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Scoot Show Bob Mitchell 9pm, Iraq

Jun 12, 2014|

An Al-Qaida inspired group captured2 key Sunni-dominated cities in Iraq and vowed to march on Baghdad. They’ve also surrounded Iraq’s largest oil refinery. Iraq is asking the U.S. and President Obama to carry out airstrikes on the rebels. Should we do it and get involved again in Iraq? If we don’t, does that make all the fighting we did there for over a decade in vain?

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Probably not a big surprise to me Bob Mitchell the real Robert -- filling in pursuit again tonight. Scoops of filling and I think for Angela tomorrow good I think will be here for used -- fans I think -- be here. I believe Monday and Tuesday of next week and then I'll do the -- the week. So while you're stuck with me for awhile played I had I had a whole bunch of things that we'll talk about tonight. But that's all being thrown out the window when it comes to what's going on in Iraq and if you're like some people I've I've talked to some people late this afternoon. The difference in mileage what do you talk about tonight the said what's going on Iraq and the question was what spoiled and Barack well. Remember we went there. And we'd set them up and -- said look you have to defend your own country who pray in your soldiers would -- -- the equipment this that to do -- show you how to do it went. It is yet to take care of yourself they even tried again just ago. Earlier than we did they didn't want us there. Well now at at the country is getting its its fall OK let's let's just call let's just call the way it is. The insurgency of the second largest city occupied and they're moving toward Baghdad. And President Obama said that he. Will not rule out using airstrikes to help Iraq's government beat back the Islamic militants -- seized major cities. And threatens to ignite another civil war presidents I don't know rule out anything. When he was asked whether the -- she's willing to Borg drone strikes or take other action he said. Iraq is clearly an an emergency situation and the government there needs help. We have -- the show tonight at warped kinda -- should we give them if any. Do you feel that we have done enough and they actually have situations. Where the military that we trained. But we gave them the equipment we've bought the uniforms -- are actually taking their uniforms off. And and Welty welcoming the insurgents and you can call me it is a durable late 78668890. It's evident. Gotta read this text message -- -- It says Iraq's military is not interested in defending their country. So here's what we do. We wiped out the bad militants. And then make a part of the United States and start pumping the deal. You know something. You could sell me on that let's go to David in New Orleans how are you Dave said. Let's go to our mind that you. I'm honored. Given them an ambulance there. Are on network about it and why we shouldn't do what about our -- because -- Total promote on the -- But are futile but it you don't big oil prices are gonna go up against it and go up then you're not informed -- it well. I'm -- I don't know bad data well I'll tell you shouldn't. I'm not saying and and let me on on a wallet pop idol I'm I'm not saying that we should go win but. You know we do have to become sort of the go ahead David and I'm -- in erupted you. Oh god book one of them to go and other important to the convention. It that he has to go out on top. They they've got -- Even. That'll. Let you know. One that would do well enough. Are -- moved to do what it would -- that that was that was good morning yet but. Wouldn't go that opens up about all of. I got to know -- I regret. I could never figure out before. One we went in there and we did not say okay this is our loss and you're going to give us. Oil and return instead we we spill the oil week recede from. We still played sport and we still gave them aid and still give him money and that's one thing -- could never ever understand. That should go on. Oprah and. -- -- And Edmonton Edmonton and we'll get them off which equipment. I don't. And men and women. Which -- more open and we definitely turned and shot that would have been on band got published on ago. All right David I appreciate your call it and so much of go to market Hammond. Mark what's your take on this. What. That you -- -- that debt on our. Freedom to their arms. -- equal respect and -- brutality -- forced. It means throughout major was it -- we're running out. Couple bella program a couple now it's in desert storm from there. Are. Very strategic and don't think people over here people there took telecommuters in brutality in forced. Sure oh yeah -- on the mayor and trained people in this. There -- military and now. They are harder just to be here. Khatami. Yeah they're not quite. Hate it just mentality. Of these people or not mentality. On and they are not occur as people. And that's why -- should mention. Here. Rest of torture and. He. -- You know -- -- world com which some are horrible and court order helps you know who -- In court. Mark -- of -- questions that you were there what would it takes since this ruling is a religious war and has been and will continue to be. I mean what would it take to -- two to wipe out the opposition what what exactly -- we have to do. You -- Arctic and there is basically. How we're gonna take it out. Isn't -- wiped out every yeah I mean your your target scorched earth these people. It is one religious action and so others. Just due respect to who don't have the BP and