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Scoot Show Bob Mitchell 10pm, Iraq

Jun 13, 2014|

An Al-Qaida inspired group captured2 key Sunni-dominated cities in Iraq and vowed to march on Baghdad. They’ve also surrounded Iraq’s largest oil refinery. Iraq is asking the U.S. and President Obama to carry out airstrikes on the rebels. Should we do it and get involved again in Iraq? If we don’t, does that make all the fighting we did there for over a decade in vain?

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It -- again Bob -- shall be real Robert Mitchell filling in sports dude who tomorrow will be on the Angeles show. -- to be back I think a couple of nights next week and that probably with the four. A lot. Alright here's what is on our WWO -- table -- a whole bunch of things planned for tonight but the the situation in -- -- -- thrown. Everything out of the window if if you're just tuning and then maybe you've been under a rock during the day and you really don't know what's going on. Well Iraq is starting to collapse. And al-Qaeda inspired group captured two -- Sunni dominated cities in Iraq. While the march on Baghdad. A lot of military is deserting. A lot of the military's been captured. The bottles around the Iraq's largest -- for a rate. The rock of asking the US and President Obama to carry out airstrikes on the rebels should we do it. Three get involved in Iraq again. We need to send troops. That we need to end of one way or the other. Part of it is -- elephant. And if we dealt does that make all the fighting we did the airport decade in vain one text message absolutely. Believes that. It says get involved if we don't all the lives have been lost would've been in day in a dead. Died over there so this person feels sorry for the for your loss but this person that we wanted to get involved with go to. Brian in memory Brian what do we do. We get involved -- just. Let them plotted out. Well I think that a lot of the Iraqi Government being competent you know you talk about oh Yemen around 121000 the action. Mean what does that say when and -- -- you have people that won't -- of that country and also the morality. It obviously bad either misspoke -- inspire. Their people may think should be wanting to fight for their country. Right but a lot of leaves us soldiers in fact I believe all of them -- I do not think that this was a volunteer army I think this was a yeah. Up I think everything that they paid army. All these people will be in played in in goal a lot album. From what I can see and understand. Just a tip of the with the job. And then went with the other guys came in. When the terrorist -- men. The al-Qaeda people that they said hey we don't we believe in you and took the uniforms often throw them away. So you know you you have you have people who are fighting because it was a job. And their and at an artist or heart short notice that they were just trying to fight and may be keep the peace in the city but the minute. That all these. The the the the al-Qaeda that inspired group the minute the minute they came and then date. Through their guns down and don't know how much more that is gonna happen. But. I don't go ahead. Outbreak at a big problem I mean intently real forward to keep going around the world and on the people saying go ball and deny enemy though. People really need to start understanding get calls. At our economic situation -- about talking about people need to start researching on -- With that the propaganda network fox and adult Internet. You got places like Fred database goalie but -- dot -- All the places where you could look at the numbers as well and if we keep on what we're bill. -- -- Let me tell you you're right and and more and more people online are are suggesting. That if we do this if we help them at all. That we need we need we need to get this oil we need to get paid for so that we you know. I've I've felt that I have a mention of a couple of times and I'll mention it again. I don't know -- we did not with with Iraq during that the first war we went there -- I guess we felt I don't know maybe we feel guilty or whatever. But we should've gotten something though that that they do have all this oil and if if we ago. I don't think we should spend a another tax Payer -- I believe that if if we do decide. That we do have to help of their asking for our help now if we do even use a drone would ever expansion we occur even if we get it in oil. We should get. All of that was really. Happening and if -- pretty sure it's common knowledge but the government takes money and basically they take that bet down the road. Yeah they've been bill and it's so what. You've been. What happened. You're running into a situation where the rate has dropped below sustainable levels. And that means a network or is not being reaped reproduced. In the not a problem that we can. Is the fact that. Government is grown so much. That it's not because people lately. Bet they're not what are being it's because of more government grows the more rebate start taxing and people get different franchise. A lot of people out there who -- in a while screw it -- going on government there. What here's your here's what I read I was trying to find exactly what was the cost. All of the -- Iraq War and found different things but this is this is the statement that jumped out that -- A first of all a lot of people did know in order to finance the war we action had to borrow money for. The US war and -- rockets cost one point seven trillion. That's -- petite one point seven trillion dollars. With an additional 490 billion in benefits go to war vets expenses they say that could grow. With. But because we had to borrow the money -- interest that could grow over the next four decades to six trillion. That's with a -- six trillion dollars. But