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6-13-14 1:10pm Scoot: on America and the Middle East

Jun 13, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Angela and asks what America should do about the troops remaining in the middle east.

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Good morning it's Friday executing for Angela today it is raining in downtown New Orleans but we hear the weather is gonna get better as soon as time goes on. It's Friday the thirteenth. And also there's a full -- I believe the full Lewis started after midnight tonight -- I was on river road last night driving back from from desperate and I song it was he does a full -- was close to it is a little bit before midnight. Any which is spectacular last -- if they can't see it with the clots. It's out there and a lot of people freak out with a full moon and a lot of people freak out on Friday the thirteenth. So -- your day going so far anything bad happened yet but you can blame on Friday the thirteenth or the full moon. You know we'll have a little rituals -- special ritual do you have on a daily basis Friday the thirteenth or any -- we'll talk about them on the show today. And the -- blog is titled full moon on Friday the thirteenth. Should you panic. And in his blog I think it kind of sets the record straight on on whether or not you really should panic. When there's a full moon or if it's Friday the thirteenth. To digital research and all of that is in the blog he could read that in here. It's on our web site -- -- if you will dot com Sunday is Father's Day. What is something that you learned from your father that's still part of who -- today. I can think of a couple of things that I learned from my dad one in particular that really stays in the united. I can see how much it applies to my life on a daily basis. Every day preparing for show. Every day doing a show. When I have gone from when radio station to another when I've -- I've I've traveled. It's something that really does two -- stay with me and also if your father or if you soon will be a father -- something. Important that you hoped to stealing your kids. -- talk of model that also we'll talk about who was the coolest. TV dad. If you manager an issue with a comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Told 3866889. Here which seventy -- super 87870. Also later in the show ten years ago this week. The pop culture classic to -- dynamite was released. It was not a big budget movie it started out as a movie did really attracted. Younger generations against the millennial maybe -- -- maybe she and why it attracted younger generations fire as his English and Portland. And civil that was go see this movie I heard about this movie Napoleon Dynamite a wanna go see it. So it was a very limited release and it was showing you know. Not really a mean first when theater in Portland sought -- sought in this movie theater a lot of people little machine and on dvd. So I guess in some ways I feel blessed to have seen on the on the big screen. But this was a movie that became a pop culture phenomena and and people either loved it. Or hate it. So we'll talk about the tenth anniversary of Napoleon Dynamite and did you love it or did you hate and what are the movie did you see that was not a big budget film. It became a real pop classic became very popular after. After you've seen it. And there's that there's another movie that is another big pop classic that I actually saw the movie theater I don't know what possessed me to go see -- -- on Friday. I read this -- review of the movie. And it was in Philadelphia at the time and -- -- offers a -- let's -- go see this movie. And this will be became a total phenomenon. But it was a really low. Low budget but I think I remember reading it to the movie 300000 dollars but it's a movie that you were who will recognize and maybe you saw his development and economic appeared. In just a few minutes I'm sure you've heard the that the ratings for -- dynasty are down even though governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana. I was on they did the premiere episode this season but the ratings are down in the category eighteen to 49 year old. And I guess this really shouldn't be surprised. Me when you think about all the stuff that's been said by Phil Robertson and did did that Christian stuff indeed anti gay stuff. I guess. I guess all the heat things. And homosexuals a stopwatch. I mean I know I have. By the way on the on the -- From Slidell terrier -- -- DW well. They don't call there. You know indeed now one man and that -- -- it -- -- darkness in recent good example. It would. Be. An and it's a remote control. What. Out on the back in court. And -- this. Every. Now one no doubt about Jerry what -- Ager dead. Teach use its -- with you today. Work work or. Keep the job. -- -- -- -- the bottom and work your way out you know he just can't like how you're daring one just bought at the optical that they -- you know that. What you know we went out of course thought it would AT&T. Did it job and operated just to keep the -- it Joba. I -- that is in doubt and out like they want the minimum wage today it. In China and stuff like that we just thought it -- seven now out unit in which you got to work you way it should be. And they've done it if a young generation doesn't understand that today. Why is that because that's what I learned. But could they are they -- in the other big money people you know like. You know -- got an award in basketball and make