there. Because it's so tribal. That indicative. And I think you nailed it I think I think you you later about. I I don't believe there's anything that we can do I believe anything week. We do will bull with unless we do you said. It's just gonna beat piecemeal in in all all we're going to do if we've used a couple of drones and some a couple of missiles then on and on -- last week. Honestly played the game for real but I'm saying -- analyst we play the game for real were just going to taken postpone. Well what's going to happen in the post -- in the fall the country. -- one more entry if you take a look at what sort of a corner there. Look at that that would help said that our allies we should eliminate all provinces. Contrary to more people certainly happened on comfort you know how to -- America that we its nationals stay on the world stage. We're gonna help you know support. What are we could -- -- the whole world looks -- is a Canadian. Yeah it's horrible situation first and -- look at -- one -- right now you know. And it isn't this going to. -- a preview of what's gonna happen in Afghanistan. Sure you. Stupid. And you know what we -- Work at apple in nineteen months. And -- -- 24. Arms will be. And we can't stay in these other countries forever. Right so will mark thank you for serving the country -- a really appreciate that and thank you for filling in tonight. Russia all right let's go to go to Joseph in. It. I'm Allison Joseph and Iraq -- wants to talk about that would interest aren't aren't important noted that showed a rock on the screen and I read the wrong -- -- -- -- -- phone call I'll -- Joseph. Unadulterated get a by. I've spent time in pretty much everywhere it -- pretty -- been in the news. BO Mosul. -- -- -- How at all or Baghdad for muzzled. 100. Miles. Yeah but on him out helicopter to a quick ride on the vehicle lot of the court it takes little bit longer because in Kabul it. Our Ed Norton had you ever been you know any ignored the at this -- target. Kurdish territory. I'll make of the Turkish border won the main road -- -- and I go out note to our town. Which is really on the border. Are correct in Turkey our rationalized -- We'll also talk me through this in -- What is going on here we train these soldiers we give them the equipment we tell them how to defend. Their own country their own city and then when the the bad bad guy. When the bad guys get their -- to say. We don't want applied should. That there there was one town. I think it was Mosul that fell. That that they said there was about 800 insurgents. And I'd I believe my number is correct I may be wrong that was -- the cram as much into my brain is possible that the Iraqi soldiers they're numbered 121000. And natives gave up. So what what's going on there. Are hurt. -- -- About ten callers -- have been on -- it -- until someone got it right some of them got it all. On the deviant ideas -- -- -- that area you're talking about environment news correctly that element though -- -- Our deal is almost aware of the Kurdish land. And of course occurred allowed people who think that to another action we're following other religions yeah it yet you know creditors are actually -- -- Yeah. On the Kurdish people you're very interesting about the -- a lot of people remember them back in the first gulf war. Where did I mean that's what Saddam yet it never everything else occurred as people act like they're in Iraq so little easier factory. People. It actually like I mean I haven't go actually probably looks more like. Old -- The idea three story building a cap space and it doesn't look like what we've seen on the news. -- Joseph are you agree to a the last soldier who called in that the only way to. I'll solve this problem once and for all would be -- did go in and just they used to scorched earth policy. They're all no I don't actually. Trump all my dealings with everybody out there. Actually the Kurdish people. They kind of deserve their -- -- but there's four countries to have that kind of ordinarily and you they're actually very peaceful. Are very -- lacks a key it's what I mean there's a bullet holes in the building not being blown up. I can't pick out a lot on the Jews talk about wiping them out of interest taught him -- -- in the opposition. Bite out of my my al-Qaeda people you know yeah and I agree on but you know the point. It took part about that in years. We left while most of it collapsed. -- Yeltsin appointed elder O'Neal signal out. What were you ever remember one thing Joseph they wanted us to -- that they wanted us to leave. Before we actually left. -- -- and I agree and trust me I would -- -- their not to get on an island there when they're really starting to talk about Sweden. Arm. So what could we do to help them. If anything not laughter. In 88 and it's right now it's like you're twenty tribunal still living in prepared I'll never gotten a job. I mean literally understand the repercussions. We'd done all we can die out action -- some good missions that were on the rebuilding. -- You know -- in the technicians and engineers out there. We've got a lot. Read a lot at probably a regular meeting you. In Iraq yeah. They probably enjoyed it plays there and put it is that outside. You have a lot of valuable -- from other countries. And trying to you know look. Like it's it's it's not a -- anymore does that say -- scorcher that state gal that does. And made that they're probably the old neat thing I agree. We -- -- troops in contractors up there. I think I think I heard this afternoon that the they've been advised to leave. Correctly and I know and I read on the one of those weeks potty -- break so that. It they're seldom made a week ago that you're out there yeah yeah -- I ended. Being -- -- an IQ you know I've read the books and I I talked to people. Might look like back on. You know -- that we all right really polite if we did everything recruited as -- -- Everything we could and we were Adam paid off at a picnic here. -- -- -- Thank you Joseph appreciated so much are we have some lines open now 2601 late 78668. -- and though it's seventy complexity and 870. 