what happens where you a generational difference. Now block -- go maybe that would block because most people were you know 66 -- -- them how to be a mean that was the basic model. Woman stayed at -- white blood on May go to the work -- work. Are locked -- now that's just not that important anymore people are getting away from that. Let people getting married that people haven't hit it suggested by the birds great. What are they gonna do when the productivity. Does not match the baby boomer and greatest generation. Brian -- that they'll. The president said that nothing is off the table at this point if if you were the president if you were making their decisions if the president were to ask you what. Advice would you give -- Stay out of the element we cannot afford I know it's a hard thing to do. We can't export it. Gotcha thank you call it -- EJ in Metairie. The true what you wrote hi AJ how Warren. -- -- -- so -- McCall you will I took it as well. She would as the United Nations for on -- on which goes to this book full participation. Of these -- would the United Nations. Why -- we appreciate your time aboard the -- Well on this on this particular thing. The Iraqi Government is asking the United States to to help. So whether or not the United States decides to help. That's what we don't know about the the united -- a rock is asking the United States. And President Obama to carry out airstrikes. On the rebels. So I I agree with you but say I don't really know what when you when you take. -- I have to take that back and think the United Nations. The United Nations made it looked at it as a religious war little Libyan involvement. Well this is this is just as good action is to them if it continues its can be beat via another civil war there. This system also -- this crazy then this would of full participation in United Nations. I understand we're being asked. Cells but should we should bring it up if you get a vote on something get some help on the it would -- World -- -- -- no but we pretty much -- and the Iraq War which we did did some help from from England but the United States did bear the burden of the cost. I know. Certain certainly agree with you about oil. It you know either that we need to revival going home from those people who have been cup final phone and -- on those final -- -- -- the world that would. Is it adequate Obama. Live from Colorado do -- of that that that that that's not gonna happen I appreciate -- call Howard is that you and Texas. Yeah Texas and one appeal is. It would currently being duped by drone airstrikes -- -- Just also have a lot to see what happens. That let me think we do. It probably act and work out the way you wanted to its assessment could have sat -- and here in the states that fracking going and. Are a lot of drilling rebel oil. Wanted to say without power right now that elements and just reform Narnia. Oil. And also -- In my concern is Bob. It -- all concept in the Middle East you know who hit oil in this couple in this world can be United States what those fans reserves in the gulf. France reserves from the front acne in others that they -- in the net because you cannot handle. -- I think this country it would be prepared to get and -- oil in the future. So here's the position we're in Iraq the government that we have set up. The government that we have back the government that we have train the government that we said we'll train your troops. If that government falls then what do we do. Well the government should take -- itself into it like on an alcoholic and other tree com -- seriously. And I think ounces of appreciation on. -- -- the situation -- only -- do but pinpoint. Drawn to something like that -- it really galls me. Take 40000. Troops. In Vietnam 4000 troops in Iraq. An army troops that yes it -- intended to. I think his -- accomplished. You're right wolf here here's what a well I don't know and hopefully the president will inform muscle on what's going on here can lead. Could we used to drones. And only the drones. And -- and target only the bad guys there that let that we don't want to be in because right. Right now it's and today they've captured the second largest city. And they are following an attitude of if you looked at any of the news network and -- like that -- borrowing to march right on to Baghdad. Now if if if the troops that we had to if the troops that Iraq has is what -- -- -- -- If they are the way I understand it just basically hired people you don't know where their loyalties and that's why you're going to have troops. That are going to throw in the towel in if they take if they take over the government. Then what do we do so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Indeed exporting oil terminals in natural gas terminals well the coast. More about it -- ticket -- and what troops over there isn't about fatigue true. It's problematic it would have sent troops and British troops that. You're right I don't want I don't wanna send any troops -- And -- my big concern. Is the fact that this is just a preview of what's gonna happen in Afghanistan and the minute we get out. That's right and -- The -- by ourselves. And within the president he said what is the outlook powerful nation of these Saturday quantities speeches little actual op. Definitely it's handicap this country that the president is afraid if you were Apollo we have in this country. And up against one of these problems gas prices going about the guy in the background work in all fields makes smoked. Ryan Howard. Thank you but I'm gonna read a quick test that militants give me. My fifth Marines from Korea. With flame throwers and currently close. All right I'm Bob naturally of simple little bundles of human trying to get through we now we have a couple of lines open if you call and and to be sure opinion and we really want your opinions -- 260 -- seventy. 