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Jun 12, 2014|

An Al-Qaida inspired group captured2 key Sunni-dominated cities in Iraq and vowed to march on Baghdad. They’ve also surrounded Iraq’s largest oil refinery. Iraq is asking the U.S. and President Obama to carry out airstrikes on the rebels. Should we do it and get involved again in Iraq? If we don’t, does that make all the fighting we did there for over a decade in vain?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well -- -- in Garland all this -- I'm Bob Mitchell filling in for so that's the way it works here's what's on our WW vote to table and I'm. Not quite sure what direction the show was going to going tonight so I'm -- -- lay out do you what do I have plan to. Have a feeling that the situation. In Iraq is probably gonna just blow everything else out because. Once again we're in a situation. Where. I don't know -- the damned if we do we're were damned if we don't making a decision about Iraq but here's here's what probably -- And then -- take it from there I'll I'll I'll let you decide believe it or not college football now past its first. Female defensive back. She's listed. As part 640 pounds. Entries. Wanna be treated like while the guys. I want the same treatment get just as hard. Now are you ready for men. And women to mix it up on the football field in I know they've -- like the Walter -- league and don't know I think the world while they're not sure whether we still haven't here that was. But ladies semi pro team. In I would -- to play against them all the women -- but this would be men and women play in sports together. Now's the attitude is she's tough enough to play letter on the hill street played some high school ball in a little bit later on in the show kind of fill you in on exactly. What type of person this isn't what what -- experiences. And the whether she really feels a sharp well actually playing. Well here's the here's the news if you if you haven't heard about this that it's been going on all day today. In al-Qaeda inspired group captured. Two key Sunni. Dominated cities and a rock involved to march on to Baghdad and emotional around the Iraq's largest oral report. Rock assessed in the US and the president to stereo air strikes from the rebels. Should we do it and get involved again and Iraq. If we don't does that make all the fighting and we did. Over a decade there it just in vain. If we have to go back in Halloween go back in. At this point the president is saying that there is. Nothing that he will rule out at this point that it will not rule out airstrikes to help Iraq's government beat back the militants. He says -- don't rule out anything. And will what's happening is that you have people who or evacuating. I heard a report today where on one on the -- is not sure which one it was. That 121000. Iraqi troops. Were attacked by around 800 militants. And the troops -- gave up. Took off their uniforms. Romo on the side. But this has been since we first got involved a bottle. And do we want the price of -- oldest spiking out of -- it's already started. What would you do what would you want our president to do how far do we get involved. Or do we just get involved -- not get involved at all and what happens happens. It's 26 year old late 78668890870. And to try to give. A little little levity to this whole situation. If you could sit back and chat with anyone past or present. -- power knowing that they had to be totally honest with you. Who would you talk to. And what would you talked about I've got my own list. And you can start calling right now if you like to six year old Walid levity. 8668890. It's seventy. Whenever WW all protein drugs -- opinion poll question as the situation in Iraq -- how concerned or you. But the price -- deaths. We'll begin to skyrocket and cast your vote at WWL dot com the al-Qaeda and buyer group. Captured -- Sunni dominated cities that are brought this week. And now -- -- to march on the Baghdad. Raising fears about the she -- government's ability to slow BO shall. Fighters from the military group known as the Islamic split over rock. Took Saddam Hussein's home -- As soldiers and security forces abandoned their post in yielded grow once controlled by the US troops. You know it's it's kind of hard. For us to take and say well -- we have to do something. But it looks like their own troops built one of flights or do we go over the air. And fight the fight for them. -- how do you wanna help that we do air strikes that we do drone strikes. Iraq's prime minister of -- the Obama administration to consider carrying out airstrikes against. The extremist at this point the president has not said yes to that. -- he earlier said no. And now he's saying that this was an emergency situation. Will not rule out anything. So what are widow. Drone strikes air strikes more boots on the ground are nothing if we do nothing. Does that mean although lost lives and billions of dollars life and its close a couple of Trojan will be for nothing. Give me a -- to secure one late 7866890. It's seventy technique -- it's seventy it's seventy. The other calls were already starting to come and shall -- -- to patrol in -- Troy Oreo. -- -- -- the whole thing scares the you know it's kind of what everybody predicted admitted that we. Got all that the -- gonna happen in the same thing I'm afraid is gonna happen in Afghanistan. Well it if you did his -- to conspiracy theory but I'm sure that all of you know a sort of all the is all available only a slight fall it's -- -- -- Well you know here now -- keyboard but those appeals which they probably will do how long before people involved who struggle