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6-13 715am Tommy, Father's Day

Jun 13, 2014|

Tommy talks to Paul Raeburn, author of "Do Fathers Matter: What Science is Telling us About the Parent We've Overlooked"

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There was some trouble yesterday at the City Council hearings about pay raises and promotions with and the fire and police departments. Andy Koppel in with the mayor's office I think trying to do the right thing. And he is referred to some test scores and nick felt in with the new loans fired department. I union just -- flipped out we'll talk about it later right now that we're talking about. -- dads and -- fathers matter what science is telling us about the parent -- reluctant Paul Raeburn. The gentleman who wrote that book jones' right now on morning call. Good happy father's eight million. You yes absolutely thank Tommy would with any amount parent we've overlooked why we -- dance. Well -- on his tie all the way to search was focused on mother's almost all that in very prevalent there. And my theory about why it is I think. During -- that -- -- acknowledge that you really thought net. Bonding between mother and child was by far the most important thing for child shall be. -- now we know that not the case. And we need. You know -- that search is gradually catching up. But throwing then restrictions every all the experts believe they were important and others were less important analyst taxpayers Internet to be able. Does it matter when he comes gender of the child's -- daughter. A partisan Port Charlotte on her daughter can realize their difference. Yet they can't be indifferent there's a lot of church and surprisingly it because that's something sick about action I mean I can't give some examples on one -- exactly -- is introducing speakers. It shows the bond between obvious inspect it won't torture to execute well experts well. About what -- a lot of -- network -- typical it's it's an expert in light water in the regional waters there. The the others at not being proper disciplinary -- chipped up. -- The he leads the fathers too easy and no -- asked what everybody thought was to reach them but -- We here shall later searchers looked at and it turned out at the strongest area. -- -- Obviously stronger -- and didn't want to be like they're against it targets. They want it to be lectured certificates were cluster them and it turns out. What a cute girl -- be you know you're an emotionally healthy and strong was a war operation but there are others out there. One thing I've learned anecdotally I made an absolutely sure -- do with my daughter it seems like with. Sometimes when you when you CEO woman later in life that's got esteem problems or maybe is acting out sexually a lot of times. You can go back to the father not paying attention. To them any research to prove doubters are just as I said anecdotal. Well so pristine areas without conscious that we all talked about it self esteem has turned out to be a little bit short of trying. Scientific we have a lot of critics have a chain maybe -- doesn't mean exactly what audit -- but. What what I was looking at which church that show. You in a variety of ways. How others contribute. They are -- and a lot of the biological. And these biological. I think there's that we acknowledge. During pregnancy Hewitt in other street -- by -- during that point yet cheers. Developing -- sort adage or anything. But church at all -- to change has occurred Auburn's. During their partners are sort that you people where you know course we all. Stand -- together and honor harder. And the other good or cheering. Although it will change its structural holes. Unquote hormone called a -- in which -- -- -- in nursing mothers brightens. And all these changes -- beat the air and others. Or are there so that you know the first sure an adult male agent to try and age. And it requires a lot of aggression issue which does not. The body takes over and transforms. Individual -- nurturing people to prepare them -- -- sort of -- -- Wall Street and until recently nobody knew about the election. Aren't actually shirt -- I only have one child a daughter and at first I thought I wanted to boy but as time has gone on I think. Everything always works out for the best reason is I think I would have been too tough on employee any indebted and indicates. Dads might be. More effective when it comes daughters borrowers sons too tough on one easier on the other. What they used to they -- not a lot of -- search looking at it -- that your anger on the kids there's plenty -- on. And you were church shows and playing with kids. You know any -- kids and good and Auburn's. Whether their sons or daughters but I understand -- -- -- an advocate of a really good question. The problem because -- search bar pretty new. We're searchers are still looking at -- and kids they have actually didn't buy -- -- to look at your tensions between five dollars and options silence. So our question that we -- want. It's they're metal surged in there. -- appreciate you time called Rayburn author of do fathers matter what science is telling us about the parent we've overlooked and I guess she get better and all the usual outlets. Yeah I am at the current global. Thank you sir have a happy father's. They -- the.

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