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6-12 7:20pm Sports Talk: NBA Finals

Jun 12, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Michael Wallace who covers the Miami Heat and the NBA for ESPN.com about the NBA finals.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We finally put it a game together for. But the full 48 before Sloan is as close we could where we we do exactly do we we planned to do and executed them better respect and that -- -- -- -- That was Tim Duncan following that they've won 1192 victory for the Spurs over the heat in game three on two -- -- tonight it's game four in Miami. The Spurs a two to one Mike Wallace who covered the NBA final the Miami Heat. For the NBA eight years in dot com don't just now Michael it. You know I don't really think it mattered who San Antonio is playing at night when you're shooting that followed that have a percentage. It's very difficult for somebody to try and it was band that Miami it was and it they've made a run at third but San Antonio was able to to keep the pressure. On all night all. You know they were they were and it really didn't matter you know what was going well with the guys and probably one of the this event there's no defense for the team comes out that and blitzing from the spot. Start of mine he could've -- -- bills in the paint a little bit better and they came out with no effort no unity it's not there interior defense. And it's just snowball from there and I was a little bit behind me -- -- -- -- and now the fans and everybody. You know at this point in the to forward to. Not really the most pivotal game of this is there. And now Michael you know you always little -- guess they'll vary from gate to gain within this series unfolds. You use him maybe a few players are third individual get a lot of criticism are a lot of praise. Obviously a quiet mannered what he did last game. -- on the flip side you look of Mario Chalmers. I everybody's all over him what does he need to do is -- may be hit a couple of threes are all what you think he'd need from him as far as going well. And you know what this is that is very very abnormal Mario because he's one of the most confident guys that we. Any play ability from abroad the best player on the planet embargo believe he's probably every bit as -- -- and the kind of top. And they you know the kind of mindset that this guy had over him and go to a confidence issue right now it's really really -- allowed two runs deeply political at this point. He you know level of the -- -- team members to topple mortal one. LeBron haven't that it would break it took them to decide over the last couple of days about responses has been in that year and even guys this is covering the -- former players. You know Gary Payton -- that had talked to Mario. Steve Smith wanted to definitely would be awhile ago -- talked to -- and just try to get them going to. You know right now with all the bonds and trying to figure out a way to be effective at it. Saying it about they don't want to point bars they don't even want to me that it is what they wanted to do it. The play with a swagger because we had been with him -- to do to slow down Tony Parker and you know if Patty Mills because those two point guards the Spurs absolutely silly you point guards and that's the most lopsided matchup in this series. Now Michael as the heat -- yet no it's you know only three games in. But -- they questioned some sometimes as far as Erik Spoelstra. And his rotation. Even -- when a couple of places maybe -- Haslem. Should get more playing time what did you take when you break down the roster in the mentally as far as how to how to being utilized. Expose themselves throughout these playoffs but it wasn't that the team sort of recklessly and started -- different. Starting lineups don't you would have a lot of that was luck going way up at the time but then there I think that's been used to make adjustments on the -- And going deep into their pitch. So if you look at some of those -- adjustment. You got that our court. You're gonna happen part don't want to -- you have to be able to make shots well that's not going to be easy for him to do that and another got it. Back in about -- -- what might we had the ability actively. You know. Don't really bad. There if you go to withhold -- doesn't want to give another point guard out. Martin he's been marred it over the in the night football is not afraid to us. You know that -- just take them but just that difficult if it does happen you study or you'll be. And -- as the background is. And come -- Michael Wallace is on the scene -- down in Miami where tonight's game for the UBA finals the battle for the O'Brien took the continues San Antonio took two games to one. -- the EPA for Miami and espn.com. I'm Michael. The heat we know they're thirteen ability a couple of awful all lost to them making fourteen I don't like give -- -- take on game -- Iguodala me. That the mind he went to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- up against the -- they play with their best effort. Thought that team that never live in this series last year and bird two game that. Know that there's pretty much -- in the -- on the you know -- them anything they went down 01. Came back kind of went down you want me back tied it up we're down 32 it won the last two. -- you know -- -- don't move back to back in the playoffs they've played 47 straight games without suffering the effects of law. In the playoffs so that's track record says a lot. But other than Antonio Spurs urgently. The chemistry -- the way that they're playing right now I don't think we need to win the game tonight. But it would not surprise me at all the San Antonio Spurs came out here and got that debating what Oregon. Am I got guys Fo Foley checked out if there were to happen is these series over. -- it is definitely -- -- there's no there's no way that the mind coming back we want. We want -- -- -- let Antonio native of Pittsburgh where we're picked them so all you're blowing that game it. But applicable in -- really wouldn't -- on them -- -- a lot of my -- of folks volley on Twitter. That that. Being underscored -- him whether -- -- -- tortillas. And look forward in this movement have to wait a little but those. Days. -- gone down my we take good care of -- always a pleasure thank you so much but don't.