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6-12 6:50pm Sports Talk: Carolina Panthers

Jun 12, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to the voice of the Carolina Panthers about the upcoming 2014 season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I think I speak for Bobby -- and myself honestly he is one of the best in the business he keeps up with the Carolina and this is much is brought cancer does for the team they all conference -- the ball is the Carolina Panthers make Nixon. Geologists now make thank you so much for the time and now we spoke with the last though who have one of the things we talked about was. -- Cam Newton the young wide receivers. And the story not about this camera -- the ballclub. How they're gonna former relationship with so many new faces there of course the situation with cam is that still a story on here in the offseason for Carolina. I think Saturday is great to be on show with you Bobby talent if you guys appreciate all region now. -- -- -- and I don't your show that my personal contribution that the money for the Drew Brees retirement parties if you're tired this year. Before this year is now 2000 does 1000 dollars last year been at the 2000 dollars bank of the chicken wings. And the punch in the dip in the -- -- a buffer that amount of money. And we we could be the rickety -- have -- it looks like it was nice putt there late through many young it's -- just talk -- -- it and mini camp here that he thinks that he's still got 45 years left him I don't know if these things helping the Schuettler. Well I'll bring throughout because we have the utmost respect for him in the states in the Carolina's been in -- like guys that Cam Newton yet questions about cant -- it. And Drew Brees is one of the guys that I think Cam Newton is is really trying to study in simulate is how quickly the ball comes out how accurate receivers are. And you know that -- their fans have been gosh cherry and tweet message board and -- in FaceBook in the debt. What are we gonna do without Steve Smith well there's no better example at least in the in my mind anyway then the -- that Drew Brees needs of the team that. Can make receivers. What may be even better not that they're not talented but you know the where Drew Brees put the ball for them. You can but how many really. You know you get all into company real elite list receiver partnered on me half a dozen maybe receiver that you really have to game plan support. Yeah I mean the mega Tron Larry FitzGerald that the world. Now as I guess like really I'd say I happen doesn't that the that I think -- on that level. Big kid from. From Clemson is things in my mind that's going to Buffalo slam it why can't see I think like that I think that he has that kind of potential and ability but. They'll look at Marcus Colston with. That the combination. Him and Drew Brees and he -- he made a probable. So I mean you could spread the ball around and look without even became right now even without Lance -- Darren Sproles. And what I've seen in the mini camp and their passing game is still gonna roll and -- we haven't even giving grammys even been here yet. -- Well I think that that speaks to the point of trying to make him more eloquently than I could've done them short but. In -- Kelvin Benjamin has has come in the Florida State draft pick and he and Cam Newton. Have immediately developed a little bit of synchronicity between the two of them I think. It would be a mistake for a team to draft the tall receiver just because the quarterbacks default that throws wild high. I don't think the Panthers have done that. It yet but I do think they worry intrigued by the combination of Benjamin brings of the big target the wide wingspan and the big. And the red zone ability to just walk out off -- And and put it back to the defense and catch the ball and and then have. Is dry operate in the little worrisome but I think the ball and been on the ground much at least through the Panthers -- PH. Now make I think and I've felt this tell us Saints fans and he's like Carolina is so good. Obviously Timmy. Whenever you win in the trenches you look at scoring defense and I mean that Sylvia a better front -- at the seventh. That that front you know you look at along the line and then the linebackers I was surprised how well. The DBs and I even played last year but I get those those guys get it done up front. Where they had now like captain -- what he's that the Vikings. And just talk about now what we've seen. What the corners in this state these. And that they upgrade that are you still think maybe that. And there you can attack -- what did you think -- that. And on -- on Cason has come in he's looking pretty good. -- the most exciting prospects fellows has been a bit weaker. How would really appreciated our GM would not draft players -- all the confidence in their names but so far he's not being complicit. Along those lines but then they've been -- -- intelligent young man from San Jose state he's got ball skills for days. He's come in he's really impressed. Other than experiment of Carroll got three B and moved to corner slash nickel. We'll see how that works out the converted safety normally got -- the other direction to go from corner in and move inside but. Will say that I think you've hit on the area of the biggest potential growth for that span at their defense and that is in the back again. Make makes all the and to make -- -- win do the Packers report to camp -- camp that. We trying to think I'm on my does the trade the big ones. Wearing it because it nick could you imagine the mood I need to -- -- West Virginia. Why yeah -- will be hanging up the green army navigate kind of hanging out in the spot where. The science behind that the expense reports you guys. Bargain it -- and I can only imagine. Although coach Payton said he'd like to -- -- scenery you know you start off at Jackson Mississippi went out -- coach -- -- at the lacrosse Wisconsin. That we you know low elevations so. He looked at the weather being a little better as far as Andy taking care and great facilities. And so I think Dallas his reasoning and they going to be there looks like I think the assortment that. All -- yet three year deal Mayo will be a bit offended some. Then that'll bring your golf clubs gather straight in Spartanburg and Wofford College we've done it every year. We start they're July 26. May make -- make it's always a pleasure thank you so much for the town we appreciate. Are -- got it around all right make makes the voice of the Carolina Panthers that the team thereby point two they would -- NFC south and the for the twelve will mark. In 2013. Continuous sports talk -- in Oklahoma the -- the Tigers hang into all of pelicans WW.