for parking. You know who your you know well -- they've been retrieved the ball all over gala. You don't care vigilance memorial backyard to Google also read this deadly strike obviously. OK but what we wanna talk about tonight. Is what do we do as a country do we'd just let him go is it isn't time for America to get back involved. -- -- -- and they do if we put this born in its. Basically a better reason to go -- to help. Did they go to -- -- people yeah. That wasn't the case before they just hated us now -- -- got -- eighty jeweler who would just -- it's just -- -- -- but not an all the troops that are dark white. You know hurting the Vietnam where people died but no but you know -- over there may god for a reason but we we did back our troops advances like. We get back our troops are doing a comeback over Afghanistan. You know so what are -- -- are taken crap all these beat. Well okay you you tell me what do we do do we send more troops into Iraq do we fight those war for them. For ever do we do we go in and and help them with air strikes that we. Use use drones do we put the boots on the ground -- You know I had a crazy do you get people wanted the right. So they can kill other people -- and indeed control the people argued it would get you go in and doctor. I -- -- stuck on -- -- -- he -- You know what you do -- -- what people. I quite frankly I think the only thing we can do is just. What happens happens we would I think we have to step back I don't think. You know may be used drones that helped them a little bit. But the way it's looking is that -- call it it looks like it's just gonna go back to exactly the whale was before we got there. And note of this this was predicted it was predicted there is being protected in Afghanistan that the minute that we are not there to fight you know when you have. When you know when you have them being attacked by. These these radicals in their -- military just gives up and controls throws in the towel takes their uniforms off throws them on this side of the road. Then -- what are we supposed to send. Our people and and and our country has already broke and put a bigger financial. Drain on the on the back of us Americans to go fight their war it as bad as it is not -- I think we have to -- it out. What it did in the deal that we don't support people who don't fight for themselves right. Apparently didn't -- I think it's -- very eager and able to protect themselves would you. Like all right. If you don't talk that we're not fighting in Africa what is the -- of houses aren't. -- the reason why can't we don't get all format. Right Troy appreciate you calling okay to -- 01878866889. A late seventy will you will be next we have some lines open. If you wanna get involved and talk tonight. I have a feeling it's -- it's going to be a good one tonight and our. WW all Prodi jaguar opinion poll question is as the situation in Iraq worsens. How concerned are you that the price of gas will begin this -- a little. A lot. Not at all and against the bottom line let's let's discuss tonight. As an American. What would you like to see our president do what would like to see this this country do. Did involve album. Sit it out if you want us to help in which way. 26018788668. At 90 it's seventy technique. And it's amity it's seven I'm Bob Mitchell and put food on WW well welcome back the show I'm Bob Mitchell filling in forest due to about a couple things on our WWL talked able blood I think the Iraqi thing may. Just in just tape over everything had -- a few have been following an auto. -- caught me by supplies early this morning that. Rock seems to be falling. The insurgents or. Headed to Baghdad right now one -- one of the things that that they were reporting on is that. The soldiers. And security forces and indeed the Iraqi soldiers are just abandoning their post and yielded their ground. I saw one report where they were the troops the Iraqi troops and the insurgents incredibly outnumbered but they don't want a flight. But you know they I guess they want us the -- for them. And that -- has taken up their uniforms. So what are we doing here I mean we we have to be concerned about the oil. You know unless. Mostly do the Smart the Indian. It all from Canada. That pipeline and open and up. What do you want our government to do. I think this is going to be a very tricky thing for the president. I'm sure the president will do what he thinks is the right thing to do. I'd I'd I'd I'd do not think this country. Would accept him sending troops then. But. Are -- in a damned if you do damned if you don't situation. What do you want our country to do to help Iraq do we go back in to send troops and to use drones to lead. Use air strikes to six year old -- 7866. AD and finally it's heavily in if we do nothing. How concerned are you that the price of gas is going to start to skyrocket let's go to will will -- you. Our -- you don't what do you think of this mess it and go ahead. The part you battery -- back. Colin Powell did yeah Brit I don't even know. -- but we. Don't. -- -- -- -- In Malaysia on. The Utley. Our region. We know that we pay all. -- -- -- long. Under -- out. -- -- Critical. -- more. War on bigger ego was part. You know the because of them. Out -- that you are being all week. -- go well. -- all now. -- -- -- -- Bet that this would -- To bat all right we. Like it. About whether. The issue on the -- -- you do. You know. Why did. It on it you'd appreciate it would depleted he. -- -- -- You know does. He. Got things. And now you've got a country that is ultimately. It happened. And all that out now and I hate. The end it was like. Way and -- It jacket. And. -- -- let me