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Jun 13, 2014|

Dave talks about Friday the 13th and full moon, dad more valuable than mom? And the weekend box office

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this June the thirteenth 2014. Let's move right -- -- GG I asked. It gives me great honor and and Fleischer to wish you -- happy. I can. Actually. On Friday. What about. Yeah. You're driving please don't put your hands and they -- months ago during quickly implement them -- do one little. I'd as my kids once that. The actual. -- whole lot wrong. All right bothers all. They're gonna spent fifteen blocks on average last un dead in the acted on mom. About a third less. On dad. And then on mom. Wasn't that. It's going to be in the outrage. Hundred witnesses under age 63. Dollars on mom. 112113. -- It's mom more important. Yes. Yes. Well to scare. -- now icy thirty some odd percent more important issues fifty bucks more important. I don't now by. Numbers don't lie button -- ago in and certain -- And make mom happy is you know gold mine and we're -- about everything to our objectives for meals or whatever whatever -- gonna spend on Dan. It's going to be. Considerably last in. The girly things cost more as the -- About bio mom hours hours. The Cologne made -- And non I don't know. Now maybe it's his mommy it's and are accused the cost less the barbecues in the -- could be an eating out is mothers days the most popular day of the year. -- no doubt about that. So dad would actually get on the correlate -- his own thing -- it adds it'll work got to grow boiler. On the industry. Boy is that the way it should be should you spend. Thirty something percent of them. Now fifty dollars last I'm dad on them and you did and mom. Is that fear that makes sense his mom that much more important but more usable. Seven billion. So office -- billions last respect done -- yeah. So a lot of lives. And in if you wanna make this less fun more. Philosophical and legal. You know -- far more likely because the kids you all those things well as through. And then she has kind of given the presumption. Getting beat me in Libya awful mother to win -- the and then you know to have the pregnancy and having the baby and all that's what I wanna go. Dead just that's -- -- got to carry the baby yeah. The making the baby's great fun for dad our dad loves that dividend moms in over nine months pregnant now does that why we should spend more -- Not on dad. We know mom more she went through more for -- Did you see him or in this morning guys forgot to walk thoughtful nice doll -- fearful it's going to be awful awful big. Pullman tonight -- -- hadn't happened since. 2008. The -- yeah went up again -- when he 492049. That's pretty rare. Right there and -- -- It -- an interest. Not going to be like in the commercial world here now locking myself and house denied the black cat jumps on the front of me ending. Although oddly my son was like in the movies -- -- Off are all of who has a one night a year. People can do whatever anyone know ramifications -- and you see that move recently on and they kill everybody you know like. He can do that 19. Think tonight's beat him I hope not think it is effective treatment for WW. We'll get your forecast for this Father's Day weekend. What's important news and sports with Steve Geller man this spurs came out on fire again last night in Miami. They hold on. Take it to the line -- entrapped him make him talk about that you come and I'm happy for I had. Game. Present tax made seven isn't it as a bomber if you remember of mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy that is -- noses mom gets the gifts and flowers to add just again. I'm may be as as more money on -- BS I demand equal pay for equal work. What do we do equal work that's the question button takes me about that wanted to 87870. As we listen to your weekend Father's Day forecast. They wanna carried those umbrellas say there will be some widely scattered downpours around for the midday and afternoon hours for all with a 40% chance today. And high near ninety app for the weekends Saturday and Sunday looking a little bit dryer to get Father's Day plans expecting highs near ninety both days. And 20% chance first -- storm. The Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark tell bodies. Guys 79 degrees at the reporting Canner cloudy and 76 at the National Weather Service office in Slidell -- back 87%. Relative in the they somewhat this texts me with a very interesting theory on why we spent the last time that -- mom I'll share that coming up. After sports here on WWL. I did stay up to see how it ended. But I sure saw it began that's all you need to tie was against the spurs again. Just destroying. May eat in the first -- Every wrapped up saying to many camp that's pretty equally get three days to spend with the black Inglewood that it always say good morning and happy. Friday is Steve Geller yes. Indeed happy Friday everyone and good morning the saints have wrapped up their three day mini camp and get back to organized team activities next week first round draft pick -- cooks. Has finished up at school and will finally be able to come to New Orleans coach -- -- on what they've been able to do with the rookie goes far. What we've done is set aside for an hour hour and a half each night. The end goal line basically put them -- happy go through the date with our coach so you'll be in this weekend and he'll be here Monday getting caught up speed as quickly as possible. Elsewhere in the NFL browns' head coach Mike Patton and reiterated that veteran Brian Hoyer is securely ahead in the competition with rookie Johnny millions out to be Cleveland's starting quarterback this season. While patent indicated employers lead is an insurmountable. He continues to believe that men Zell has some catching up to do. Local -- Leonard had twenty points and fourteen rebounds and San Antonio Spurs dominated the Miami Heat up again in a 107 to 86 victory to take a commanding. 