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6-13 645am Tommy, Iraq civil war?

Jun 13, 2014|

Tommy talks to Bruce Jentleson, a Middle East expert, about the situation in Iraq, who's at fault, and what could happen

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker another WL quarter till seven. And the situation in Iraq is really crazy. We're pleased they have Bruce genitals and Middle East expert Duke University professor at the State Department from. 0911 were in the Middle East pre peace process in the 1990s in the Clinton administration good morning senator. Good thanks to taking the time was I get a text that comes in in response to a news story about ices and Iraq and al-Qaeda. And -- a home base of operations. Tom how about instead of a barren desert Afghanistan and oil rich country full of American weapons would that be an accurate description. Yeah it is I mean that we spent eight years fighting a war there. Try to applaud world we're doing about almost four -- as long as well LaJuan. And billion dollars corporate America and stupid lives. And fundamentally government. Shia government of prime minister Maliki. Has continued. People. Even at some of the Sunnis saying they'd rather go to the militants from the government. And yeah that's a pretty stark comparison -- -- people program. Which is almost the opposite of what it was before because Saddam Hussein was a Sunni write any gas the Kurds Chemical Ali did that and and he also. Was one not very tolerant with the Shiites there was he able to a craft some kind of it agreement where they got along. I'm -- user pressed the bush he has as well the current -- there because they have a military. It goes back in the early 1990s and not just the US but. We are not actually UN force is really helped train. And -- -- know what they're fighting for -- You know beat the military monarchy and -- Showed up for work in their uniforms that the civilian clothes and -- pure uniforms. Rather than picking up the site has of people complaining President -- which stayed longer litany here I think and they don't want it. And it helped elect and they don't want you can't make people audit you know just -- -- I think part of -- -- might be wrong he has. You know when you're running a marathon in your diet and you cramp and then you're sick and you -- two miles ago on like Santa's done I can't I can't do this anymore. Well two years later you're remembered differently and you think -- -- -- -- finished but at that time we we were in the equivalent of the marathon -- we were done. Militarily -- it. -- -- -- investment that people say in my hand in retrospect LaRoche is on the future gonna teach if you have investment out there and Hispanic you know. It better. Some of that money that -- stated on -- I think at the same problem. As -- regularly order. As soon as you leave because of the Shi -- -- -- and Kurds. Because the government was supposed to reach out to the -- you know what the surge a couple of for a little while. What is working with the Sunnis in the province from the from our viewers to work with these folks. Give them jobs -- part of the -- Proportional to what percentage of partly inherited -- and effectively used on the air cover could not that -- -- -- -- -- for themselves. So -- for people that don't quite understand why we should worry about this could happen with al-Qaeda and their links -- ices. Can you give us a brief explanation and bring people up to date on all of -- Yeah I mean these guys that are very extreme. They're actually kicked out -- the site after being more should not our policy stage. I lit a lot to do -- -- there are those and I think it arbitration and studies at what I was part for a number of years. Is not that ensure that we can't resolve the problem. But it is like fires during the oh in the region it's intense. It's effective weapon. Wouldn't you are humans and their advisors to change their country and destabilize. And so you know the two are related and Syria Israel and one for each sector -- and. So this goes back the roots of this goes back to Syria the Asad regime today the calm opposition to -- and because we can get involved or even if we could have did that is now spreading into rock in my correct and that hesitation or wrong. Well I -- in a match border we have our issues that are important right or about the manner -- has pitched just follow them. Pretty open people who were freely. I thought that you know in any way imply that we should go to Syria but there anyways. Leaderboard with a lot of other countries. That -- and protect and Syria that would have made it less and record these extremist groups to take her. Incredible visit go beyond Iraq if they take older rock. Join us as one group you know Euro region is -- -- you know in Jordan I mean it's amazing. There are threats or 50000. Syrian refugees or doesn't from the country. There's a percentage of the population that's equal to the entire Utley can't let that story. I think about that the impact water supplies. Sanitation. And Jordan -- -- -- deeper problem if it keeps growing and spreading. Serbian and destabilize not the current crisis but but by -- Others want a vote in Iran and in -- ability Iran and Iraq not the best of neighbors to begin -- There's really interest and it right now it is pretty upset about these Sunni extremists stemming and and they. -- You know -- -- situation where you know afford certain in the US. And -- cheer -- -- trying to limit the limit rights and the balance that you find themselves sometimes. With speakers and common with a group that you have a lot of other constituent the be ignorant as he grew and announced we're doing which you might certainties. Are quiet you know. And in terms of Iran. And from al-Qaeda no -- what is the historically the relationship between them friendly town Qaeda or not. Certain ago. When the Bush Administration guys and ultimate. War in Iraq which is at stake in the first place. You know they sit there -- -- earlier this year a crisis and and and that's the fundamental split and run has no interest in. I assume media group particularly extremist group. Gaining ground in the region. We gotta go we're at a time it is so the likelihood of the United States doing some activity and gotten into -- gone so we have is seemingly a more moderate leader in Iran I guess that worked out pretty well and and and perhaps that we wind up getting along with the Iran and more behind the scenes to put this down is that when I'm understanding. Well let me go to coroner in their negotiations and there's a deadline to lighthearted approach. And and we -- that mean we gonna. Sutherland you know and you know not quite the balloon and a little bit by surprise and on Wednesday you might you know you have a situation where. The uterus is happy. Is being there. And you just might see -- without having worked together. To be different sides slate this year objective content you know working more or less the same direction percent in -- two together. Incredible thank you I appreciate your time I really do I know we talk to you again. You through channels and Middle East expert Duke University professor at the State Department from. 2009 at 2011 any work down the Middle East peace process and 1990s in the Clinton administration.

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