birdie and now you you know and -- they don't care they call it the they don't work they Leo they wanna be figure out how buried I -- and I'll agree on -- retired in about the mark. You know but that they -- they -- into that and yet they don't want you know work. Could be you know to hear from the government you know ticket or. Work. It's it's really part of the growing entitlement mentality in America. You know and then the thing about the long you know they can they do dispute. You now he's got to appetite or should the taxpayers to help -- Yet. But -- Set the cool. Are all out on. I'm glad you called and a happy Father's Day if your father. I hear is -- reason Franco stanza serenity now -- stand. Tim the tool man Taylor best TV host the coolest TV it will talk about that throughout the show McCain is. This Sunday is Father's Day and I'll I'll I'll I'll tell you the lesson that I learned it in in if your father or father to be. I hope this is something that you would get a pass on two year. Your son or or your daughter. It's a very very important lesson in the talk about -- little bit later in the show also let's talk about the latest crisis in Iraq which we started talking about yesterday when I was in for Garland. Here's -- WL pretty general opinion poll. Who do you blame more for the current crisis in Iraq President Bush. For sending US troops to Iraq. Or President Obama for ending the war too soon. Give us your opinion Michael and Debbie if you don't dot com I'm -- it for Angela ever come right back on WL. How woke up to very heavy rain in downtown New Orleans today and it could have been ratings very heavy where you were this morning affect you you might be is in heavy rain right now if you if your answer right. Turn the lights on I mean is it do you see anybody around you with their light's not on. Ain't even if it gets to be this. There's kind of this dark without the sun out I would put those lights on but especially if it's raining. Please. Turn your lights on. And just a reminder of how long I've been in this business I think I was just getting in to radio when the song was first a hit by credence Clearwater revival. I'm studio for Angela ledger witness on this Friday afternoon here's our WWL pretty general opinion poll this afternoon. Who do you blame more for the current crisis in Iraq President Bush for sending US troops to Iraq. Or President Obama for ending the war too soon. Give your opinion of the going to be -- -- dot com and we will tractor pull us throughout this hour give you an update coming appeared. In just a few minutes and we will talk about the continuing crisis in an indirect we sort of talking about it yesterday when I was here for Garland. And I don't know how we can win in the situation. And -- this is not a surprise. It's not a surprise that that this happened. And what's gonna happen when we totally leave Afghanistan. I read that whole part of the world is so unstable. And and the disputes go back thousands and thousands of years. I mean that that the the division between the Sunnis. And the Shiites. In Iraq. Make the Republicans and Democrats in this country look like BF thefts. I. Just it's it's it's something that we can't solve that's a civil. That's a civil battle. And yet we were going in to try to take -- -- we can't we can't build nations. And I think that's sent an egotistical mistake that we have many thinking that we can build nations if you're majorities for the content -- numbers 260187. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seven text or receive 77 it also today's Friday the thirteenth and there's a full -- I -- it started at midnight if you're into the the whole -- stuff in human currently on this let me -- I believe. This strawberry moon also known as the honeymoon because of its color strawberry moon because it's a strawberry season and in many places. This -- strawberry honeymoon this fool would believe it started at midnight. Last night and it's going to be paying in the sky tonight if it clears up you'll get a chance to see if not. It's clear it will be -- behind the clouds even if you can't see it. And it is Friday the thirteenth the scoop like his title full -- on Friday the thirteenth. Should you panic. You can -- every that -- share with others it's on our website at WWL. Dot com also we're talking about fathers -- being Sunday. What is it that you really -- premier -- that it stays with you today. Here's a -- reads of my father always told me were card and you'll always succeed. Here's a text about the coolest TV -- we're talking about that as well best dead Vito Corleone. They got to. They're a lot of -- he was kind of a bad dude -- I mean I guess you could argue that he was there a good father. Here's a Texan Reid's -- desperate reality TV dad has to be Charles Ingle. On little house of the prairie -- betrayed by the incomparable Michael Landon thank you. And here is a text. Make up your mind lights on our lights off it will lights on and if if if it's raining you put your lights on it seems pretty simple to me. Here's a checks reminding us that the law says if your wipers are on your lights should be on as well and yet. You know talked about this before a lot of people don't seem to get it. It's Friday the thirteenth a bad day how -- they go and so far. Here's a text I got married on Friday the thirteenth 1977. We've been married 37 years. And I guess depending on how the marriage issue. Could figure out whether or not parties at thirteen was a good they are dead. From