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WWL>Topics>>6-13 615am Tommy, civil war in Iraq?

6-13 615am Tommy, civil war in Iraq?

Jun 13, 2014|

Tommy talks to CBS military expert Jeff McCausland about the situation in Iraq and if the US should get involved

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's not like we haven't seen over the last five or six months. These terrorists moving and taking control of western Iraq. Not if they're in control Mosul -- hundred miles from Baghdad and what's the president doing. -- -- -- I had I had speaker of the house John Boehner not ready jaguar opinion poll. Food what present do you blame who's more at fault for this. President Bush 0%. Neither 0% 100% yells and President Obama attacks that comes in and says. Obama is more at fault should have left to keep he peacekeeping force there. If you -- in -- control in the budget that's that's be terribly expensive and if you think people. We're dying in Iraq before it can only imagine what would be happening right now just my cause and CBS military expert. Joins us right now -- morning Jeff colonel earlier earlier or I'm frustrated because this kind of thing that it seemed like. Everybody knew was gonna happen and my take on -- and correct me if I'm wrong. Is al-Qaeda was not in Iraq when we went there for the war but they are now with American weapons. Electorate anyways you know the only but there's all eligible but on this -- we -- derived obviously we all know that respect. We had a more efficient defeat Iraqi Government where it. The mission to secure the country as a whole constantly in the the pseudo. Al-Qaeda to arrived at -- in the early days and we saw that flooding across the border. Probably not in the same route that marked Easter for it was a rat lines moving at a period that we the artistic innovative today. And as a consequence you know well the outcry it was largely defeated in those certain parties via. At the end of our involvement by 2011. The ability of Iraqi Government. Actually pulled together politically -- allowed that to you know increase once again and further accelerate that they put the ongoing war. Interior I think that's one thing we have to think about that that the content exit. Badly and worry it is actually demonstrate. The development of larger civil war region and now stretches -- ticker across northern Portugal. -- politics out of this and just looking at the military strategy. You know you see reports and you read history accounts it's a from the beginning Rumsfeld wanted to go to your rock and the after 9/11 and they are saying now. Now Afghanistan not Iraq but they were hell bent on going there and if if we don't go to Iraq if -- can use Euro I guess he retrospective. Crystal ball colonel we don't go to Iraq. What's situation now and Obama Saddam Hussein is still in control of the country. Look at the be the case. But it certainly I think that the we'll look upon the perhaps we'll have more biggest war while mistakes in my -- opinion dating. That we had a certain degree. Well the obvious pain in the box we all that keep in mind the whole justification. For the invasion of rock with nuclear weapons which in fact were never found that right there. Bring the whole invasion into question in my mind. We had him in a box. The question was that if there and I think as we were celebrating our success early success in Afghanistan by 2002 -- -- we're back. Who began shipping horses at least spec ops forces away from it -- is prepare this invasion of rocket that many believe there reported not deliver that knockout punch that might have occurred back there in 2002. And shootout victory. And begin moving towards Iraq and in so doing Natalie got involved in the war that was what was the last few months yet as by the Bush Administration would that would be. There -- about 30000 soldiers by September 2003. About what plans does believe that at that time didn't turn out that way. We ended -- devoting enormous forces in Iraq. Did not have the forces in -- recently it'll probably hit -- with India got worse and along the way of course. Won't have much larger I think reaction all across the Muslim world as the narrative became more and more at least it longer and longer -- these countries. This with some kind of western crusade been -- destroyed in the Muslim faith and that's why young men have flocked to the banners of these organizations. And brainstorm -- -- today. Well and speaking of that I think he would he in my opinion -- -- a section of a couple of news stories because on an -- if you are major Mike lines were talking about. Bober dull and and how he could wash out of the Coast Guard after 2628. Days and and the army take -- and and for -- if you colonel of the majors that certainly you know there's during the stop loss here -- insurance -- was current stop loss and the army wasn't. That choosy about who they were taken so I guess my question is if they if they were so shorthanded they took a guy that washed out of that. The Coast Guard days in less than thirty days. We know what happened with him on across enemy lines. It wouldn't wouldn't whom could rationally make the point that what we should have devoted more resources of both Iraq and Afghanistan in -- in a peacekeeping waited -- reunion help the region remains stable and every one of Fraser. Well we we couldn't even the field and army with qualified applicants. Well in all -- thought you know there's there's our requirements to spare before we have to remember this the first war. Of this magnitude of these along with two wars on the way in American history. -- look back -- that you are a couple of things one is we never fought wars of these links which we didn't. Dramatically increased taxes to pay for these particular war we didn't do that. Never follow the yellow there wouldn't. And they're both wore these like without bringing back and script and we didn't do than in your exactly right -- -- -- is exactly right as well that'll stop off in 2008. Fill the ranks required for these particular conflict we began giving waivers redundant path was not exactly and there -- opposed during Vietnam by the court. Between you bring young men into the force -- 105 recruits had to have wavered from. Bad -- -- for criminal activity with a physical health mental help elect. That Albert bell on the army back in -- -- But again and you know that's a -- crop that crop part of the problem -- -- -- that you suggest indicative. The challenge that we were facing in trying to support these two wars well it's. I don't know how you can be -- spending worried about deficit. Wanna remain in Iraq and then look at people and and accuse me kernel of Vienna and Obama supporter which I'm not out in the fact that he's the president and you. Support the office but I don't -- anyway how he gets blamed for this do you think he does over years. What what can you do what what do you do you put troops back on the ground that -- I don't think the American people would stand for that. Well I think a lot of lately bureaucratic first all we've been beaten up on the bush administration and they deserve a good bit of credit for that doctrine that probably bird on that that is true and I put most responsible. Both responsibility what now happen. In Iraq but the the the -- multi drug met several on. So we have tried to develop not only effective fighting -- in Iraq but politically stable government rock we decided that was it democracy and respect their sovereignty. And you look at the speeches that George Bush delivered during the surge. Forward we departed Iraq in 2011. And one thing applied all the speeches regardless of party. At least that we are giving the Iraqi Government an opportunity. To bring this nation together politically and that meant. Putting on and all the different groups these days Shiite Sunni and her. Mr. -- he has squandered that particular opportunity he has -- the -- The same Sunni tribes. The crossed the line and all the been defeated al-Qaeda back in 2009. And eleven have now gone back and are supporting -- crisis in Bali airport. The for the Obama administration. -- can argue about leaving a residual force. Might that have made it differences might impossible to say we all that remember a couple things that it Iraqis did not want it is today. And we were trying to respect the decision by sovereign government at the time. We were not the only American forces in that country if in fact they could be prosecuted for decorum of an Iraqi court. At one point colonel my cause and in no country for old man Tommy Lee Jones as well have been made a mess it'll do till one gets here and I think that's a way to describe what's going on in Iraq. I appreciate your time -- I really do and I'll be have a good day probably sort of put.

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