ask you -- Patrick. I quite frankly agreed with everything you've just said one week we can't undo locate but I I was totally against us -- going and in the beginning but but we did. Now do we look at it this way we broke this country. What do we owe them what what what do we do what would you have the the president is now saying he says I'm not ruling anything though that at this point. He's not talked about you know actually sending troops but when you say. I don't rule anything out you know that this is. I've I've -- form -- this this is a top top top decision. Is the best thing to do is just pull out and say you solve your own problems of what happens happens. You're good at it in there and the order -- you one year old. Right reasons that we. You know the ball goes these bit -- and you know acted. You know. One -- We get it like the cold you know I'd -- country. Morning -- you know. It would be gay and you know. Well okay you'd be. Picked up -- You know now all. The way. You know. We need. But he -- the used car at the thing that. Okay Andy card out to B&B. L don't. Okay and it and act now. You're back in the -- back law. And it let -- deal if the you. Pay -- -- like that pack in the -- Junior and yeah. And it. Would -- big. Worry. All right well I appreciate the -- go to Patrick in Guerrero Patrick are you. Well I guess you know kind of reforma if you wilder says this is a rough one and you know you you you start asking is so far. -- what do we do it and you know we we can't we can't start a new war in oh we lost around 5000. Troops and and I went online and trying to figure out exactly. How much money. It cost to us and the close was active fund was this year that the US war in Iraq cost one point seven trillion. Dollars more than -- -- -- what are we entity with one point seven trillion and an additional 490 million in benefits owed to war -- expenses that could grow. Over the next four decades because the money had a B -- world. With interest -- what it would reach but are you ready for this six trillion dollars. Well I'm a little better. 12. Installed. In my who has to a dude it was initially direct. Data out and seven. So. I'm speaking from experience. When you send somebody in the -- all we act is that'd be -- out. That'd be emotional. And there's not -- all that kind of thing and that's -- actually sought after echo the call it. That's what. Previous -- and the look on out. I don't bring you take -- the usual not pretty and not know what structures in the Clinton. But that's Monday Morning Quarterback and you know I'll vote for the guy you know almost I don't wanna beat him up a political goal and two out -- so I don't wanna relive that. So what do we do here. Well. I think we have we have limited involvement. I do it we have worked -- vote. I think we have two. People. -- in Iraq will be problems we didn't think the Vietnamese and not a lot of britney's hang it. What we yeah we -- now. But what would only do one in their own people -- their own soldiers don't want to fight and they they are banned and in towns are taken the uniforms -- their say and after the insurgents. Basically we're on your side because this does boil down to -- it's always ball down to a religious war one side. Probably did one thing one side -- -- the other side and it looks like. That they are. On cable. And what is -- ten years they are and able to come together and I think we have the same exact situation in Afghanistan and know the Russians were there the Russians drug that is something. -- code now you have out there and we're getting that the legal and and that and that's gonna collapse well. What I don't disagree. That you see it however that -- -- the -- jeopardy in the duration to people who want taken over the country -- -- enemy. We cannot live our -- have a whole country. Once we do that if it -- important piece of operations to attack. An aggregate consideration that is not popular but I want to president a command -- to -- about every act. All right so you enact -- how far how forward you wanna go. To do that. I want in my initial start of spring in militarily. Is special -- -- and grown and now. And then missile strike and not -- and more -- however. Let me ask your question Patrick. If if you using missile strikes and you're using drones. Don't -- also increased the chance for a lot of collateral damage. Oh well any war's collateral damage special operation going in the tape out when we went. It was collateral damage there will be any collateral damage were able to the ground. In bullet plus do we until the recent boots on the ground. No about I don't think you do -- thank you do some big isn't special or there's. To take out -- he would of the snake if you couldn't did goods I don't -- however I don't think. Overall. Think that we do have some more obligation to them ragged as -- Americans who died there. And all we're all we have to consider a correct that we don't want our enemies fair up or apple and a whole country. To be able to tack up either. Now a -- group led all read it made Lackey didn't ultimately it more. Yeah yeah we cannot be the world police knew and you do that you use the credit goes to the American because we get -- -- and that's what we do it now. Even though wouldn't it. But see we need to be strong enough that they'd vote. Even on dollar rhetoric that the president -- an argument if we do to stop that we've got that would do it. Occurred the mistreatment at that out and make it seem like it reasonable and I think people out even though we ought. I'm I believe this I believe that any thing any decision the that the president makes no not I think he's going to have to have addressed the country -- like you said. And tell us. Why we're doing what we're doing comic amendment of most people that and I've talked to. And we all looked at the surface of things. Under no circumstances want to send Americans back into Iraq. What an outlook didn't let it I am glad you know in some but not being bought them but I am glad that we have district and it. Right now because -- don't think he thanked him sometime that the that the bad thing. But in this particular case he -- it down to exit I'm -- about I -- I. If -- -- make -- decision. -- have some sort of credibility today he started out in about the consequences and ramifications. Thank you Patrick appreciate your calling. All right let's go to is that report is that we have some land global if you Olympic -- our conversation that's 260 late seventy. 