Algiers out here on WWL. Happening there on your. Question about when he. Are a couple of spoke at the -- -- states to win. If we wanted to win and make war recovering Olympic. Where it was that aren't we try to without the help people who -- more -- quintupled. To that something -- them up by a fight -- a great it would have a meant to be and I wouldn't situation. -- Yeah of course but what do whenever we enter into a conflict we always think about -- we win or did we lose and I understand what you're saying I think that was the the any problem from the very beginning we. We can't use our military to go in and introduce people to democracy -- expected do exactly the way we wanted to go. Although they are are correct people will expand the fight are what they believe. If -- so it's not all we hate the world that we. Ally green bicycle -- thanks for listening yesterday where Christopher Garland somebody called who had spent fifteen months in Iraq. And he said that that the problem is the the militants. The terrorist. That are taking over Iraq right now as we speak. And moving closer and closer to Baghdad taking over major cities. And they're winning because they are more dedicated to their cost. An Iraqi military that we Trent. -- training Iraqi military gave -- equipment. But they're not as. They're not as loyal to their government. And their country. And their freedom. As the terrorists or to their freedom the militants terrorists whatever. And so that's why they're winning because economy and end. According to reports the military that we trained and equipped. There immediately fleeing in some cases taking off their uniforms. Because they don't wanna be designated as Iraqi soldiers. And there's one report that there. There are -- -- the Twitter pictures somewhere social media their pictures of decapitated. -- Iraqi soldier bodies. All along highway. North of Baghdad. So. It's done. It's a difficult situation the president said earlier. That he's -- troops there but then the last thing I heard before going on the year. Why is. That all options are still on the table. And his Security Council. Is security staff is meeting to give him the options is probably gonna take a couple of days. But we don't know what's gonna happen if you wanna join us for a comment or numbers 2601870. To all free 8668890. Which Stephanie. And a tax receipts of creativity also coming up later in the show talk about this week being the ten year anniversary. Of the release of the pulp. Culture classic pop culture classic the point -- time. Sought in the movie theater Lotta people just seeing it on and on dvd. I thought it was who's funny and very very simple movie. But it is what those really low budget movies that started out as a cult classic in and became very popular movie. And when I talk to people either love it. What they hated it either guy or you didn't it some people have probably developed friendships over whether or not they they understood. The the inside jokes and everything in Napoleon Dynamite we'll talk about that later in the show also is there another classic movie became a classic it was not a big budget movies it. You feel like you discovered before. It became really popular. Again to join our show this afternoon. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And it -- a -- 77. Here's the text that reads best dad Sig Hansen. Is that the guy from -- Deadliest Catch. I believe it. You'd be reality TV dad here's a text Fred -- Marie Will Ferrell is dead in Talladega nights. Here's a quote. If you ain't first you're last. Night you know that's something that you've really -- could teach your kids. So we'll talk about it what you learn from your dad out when we come back after this break target to get to your clothes but also ordered to share with you something it. But I learned from my dad and I didn't realize my dad was teaching me anything guitar. The want to look back on on what he taught me. In a state with me to this day. It's a really important lesson about. About life in general. If you enjoyed this with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Points nearly seventy. At a text averages 877 and studio for Angela and here's a WWL news updates swift on -- I -- I Iraq didn't really want us to state today and now they're asking for. Our help as these says Sunni militant terrorists -- to take over the country well. What's gonna happen if -- country falls and is there any we can do at this point to stop it. Really interesting to be if you will pretty jaguar opinion poll this afternoon. Who do you blame more for the current crisis in Iraq. President Bush for sending US troops to Iraq. Where President Obama for ending the war too soon. Right now 38% blame bush and 62%. Blame President Obama. And I wonder if this is based on political ideology. Or it's based on a real assessment and honest assessment. On the situation. Sunday is Father's Day you'll talk about this throughout the show we'll talk about it was the coolest TV dad if he -- think it's getting an -- for a taxi to. A semi that it texted each of these -- -- -- caller show. When I was young I like football and my dad I've watched football together. I remember going in the backyard. And my dad would make me catch pricing make me cash he would make me catch. Ten in a -- And if we get to five in -- drop the ball. We started over. If we got to seven. And I dropped the ball we started over with one. He simply not going inside until you catch general. Sometime the next day no actually didn't take