321 lead in the NBA finals. Tony Parker had nineteen points for the spurs who can win their fifth championship with a victory at home in game five on Sunday. -- coach Gregg Popovich knows though that putting the final game is always the hardest. I'm pleased that they perform as well isn't that what we've been in Miami and that's about as far as it goes now we've got to go back home and plays well or better. -- introduced new baseball coach David Peters he replaces Rick Jones who retired with model -- concerns after 21 years at the Helm for the green ways. I'll look forward to continuing the tradition. That he has started and the success of bringing -- baseball back to. The great times. -- spent the last three seasons leading Sam Houston state of regular season championships in a trio of NCAA regional appearances. Morning timer has shot a five under part of taking a three shot lead at the opening round of the US open. The German birdied three of the last five holes at Pinehurst -- finished with the lowest round ever posted for the three opens played at the -- The World Cup is under way in Brazil and the host country open -- competition with a 321 win over Croatia. And then this effort dropped their final game in El Paso by the score of eight to four. -- have more on sports talk Jimmy -- grievance hearing is next week. Is it tight end or wide receiver. And how important is he for the saints offense plus World Cup soccer are you into it or could care less with your early morning look at sports science. You -- five point -- -- -- Ron -- with -- on -- radio man you're looking like the Einstein sports predictions now because you called it before the playoffs even really gets started that the spurs gonna take at all I will say go after game two I was ready to jump ball the -- -- -- -- -- -- don't do that I was so concerned about -- -- my friend yeah LeBron I just I was like oh my -- he's just gonna take over the series the spurs will have no answer for him. But it looks like team ball is definitely winning out over star ball because. LeBron really just can't do it all on his own -- spurs' depth is proving to be just way too much. -- so again. The Einstein of sports predictions at least for now for now right now watching that that did the heated about it when what and no team has ever come back and agree lonely and so right. We shall see -- -- get to beckon here it was worth it wanna ask you about some comments that deliveries made it went by rule book says about him Seagram. Am not sure if he was taken out of context and that's when you dance you. About that so we'll do that when equipment YouTube making news reports they happy Father's Day weekend but thank you sent to indeed. But this text -- at 877 he says mom has one more child to raise than that -- batteries than it is -- That's that's the theory out subscribing to his wife's mom we spend. Like thirty some percent more on mom. Fifty dollars on average we spent on mom for Mother's Day than we do and dad for filed Tuesday why is that I like one other theories mystic to share that after this. But presents excited -- and it's witnesses say Davis probably our idea that. Go through the motions to have the kids in the first place happy Father's Day and -- probably but that's not why moms should get more. But I think I know why I'll tell you coming up a -- forecast. For your Friday look for increasing clouds and it isn't downpours possible as we head into the midday and afternoon hours goal with 840% chance today. And -- right around 92 night lows dropping into the seventy's at any wet weather should be wrapping up. And actually looks a little bit dryer for Saturday and Sunday rain chances at 20% heights both afternoons at ninety. From the Eyewitness News forecast center to brawl just Clark Bechtel and. It's actually says it's raining and -- -- cloudy most places 79 at the airport and candor with humidity eighties numbers thing cloudy and 77. Now. In slide -- I'm Dave -- the early edition of WWL first news right here it is. And get all kinds of theories on why mom gets significantly more spent on her for Mother's Day and Father's Day. One person says dad has simple place -- them at a -- animal called varies happy happy happy. -- was diet says but that's up there guys subscribe here it is ready one person texts me at 8787. Years says. I'm basically shopping for myself on Father's Day yeah I think that -- the dad doesn't want his money being spent on buying him gifts and meals and things like that because -- tight. And dad saying I don't know we need to keep this money any -- that. Mom -- Gary Knapp spent lavishly on May dad doesn't wanna spend his own money on Father's Day I think that's why we spent months on that. It's raining and -- else as a text messages like -- Covington