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6-13-14 2:10pm Scoot: on Friday the 13th

Jun 13, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Angela and talks about Friday the 13th.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon it's Friday and we are heading into the weekend. I'm studio for Angela today. Bob Mitchell -- the -- show tonight I think I'm back on the Scotia -- two -- next week and it -- forward Tommy Tucker. Four -- weaker so I'd love this new song from Bruno Mars. Young girls. And I I've said this before musically and even the lyrics in support means to -- -- -- abroad students doesn't. It is Friday the thirteenth also there's a full -- out there it's going to be out there tonight even if you don't get a chance to see it with the weather. So how's your day go so far anything bad happened today that you would blame on Friday the thirteenth or. The full -- This -- blog sets the record straight about full moons and Friday the thirteenth. His title full load on Friday the thirteenth. Should you panic. And that's on our website at WW dot com you can read it surely you're friends who are afraid of Friday the thirteenth and full moon. Also we're talking about what we learn from our fathers and Father's Day years is Sunday and there's things I learned from my dad there's still with me today. Have you been watching this NBA finals series between San Antonio Spurs in the Miami Heat. Might crop it. First of all I became a spurs fan when I was earlier briefly in senatorial. And necessarily franchise and they they love -- -- like we love our sites. Not only in my disperse stand but I'm also an anti heat -- writes I'd look for injury James is incredible talent. Adults don't care for his attitude and right I don't I don't care for the heaped on to study heat fans. So I love and Estelle Getty losing but the spurs are winning spurs won the first game he when the second game senatorial. The series tied 11 moved to Miami most people thought that Miami would have no problem winning the first game back home the spurs embarrassed. And then last night was game four just I was offered a chance to watch it. And most of the he would come back after the embarrassing loss at home but the spurs dominated the heat in the Brian James again. What do you sports is a metaphor for life. And I think it's a great life lesson -- this this series between disbursed in the heat. Look at the spurs. They are. A team. And they were so many things that the announcers are saying last night to make a point of what eighteen. ER. And you've got future hall of famers. Being yelled at by the coach. And they they don't put on a show. They take it they sit down. And when it's their turn to get back in the game and even if they'd just been reprimanded for a bad player not to have the right there sitting on the bench. And they -- plugged it in the game they're plotting with the other teammates do well. The spurs -- team and they're the ability to pass. Their one of the best passing teams in the NBA I've ever seen. I'm not an NBA this year are no civic Peter did some historically great passing teams in the past. These guys passed the ball it's as if they've left their egos in the locker. They don't feel like they're entitled to anything they don't feel like they have been anointed champions and I think that's something that. At the Miami Heat have felt like I said the that they they deserved it they're with the Miami Heat and LeBron James I'm entitled to this really annoyed champs. We're gonna win. But the lesson about this is think about your work situation. Or -- your family situation. Are you that much of the team. It's -- don't care who makes the basket. As long as somebody -- This is that to be this is a great metaphor for life and disburse or greats. Personification. Of the -- team. Series has back to San Antonio game five Sunday night's spurs lead 31. They -- -- at home Sunday night beating the heat. I think it's gonna happen. Here's a WW a party gentle people Salinas were talking about today in the show who do you blame more for the crisis in Iraq. President Bush for sending US troops to Iraq or President Obama for ending the war too soon. Right now 38%. Blame President Bush for sending our troops -- -- 62%. Blame President Obama. For leaving Iraq too soon. Really do you think that's really an honest assessment of the situation do you think that is strictly. Because some people wanna blame. President Obama for anything they can't if you would join -- for comment about -- we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. -- a text number is 87870. Got a -- a moment ago from somebody who said. Saddam did use a chemical weapons on his people. Well that's fine but you know let's be honest about deceive you say that all you want in -- -- seems to be true. But we did not find the chemical weapons of mass destruction. They were used as an excuse. To win the have supported the American people for going to Iraq in the first place. -- for general Walter -- to be WL. And while I was down in your area the -- the -- yesterday accents that are home yesterday. It was a beautiful drive back turn out to be really nice afternoon yesterday. What do so you won't date. -- Out on that apology part but. But he. These trade book at all. This is the caller on -- ascension. And mark in my abilities to trade clause that it. Is in the Middle -- oh. It is British colonialism. And particularly into World War I when I was sitting -- -- draw. In alliance. Separate all the colonies -- new European problems. That is what I probably should root cause of -- table that. To make their own countries. The father -- borders. It was done all of them are people that live there. And Baghdad it was mostly. -- -- It's going presidential that we want. Our -- talking to somebody about this this morning before the show about how how fade the boundaries were in the Middle East it and and you know there was -- much attention paid to its it did you know they were they were there were areas but there were not really set boundaries and in your right it was about royalty. All. I had to choose. If you question that -- today the players whether it was. President Bush. Computers and as -- Oprah and Obama. Protect yourself in saying. -- our ports and look at the program. Well main one would you just -- -- no other reason to keep stability. And abilities so robust economy would crash its bottle. It's -- you know the. But I don't -- -- -- don't you think the the fear of weapons of mass destruction were used as a concrete reason for us to go because going there to protect the world's oil supply or. The -- it fuels democracy which I understand. That doesn't play as well with the American people when it comes to going to war. -- right. We used to on the table today that it down on this outspoken. The development of Vietnam so that we don't. Back -- you know the Communist Madison didn't typical of