87 were talking about the this the situation in Iraq looks like a that the country is is is slowly beginning to fall looks like on everything we did theirs about the B -- -- done and we have to make a decision of the country. What if anything to do to help them through six year old -- 7866. Andy and I know it's seventy. I'm Bob but to listen to -- show on WWL. And the phone number to get in touch with million. Take part of the show was 260178668. -- nine point seven he text me. At 87870. Feud if you just punching in the show here's what we are talking about. And al-Qaeda inspired group captured two key Sunni dominated cities and -- rock involved to march on Baghdad. That all social role that Iraq's largest oil refinery. Rockets are asking the US should President Obama to Carlyle airstrikes from the rebels showed we'd do it and get involved again in Iraq and we don't. Does that make all the fighting we did there for over a decade. In vain to -- 7866. And finally it's seventy. You know I'm not an analyst. I'm not a politician. I'm not a military person. I'm just an American. Concerned about our country concerned about the future of our country. Especially concerned about the financial future of our country. And -- read a text message. And I actually can -- this. And I start to think what's wrong with me this person says. Real simple negotiate this we will come and clean it up we want 50% of the oil production and we will maintain. You know I can actually say something like that and I know that cannot be the right thing to do but -- how -- you tonight. At MI crazy big -- actually. Concede things like that. Absolutely well on the dog cart in certain the same thing you though. You know. You that you're talking about the oil that had the reason we would only look at it like the business' best. You know we would open spent a lot of the guys that they're gonna -- lawyer. The I don't I couldn't understand. When we were in the war one when all of this started when we went over their. And we we were. We were helping them and we spend -- all that money help in the country I kept saying. Why or be going in the debt why are you an I infamous they have all this all. Dual swap out to a trade outlook in all this how much money it's costing. But not only. Did we spend that money not only did we give them aid we bought we still bought the oil from them and from what I remember we'd give -- good stuff. There that the elected good bit about. It. Is is. Out of the call. A third of oil go from there and yeah that's a long outlawed. -- -- you know like. To -- inaudible politics you know -- On in the good old American like itself. It that we have here and with. You know what -- that reaching -- that. You know so we will oh. We do that we -- or. Well you know what we on the -- so. Jewelry or a year we -- the supplement the energy Butler. -- do. But and you know usually like the awful and when it fell off so -- in the back. Right now I'll just go this global Wednesday and it is critical to a intelligent decisions in the sense that it actually. Could take. The air strikes. Well I think we need to -- that it well -- -- is only law. Yeah hundred people. And -- the Olympic ability. So you know. We spend this money we give them the equipment to defend themselves we'd train their people halted than themselves -- the time comes. They throw it throw in the trial so if we are going to help and anyway even if withdrawal airstrikes. We need to get some good Intel and we need to know exactly who were going after and if if we can't go. And the thing what we perceive to be what they perceive today. The enemy. And then it then we have the -- the enemy Al or not at all we can't just you know slap on the -- will help out of a little bit because. Next week they'll be right. We -- more than whether. It around in the build. But if you're gonna open. You know and that's something out period. We. View yeah. Of these answer why he won't work he. And so it is we should say why the Iraq he told EU would waging war in Iraq so that they did you know that didn't just fail -- They're going to be. The -- about. Well the people it -- But they're but they're -- the but he. There has already a plan there I agree with you there there -- -- -- they have to be a plan there has to -- -- -- game -- have we have to be able -- it will okay. United States if you give us air support if you take this -- and you take that I'll take this group out then. We can maintain the country but how can we believe. That they can do anything when their soldiers aren't just abandoning their post and said hey come on man. Yeah court which -- that would. It's just the craziest thing about the. Yeah that's like hiring a bouncer at a club ball on the on the door to screen people and he says hey come on an average hockey. I'd like that the war probably write your name doesn't have to deal list and pretty terrible. Tumbled. It's crazy you know in -- -- the -- of the ministry of -- here you know. So you know Iraqi citizens that probably. -- willing to stand on with life. Hire those people. Then and you