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6-13-14 12:10pm Don Dubuc: on Duck Dynasty and Gov. Jindal

Jun 13, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks about Gov. Jindal's appearance on Duck Dynasty.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Actually it's Don Don Dubuque and the Garland Robinette on Fridays on the Friday edition a think tank column will be back with you after a couple of weeks off. Coming up on Monday. Immediately following this program will be an open mind with -- Latest on the growing debate in Washington about what to do with. Those militants taking over Iraq in case you missed that the president -- statement earlier this morning with regard to the United States -- involvement with -- Wanna tune in for that -- at 2 o'clock though why is a day like today Friday thirteenth considered unlucky. And does the full moon really make people do strange things at all. There's a lot of evidence that says it does that -- wanting it does that make station game behave -- strings them promise you don't see why wouldn't do that the humans do. Also what kind of day wielded the thirteenth before you. And then at 310 years ago this week Napoleon Dynamite was released it was not a big budget movie. Started out as pop culture hit and grew in popularity what are some movies become a pop culture phenomenon. What is your favorite pop culture movie don't message is an open mind castles scoop coming up this afternoon following this program from one until four. This -- or are we -- our thoughts to our governor who recently hit the fairways this week it was a gas on a program called. -- dynasty. Did you see that the -- And what do you think about what was your take haven't come across that you really fit in with bearded group from -- Monroe. And build duck calls for eleven. And a -- -- whole family follows some pretty zany characters very popular show although it's it's it's it's waning very rapidly. Understand now that there's about four million less viewers now than in its heyday in. Lot of people attribute that to the fact of some pretty controversial comments that the patriarch Phil Robertson made with regard to race and and gender and sexuality that time I distinctive you know those shows I mean there and their comets they come and go pretty quickly. They don't have the staying power to be around for 1015202530. Years it is common go then people sales while -- in the you know it goes away. To their credit the Robertson family is really milk it for everything it's worth I mean you can only escape. Duck commander in -- commander in -- dynasty. Adam memorabilia and merchandise. In pain means in. I'm sure -- -- call businesses. Literally through the roof now they've they've worked hard attic. And I guess in a kind of fit in what today's. TV viewers are looking for but again its its temporarily and its going to be declining very rapidly from beyond -- how much more now do you hear about small people look now. Popular that was all across the nation. But specifically governor general's appearance. You know the rules if you -- -- it's 87870. But please text responsibly if you're going to be texting have a designated driver if you're driving. Used to designated texted to get that message and comes in -- studio please keep it pithy. Also we have -- open phone lines for you to 601878668890870. On. What I'd like to getting your thoughts on his appearance I mean the motivation. In on his time is pretty valuable as pretty well split in fact it's not just here in the state Louisiana. It is time is is vied for its nationwide he's hit the road again and it's hard to pinpoint exactly. How much time he spends in state not a statement. I would say approximately. And depending on when you start the time period when you ended because it's constantly changing. He spends about 13 of his whole time in office as governor. On the road out of state but two thirds of it here in Louisiana. And he accomplished this without leaving mistake does this to show against the state in Monroe up there at the -- dynasty headquarters but how come across to be -- and do you think it helped team. You think it helps the state of Louisiana that the governor of prostate. Goes on national television. In associated with a crew like -- honesty muses this is audience. Is this gonna benefit our state -- will that maybe. Benefit his personal political opportunities I don't think he's officially said he's running for an evening that. I gotta believe he's got -- higher political ambitions in mind and Washington. -- do you think it hurt his chances of that. National political office or did it hurt or help. And also what are the big contribution to the show him in a declining viewership I mean they have. Our August is only so many things you can do with a bunch a guys talking about may conduct calls. In getting in situations that most comedies if you go back. -- to the very early days of all of the families in. Sanford and so on in Chico and the Man in the even far back -- our honeymoon seasonal sitcoms. It's kind of a lot of the same stories -- -- get repeated over and over again but the Carrick does. The environment in means that dates change but basically -- that conflicts in the controversies. Which really aren't all that be remain the same -- you think about 260. 