WWL>Topics>>6-12 6:20pm Sports Talk: Atlanta Falcons Reality TV

6-12 6:20pm Sports Talk: Atlanta Falcons Reality TV

Jun 12, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to D. Orlando Ledbetter who covers the Falcons for the Atlanta Journal Constitution about the Falcons new reality tv show and the upcoming 2014 season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We start off in the NFC with the Atlanta Falcons and we talk about the Atlanta Falcons. We lean heavily on the Orlando Ledbetter come with the Falcons for the big -- ATC the Atlanta journal constitution. He good to have you on the program on the Atlanta Falcons will be featured on hard knocks I would know some coaches an imprint has kind of stay away met. They don't like distractions. And a little more element to training championship without. Yeah -- how can and then it would. Have been there and well. And come. Out and getting. And -- -- -- -- you know -- point it -- him you know one to week there could create your own -- Now but the Orlando's look at all teams involved OTAs mini camp. But what you witnessed -- so far. Who's impressed -- when you watch the Falcons and and sprinkled with forty had -- training camp. Well I'll let go to -- You know top draft pick -- appreciated him and they're meant to look like he's -- -- Somebody. Put it in there and you know leave them airport next decade -- so. Rasheed. For a little bit -- that there is -- light goes on. And you learn to play every single. He might -- players that might take some time ago but Brian Cox certainly kind of put. Milan. -- Orlando originally when you look at. Like Stephen Jack we all know what he did in the Rams uniform obviously dealing with Andrew last year. I guess influential. Negative play as far as. He makes they can't that they they would have beat the things that first game. But it with Steven Jackson Odyssey of approaching this season. Is is he held -- you ready to roll because I still think yes -- them at that thing. Yeah I -- and got here how much an. You know. Partner to you about him that. But. Stick with over thirty -- respect what -- you know third and is. You know gone -- gone in another direction but they're on ruining them. -- look good job on the -- To work on time in the span though but I you know that's part detail here and sort. That order. They did. Draft a running back the -- paper -- -- -- -- And he had that berg Sharks. Maybe they have another -- there aren't looking into the community. Until Jackson. Get through it won't be here and actually it will be -- I'm -- If you -- did it mean. Maybe that. Now they Orlando as the -- that they admitted I guess it. Sometimes teams take approached about it to get rid of a player a year too soon and a year too late. But it looks like you look at the production and obviously miss on John Abraham considering what he did in the cardinal uniform and you know you bringing you -- or bowl what is your take. Have been any kind maybe they that was a bad deal with that Abraham are -- or where do you look at their past present him. -- damn glad that they admit that -- that -- But they're under and had them go -- that we did that -- him a motor opener because the fire until they do. Everybody you know and he'd been out there but the Falcons have -- admitted to that way they have admitted that they blew though that the my feet. The Orlando Ledbetter as space against the how can pokey W a value Falcons -- on Twitter. Probably wouldn't lead. At. Chapped and that there were and -- The put out Stewart there that linkage now to our premium -- he didn't get the and there are stories that we're. -- -- -- You know for three up from the where -- Now the Orlando. You know a lot of the Saints fans that nation you know they heard that. The Falcons augmentation. We're going to be on hard knocks in eight field the first thing I mean. Then they came to mind and what they've told me. Is that walking imagine what Roddy White and say is that kind of -- if they'd like it cameras gonna follow him around. -- to -- -- would you say day in and day out. Yeah I knew that neither one of record. We're. Great -- Should he definitely -- -- -- And he got tenure around here earlier where. There are good some great. So probably to let. Like that but oh well that -- and keep hitting them period. Whether it be. Croix inaudible in that area grow and I'll feel a lot. Should be tracked. And you know it's -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah. It is intended crew. Let -- -- that they wouldn't -- and get there and. The Orlando Ledbetter covering the Atlanta thought for the Atlanta journal constitution the it is always a pleasure so I'd next week go to Falcons today -- buddy is next week if found a week OTAs and it takes a downturn. About it. Cracked my outlet yeah it in their mini camp and open champ or go -- and not. There but they go to the symposium and then it's time. June 20 chicken I think everybody. I got to the Orlando led the they. Care all right.