know hopefully you know I'll bet that worked there about whatever. All right -- thank you so much but let's go to Lance in Metairie. Glad this is this this is really a bad situation what do we do. Lance. Let's turn your radio down. All right -- got a little -- on Holden will figure out what happened Lance in the regular -- To the right Reverend Billy is that right. Yeah I do do. Threaten our man they would it was necessary for register guard troops for a you know but that it is an obscenity. And the -- -- you know unfortunate outcome from Bible -- we really fight against there Lamar. Butler though this century. They're you know legal broader -- world. -- some -- you'll do color religion -- government which are people are sure to do. We produce. About where what you read the situation. Or stroke -- Most elusive about the -- all of the people you know best. May -- ourselves. But you know what should have gone on there is a religious war because and and and and and that's what it's all about the. The restaurant and a commitment to law has been we have -- law. Yeah people like Bob you know these double. You don't demand it and and an area -- AG had done it -- -- we really Clinton and around the rebel that we do here the the al-Qaeda group. Has captured two Sunni dominated cities. And their on the way to Baghdad so there's a chance that they'll have the two keys cities. In Baghdad falls so what what what what we do at the al-Qaeda did that do we go after them do do we destroy them. We -- And -- and now and in recent used strides global disabled also -- -- -- and did it gives them. And the mother nature of the bag demand that you and now it's. So we just predictably did so well with the -- back out and pray and put it in God's hands. Obama has been to you know a lot of people have recognized that -- -- pieces that career. Management people efficient about tens of thousands of people where. But Nancy is right you've -- -- you Q this. Enterprise is good I'll get that problem for the Obama. -- -- Saddleback Church in him kept on the creature action such. I don't McCain do -- the world to boost the candidacy the good terrorists. Out about it so. And that President Obama -- -- well be remembered as that evil on that call. Little dog and compatible it will achieve effective action actor keep them straight in the ultra Jesus so it can. All right -- I appreciate it I appreciate your input OK 260187866889. And only if somebody is look at the calls -- board. We have some lines -- -- if you wanna get in and give -- -- opinion about what do we do now with the rock to go back into week. A system militarily -- or do we not. To secure 17866889. Point seven a promise to know some leave little hole for a long time -- to get right to -- After this break of the big 870 WWL. I'm Bob Mitchell and -- -- tonight on WWL poll numbers. Part of the show was to securely 78668908866890. It's that it. Always something new at WW dot com today it was the final glimpse into but he can't we have the big chief Deke Bellavia recap preferred -- on the campus including. Bobby's sex question the coach I don't know anything more than that. Plus analysis from terrorism probe -- a beer and -- garage plus follow all the action. From our main man wrist -- All right -- big it's seven apron drag our opinion poll question as the situation in rock worsens how concerned are you. But the price of gas against erupted in the outlook on line let's lead. 36%. Say. A lot 36% -- little. 28%. Say not much if you wanna take part of that old WWL. Dot com or when you -- -- the media ought to go to Steve. In Baton Rouge. Steve Irwin the Iraqi Government is is at fifteen for some type of help back that they -- president for airstrikes the president says that nothing has been ruled out. How far if that all should rebuild and help. Bob let me start this call by by -- faced all the veterans. In this -- and all of two you grocery. And there in the -- specially. Ball the mark. I mean general it market talk show notes are obviously war in Iraq want to. Bobble it considers. Talk to you promotional although plug into the war college or hours of electricity. Opt out there and run to keep -- school. I have a vehicle well outside the hospital gasoline or do you go about my daily business. This -- go on to do with oil and the world economy okay and and 51 years old. And there -- for years -- part of given money anyway countries to squander the money. Do you think that this is way more suitors as we've had groups and an American who have died. Protecting our freedom in Iraq. Okay that this is that there and they do -- the world economy. You know Vietnam was it was a fight against communism. -- -- -- -- -- -- This is -- fight against terrorism. And again portal. The which we all the time zone doesn't matter who walked on alternative energy sources in this and -- the other. And then do different as we saw our inside this whole world where where -- -- dependent on energy that we -- So Steve what do you wanna do to help the situation Iraq. Well I'll just say well ma ma trio that. Right. I firmly believes. We have to go back there and in and clean up a match that. That was started. Do our efforts -- going to drive it is we have again. Honestly believe that we should direct pipeline coming back to United States. We don't period. For doubtful that we get from the from the country of we go there we -- our country. And we do whatever we have to do to keep peace yeah. And keep the world congress Christ it is like now -- like one thing it does escalate and still -- And stress are currently. The world economy comes -- go lightly though it's changed and didn't Angel get the. War Steve I think you got some some very good points and I know I would support something like that when we were there the first time elected never understand. Why would Richmond and all that money and didn't get in the oil and returned. I have to agree with you and -- -- -- on before go to the next caller. While also initial quick analyst somebody else sent. Whether as the beginning of the conflict like this is always and then I last saw the writing on the wall and I heard about -- troop withdrawals and does not the other I'd use it -- actually. Just comic chaos. And and it's unfortunate that that is what it is on this. We're already in him. And it's gonna happen and it's gonna happen in Afghanistan to. -- -- This -- seal a -- would be B and under the watch of the pro life or tolerate. Very competent -- the Carter administration. That this is going to be resolved with huge impact on people like -- mill middle class or middle class people in this country. There at the top paid my taxes are realized that portion of is going to be spent -- not. But in in all fairness you know the current administration did not get us into this and cerebral than people were clamoring. Get our troops out to our troops out they didn't want us. There today tried to get us to leave earlier than we did. And it was only through negotiation. That the troops that we had their state stayed a little bit longer. Almost everyone predicted the minute you pull the troops out that you know this is going to happen and obviously. The government that they have and the troops that they have are just not strong enough did they really are basically. A hired help law. Here is I -- a text message that says. The 121000 that effective were -- body in -- please give me 200 Marines and we can take 800 and I still want. 50% of the oil it seems like you know in in reading a lot of the text messages. And again. Is that politically correct. I don't know I'm not a politician but I tell you one thing if we'd do go back if we do help them in any way whatsoever. We need to get something in return that's that that that should be the absolute bottom line. We can't keep quoting this kind of burden on the backs of our taxpayers we can't. And he sure can look. I agree with the reverend called discipline involves. I would want to do the president and I stage right now that to deal with this mess that he was last. And I just don't have -- both say they're that this could be resolved. Quickly I just -- It's so good to have. To -- Here's a text -- -- concerning the reverend who. I think patient instead we need to to pray and stay away from war. This text message from god supported wars in revealed dreams to men go to war to get rid of evil. Obama needs to do the right thing indeed all the oil for help that seems to be do you have the theme that. That people want I think Americans are getting -- I think we're getting tarred. Of hopes shedding lives and and spending our money and we're the ones who were sharper in our economy. Is it is and you know what. Here's the text message today gas went up six cents today. At the right across the board at six PO. This figure of 17866. And 89 OH seventy bunch of people are holed a promise I'll get to you'd just as soon as as I possibly can. A couple -- to open to stick your wallets -- 8668 at nine -- seventy. I'm Bob that you were talking about the situation in Iraq. On the big -- seventy WW welcome back the show it's right uncle Joseph and uncle Joseph -- phones and -- so let's let's get right to it. What if anything to this country -- I'll Google but it in public directory. That's doesn't. Have to place opener. Where we've been told -- world's second largest oil reserves. I believe -- direct. And I think about this. We'll look at this. North Korea. Today what should we do. We're gonna have to and -- doubles world or dissect our dealers don't follow. Movie do we got -- have a terrorist group do we send a graceful. Well 400 million dollars late. But part of that. Our eyes and no I think it's 500 million what would happen is that the plumber when the soldiers and Brandon Wright takes a minute to about a so how far we go on patrols with the help. We're going to have to make hysteria. And that we were told -- come. Does that mean troops on the ground. We're gonna have to go back in the it would everything would not just start with talking about yeah. Boris Yeltsin Girl Scouts. Oh we're gonna have to basically sacrifice. All the reserves all the national board and a couple of reserve Marine Corps reserve everybody we have. Luckily I throw everything at the moment. Well we've gotten a choice because oil people from the world. And the backs swept them. Yeah and what -- get you the appetite getting impact. -- Arabs and understandable opposite effect. Because of about what's going on right now because truth of the matter -- July 20. Because then that part of the book of revelation called 42 months. And that's that that is very very. All right uncle Joseph I appreciate Jews -- -- -- and got a whole bunch of people in the hole and all Arkansas is Brian EJ. Al powered Richard Berman John if if you hold on I will eventually. Get to you this is a very very passionate subject tonight. And Somali Americans are concerned that we're gonna get involved in another war -- cost. More American lives and more American money the president has not decided what he wants to do he said but -- we need to do something. And it's afterward talk and you -- and I'm Bob Mitchell she after the news on the huge show on WWL.