showers are out there more coming today it would tickle your forecast traffic and weather together sports. What injuries I'm 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition WWL offers news on this June 13 2014. Is TGI. -- and man do I feel happy to be able to tell you welcome to. You. Hey. Everybody just around -- yeah. And why did. Everybody jump around make him feel better. Okay do this over here. And -- is -- near Virginia. That jumping around at all -- all -- -- rode around on a global. Look at to put your phone down stop tweeting and jump around. He's not doing anything. With the robot that problem -- sports guy. Got up at like 2 in the morning could go back to sleep or just like coming -- I'll I say. I guess he's tired. Don't know how to get your adrenaline -- where you gonna go on the air at about -- don't -- that out I was kind of -- Feels better when you campground and yet. Movies this weekend -- yes let's go and I gotta tell blockbuster last weekend you're here. You and then leaving us all that work enslave women that you now I Christa Miller was partially. He thought the edge of tomorrow what time period would not be number one study didn't have waited -- and he was right he was -- and it came in number three. And he double opposite would be that he was right but it only came in number two. The surprising number one to many except for one person text mean correctly it. Was -- the fault in our stars which is apparently very popular with teenage girls bubble. Was number one another one of those teenage girl books thing -- 48 million dollars that brought in last week why I would miss that thing by on my deal. Well I'd say that's our current top five thought -- stars a -- -- -- -- to tomorrow act's mandate if it surpassed a million ways to die in the last which essentially locked. At the box office. So this weekend Father's Day weekend -- yet twenty to jump street opening. Made it shot right here -- nor are we are used in use Eagles trailers and there's New Orleans all over the lot of Metairie and land Channing Tatum Jonah Hill ice cube they're all back. For 22 -- street and another sequel opens this weekend for Father's Day weekend how to train your dragon -- little more family friendly. Those jet stream movies -- little raunchy. It's knows the this the PG rated how to train your dragged -- as the only QB new wide opening movies to. And our integrated -- from mats used on all over the place what do you think -- like will be number one I'll say -- I don't know it because this is news to me David and I don't remember the title just a -- in our stars. Walton and starters. Today I'm gonna I'm gonna go with that again I almost asked do you think did little girls and dragged added that we can round. Or that Tom Cruise thing may -- Didn't have enough -- on the sides get people social media people wanting so yeah. Love it but. Critics that lava that's more of dad's got a movie and what was never -- just my office the office Indiana thing. Ernie and I get on how to train your dragon Q any should know now I'd concede that at all. I'm gonna go with small office -- A ego he's gonna go -- opposite attached news. A pair of folks get married in Springfield Missouri few years ago in 2011 and they were silent. And they knew they'd be married forever because all marriages last forever all right Carson you're actually half then didn't when he years but but they got there -- is gonna last forever so they get their wedding bands tattooed on their fingers. Not removable -- mean not easily -- you know slip it off yet. While they get divorced. Oh boy he's getting a laser treatments very expensive to have his she's just gonna keep cars. Scott McCain as -- Cared for him this worked out pretty well I don't know what Tatis cost him the news that no. Now I think I'd actually I -- you up pretty good on the deal well now this but not so I now. I love the idealism I love the fact that they were hopeful we know it should get married. Expecting it and -- right now when you're in that loves the magic is gone and there. Tattoos. You know name tattooed on YouTube body from the apartment and then what do you do you would -- -- -- date in the new -- yeah that name it's like. You think you -- that you know letters who is Jennifer Allen and those that are up. David I did twenty minutes of more prisoners here. God let's go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast and -- they -- -- Meteorologist Laura block now. And happy Friday you Floridians paying. Get the whole miniskirt Sommers I think still. That's cool math so -- elect at all ready for the weekend. And now I don't need any differently and more ready today you're closed in upon. -- in my book the weekend that the 5 AM on Friday morning. Yeah it's not cheap because I mean you know you can't look at it like it doesn't start until tomorrow or equally I had an idea that right because you've got to somehow make it through Friday -- you start the weekend. Currently. It it changes your mindset you know. Absolutely and -- my mindset is to be happy when ever possible. And I'm happy that it's not raining here but man up from home to Jackson they're getting nailed right now. Exactly a lot of lightning theory heavy rains and gusty winds McConnell Hattiesburg. Along I think I even parts of the -- or getting them wet weather actually seen some showers. Right along the North Shore for public