that long but I mean the pressure was on because that that would tundra would get to nine. And because argued it was just one more. I dropped the ball. -- made me start over. And that taught me a couple of things. He taught me that. You just keep try. And if you don't succeed. You keep trying. It also told me to set to set goals and to deal with pressure. Because he would tell -- OK you've caught nine hero don't think about that just think about catching this one more past. And so what this is something that you do with your kids in and of video game or with football. Or whatever. I just think that was a really important lesson I think about the impact. The -- one simple thing Panama like it I didn't realize my dad was Swiss teaching me anything. But he was teaching me something by making the catch. Ten general. I screwed in for Angela and from -- -- Europe every WL. -- -- Make a comment about the articles dealing with Iraqi war -- it out the American -- -- President Obama can pull out -- I'm in my actual opinions. That we use that your sport in. The military not to. I mean we are there to stop it in that happened at eight. We you know. If you excel. And. Well that's not really what our military's design for that's more now these are the first gulf war under George Bush is dead. Was successful because the first gulf war was a ballot. Getting the Iraqis pushing the Iraqis out of Kuwait it was about going in the middle of something and and solving a civil war. And they all true and -- Out. Do you. Can't wait another country well I -- like that. -- At the end game that it dot com -- -- not knowing what their daughter would come back and make. And that being beaten again and argue that. Over there and -- it should come with a caught the and yet. That 11. -- there there there. So basically. You know a country. Club to three million people we don't even out the people back there. And I went there always is the action adventure meaning. And that the called me aren't that. -- like to go and I need to. Be the board about being an app and it it it should look at children. Seemed to Wear on my read what the war the war. And yet there have been a culture that you and -- -- the country to -- a -- that he. I mean. But the problem that was at the minute. That the carpet. That have to play. -- Chart take ownership of the country. For a -- other people but when it. We couldn't get it. Carol I think it's an important point I appreciate you calling are showing and have a great weekend if you wanna join us with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688970. -- Amber's late 7870. Here's a text that read says it's time for the Iraqis to fight for their own freedom and that's kinda what the president and secretary of state. I'm John carrier saying however. All options are still on the table. But the president did say today they were -- sent troops into Iraq so I don't know if that's part of all the options that are still on the table. Here's a -- we went there for weapons of mass destruction not to liberate. Well but wasn't the underlining goal to. To bring down Saddam Hussein. And bring freedom to the Iraqi People. Everywhere they -- for weapons of mass destruction which by the way we we never found. Here's an update on a W if -- a pretty -- opinion poll who do you blame more for the crisis in Iraq. President Bush for sending US troops to Iraq or President Obama for ending the war too soon 38%. Say President Bush. For sending troops there and 60% say -- 62% saying President Obama for ending the war to -- If you rejoice for the comment on numbers 2601 a seventy. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy -- number is 87870. Went down to visit one of my favorites listeners yesterday and missed -- -- -- -- drove down to -- to visit to -- Donna. And on the way back I -- another listener who has -- media attacks on the show -- Who is -- Roadside factories stop either my way back to to New Orleans to say -- so when he it was a good meeting you and and thanks realistic if you're Arnold -- would essentially rooting for Angela and we'll be right back -- -- WL. Ten years ago this week. And pop culture classic movie Napoleon Dynamite was released. Not a big budget movies started out as a movie really attracting younger generations. -- and XY -- Only news. So listen theater in Portland and it's just released it it don't monthly. And watch it whenever it's on. It was just one of those movies it started out really. As a low budget movie without a lot of hype. Entering into just a mega pop cult classic. And at the end of the movie stories campaigning for patron. Republican dynamite Kentucky and and dances to his song which is. -- don't yesterday's they'll this is that this is forties okay this is where he can we do that later this is forty stating the problem. With a girl with to pony tail on the side. Forever young council feels politically the dance song for -- dynamite that label talk about it later in the show. Also a Sunday is Father's -- so we're talking about that and the -- blog today is titled it's it's a full moon on Friday the thirteenth. Should you panic. If he gets here fighting at thirteen to refute freak out full moon you might want to read the blog it's on our website chair with your friends who are scared about these things. It's a WWL dot com and we'll talk more -- that'll be later the show. From Metairie Mike you're on -- you know good afternoon. -- And I think the idea that he. Did that by other. 