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Scoot Show Bob Mitchell 11pm, Iraq

Jun 13, 2014|

An Al-Qaida inspired group captured2 key Sunni-dominated cities in Iraq and vowed to march on Baghdad. They’ve also surrounded Iraq’s largest oil refinery. Iraq is asking the U.S. and President Obama to carry out airstrikes on the rebels. Should we do it and get involved again in Iraq? If we don’t, does that make all the fighting we did there for over a decade in vain?

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Well -- -- Bobbitt shall have been here all week filling -- for -- Will probably continue and into next week some time so. You're stuck with -- -- right. Here's what we -- talking in my actually had a brought a whole bunch of things and due to talk about tonight and including a college football. Now has its first female. Defensive. Mac -- women have. Played for college teams of four as kickers but this was actually. In as -- defensive back and we will not be able to talk about it tonight because with the situation with the that's happening in the rock that's all anyone wants to talk about that. Pretty much went to launch the little people or talking about because what we're looking at is the possibility. Going back to Iraq sending troops Specter right now -- be honest. The president is not said anything like that president has doubts that anything at all. The except that he will not rule out using airstrikes and anyone on this -- I don't rule out anything. We'll the president saying I don't rule out anything then we as Americans immediately think that that could happen we could send more troops. And the I don't I'm not talk to. Anyone. Who would be looking forward. To putting our men and women who are probably battle fatigue to send them back to Iraq. President said that he will not rule out drone strikes. The prime minister of a rock -- past the Obama administration to consider carrying out airstrikes. A against what's going on right now and if if you don't -- you weren't paying attention to the national news. The al-Qaeda inspired group that captured two key Sunni dominated cities to vote that the Shiites at this point. Control the country. But the the Sunnis want to control the country the the Sunnis. Have taken over two of the of the large cities and said there headed to Baghdad they've had a lot of troops that have just given up. Because over in Iraq even though we train the troops the troops are all paid her that there that there it's not voluntary there they've. Had job. And a lot of markets were not. Faithful or canceled alto -- world dedicated to loyalty to their own country. And shall win when the the guys came in as a -- wanna fight and his through their uniforms off. Just then ultimately two years ago but you know this is now we are faced. With a situation. The country. And our president has to make the decision or help make the decision. Will be -- Do we help them. And if we help them how much to -- the most of people opponent and I'd say that. If we help them if we do anything then it's got to be over we have to go in and make sure that the people that we want in place stay in place. And and the only way we can do that is to destroy the enemy. And if we do that then we we need to be compensated for what ever we do. Most of the people who have pulled into an -- and we've been doing this at 8 o'clock. Then they want our country compensated but remarked in -- mark -- or -- I'm a bit -- -- you go about it. Well I'm upset particularly I look at the same thing Tom Arnold the president has not said what were gonna send troops but when you say I don't rule out anything. And and I'm sure I'm sure the president has to consider everything. And we had a couple people call Lynn we actually had a couple of soldiers call in. Who were in Iraq and they said the only way this is going to work if it and if we. If we want to make sure the government that we want stays in power that you've got to go in and just destroy the other people. -- would be too because they've been able stay now we. You know put them to use up so that. Yup there sure you know but let me say similar things like -- -- you know first law I would like to see John McCain and all the Republicans -- Just stops saying. We need to do need to do one reason I want you people stop Saber -- Everyone and the president himself. On the stance and this is a situation yes I bet that he and -- beginning this is it an episode. In a ugly piece the world as -- as well I think you. Know like this. If you look at history. Conflict -- We always seem to end up on the wrong side of the people would put in place government. And the people and being exploited and after the 203040. Years their lives. And they pay back their country. And that and out behaving not why. And after a while -- and become the French. So I think what we ought to do maybe it's trying to find out. Who some of the people. Leaving their revolution -- -- yeah yeah. Who is backing them it's Saudia Arabia in ball is. Color. -- ball on hold on now. Let's tell them we understand as one -- that no more bloodshed. Is it's not -- and want to know 110. So we that I don't I think I think the that the people who were fighting I think there are so used to bloodshed. That it's it's it's part of the way they do things so I don't. Let go -- -- it's. Gonna get it it's. All for a change. We can get. People and just ask what is it that you want what we do if you that this stuff because the quicker it stops. The quicker. Lot shall -- say yeah and actually the bottom line and it's on oil the oil that could be oil. A year ago oil was four. Four dollar a -- Can't we call it what -- -- gallant but well. Lot of it had on the do you know -- and trouble oil. You know all that stuff. We can live with that but you know we've been. Telling