187 ER 866889087. And as we speak detects the rule union and you do candidates seventy -- will be back to -- some of those with it but first this break -- listening to the think tank I'm -- -- Good Friday afternoon from the -- 870 WW. And welcome back into the think tank we're talking about the governor's appearance on that. Program dot dynasty in inviting you to text and phone call sign asking some questions. Does this benefit Louisiana and -- -- to a benefit his personal political opportunity on ambitions does that hurt or help chances for a national political office which apparently. He's seeking but he says he's not meant EC hasn't made a commitment but he spends about a third of the time in office on the road out of state speaking engagements and talking across the country in what do you think that actually is more beneficial than being here in Louisiana -- -- as a matter. -- personal opinion but he went on -- dynasty a controversial yet very very popular show but it's. Losing his popularity it's down about four million viewers and falling in. Most of the show's run their course and the the American viewing public as ago. Little attention span for a long lasting programs and this one is about ready to run its course and anyway before when he got on -- -- in a lot of people criticizing effected that he went on the show but you know a lot of people. Criticized from the other side. You know the President Obama going on shows like was it Jimmy Kimmel and Jon Stewart in David -- Letterman is some of these typical softball program. But that's been gone after their audience and against. Governor Jindal figured that this was probably his audience what do you think. -- -- get some of the text remember it's 87870. And now when you're texting now please remember to keep it brief if you wanna put your name on that's fine if government -- remain anonymous that's okay too. But please text responsibly don't do it while you're driving. Ideally go here's one that says Saddam the show is an embarrassment. And so was Bob before using it for his presidential run. Another one says very few TV programs of any kind last more than ten years naturally correct I guess. The show that I do on Saturday mornings as a -- Will be celebrating my 25 consecutive year. Broadcast at the end of this July so that's an eternity in broadcast media. I'd Isabella I hope the governor shares same values as the Robin son nexus Robertson family not a political stunt. -- some people would be happy if he did some people would not be is another -- says I think it's so pretty says. That the government does not have time to appear on radio shows to discuss important things. But he has time to go on television she again remind you when you tune in and I'm in mid sentence remember that we read these -- and me amendment be my personal opinion. Another says I huge which -- I think it is given birth name. Was embarrassing. He doesn't care one bit about wheezing and apparently. And another says. -- dynasty is a great source of entertainment there's very few good shows on these days religion politics should not matter I love the show. Our governor was okay. Probably political but who cares and well a lot of fun shall in -- personally. I don't but you know that's me. Certainly in the minority Q given the amount of audience success that the program group. I is another -- TV stations like reality TV program because they are inexpensive to produce they don't care if they shortly. And yet another Owens says the benefits only I use Jindal. Analyst says Louisiana is generally helped by reality TV programs that aren't based in Louisiana. Well on -- one thing that it has done it certainly probably contributed to on tourism people. Communists the alligators that they've seen onslaught people who hopefully meet some of these -- characters that the EC. On these reality shows and again I mean are you more news there is no such thing. As a reality TV shadow may be a reality home movie where cameras turned on and you run it back in DC but. You know all these shows a survivor and Macon and afraid Miller business camera people there there's microphones -- a lot of stuff going on that you don't see behind the scenes and in many many album. The stuff is not just off the cup as a lot of scripting that goes into open pay like one of the text the sentiment you hit the nail on the head sheet. It is a great source of -- detainment. Not information so much treatment. I'm 2601878668890870. A look at terror. Pretty opinion poll we were gonna have this change in the second the wanna get back to the original question. We talked started off the program with discussing the fracking in saint Tammany interest determined. To be non hazardous should be community have the right to -- it. And 65% of our respondents today. Yes the community should have the final say so 35% saying no you might have some time again on that one will be back with a new poll. It's more calls and also your text messages coming in the think tank right here in the big 87 W. I did earlier returns are in on our updated pretty opinion poll question now did juicy governor Jindal on -- honestly this week wasn't done to benefit Louisiana offered his personal political opportunities. Early results -- 100%. Saying it was for personal political opportunities. 0% believing he did it to benefit the state -- what do you think. Cast that vote at WW -- dot com it's right in the middle home page. And if you care to send attacks which are coming in non nicely we'll get back to these after the news and you do that and 87870. We please ask that she -- Responsibly. Use a designated text or refute driving that comes in at 878 says if you -- -- use of cell phone. Or you land -- that phone line is 260187. You can call still free at 866. 