -- -- -- yourself. Obviously. We're trying to get him back whenever that time comes. Then I go to -- I'm with Saints quarterback Drew Brees about the three day mini camp is take on a training camp with drew. On another successful low opening comment I know you're excited about being on the nor -- another Jimmy -- minute but know about that. Back yet so we've got we actually had dollars a day come out through literally everything you get a soulful one. That's right -- you're paying one dollar. We would wanna kind of get the word out as to where you're done there's overcome because. It's -- I was 21 very close to the just north of the ineffectual -- our twelve. -- finally put one in Covey can color a very it is our next Thursday June in my case. All day. Oh we're sad about that from all -- Trauma products -- that you love. You know use it might get a tiny one the best Tuesday then number nine -- nightclub. Our partners and over and I always remember our local our partner is a good karma. If they're. Drew you talk about being a successful offense that are among the lead in the National Football League pitching coach -- rap we're ultimately about. How how do you maintain that in the -- -- status is is it getting better offer it to land ran back -- you your your hardest critic. Wide receivers tidy and talk about how are you able to stay at in the in the level in the in. Want more and be even better each time you step on the. Well personally you'll set your own critic no doubt about that. You all -- -- Be ready for the next challenge and remain hungry and know they're -- open crew. We can't just sit back and say you know we ran top five -- and for produced better -- lasting years and expects that to happen again budget shall not mean. -- work that it got to continue to fine tune things that you really well and -- know that it's in everyone's watching your fell. And other offenses are watching your -- trust your stuff and he -- felt -- -- stop. So you always have to stay one step ahead of them told to chess match every game ignored throughout the season we know that. Egypt is gonna have a specific plans for outs and might not be into that we've seen on film cart program here which -- very difficult. But then again I feel like we have the personnel. And we have the adjustments and -- to adapt. We're comfortable -- system that allows -- to go to a game. Q the other -- with -- they're playing and then make adjustments accordingly that well you know you'd like a certain matchup would be giving on you whoever they have covered him more maybe now markets Colston who's who's attracted a lot of single covered her. You know a guy like Kevin stills or. You know the run game they -- we're gonna rush for 200 Artest and typically required on the owners. -- all those that are gonna come and play and we feel like we have number where -- Now drew I know personally it's all about winning and you're leading European media I know you don't -- be throwing. 4005000. Yards. And now look and especially. How we ended the season last year the last four games rushing the football. Not overall where I think you need to be we ended up what regular season 1000 -- 73 yard drive on the 15100 and the reason why. I bring that up and to meet this is unbelievable. A winning formula or is what you wanna call it. Not one individual -- running by committee. That you look at it -- you and Sean Payton arrive at 2006. That when you run the morning when he -- hundred yards as a team twice. Against that happening 2009 when -- -- global. That 2011 to become the greatest show on turf -- you go thirteen to three. Within you you look back 0708. Pin and twelve and thirteen. You failed to reach 16100 yards so you just look at that the two most successful season. And you talk about what you can run the ball play action everything. -- less of drew might be more. And obvious -- as many -- It's on the team veteran point 100 yard that we get a run 18100 I think that's a winning formula to help us -- and a top ten or top five. Well that that group ranked every hitter every bit about 2000 we won't searching and so that's -- -- and battle for -- You know especially -- that we've been an emphasis. And I feel like we've got the running back to do it. And marketing report they have great year I think Kerry Robinson you're witnessing the beginning of -- what he's going to be tick -- -- your career. There is great in all purpose -- as there is an actual probably so I'll. Urbina that we have because you're -- we got out front -- the blah -- and. They were well they -- look at it but I've been impressed with though it's only OTA's and mini camp. But he seems like he's playing that a lot of calm confidence Tarvaris cadet maybe taken its pros really -- -- a lot of comics out there. Dollar two point he's done he's done a great like Pete -- -- -- a lot of the rule where you know older now outlawed. And it accurately or or that this is great versatility -- -- could do little that are numbered well. But certainly go there. You know out of the backfield catching the ball beautiful sport outlooks and their backfield and the rumble between the tackles you see -- own legal points. Don't forget now next week it's a new Jimmie Johnson location 70380. How eight point 18 Covington check this out. From a levity in 3 PM you can back -- -- -- just a book one -- that doesn't include delivery. And only one who caused -- but it doubtful I saw the Mets at the Jimmy -- 70380. How -- 21 incumbent Andrew as we go with me to think about it we thank you for Jonas I'm told by that thought about personal view of the hootie and and obviously Brett -- -- sports figures for -- paso but I don't think all of together. Could could match up that the firemen out I was out this place is in -- the -- -- creek with the west restored and it's sad this is. Why defeated though an issue god but George straight with us. It's always great call sumo ring and I'll have put together and they get into work with -- -- -- down and -- Robert were very. That are in the art. Drew take you so much without without next week at their congratulations on another giving okay. Right all right at Saints quarterback Drew Brees and all of our pro OK guys I'm by the event he Milpitas sports talk on WW.