people that has only two solutions. -- and every one or are you. But don't don't you agree that at the the al-Qaeda inspired group I mean they hate us. They wanna -- wanna kill us a lot on idol idol though they would settle for anything odd odd adult though if you pitted. Come to -- peaceful coexistence with them. Well why don't we tell us what we would like to try if we keep doing what we. Keep getting what we keep our child except. -- We have a responsibility for what -- And that your country is a country in Europe and about a comment to the match. Setting up government. And talent -- that got. Lucky. Do you realize that the Sunnis and the Shiites hate each other. And we're -- and they have to and and then you have to make please. And that's the problem right now they have not been able to make -- the the Shiites vote in or or controlling things in the this is obviously you know we -- control things and and it if it is almost like the civil war that each side fighting to control. Well everyone understands that. What we're going through right now there's not any one interest. And -- here you are. And for people to talk. Four other people get involved like Arab League. And it -- -- just tell them what is it that we need to do what you want. What do what it can one do -- to the living at -- Markets sounds great. I'd like to see it work but. I would like to see it tried a little while and now there are not with the -- -- absolutely sane enough American and innocent civilians in the country. Thinks so and he's out and I would call for invading. I would yeah that was the right thing to do because I felt like. -- I'm saying -- rubber nose in it and was not working. And anybody except his own good and that may very well be the case. I don't know and once -- packed situations -- You know now you get to -- -- -- and indeed incompetence with each other and they need pressure from outside the -- Stop and look grown weed out. People from the guy that we need to get out of business killing. I'm walking away and get that mark people salt. I like your philosophy I'd like to see it work but. To went too much faith and that let's go to Gregory what about you Gregory of any faith that we actually talked these two sides into. Working their problems out. Know. That. And -- that most mighty long. Keep in mind. Some respect. Hillary. -- for me work through too many of them that the wind. And the wind. I'm trying to -- when. What they call quality. And some water and oil -- And that -- are much. Some -- a little. -- -- -- across the desert some water. What about the way but it's still went right. On people who don't which uniform. -- and to. Did you appeal the match. -- brought so much. Well. -- are are at an -- and try. Multiple consider Sunnis and the people law. Don't do. A Q it is Q4 and temperatures. Who are now well. What sort it. Is sort of -- want to -- It. It. Certain mortgage and turn it technical. And I'm -- -- -- -- Future technical. What would you like to see the president do it and -- But. Nothing. Alcohol or -- people can camp at all. Google Google. But I wrote this book would. Important technical when people for each and I'm approach and he. Ortiz didn't his guitar so I've been influenced it would -- -- let. The -- -- industrialized. Educated Ottoman Empire and -- it -- still. Part or. Read -- let me let me ask you. -- let me ask his question and it's something that I thought of many times the thought of -- when we first went to Iraq. Are we basically dealing with. And and and and hear real well we believe in democracy. And so we think every country should have democracy whether they wanted to not some countries. Our better off we'll let the lesser of the evils are better off with a strong armed dictator because that's the way that they -- those countries that have been operated not an -- to -- times. Weird we are so naive that we think well we need to bring democracy to every country. But not every country ten. I don't believe that every country can live on the democracy if I believe that there that there of people in certain people. Who or used in need someone with -- are encouraged to run the country. That for the current political. Took an odd because everyone -- country. Could you. -- under a democracy. In -- -- but of course all. The people don't know the concept. And what -- That part of the world and our world pop up in the -- that the country. A these sports soldier's -- Akron -- and thoughtful. People. For what to do besides -- -- call. -- ship alongside it or Cisco. Literally program. Because as a country. Don't know. -- Or Gregory. I appreciate you calling into the Daytona. All right though we'll get back to the calls and have a look at the call green we do have a couple of lines open would love to -- -- to secure a 1878. 8668890870. Touched me at -- 7870. And we have our -- somebody pretty drag our opinion poll question feel free to comment on that or go on line at WWL dot com and cast your vote. As the situation Barack -- how concerned are you about the price of gas will begin that the skyrocket. And that -- you heard the national news a few minutes ago they say that. Look look look for four dollar a gallon gas coming. Real soon let me know what you think the president should do with anything in Iraq 260187866889. 