comb over flight outnumbering -- -- pushing on through there don't be surprised if you're at saint -- see some rain. And it happened Washington paerson forever county the rate on race that. Just gonna be a little bit of that that that kind of weather today as downpours he'll continue through the afternoon off and on even start to see them here in Portland. But we have a 60% chance that we won't see rain today. Is -- that this 40% right now being happy and look at the bright and happy like that gets a adding that I would expect a decent downforce at least at some point but hopefully it won't be all day. And they are gonna wrap up that he needs it you have Friday evening plants are still in our right there you go folks and clear out her Father's Day weekend. How were so decent down ports each afternoon you know this is summertime it's -- But that he should be able to do whatever you had planned with dad and it's talking about maybe taking that to a movie what's that -- that. You have to in my family and a couple hundred bucks but not on a because thank god or -- -- to we go to the movie we by the popcorn and every the president -- the hot dog no Mallorca and tried it like sneak in the evening and hit two lady Laura but now you're accusing me of violating the law it's just the. And again. To cancel all. There's a law against -- Now prowling. Against the rules -- to practice that. And -- -- while there is one theater we sometimes go to -- dollars stored just nearby I mean it's not unheard of someone might buy some candy and -- in -- -- at a dollar illegal -- -- She got popcorn from the actual stand because it's given you the popcorn yet he can't see that. Reese's pieces -- and the -- That's going to be my favorite candy and yet drop him right in the popcorn half. They all kind of warm and LT I even like -- -- Pena. And he that -- popcorn then throw in recent. Don't solve the -- answer we just in the last week and how little -- actually. Given -- yet different. -- -- it than inside these different packet of flavors. Like toward a lot and -- Obviously that's. You know it's also been a good while since we had a full moon on the Friday on Friday the thirteenth. It's only happens every few decades on average won't happen again -- when he 49. That we have a full moon and Friday the thirteenth and send it to me it's not for us now I don't really care that this is not. What about eighty -- ought to think anything. -- -- Normally. I kind of started my day off kinda sleeping in a little bit -- around I think you mean over sleeping right exactly and it's not the kind of behind at this point 100 I jinxed myself -- and I said that bothered me I guess sales like I'll. Who cares right at thirteenth at that and I am wondering. -- jinxed myself. In some bad things may -- does what you are a little superstitious as meteorologists. Well good -- I hope all goes well on this full moon -- that it were Friday at receipts and it's right there and a total price you go out tonight. And I can stay yen at one of the crazies that they can easily got to watch out or thank you are we are about down happy Friday here at WWL. Christian Garrick you and. All superstitious about Friday thirteenth in the -- I'm services and a -- By the team that disease do you sports superstitious yeah yeah I think it matters what you Wear or what you do before game during the game does that impact if your team wins the east of thing that that. More and -- superstitious -- played. Sports -- about putting at a routine putting my left sock on first and you put a lap down before the right you'd win. The with the right out before it elected lose -- all right real idea that -- -- that I what do you wanna see you still believe that had yet what do you -- law yes. Okay say it's any cancer tennis racquet up. Away this does seem have a swagger and are there -- gaping holes on the saints team is weak. Get -- head start and he can aren't really -- an old LaMont is a player that's on the roster but not. And Jimmy Graham and the that's the whole if you open I think that that works itself out -- the series next Tuesday. And ultimately I think that you long term view them it's just like two years ago we saw this movie two Summers ago Drew Brees I mean nasty about it coming up adjustment violence. You comments that deliveries allegedly made to USA today went viral ESPN everybody else. Essentially what they're saying through settlers we don't need him. Yeah he'd do it we did finally won games without him last year when he was hurt they they neutralized him last year will be fine even if we don't have Jim Ingraham you think that's what he said. You think -- context of it in that happens from diamond ultimately. You know who look at the numbers he he you know look at the numbers -- you Jimmy Graham puts up and that the connection between Drew Brees and appearances. Graduate team and -- Washington. He's vital to their success however you know this team this offense is predicated around spread the football routes -- they didn't have for -- to. Yet they'll be okay but. As well -- one person that offense absolutely needs to click this -- deliveries right and I did. Christian. And we'll see you in about. Fifteen minutes over on thirteen 58 am -- meet Cuba now double trouble that this that this -- definitely double trouble. -- -- on thirteen 53 WL coming up just after 6 o'clock Steve Geller has got our sports