889087. When discussing governor Bobby Jindal appearance on the program -- dynasty. Do you think you -- -- to come across good as a benefit or is -- a detriment to both him. And the show what do you think will be back to talk with the about it and after the news. Right here on WW well he's 78. -- results are still looking like a 100% of you saying -- Bobby Jindal appearance on -- honestly was for personal political opportunities and not to benefit Louisiana. -- coming in saying. My hobby used to watch -- dynasty even tape and watch reruns until Phil's comments and I'm sure he did lose a lot of audience because of his. Personal comments another one says that he was on the show for a short amount of time to give an award for family business in Louisiana. I saw and his supporting state and and the business and certainly one way to look at it. And other attacks says I don't think Bobby Jindal as by anything other than Bobby Jindal career. Another attack says you much why you must watch CBS because I don't recognize any shows you mention I do love -- dynasty though there hilarious and it's from the parish girl. Another says I agree reality TV programs are comets you know the perfect example of ten seconds of fame. Another is the question saying talk about why Jindal is never on your radio station like uncle and Foster more. I cannot expound on that I don't know he's not because he hasn't been invited as numerous times on a variety of issues. -- can tell you this we did have governors block on Foster quite regularly. And we had him on to the point where we had to stop his rapid fire -- delivery. When he was campaigning. But when he took office I don't know maybe something maybe the phones don't work real well up in the governor's mansion I don't know which had an answer that question but I do. I another set onus is coming up a lot of Jimmy Graham his true love and respect then you. False prophet money hungry person would go to camp. -- the money down your mouth do. Jimmy Graham is losing fans in and you can hear more about that later on don't sports talk Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia is going to be on again. Recap the saints mini camp on talk about the NBA finals and also about Jimmy grams grievance hearing coming up next week. Should he be classified tight end receiver. How important is -- to the saints offense plus World Cup soccer is under way. And you enjoy that or could you careless you -- up with the pros weekdays right here for eight on the home of the saints LA issue. And the pelicans. 26 so 187866889087. Easy telephone lines more -- coming -- This one's saying it never seen -- dynasty. Too many other -- options. And another text and Bobby is for Bob he is selfish. Imus -- go to Casey online Wonderwall application I think what's talk about the topic. Do. You indicated there were that you love all the -- importantly. -- Armed robbery burglary a separate -- that -- in a judiciary. Would it seem that door and look at age or use it or. You know -- Irish. But it called the rebel -- -- you -- And we're gonna it's for example. Export their order that are shot so what -- that -- and you'll that it secure and a pretty predictable. Accord to parliament that you could have fought so -- that should be read the coal. It looked -- -- you all -- dignity. And totally you know and GP for Michael yeah it. Or expect to lead with 20. The apartment researcher at the topic at. -- -- a couple of he wrote me a ticket for not Michael. And for the record there. -- about but the Sheen news poll and it looked Archie. So what you -- and is it out if you bring the dog over the after treatment than they actually sent someone out home. To a you could put the so called in only outward. Well you never amounted to that it related news. You put. Out there you go and pitch well or prevent the award. In particular that is the sort of -- the call. In six -- taught when they. That what we're tribute record. That the people -- W took X Gaiam. To coach anymore and I agree to go out there so -- informed certificate came in. At the correct it struck a lot. Also wrote -- ordering ethnic war on a book or two street. In all the stylish. Video and people organic. Or -- -- I agree more and that is that is the -- people out of work in the court in legally block them at the top of it. It sure war. Putin who took particular Olympic glory. -- pointed -- that anyone but the fact that. Implored please contact -- -- real it all means that you now look stupid so picked up a topic the problem. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I Jason -- would do the next couple weeks we'll try to get the represented from the local AS BCA to come -- and address the court. And we welcome to our ultimate -- or twelve expected to affect me -- People care never felt that parade to -- war or war -- probably. The director that would that the problem that we match like. And should -- -- so we records respect or shortly you know and also. -- we adopt a job morning show. Throughout the people the public aware of you go straight to approached law which you could by torrential look. It's. Pretty it's only urge you go to jail. OK Casey thank you for you call is duly noted we gonna try to get them on the program to address some of those questions you brought up I would be right back after this time out that text 87878. On Billy's call