700. -- -- -- -- And that the people. Who. Well. It's been. That we. Want -- -- Sport. That. -- -- Basically. The people who were. In. The game. Over. Well I this this this should not be a political assessment but I I I think you writes -- pictured here tonight I set up this question to challenge people to be. To be honest when they respond to a do you blame bush for going there in the first place because there were no weapons of mass destruction. Or do you blame Obama for for pulling us out too soon and I do believe it's along political lines which is really sad but that's the way America it is. Yeah and where the we we in Iraq. And war -- in a year now in Afghanistan wars and -- Korea that it. Frankly had we. Had we not. -- -- Open to it and attention. Drug gamma and but typically from Tora Bora or we can help a child that Latin. Carter and gold partner to our board that. We would probably be and what the war. But I mean it's pretty clear anybody that the -- report. Agency that we -- -- Ordered -- or transport. Them from -- -- so. Just so go there. Anyway. My -- I'm going to call the shark but I do think you're right that this this poll is gonna go along political lines here's here's an update the question is. Who do you blame more for the current crisis in Iraq. President Bush for sending US troops to Iraq. Or President Obama for ending the war too soon. 37%. Say they -- -- President Bush for sending troops there. 62% blame President Obama because we didn't stay long enough. Here's a -- reads you sound surprised at the is 60% plus the blame Obama for Iraq missing people would blame Obama for Katrina. And assist as a -- truth you -- I -- -- to somebody the other day -- just -- and situation. And I hadn't seen in years. And it worked with him and -- radio station near New Orleans years ago. And I told him I didn't talks. He said are you for or against Obama. And I think -- -- kind of litmus test is that the jet that is the way a lot of people in this country think. That's the litmus test to determine whether or not you're a good person or -- bad person but your sensible person or bad -- In my answer was. I don't feel the need to support Obama but I don't automatically oppose. And we should all. Judge things based on on on what's best for the American people and not long political ones. If President Obama doesn't wanna do anything Iraq there will be those on the right who will say he should do something we've got to do something about this subject I think Limbaugh has been laughed about this. We've got to go in there and do something. Okay. If bush was in office or -- Republican those same blow hards would be saying this is the right thing to do. Amazing isn't. I mean the hysteria that people -- in drama on ultra conservative talk radio is absolutely more rock. Take your -- stay with this if you are -- are numbers 2601870. -- 3866. 88 -- are right Saudi tax is a 77. I'm getting a number of Texas people who say -- love your bumper music love the music you play -- -- breaks in and out of news. Yeah I'd take a lot of pride in the proper music it was selected that much of it is like new stuff it's that's out today and to potentially go back -- some of the stuff that. I was playing on the year when we -- in the morning. -- right back with more unsuited for Angelo on WWL. Sunday is Father's Day and if you're a father happy Father's Day I hope you. Take care of a father in your life whether it's your husband your boyfriend or. Or your father. Here's a Texan re Cisco my dad taught me the meaning of a dollar and not to overspend. He taught me the importance of keeping a good credit record the good credit rating. He told me to always respect others and never criticize others and have good ethics to be polite to everyone and most of all to be patient in all endeavors. I'm sure this might it. -- -- every child's. Every child had a good day the world would be a better place to live it. Indeed it would you know I have great memories of of like able talk about that on the show. As we think about Father's Day this weekend will be back to your calls from New Orleans Charlie you're into the W well. They can yes surely. Okay. Oh so much about was or smaller rock. Most people probably a group which you about we should send troops over there. And about. -- bad part about it is huge they shop that people schedule after the capture. They don't want -- -- -- that that's not very Ukraine. But I can't understand. Check -- -- -- -- -- understand why. You know -- people come across sub ball. -- -- -- The political. Who. Directed -- Surely. I don't stop. Stop but the and stop people from our country. I don't know that one would lead to results in the other problem and -- I'm not familiar with the situation you're talking about in this is non defense. Charlie I said I wish Charlie Charlie don't be panicked okay. Don't get hysterical I said I am familiar with the story but but stopping people from coming across is -- gonna necessarily -- the marine. Now I would think. -- in the best -- do you think President Obama wants to keep that marine imprisoned in Mexico. It isn't. So you think he wants the marine and protect his goals to keep that marine interest. That's his -- don't you think that's his goal. But okay Charlie I'm going to call. So President Obama wants to keep that American marine. In prison in Mexico. He wouldn't do anything about it if he knew what to do. Sometimes those situations with prisoners and other countries are not that easy to resolve as we know I'm -- in for Angela and we'll be back and Debbie WL.