8668. Oh it's that you can text -- at rates that but he hates them for a phone call. But all you can do is text me. LB thought I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit in the for the big -- seventy WW -- AM implement dot com welcome back to the show let's. Right to John in Mississippi. John for about that Cuba. For holding for so long while. The president says he will not rule out using airstrikes to help Iraq's government beat back the Islamic militants who seized couple major cities. For a -- night a civil war. For changes. It over Baghdad. Oh what do we do. Drone strikes air strikes boots on the ground. You know nothing. -- -- -- it or not being reported. That stall. And we don't gain a whole army. In angry and you have to go -- And all of the that they take enter the war or -- Country. And dull. -- if they want it that or battery pack that what's gonna take it back. But guess what apple on -- sovereign US here or if we can't take that act. You know that seems to be the of that the thing that most people have been mentioning that. If we do anything we've got to do it right. But we we need something in return we we can't continue. This -- this country is broke we we don't have the money we can't continue to do things they're what we've got to get something that. -- you know we're in the country well at all because the politicians and the people running the country at Baruch. All in it people call it talking about how we get the second -- stories error. In the world and while we -- apple more in -- all the -- -- And beat in a country that hate it because the politicians are all Tate or poppy how. And so we have trade agreement with other countries that sell them all hole that we're using a fraction. The oil. Interview that we predict here because it. -- government and people. Pay more money to export it. And they make more money importing oil from other countries -- Let me answer this the president has been said today that he's had clearly this force Iraq. It's an emergency situation. And the government there needs more help than we are currently giving them I don't rule out anything. Where would you draw the line is force help in Iraq and -- what would you be willing to do what would you not be willing to do as a country. I mean more people say stay out out -- let it be they're well. That we need the war -- yet human interest there and -- Dedicate ourselves quiet and for years to being they're they're fighting the -- But what we've been our -- -- personally it is important that all there purveyor. One album to let alone without an IV. And he's now law -- -- and until we the year where life. And all so. It won't come out of there and we and we all that culture and our you know people. -- Every year I mean you just got back at all democracy and the reason. Pebble dictators and everything they're -- because it away. They're so they I'm really they're they're on the swat at that would it be -- mayor. Because you're at the war that tell you that they won't get back -- -- that. If we it is then that country at all. And that set hours now we open up -- and play. In that -- It that can't govern their country mean that should. You become now -- what it solid military. Plates but whenever we get one hour. You're not the first person to us address that tonight but the the thing that's so hard for people to understand. Is you know we are used to democracy in this country in other countries who have never had democracy. And have always said dictators. Some good some bed that's all they know and -- I believe you're right not everybody can handle a democracy. -- a lot of these countries. Or use to be in -- lead and ruled by someone with an -- hand. And that's what's going on and in Iraq right now there's -- there there's no support and the soldiers. That Iraq actually hired as you know that that that is not a volunteer army there that is that the those are soldiers that that we trained. And but they weren't there were just being paid. A veteran says it's they have. They have no loyalty to to their own governments and all of them do. But you mean you you heard the story that a lot of them just to their uniforms Austin. Often while opening of the enemy and because they had no loyalty to to their own country or. Org or trolling the gov -- the governor the ruling government they have no loyalty to. What you -- know that they don't have anymore there's a lot problem. You don't think Ol all our. You know I don't want to say I don't know I mean you know why you know -- -- dummy we get there we train these people Hillary or -- You know when they finish they're trading Edward did in Arabic he didn't been bursting date issue and make it that -- it has opened fire and kill all people yeah. You know I mean we're trying. We're trying these people and they get their training and then -- this are the Iraqi Army. And that they could fight quit being hurt. At all were dating is pretty much training insurgent. So. I mean eager completely out of here they're there now. All right that seems to be the general. Feeling John thank -- as good Allen Covington now how warrior. I'm -- I'm. That whole situation. Is a result of an administration. Who unilateral. Quiet as the wars all. Not considering. That our enemy. And any idea -- -- -- whole -- you know perfectly willing to sit back and week. Are -- withdraw. And hateful. We have a completely withdrawn. When the Bush Administration was in charge that you knew what questions were pushing Cheney you know. -- the amount that the Obama administration does need to understand. Bet you cannot even and a -- not think well. We are an Iraq that Iraq has symbolized. Population. And so -- they have cause they have in the economy at work Afghanistan. One