087. You're number to be part of the show was to secure -- somebody told 3866889. Point seven they'll get back to the phone calls in just the second the but not only as John who is the in studio producer. A question. John intelligent and I ask you a question please have a story. In the news and I'm not sure if you heard about you talk about bad luck but short on cash. A 29 year old guy from -- offered. To provide a silent. To a prostitute in exchange for sex a silent. Now they don't just -- His -- got worse the prostitute turned out to be an undercover cop. And now I have a question if you think Keith. You think he should have offered her a spaghetti dinner instead of -- There are picking some of them. So says something -- that was out because in those terms. I mean sum total different. If he offered her you're ready for this the -- offered her a spaghetti dinner. Would that have technically made her a hostile student. Oh man. I waited all night I do that. Policies -- the club. I go back to be what I end up. It's it's -- -- to sleep OK that I can't -- but right now it's Odyssey don't all right okay let's go to permanent memory how are you Herman. I needed to do something lighten things up around here tonight at. -- that would certainly. But pretty. -- visual. In general -- -- -- Herman the of the situation in Iraq Iraq is asking. The president for air support. And president said that he's not made any decision but he's not ruling anything out but he says Iraq is in. An emergency situation. And the government needs more help. What would you like to see the president do is there anything you like to see him not to. I like being brought them to. Taking not at least not from the ministry. Note agree. Took over it and the program version however those countries. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It would take. Clearly -- certain things and the opportunity to wander in just typical. The redistribute the blow to united Altria won't get. Command strong -- the situation we can keep. Those people open. Fighting amongst you don't know here. So it. They only understand strong on try to duplicate people which went -- of the -- Should -- that equity. So how many troops do you think it would take. -- -- true I don't think we have to. Look at it due to slower number. Strike in Iraq War I mean put the mountains. You can't even actually. Like corpus. Shall be sure one group which you want to know. Well you know you -- there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It taking it all you can distribute well into unity. Torpedo -- You -- distributed well. Music on country. Operation. It and we won. -- has -- the country. You. Didn't do well the world important -- these people -- -- -- musical career and well. I would have to imagine that if that happened though with the United Nations would would step -- and -- you can't do that. It. Mason which you don't really conflict don't want -- -- Well you're right and and you're about the third or fourth person that is suggested that we go over there and that we you. We we don't do it for -- that we go ahead and say you know what we're doing this for a reason that we're going to take the oil. And. On our right -- And we might there might scare some other countries do look. Economic stability. It. This country taking -- leave. And actually wrote the world net sometimes. You can let people in. This guy did that the Mets. Put -- -- to do. And take over. We distribute it well. And you know from time to go over there could be recorded. Debt and and we. Moved to administered. But now there -- a continent country need to. We -- but we need to be forced him to. Well on totally ban you know about unity to try to shift in political. And its outlook. All right -- appreciate you calling. All right let's go to Bob in Slidell power you Bob I'm just. Are you I'm and what would you. How would you solve the problem. Well. I would do nothing. The president should do nothing. They're very touched by this group urges. Korean war -- -- me let me ask you this if if he does nothing and they they overrun and overthrow the government. That we have established that we'll be all right with you. I don't think we've established a very good government we -- -- we did we know we've we're in Vietnam you know him. And we didn't accomplish in the same area you know -- their bonuses. The salt from Vietnam muscle from you know. It just. The. You know I tell you one thing a I hate to say that that. What did we really accomplish by going the Vietnam except kill a lot of our young men. Yeah you know when I would I would point two. You know these guys like John McCain that's saying we should. Do this and do that you know. I think he's forgotten where he came from you know. Well I thought I'd like John McCain but he's he's a total halt and you know right -- and he thinks that. He thinks that we should be in every Clinton country fighting over in the. No and you know everybody that. So quick to put this in the wars should -- -- should take -- turn to reveal hospitals sometimes. We will I I think you're right I'm reading this text message and in common ties and on what do you you'd just. It says the cost of war does not stop after troops come home. What happens to the wounded and all lost limbs paralyzed that we're not able or we have to take care of them. And and I did a little research. And I read the the Iraq War that's cost so for about one point seven trillion dollars and then they expect an additional. 