8668890870. That looks like another mess in Iraq looks like the country is is slowly starting to. Two collapsed the Iraq's prime minister has asked the Obama administration. To consider carrying out airstrikes. Should we do that should the US and more military troops to Iraq at this point the president said today that he. Does not rule while doing anything it. So what -- exactly what that means we'll have to wait and see. How far should we go if anything at all. -- diet and getting our ability. You know I don't I don't know that that we should do anything. You are tired this morning out of the -- -- that. We expect -- fourteen. Or fourteen billion. Training and arming. Barack -- military to defend our own country right. -- I think it was an organized out of it was about seventeen but right. Yeah all you know won't run on. Because it when he like I. -- -- -- But then on the other hand you know our dependence on oil and a lot of those that's sort of symbolic and oil and you know what do we do. And it can't -- are we feel like we have -- problem though you know. That we are under their Colette I'll say it can't be the world police UK you can't do. And and I think I think that one and I make I'm either that 101000. And seeing what happened and I -- Romero. No I I've I think it just might be one of those situations that. You know we'd we'd just can't afford to do it. Now how many how you can you can't spend any war on on the war. At the longest war I mean it's incredible I -- -- the money we expand that the moderate ultimately lost. Fight over -- We can't we can't put people there and we can't put America. Does that does that disrespect those lives that we lost if we don't do something. I don't know that it. I think everybody is ready or. Board that they're performers are again right -- it occurred to be over you already own and and I expect Jack there and and everybody -- And now are now now now when you look at this when you look at what's going on in Iraq the president has already agreed to pull -- the remaining troops out of Afghanistan. Remain -- this this tunnel looks like a preview of what's gonna happen there. -- -- Here thirteen years ago. Out of that country you know -- direct run the government -- Yes once you run. And column are -- -- company. All right that. I appreciate your phone in an okay. All right 260 -- 7866890. It's heavily. We're talking about the problems and -- rock looks like the country starting to -- Collapse Baghdad hasn't fallen yet put the insurgents are headed toward their. The Iraq prime ministers asking the United States. To assist them help them with the an air strike the president has not made mine up did he say and I don't rule anything though. How far do we go do we do anything at all -- love your opinions about -- 26 -- -- late 7866890870. I'm Bob Mitchell and rich dude on WWL I'm Bob Mitchell. And never do -- tonight our poll numbers producing generally 7866889. Point 78. Our our tax thing is is down right now the engineers are working -- so. If you wanna contact me don't use detection until we get that pick up and running as soon as -- -- and running. Election notional or call me to secure one late 78668890. It's evident. If you haven't heard -- the little -- Qaeda and -- group has captured two key Sunni dominated cities in Iraq this week. That Baltimore on to Baghdad Iraq's prime minister as FT Obama administration. To consider carrying out airstrikes. The Obama administration is saying model rule anything out I really wouldn't wanna be in the president's position while -- of tough -- -- Decision today Obama said today when asked whether the US would be willing to come conduct. A drone strikes or take other action against the Jihad Iraq. He said clearly Iraq is at an emergency situation. And the government there needs help so what kind of help. Do you think we should do. Or do you think we should do absolutely nothing because. What is going all over there is that in in some of these that the -- that the battles are going out some of the soldiers. And security forces. That we train. And we spent money on to train them and they give them what they have. -- to fight this this war. Or just abandoned their post. Taken their uniforms off. Soul I don't know how all week and help people like that. I don't know at this point if if we. Should spend one dollar. Or -- Italy reached one American life for this particular situation. I don't know convince me I'm wrong with it like. 26 year old -- 786688908. Suddenly let's go to Lee in the typical power delete. Or -- at. Home or your blood all. And I. We have a bad connection that you -- You there. That's a lot other okay. So what what what do we do remain in and wasn't this predicted didn't didn't. Advisor after advisor said. The minute we pull all the troops out -- going to happen not that I was