industry. Pop the you mean it grow what you carry it gonna protect inside the world we need a state where we -- -- -- Iraq. But. It but but the America. What was was clamoring bring our troops home you know. We didn't -- a 100000. Of our men and women over there. We shouldn't we shouldn't take and commit that many people to a country text messengers as bush should have never won there. It not an Obama fan but he is unfairly as to clean up the mess. It's a complete nightmare and are I'd I'd just -- you would be. You would be safe than you would feel good the the tablets -- a 100000 troops there at all time for ever and in this country meaning the United States we continue to pay that bill. And go deeper in debt. Many troops. That we -- in South Korea for. Sixty years. You know I don't know him out of the UK UK. Take a piece of the coast of. -- out long and out the -- -- United States city. We protect and that -- world in which we shouldn't be doing an earth and we all. It would match what we don't know if we will do well with RO. -- Golden is it is it time to pull out and do that and change change our -- the whole philosophy of our thinking about all well. Well right now you know if you transportation's not -- up through law because. Why all -- article all court next week rally yet. In a month and a -- anger will beat it or what our Allan thank you agree that. OK so so. The short term. Goal and kick by any means. We have to do to protect our. -- -- do you mean by that two of send troops. Not think well it depends on how about what state. Feel like we're gonna -- the problem is we wrote you know Obama threw it out online in Syria and walk away and Palin -- same thing in Egypt. You know we have the projection current. -- wanna call early. We got from baton route that we need to Reagan what great that is. We were strangled work. It's somebody knows that you have the Powell. Kick stand by and you will use it at all like what sort about in everybody's mind. -- I honestly think the American people would just. Revolt if all of a sudden this president says well -- than a 100000 troops to Iraq I think the people would go what would just say no we don't want to. People are part of that people are part of us spending lives and money in these other countries. I don't think we have is that what we can do is project. That news that we're gonna do we have. -- -- don't really speak with an app to united it to Ochoa earned yeah we have really prove that -- willing -- you about how. Do you get well what we need to protect that -- world and make it acceptable the world trade. But. While we know -- that we need to -- to develop our oil industry. Which which. Make a big difference our economy. And we have to be open and -- appointed by. Russian work in orbit around our own oil and managers that make -- -- -- LA and Matt says. We're trying to protect all orbit it really doesn't want to protect it you know that. The English rule that for a world of four under its power and -- and they merely that the imperialistic country. That -- that use its military power to protect imperialism. When volley calmed in and clean up from Matt. Then spent top rebuild and -- -- Germany. Japan will look really you know. When I went out and imperialistic country all -- it beat you think these all get along the kicking in that. -- -- back and let them do what they wanted. All right Allan appreciate your calling I got us some lines opened its 26 Irwin late 7866889. Knowledge that we were talking about the situation in the a rock going on the the country that looks like it's it's it's and it's in deep trouble some people predicting Baghdad. Ago and will will fall the president said he won't rule out using air strikes. What do you think we should do if anything. To helped Iraq out. -- dull drone strikes airstrikes more boots on the ground are nothing at all those of you have been trying to call in all night the we have a bunch salons open right now finally. So call in the journal got you ready to go rich I'll get to you right after this break -- 2601 late 78668. -- it's seventy. I'm Bob Mitchell do we need another war do we need to go back and start all over again and rocked. I certainly hope not I'm Bob Mitchell and -- -- the brigades seventy WW LA MF and the dot com. It has made the real Robert Mitchell filling in -- and if you wondered where it's -- is that tomorrow and it's going to be filling in a 4 Angela at 1 o'clock he's gonna. Continued talking about what we're talking about tonight and any updates you'll have about the Iraq situation. Tree he will also be talking about why is Friday the thirteenth considered an unlucky day. And as the full -- really make people do strange things that would come today will fraud and thirteenth. Be for you all right let's get back to our phones Richard and holding a long time thank -- -- holding on all that time. Well what do we do what would you -- you're giving the president advice. What would you tell him to do which is telling not to do. We do not think I'm a Vietnam vet we do absolutely. Nothing. Odd that the Iraq War cost that's 32000. Casualties. 