490 billion. In benefits old two war veterans. That's that's that's -- that's incredible and you you wonder sometimes if we really did go to Iraq is most people -- to protect the oil. If we had taken that one point seven trillion dollars and help help. People finance the cost of -- mean. But it it might have been a lot cheaper. -- actual. Business. It's -- inconceivable. To me that. You know it if you look at this situation right now that the hospitals and so I'm. I'm a disabled veteran. You know and I got a lot of good here. There and they're just so -- well we -- we -- these abortion. In you know fortunately lot of guys survived is worsened you know pick your goals and New Year's survey witness ruler but the needle water bill. And that the case is so well there's a lot of criticism that. You know. -- -- we've created a monster you know that's what these wars in or just get mired in mired in -- him. And I'm I'm hoping. That someone in and Washington will will look at this and realized that in many. Aspects this is a preview of what's gonna happen in Afghanistan now look at depth of Dennis little bit different situation. But you know as well as I'd do that the minute we're gone. It's gonna go right back the same thing at the look the -- Russia tried to strike a country road when we pull out completely it's gonna go right back the way it. Exactly is held Beimel picked right over in the probably won't take -- year. If that you write. And and and so we. I think we're going to have to accept as a country that. We minute we attempted to. To help these people we attempted to straight these countries out. Or or -- as I mentioned earlier we attempted to bring democracy but not all of those countries like that can have democracy. And we failed and if if if we try to do anything more in the either one of these two countries. We're just gonna continue to to hurt our people and and from a financial standpoint to paralyze the country. Group that thank you Bob and -- usual ahead. Not so thank you brought him throws and I thank you for serving our country and thank you for phoning it. Q okay let's go to love Ali and -- -- how -- you tonight. Well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It all reminds me of what happened a few years ago or more than a few years ago Bosnia you know -- Choose different direction they're both warring. You know -- right. My you know get. Caught up in. The -- -- creature on instead of united take me back to thinking about. Why they're fighting in like -- ingrained in them from like when they were kids. They remind me of that awful book animal farm you know work pigs took the small dogs and train them up. Neighboring you know kind of bring them up on their own beliefs and their. While the Sunnis -- the Shiites Shiites -- Sunnis and that's sort -- right you're right if they're they're trained that way. And of that that may be a way of -- simplifying things but it in though it's it's. It's kind of you know that that's the way they're raised that there arrays to. And McConnell liked the Hatfield McCoy is that you hate them strictly because of Julio bar and it just goes on and goes on Eagles on and generation after generation. And it's crazy and you know like. In night. Well -- at all. The one movie the post where. Children are so I wish -- can be just bought by these idiots that's sparked a bit of strength you know brings everybody else and it is because you know. John McCain's ready to grow orchards out there I don't know not willing to you know what legal right. -- you know. Everybody under the -- -- -- wouldn't make an effort and so now you know. Plus plus when you think about that if we work to -- And more troops into Iraq about certain I certainly hope we don't. First of all so many of these men have served -- two and three terms and you know that they know you need a break from war you can't just continue to fight and fight and fight. And of and I don't know about you but I don't wanna waste any more American lives and even. -- mean even if we had the money I would wanna waste anymore lives. Like stretched. Right but we don't -- we don't have the money -- week can't you know we can't keep doing this. This this country is just going to be -- in terrible shape if we if we don't draw a line and say. We can't continue to do this we cannot leave the police of the world we cannot tell everyone democracy is better for you because in some of these countries. Guess what democracy is not there. Well I eerie because. Which just like. Some people believe strength and you can't expert strolling. Through diplomacy because people don't understand you know and that would. What's going on with all the gun violence nowadays I was -- into a coworker mine where Easter. Yeah you know back and they've -- just do things and it was over used to be the best that I love it sure. And -- we're just cutting out the middleman who worked there just on the mountain -- and even the next day way. And it's just the law that he has. Gotten all mixed up and you know pretty. I'm lucky Ali thank you for phoning in okay. Although. I'm sure all right take a break go weighing in Gulfport you're going to be next that we probably have room for a couple of more -- -- if you want. Get on with Meehan and talk about the situation in Iraq. You better jump on the phone right now and and I'll touch on before the show ends at midnight to 6018788668890. It's seventy. There is always something new a WWL dot com today it was the final glimpse into mini camp we have the big chief Deke Bellavia recap. Christian -- take on camp including Bobby's sex question to coach Payton. I have no idea I don't woman though if you wanna know you have to go online plus. Analysis from our resident -- Bobby Hebert Nokia garage and -- photos of all the action from our main man Chris Bennett. To right on the phones will go to Wayne and -- for our Elaine. There well -- I'm I'm a little concerned about this Iraqi -- and I hope we don't get re involved. Well I'm with you that but the important. Couple perspective -- Outlook and you'll show tonight and with bill. Com. Grounder that you would expect of our. At the actual. Number. All the Marines. In the double. President of a hundred polaroids shot. Well what -- now. Now you know it's you know it took over the country. Restricted. To. And in the photos it was it was. An album that is -- and what he. Is -- in order to beat. At least what that we the country. Equitable in a tidbit. It is and four feet tall and looking. Like an -- and order now built. I wrote a number. And you send the United States stole all that. -- -- But by the you know and -- what we know we had