here on WW out of that. So -- estimated 7870 I'd guarantee. How to train your dragon will be number one we'll see you Monday morning have to wait to see what's in sports Steve -- here that now heavy Friday -- happy Friday. Every wanna -- morning with mini camp and now in the books the saints have organized team activities next week and then their all until the start of training camp in late July. Tight -- Jimmy Graham has missed all the offseason activities because of a contract dispute. The coach Sean Payton says that Graham's absence has not impacted the offense is preparation for the upcoming season. We haven't had to change any thing in our formations and what we're doing from a scheme standpoint I don't know that. There's really been any change -- regards installation or play design. Los spurs dominated again and went on to beat heat 107 to 86 to take up three games to one lead in the NBA finals San Antonio held Miami to 35%. Shooting in the first half. Local Y a letter -- led the way for -- with twenty points and fourteen rebounds. Bad news for the heat. No team has overcome a 31 deficit in the finals Tim Duncan says though they know better than the thing that LeBron and crew won't go down without a fight. They're able to throw into another gear and they're just that they're they're going to dispute on the field they cannot. There -- we want home court so they feel if you do it again and we only human life. David pierce made his debut for Tulane baseball -- as he was introduced as the new head coach for the green wave. Pierce spent the last three years leading Sam Houston State to a record of 121 and 63 and looking forward to bringing the schooling program back to prominent. That is the goal to set our standards so high and our expectations. To strive for the pinnacle of the national championship. And that's what we'll strive for a day in and day out. More -- as the leader heading into the second round of the US open timer birdied three of his last five holes for a five under par. The lowest round ever posted for three opens played at Pinehurst. Kevin not Graeme McDonald -- queen and Brendon de Jong are three strokes back in second place. Soccer World Cup continues today with Mexico vs Cameroon Spain against the Netherlands and -- battling Australia. Host country Brazil opened the toward me yesterday by scoring the last three goals in 8321 win over Croatia. And his efforts wrapped up their series in -- -- so with 88 to four loss. They have were on sports talk -- game Graham's grievance hearing is next week. Is -- -- tight end or wide receiver and how important is -- to the saints offense -- Steve Geller and that your early morning it's. -- well if you believe the viral comments from Drew Brees. He's not that big a deal -- weight on it now Jimmy Graham as essentially what the national media were saying Drew Brees said it was taken out of context -- like it was more -- thing. And no one player is that important Arafat looked as -- let's ask drew drew what do you think about that. It's unfortunate that a writer has to do you record -- -- it it has been great the protects America they're trying to get familiar agreed there there article but. Basically -- question was suppose you would you know any drive anywhere without me from the contractor was there no adults not at all. Via the senator does one -- back and he did not today. That we don't need him. Absolutely taken out of context show that the body yesterday training camp and we had Drew Brees on last -- sports talk. He could not wait to clear that up bridal you know Bobby knew exactly what happened. And dumb drew was like -- that was unfortunate I saw Jerry bell actually interviewing. Drew Brees for the Coca article he was doing and it's and just unfortunate that it seems that a lot of people do that nowadays just to get the clicks to get people to view the web page -- just take things out of context and that one. Sentence was just blown out of proportion as a headline as the lead. Do you thank you for clearing that up we'll talk in fifteen minutes of what sports have a wonderful Father's Day you -- date that you Father's -- to Steve Geller and all of the fathers and our audience this morning. Enjoy Father's Day weekend -- Father's Day forecast is next. Get text messages threatening -- like now coming in and of all Guerrero west we go there are some showers out there. On this Friday partly cloudy skies but increasing clouds toward the afternoon as some scattered downpours develop -- -- -- 40% chance for that rain. Highs near ninety today at -- and those afternoon storm should be wrapping up tonight overnight lows around 74. And then -- try -- for the weekend right now ninety for both Saturday and Sunday and both afternoons 820% chance for rain. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark tells. -- attacks on this Friday the thirteenth with a Palma and I'm not superstitious but a black cat jumps up from a garment and over today not a -- -- what you got for the next four or eight eighths cats. Black and it was super. I would I would suggest that the jury. Any telecast. Is being flattened by whoever takes it retired about this Iraq thing -- amass will talk about Friday the thirteenth dads on Father's Day weekend. And thrills George Bush yup and out of plane at ninety -- many years -- happy by the city --

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