4486. Trail. The pre order the army recruiting office open topic -- -- We all know it's concerned. I don't care who it. Because they're go to jail ordeal that could actually get their government held -- record any money to build buildings. Apple actually having to -- under fractured and I'll -- the upper -- so all real but not gonna get. Outlook the outlook in the first gulf war we've got a charitable. Oh. Only good deal it. Could be beaten. You to deploy such. They're not gonna do get. A couple of I'm a -- on -- -- -- he'd recorded. As Gordon each shortcut but there are old antiquated. And the last thing about a lack -- not a country. There are lying in their fair and drawn after world war warned it at the actual needs Shia and Carter. They hate each other's -- -- at 15100. Years it's a -- -- I'm gonna kill you speak like you killed my income bench you're gonna kill each. Because -- kill you or are -- your uncle at all you -- -- you -- at certain -- And black you. You're absolutely right and it is a religious war has been going on for quite some time. It'll go on -- who knows how long it I think you're right it it will never end and I don't really know if I don't -- anyway. To have total peace because. From what I've what I've seen from what I've read they don't want a share of things. In other words each side wants to control. Yet I mean that's why. Saw you -- look at your country. You will -- that one thing that caught the population. And that's who these RT I like the fight for it out -- Muslim op link it. They can't -- out there or whoever. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That are anti Israel content such as prepared for effect and get through it -- in the middle of the Mediterranean. Caught only two countries. That are going crazy. Our our our law our Lebanon because it's -- blue. Law. Chilly Arctic Arctic -- but fortunately. Our lack is the basket case because there. -- to forty per cent. Of it -- forty at this -- twenty per cent this guy. Well what they're wearing -- that split like that. You're going to have chaos. Whether it's 90%. One the other attitude that you liked the like about the majority running the show couldn't get well that recorder are keeping an archer. Here's a great text message -- about President Bush wishes Saddam could come back the pas port but that's that's a. You -- that challenge to you and the one thing you're right award to -- we did the radiant they're great actually in the world like J. P. Howell. They're next door neighbor who are willing at -- and blunt speech as they are. Network up and -- You met whom should look at its twin brother Satan how slow the rocks at each other at that time with the try to get a. Richard got a good way of putting I appreciate you calling tonight. All right let's go ahead take a break in the welcomed back with Ron and mark -- we have some lines opened 2601. Late seventy. 8668890870. Plus we have our brigades seventy pretty drag -- opinion poll question as the situation -- -- worsens how concerned -- -- that the price of gas. We'll start to skyrocketing fuel load WWL. Dot com and gesture but at this point and -- notice at all not long has been jumping up. 50% say now a lot. 40% say the a little and 30% say not much but that law has been going up all night. I'll come right back with the protocols I'm Bob Mitchell and pursuit. And this is the big gates levity WWL. I'm Bob -- looked -- ride back to the polls run them. Run. What do you think about the situation in Iraq what would you like the president to do what would like the president not to do. Like him to do absolutely not and you don't -- -- almost spill another drop of American voters spend another hour separating fools from themselves. Don't know just told is just attacked in the let and let them on adult and -- What about our oil are you concerned about the. -- aren't -- We didn't most of our foreign oil from Canada Mexico. And Venezuela I don't know why we're over there anyway. Is not our -- it really -- Well it wasn't the beginning. But it was back in the 40s50s and sixty's but not anymore yeah. And so you know yeah it was a it was a one time but is not my parents have changed. And that's that's gonna sound cruel in Providence -- I'm terrible. But as well as the people at a young age Natalie you're killing us. I mean it's it's a shame to look at it that -- and I should feel guilty but I don't. Well when I look at the situation. Those people have been fighting each other forever and the only way the only way we could possibly stop them from fighting. We would have to have I really don't know how many troops would would have to have. Many troops there on a permanent bases and I am not ready to vote for anything like that. Why is it our responsibility. Well that's something that everybody can attest to. I don't understand it from me. I'll tell you one thing that concerns him to get off slightly on another subject that's like the Sunnis and Shiites -- more interest in their particular. Sect religion. Then they are an Arab country. Well visits are a tutelage of war each one thinks are right. And we're getting in to something very similar with the Democrats and Republicans. The politicians are more loyal to their parties and -- -- the country. Well I agree with -- that a hundred per and that. That's creating a similar problem here I mean -- I I would not vote for Obama are you -- didn't alone. But I think he's right if he does not and I think he's rightful in the troops out of Afghanistan. Hi I'm sorry -- you know run. That's a great comparison you made -- the Republicans and the Democrats because. If anyone thinks that this country is going to be any better. By putting a Republican president and it's not because the minute the Democrats are in the Republicans worked against them. The minute the Republicans did in the Democrats worked against them and and until they work together this country is. What I'm sort of an insult to their parties and go to the country's problems. Thank you rob appreciate your colleague mark. And Gregory you guys I hang on I promise if you hang on I'll get TO right after the top the hour news. If you take part in our conversation. Iraq is asking for help the country starting the collapse. They want air strikes the president says I'm not ruling anything out. What would you like to see the president do to help Iraq and what would you not like to see him -- 2601 late 78668890. It's seventy I'm Bob Mitchell coming back right after news and WWL AM implement dot com.