in favor of leaving the troops there. But is this the situation. That we have to we have to look at ourselves and just simply say we can't go on and -- and what happens happens. I greatly -- ever. You know -- -- to do it. Can say you know about. And probably in late Chia pet that we got here we did not play -- These -- in -- he's -- to continuing situation. I would say yes it had all day. The United Nations United Nations based. Everywhere across that concerted effort that you mentioned -- should be a big bad article and and do. -- into the night and it is just I. It's a cruel. -- you've. Got out of that. -- a bit of at at this point of the rebels have the -- that the oil field. The -- actually surrounded the oil refinery. And you know we we note that happened there won't we know that at its -- unison. The price of gasoline up but you know I start looking at that at some numbers start. Asking myself. What would have happened. That we want to repeat talking about from late this tool that I'm not talking about anything else. You know what would happen if we had not spent the money and we have not got Lenovo while we believe slave. A couple of trillion. Dollars. And since we have to bore hole. A lot of the money the finance the Iraq War I read a report today that just really. Just stunned me and I realized. That everything you read on line does not necessarily true. But ago I read that with the interest it did that the price tag this could be six trillion dollars. -- know about when asked why don't they and it's a United Nations issue. And you know. We should be. I if you -- -- reimbursed but whatever the -- -- United Nations and our country get involved and everybody spends that money that didn't follow. You know that my opinion. Actually appreciate -- all right let's go to teeth in Harvick he's a warrior. What do we do cookies. Well personally I would say get out okay you like. But that that hurt them but. Certain facts straight first though as a lot even win it all call. Paul went pop vocal and I'll. Set out ought be you and and we get out. Yeah okay. So and we had people in the senate and people and I was voted. Will this one and only George Bush -- -- on his goal he went to congress. It would not equitable. And even -- -- report self rule is fool that remember that Democrats were gay but he didn't do. And it would be considered -- all one. Foreign policy you know so. But -- can we let go can only go into a country and help them after now we've been all this money we say. You're gonna take care yourself were gonna give you the equipment we're gonna train your troops to do this and but you're going to have to defend yourself and the you'd have their own army abandoning their post abandoned towns taken the uniforms off -- -- on the side of the road and say and we don't wanna play to come on then. -- -- -- -- -- it would be okay for us to go there and fight for them. I don't think so. Well I would I would say get spilled. It apparent target well and -- -- that depends on which ones -- -- helping -- -- three factions yeah. Indy is long ball. Religion they got occurred -- facility and you have the Shiites right. OK. And so -- hate each other with a passion that that's why. And I don't think you -- Russia and Arnold that'll ever change it's -- religious right because what the problem is. They all wore -- but he won the break Iraq up in that three runs in really well guess who want it that the policy and it was not a Persian gulf. Call or not if he's hurting golf right now. I've got to go appreciate your calling David mark Joseph hang on I'll be with you throughout take part of the conversation. It's -- -- 178668890870. And I'm Bob Mitchell in -- tonight to six year old late 7866889087. -- do. -- text messaging backed up by 87870. Let me read a couple of them because we have just an incredible amount of them. I would only agree for the US to go back to Iran actively go back. As soldiers -- not humanitarian. We need to go in using full. Military. Collar power we should quit sending our money overseas to protect our borders. Let's see if the God's will for Baghdad. Is to fall. So -- All right would done. It was broke before we won there that region has been broke for thousands. Of years. We have President Bush to thank the dismissed Colin Powell or. Was misled. Man. It's. We don't hole Iraq or Vietnam any thing we all Americans. Alright that's that's really. A pump about yet. Here wonder Robert. Who do we ask for the exact financial cost. Of one single strike don't know -- not a lot of -- huddled against five or ten dollars that's for sure. I'm gonna ask Brett. Brian and David mark and Joseph I know you guys have been holding for quite some time and I apologize for that. But ask you to please stay with me we'll go to news from the top of the hour and then we'll come back because. This is that this was a very important subject and that if you're anything like me in oh. It -- you get kind of frustrated you you you looked at what happened you look at the money you look at the -- Williams spent you'll look at. After about our economy you'll you look at our our our national debt and you know that the war what was the big cause of all this. And now we we seem to be placed for the situation that we have to. Go back I hope we don't go back I've I've I've quite frankly playing that we just have to be cold. And hard. About it help them if we can put some drones. But outside of that I just don't think that we as Americans need to get re involved in another war. 260187866. And 890 it's heavily on Bob Mitchell in pursuit policy you're right after the properly -- on the big -- seventy WWL AM at them and dot com.