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6-12 6:35pm Sports Talk: Tampa Buccaneers

Jun 12, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Roy CUmmings who covers the Buccaneers for the Tampa Tribune about the upcoming 2014 season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports talk taking a tour around -- NFC south taking them. Five getting about what's called politics with the -- that would -- and what the new look Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the first year head coach Lovie Smith Roy Cummings one of the best in the business. Over the Buccaneers the Tampa Tribune Roy are pick mr. went camping is right now it is OTAs mini camp what what's the summer schedule like right now put the Tampa Bay. Well they just completed their mandatory minicamp but -- mini camp this sea of the offseason program forms so. Technically they're all on vacation right now until sort trading -- -- -- when that. Brought it you know there's always something that's thrown around right now at the college level we hear the process at the pro level it's by Coca-Cola to take the -- Lovie Smith continued tale of what what what a difference if you've seen -- you've seen a -- to coaching change over the course of my eyes and believed in Tampa. What what you're seeing now. From Lovie Smith how we conduct practice is that attitude emphasis on certain things what's it like watching coach. I think the best way to describe it it's it's a lot more. Professionally yet you know I mean it's all -- quieter certainly at one under. -- -- -- But I think there's just kind of more or professional like atmosphere around it the players certainly seemed to was polite. The way to being treated now and those systems that are being put in. You know what you do a lot of excitement around the team as well so I think he's. They know what you brought kind of assembled to slow professionalism. That that maybe lacking a little bit under friction out you know problem with great with yet yet good ideas and things -- It seemed like the the end of the day in our country -- guys like pro and -- -- and treatment out which you know you can understand. And spent the outside in the college ranks but. I think the feeling now that they're being treated like pros get a beat him that he appreciate that. -- you look at the quarterback position but Tampa you thought maybe you as an awfully coming future bright young star that being. You know Josh Freeman go I'm more from the penthouse that I how's that today would happen in the Vikings and being released. A lot of Giants -- to just talk a little bit about that if we saw that coming. And then also you look at Mike Glenn in you know the rookie last year -- in North Carolina State in -- You bring on board Josh McDowell. How the quarterback situation how is Josh looked I mean is he is the guy -- they kind of like this the what he does then -- keys when he did he will be the starter what is. That is that is that quarterback situation. When the starter just look down and -- I think it's primarily because he's a guy that Lovie Smith knows truck. And you know -- you realize that you know days of building programs are just about over you know -- You know the coach before -- got fired -- -- two years -- before that gets fired a three years so you have to win in a hurry and that it you realize that. I think because of that you -- got a quarterback but he knows and and respects and he may not be the best quarterback but. But it you realize what they can and can't do. And that we can be realized no also note that it gave up plays that you noticed strengths weaknesses are you can work around them. And it because its game plan -- with -- count now struggle. You know a lot of the -- it'll be the leash is going to be real long. Yeah you got competent quarterback and Michael and a lot of upside. But I think the -- you look at what they've got an opportunity here to bullet in the Al groh and don't get that opportunity too much you know quarterback anymore. Especially the draft Marley and would victory over the -- -- the third round. -- you -- a little bit more time perhaps send. And let him learn a little bit on the sidelines. Which you know it can never hurt so. I liked but I don't like it like it's that I I don't think there's going to be a long leash on just count. If you don't come -- player and good football and he's really struggle to think about that games. Not we don't go to the Michael at a pretty quickly but saint time. I don't know what to expect that -- judge count I think that you realize through time in the league and you some time away from the game. We're expanded his the coach at the high school up Linda. In another league that. -- he's learned how to make sound decisions football stands and he doesn't -- chances but he took a lot of -- other quarterbacks taken. Early in the careers so I think he's going to be. Very in tune with what the of the game plan is here for the quarterback which is basically don't turn the ball right think they're gonna lean on defense more than anything it. The other -- backyard which is not the kind of screwed things up if he can avoid that we can be okay. Now Arroyo with the fan base attempt you know you kind of balled a Serb position when you see hall of fame are dominant. And I'm talking about the outside linebacker that they truly appreciate. All the Vontae David when you look at Derrick Brooks obviously what he's done that. The Vontae David you talk about the best and NFL right that conversation you have to put him there I think. Yet there's no question and they know they know we've got to play like that in Belmont beat David. You know I thought in the low today about it and just on the island but we all know that that the game and you know would win wherever. Warren Sapp won the under tackle and three technique up front. Derrick Brooks is right behind. And in the -- to -- the net out going to be with Joseph Cole in Milan beat David well Monday QB right yeah -- court no matter where he has. In the book but here -- -- -- -- that other lineup because it's they're they're -- of musical you know if you can beat these guys. And but feeling at the likelihood is that popular opium and a -- and make a lot of plays that let balls go up. Yeah I think they do realize they've got a hotel in Atlantic David reader wrote one out he thinks what -- David as well and where you want. In his second third year in the league so. And a lot of high expectations for -- wanted David. I think that we've produce when it does look up to -- -- that problem. It just keeps getting better and better excuse can be a good fit for. -- how can folks keep up with you on with. At art becoming EPO is like Twitter handle also revealed that the state finals that we -- there. Walk out there and not be reduced or not -- throughout the day. -- -- what is happening in the NFC south particularly the Tampa Bay Buccaneers follow -- comments with the Tampa Tribune Roy thank you so much for the time we appreciate.