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6-13 745am Tommy, Civil Service controversy

Jun 13, 2014|

Tommy talks to Nick Felton, the

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker -- WL first news joined by a friend of mine -- nick felt him. We greet each other in the grocery store all the time. We've seen each other outside in social circles and Nikki not you know I like you don't you. I nickel and present a new loans firefighters association. Says what a -- -- say yesterday in -- -- civil service commission hearing. But those -- who scored at the top of the test taking were predominantly. White and those who had. Passing scores but at the bottom of the distribution of passing scores they were disproportionately. Minority. Now tell me nick in correct me if I'm wrong than my perception when I saw this was. I don't know what the guys just -- recounting Tesco diseases giving of the data. And and his whole reason for being narrow win do and is is trying to get more minority candidates. Eligible for promotion at the new loans fire department of how did you would you tell him that's a Donald stir a man's comment. Oh. You. Can view. -- in the world because those. You. You need. And people don't want two's -- mostly true. -- what you know. And not be eating the diversity needs to be your. That is in the old city. What in objecting. Is missed the cop when you're closing of my knees and abuse and okay -- it is little field on -- Tactic it. In using. What we -- race baiting tactics to try to persuade the commission. Allow these horrible rule changes will do that will be exact opposite. Don't take effect. And -- didn't twist them under the guise of helping minorities you not to. -- -- You've known to fans in the -- down here he's I don't tell until dawn Holland type tactics would winners and yet. Well it means the male wants to go down -- -- of public employee. Okay. And use is the pillow like. Contact. Dean. Control. All employees. So he could hold onto it and take away some action that would equal to constitute. So what's gonna be the actual change Nick Cannon argue and I'm just trying to understand that the mayor wants to do what procedural -- -- -- The ones to actually in use. The abilities of one person. Superintendent. Lieutenant police late decision. From him. And told people -- Step up what threatens to bring entrant who bring you. -- -- and -- real good. Deputies as being. Civil him in the east and it will be under school and law so he's you know he's gonna take you in the game. -- -- -- -- And it didn't ignored. On it and you'll. The -- -- minorities. You know. -- in the city school. And able people. And minorities will -- -- All of them well -- -- Now do we support. Will be challenged -- put his. The -- other cities selected. As it is in. Excellently well it would diversity and used a comprehensive look at opposite. To achieve. Racial equality. -- hot. Items in just another race baiting -- use that phrase race baiting you meant by the way the scores were presented. Exactly so you know like. And procession of people where as people and -- leave -- At all. Okay minorities. Rank. And the good. In previous. Supervisor. District -- says it's okay. Who was African it was not one. Built -- And make it. More equitable and this wouldn't say if you choose -- and just use the eight days and did which you really. Hands down. The chairman of the in the coastal cities -- Human relations community. That go horns and looks minorities. 300000. And the and an. Eagle in the canals. And now he truly want democracy. And resources. On -- But don't believe we. And used -- In disgrace. African American and that is the thing that we believe mobile. Well did yelled as he has run out of time -- annoyance a couple of things in terms of they've dubbed the final change illnesses civil service -- go away in the they captains would decide who gets promoted and who doesn't end in terms of diversity. With how what is the make up the fire department now. Well but it will -- the. The he's just achieved that currently can be promoted. On the emotional lives right now that it -- well what really appear that. -- -- So who gets from and promoted and confused mental process of 34%. More than can't put them have already been promoted. And there. If -- that. Now in the -- in the east -- -- okay. They -- it is comprehensive look at the minority. Nobody has got to figure out in in in terms of it will would you like to see and where's it now is it about minorities being promoted as -- minorities being on the fire department. In total and the public waited the percentages stand now in terms of minority firemen as opposed to non minority firemen and -- -- and are we talking about just strictly people of the different race or. Is a woman considered a minority and I guess -- fire when an animal. We need justice it is even more so who's. Ready into the league now you right Whitman's Latino. -- Absolutely need representation on this -- because we we we and be. Fuel. Women and risk and we only you -- in two Asians on the OJ. Also. You think we need to address okay Andy -- need to be reflective of the community call in well it would. I was -- it is in use in the the the the race to. Card does it is -- -- -- use -- -- to try to win is just trying to use it is bringing that age. And it was. It also mean that -- it will not political people do but now. The -- TO -- I'm just trying to get the numbers so in terms of minority in none minority make up on a fire department and in general and when it comes to rank the of those numbers. And -- it is. And partly because. In front. And we. Parties now. Libya. Minorities. And African Americans a year. Operators for our captains. And chiefs didn't need mole. In the -- legions into. -- what we know. Is competent. User goes race tactics and that was also. Took in twenty. African Americans can't hate to and the happy and some of them. I'm. What was he trying to prove and then we invited him on any wasn't available for the interview that. Was he trying to say this standards had to be lowered because the test scores were lower over the process had to be changed and by that he meant. Getting away with civil service and have in the fire. Woody column -- captains decide who gets promoted so what are excellent test schoolers. Yeah yeah and you know only was concerned about it to -- invited missed the cup and to take. Again and it how do you propose to do this in the tips. People who are just personal book qualified. -- -- candidates and cool idea and he wouldn't that it might even just like he wouldn't go to until you million. Dragged me in Europe thing. They let me -- talked about bringing -- -- and -- -- is it always seafood. You know. The answer would season win right now. Correct yeah and went -- and it's -- season look have a great weekend happy Father's Day. And saying he would be you know it would great if we really appreciate. More and any we want to give it -- -- -- We'll -- thank you look dandy Dublin's about it in the come on we invited Damon and I'm trying to say one's true once and -- truth once and -- not true. We just try to get both sides out there.

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