heard it was looted but we did not hear was looted by present with looted by our country. We took it out there we don't know what it was like. Oh yeah that -- on. -- -- Arts and I would billion billion so you know -- and they add that did not want to circulated. Stimulant and who who do you think -- Well it. Can only speak in what -- happened. And it is one of the bullet in -- photos and and and and there and did -- that. To fabricate that through. Well let's look at it from this employer would what do we do now. -- -- -- -- But I'm pretty. Much and so there are what was the country's military has been struck. So drastically. Everything go there. And he's got out of the country ought to be. -- and her life and -- -- Thank you poppy blue -- update on that the president as a pretty big problem and then like -- at Ole. I'm not Obama at all. You'll calm the Bush Administration. Did not leave him and that there. Should should he give them an air support or is that just gonna delay the eventual. -- of Iraqi People just like they don't want any. Oh. Nobody thought but but did that day when we were getting reports that a lot of the Iraqi soldiers that they hired to fight. That that they displayed is simply took their uniforms often -- and and and and let -- -- let Leo opposing forces -- -- Well we're not at them both important -- won't that mean so. And people wanted to. Well -- will -- we believe but gave weapons to the to the Iraq the Iraqi Army. It's just like to -- voted before. It's not the white album committed it -- the law will be. No other real loyalty you know and I don't -- and I don't know how you do that you know you use I don't know you know you're. Your your play and ambulances like a job and and and that they don't have loyalty toward Iran government. I mean look and restrictor. And our respective. A country like that can -- in the -- -- -- The way I mean you don't Costa -- At least -- But yeah when you -- that type of and our own own. There's no way of the Bible when he people abuse it. But no I don't think that. I appreciate you calling a -- -- one more call a metallic element like a break first and then David I'll I'll get right back -- here's an interesting email that says. Divide Iraq and half north and south Iraq Yemen taught you how do you make them state north and south the minute you do that. They would do like they did in the old testament. -- properties. Hillary -- and -- I wanna come over and kill over bubbly and take that natural goes on in this country right now. Come right back after this break -- WW well welcome back the show I'm Bob Mitchell and I don't wanna run out of time. Without thanking the big John is but in studio producer at just the phone and worked his butt off to help the shoals sound good to thank you John. David Slidell you got a got a couple minutes what is your thoughts on the situation in Iraq and what should we do. -- first and thank -- for. Didn't call and thank all that's for the great job YouTube it you racial and like -- -- him. We're. Who I think it's a boat were flawed system via. That -- situation. That it's a complete in Iraq I think that it -- to -- scripted it that depict the whole problem. Quote the -- -- you need sort of the united enough that's the worst. Wait a minute wait a minute what I'm -- you close the borders in Iraq. But that's not always popular we're talking about -- about Iraq what should the president do to help Iraq. -- -- -- -- -- -- What is expensive war you intimate and -- that got us in. And a big part of our problem right now and -- and towards the the deficit. That there were out of -- so. Our tip from an -- and it sort of got me beat the troops home and stepped on the -- every every battle and -- some water equipment did call. He can't. Install. Democracy everywhere as people warm like that wanted to use him if they were. -- fight among themselves to -- you want to apparently and then we go to China. So how. The battle but Lebanon and you know like it will be an enemy and threat forward that would mean then that words don't perch on the depleted it could be a -- So you are you likely the president just do nothing and have. Italian and you don't want to opponents and and anywhere of course you want to -- you. Murder of course and I remember at the same you know he can't -- do everything that goes had been been at runs down. Doctors -- -- are David I appreciate your comment -- one -- -- -- ago Bob it's irreparable and the US -- -- realized these people are defending their country in their mind you're right. Oil is a motivation for his patriotism. That is a no win game for the US remember we attacked them first. Okay. I I appreciate all the calls book that this is this really relief bill and a good show on an -- -- we have. Well I hope we solved anything. Another text massage and -- this would go thought that says. One of the government used the multi. To stabilize gas prices instead of finance in a war. Well I always liked to. In the show -- 11 more thing before ago. And got a -- for you tonight there is a new product but promises drinkers. A jolt of something extra than your daily dose of caffeine. The Washington State based company they planned to release it animus -- cold brew coffee called legal. As the new product will only be available in markets were marijuana is. Legal each bottle contain about twenty milligrams of TH the enough to create an alert. Creative hide but not too much. As to make an unpleasant experience especially for people that'd just getting in to marijuana. No marijuana make sure -- Caffeine. Nature hyper the 01. Will cancel out the other so in essence they gonna sell you. A cup of nothing. I'm Bob Mitchell interest boot I'll see you again tomorrow night at 8 o'clock and god bless your from the big dates ebony WWL AM at that man dot com.