and in from the wall -- -- will be right back after this time out this is the think tank on WW. IT 60187. Lire 668890878. That's the phone lines of text message board -- the -- responsibly to this is a 7870. And if you -- cast Europe. Opinion on our opinion poll up ready opinion poll that -- WWL dot comments on scientific but it's always fun a 100% say that Bobby Jindal appeared on -- dynasty for personal political opportunities. Nobody believes he did it to benefit Louisiana. Is some of the -- coming in. Never -- -- dynasty. Too many other options. Obviously Bobby he has selfish. Another says Jindal was giving an award and also showing support. -- Robertson anti gay and Christian beliefs. If you could read that into an -- and newly making hear him make that statement I guess you could assume that by being and he did support. Issue on that. Nolan says a -- -- love it the senate blocked it and deacon -- and a lot in Jimmy Graham has much right as anyone hold out for as much money as possible. Another says I -- Republicans voted Jindal in thanking you all had something good -- you can't standing to ban Tuesday. Another one from this is from keys. And he jumped on me here it says so missed the show. But just had a great brunch at rock dean calls suggest Bobby grow -- being here. Well not be fit in their bodies on camera persona. He really failed miserably when he went on national TV. I was kind of an introduction thing to meet some of them Republican governors and boy he just came away with some bad reviews. He comes across real well on TV I'm not sure what the reason it is may be does need to grow. -- what do you think it is 19 in regard to being -- the population is says the new rules laws -- to help reduce pet over population. Which is a serious issue. Here in New Orleans and surrounding areas which Jefferson -- saint Charles saint an -- federal would do the same. Jeff isn't putting down a 250 cats in week in dogs even here -- cats they pay to fix through the fix Ferrell kept. His is another Jimmy Graham coming Jimmy is -- money hungry. Athlete. On some Panetta makes sense about plan on Monica's Obama. I -- -- sufficient report from down there where they have in the far father's daughter fiction. Contest rodeo. Says the -- it was a challenge today at more a better ones and with that weather we had but a bad day -- and still a great day tomorrow should be better. Come to push on and finish off is an element says some Republicans love Bobby Jindal the loving deal liking would be. The disliking what do you think and what are his chances are -- better now that he's been on -- dynasty. And is Doug dynasties ratings got a drop because he was on I would be right back and -- into wall -- you wanna talk about Jimmy Graham. You're welcome to do that right after this time out. In listening to the Friday think tank on WW. And yet another text message coming in in response to the governor's appearance on -- dynasty. Amazing what a silly TV show continued to the world grow up people this is in no -- important to anything in life. And shields Al childish of a society we've really. Text it's a 7870 call 2601870. 8668890. Point seven he Billy and hold -- on the wall as easy can't wait to talk about Jimmy Graham so we'll let him do it now Billy Politico. Good. The media critic of -- the so that to make a -- page court tomorrow and maybe you can. About capital to about initiative that is the answer a coworker. Jim. Which -- about Drew Brees origin program a country. He went so there ought to -- people's problem sometimes. They which apparently is what you would break -- Go to Q. Graham. -- contrary it was a break -- moment in natural immunity is it's pretty. Probably anticipated. -- to beacon about being you do disagree about beer in the lot and there's a lot of digital side to that side. Who has been fantastic. That you do -- -- lots is that there could receive. This takes in the that he does not below present that they that -- -- but he got these guys are going to be you know really -- -- also. Big you know he's the next -- You know law then true businessman because it can lead to Caro well bill that same night it was. -- -- -- You know they have their apple move it -- result you're in situations united -- -- two days -- full. It was to be attached to the side and that they have the ball -- monitored. Because there. And depending on the legitimate. You're for the -- in all of it's going to be. Didn't that are Coca. That and we're all -- the feed there -- laughs you know replace a liar he is going to be tough. To limit the they can agree receipt that they can get. -- -- -- Still all the -- yeah should report on the to report. And write the Bosnian. Man anytime you can go to prohibits but the Mets in the credit quality should be man comprise the cards submitted some new buildings here sure you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- I'll retreat should be economic it is that there. McEnroe he's. He's a band or the beach the -- there you know these terms that we need we don't need you. Pavement at the party besides. He's got it about what to. Sit. So anyway marketing goes silent about it beats. To calamity. That stay with the band and he used in the little breeze in the. -- thank you Billy we got to run again deacon -- become -- up with the -- coming on later on on. Sports talk coming up at 4 o'clock all right coming up next is going to be a scoop villain in financial policy all the more morning 5 AM on the outdoor show.