the world and yet and it's sort of popped up. And Martin we've moved out Vietnam did about the problems. Well. Talk to -- near apps to their room at all you know. The spotlight is its spread out it is probably didn't -- on its own -- -- you're you're right ball to the the other interesting thing about Vietnam is wasted you know our military which trying to thwart the the the Communists from coming into south Vietnam we were trying to stop I'm like a political ideology for coming across the border. We didn't get involved in the middle of the civil war. And that's what we've gotten involved in cases in the Middle East. Yeah and that's that's where the problem law that. We have all civil war. And -- by the way that it happened. A lot of the appropriate to support this out. Eight they had to put that keeps the that we had that little -- And said -- out today out of the west atmosphere and analysts. And we put our noses. We've -- golf ball and that's why they're all independent today. Let us civil war is just a civil war would be in the borders a country. And I believe I was in the military also -- -- like. DC people go to war I've -- ala the we don't really have the right -- other people -- -- -- it at all. Tiger won't -- got to get to break -- thank you for your service to our country and thanks for listening and down the volume. Here is a text that read so this is this about to a dead quote something is since persons dead children. Realize the difference between needs and wants. And handle the needs first. -- -- We're talking about dancing what we've remember from our dads and hopefully it will give dads today an idea of what they -- need to pass on to to their kids. If you wanna join Russia with a comet -- numbers 2601872. All free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And our text numbers they 77. Is this it's opened the volume dynamite this is not -- -- this reminds me of that sort with a low rider. But the low -- seeing the guys coming in to pick up the volume dynamite reminds you that's not talk about -- in dynamite in the next hour ten years ago this week that. Paul pop cult classic was released. On -- for Angela and will be back and VW well. This is like happened Rogers song is called more -- to the notes. Aunt and uncle Rico was selling its top where somebody and because of polling was supposed to prod to defraud and areas in his funky. Round. Proud tuxedo. Which of course stories date again. And these these guys combined it look like they're really menacing guys and there are these guys and a low rider and they helped him get to the problem and they were like and really cool. There was so many so many aspects of movies that -- -- we'll talk about it more. In the next hour -- your budget is titled full load on Friday the thirteenth. Should you panic. If you thought about panic. You need to reduce bargain -- others it's on our website W if you don't count. Our demagogue -- pretty gentle people which are not very lopsided is getting closer. Here's the question. Who do you blame more for the current crisis in Iraq. President Bush for sending US troops to Iraq or President Obama for ending the war too soon. Now 43%. -- President Bush 57%. -- President Obama but before it was very very lopsided in favor of blaming President Obama give us your opinion -- website. -- -- -- -- Last week we talked about the the the big annual world naked bike ride. It Portland Oregon I think that's where it started but I'm not sure. Every year they have this this annual naked bike ride in and people or are riding their bikes make it certainly not totally naked -- but many are. And not all the residents of of Portland like that it has become somewhat of a controversy thing but. You know it's not it's not sexual naked it's strategist funny ridiculous naked. You know there's a slight -- episode it talks about good naked in bed naked riding a bike is not good naked. And sometimes people fall off their -- naked is not sexy naked. Because things are you know -- it it's just it's not pretty the fifth annual world naked bike ride. It's going to be in New Orleans. This weekend. And Mickey -- park. In the by -- So don't say we -- morning. This is Friday the thirteenth. Considered very unlucky day in western culture. So people were so superstitious that they don't even go to work. What part of thirteen or make appointments on part of the thirteenth. The fear Friday the thirteenth is -- -- reserved for an informed less intelligent people because I've read that some doctors. Will and will not make any scheduling for procedures. On Friday the thirteenth. Superstition is part of human nature. And the rituals. That we follow I guess give us the feeling that we can control the possibility of something bad happened. But most of smelled it. Any of our ritualistic behaviors that we practices don't actually keepers. A safe apartment as somebody who -- deal with obsessive compulsive disorder -- was like I can relate to now -- intellectually realize that these things are not. He's an actor really help them I'd feel like I need to do -- But if if somebody has the perception. That Friday the thirteenth is -- unlucky day. Then there -- gonna look for things to support their belief. That this is a day of misfortune. The slightest thing that might not work out early in the day. Like cause that person to think OK it's -- -- seats Friday the thirteenth and this is that unlucky -- bad things are already starting at. And it might be something simple like -- you -- you spill your coffee. It's the rest of the day a person like that all the focus on negative things. However small they might. And this is just providing further evidence that party -- thirteenth as an unlucky day. And this process of focusing on negativity. I take advice. More negative things to happen for the entire day. You know we go through our lives and we have an option of seeing things in a positive or negative way. Negative things do happen and were challenged to deal with those sometimes. -- they're also positive blessings that happen every day. But not everybody. Recognizes those are appreciates. And we all know people who are just intrinsically. Negative by nature. They consider. And actually expect the worst outcome to mean I know people like that I'm sure you do as well. Now I'm suggesting that this any kind of magical power ditzy -- from the human body when it comes to having a positive attitude in life. But I do know if you have a positive attitude. You do have an impact on other people. And positive attitudes attract. Doors of opportunity. There are presented to. When something happens it that causes me for example to two run late for a meeting or something you know I'm I'm frustrated I get as upset issue to. But I find myself making more mistakes to try to make up for the time. As opposed he has. -- right this happen I'm running late -- just acceptance. It's about a link leads to more delays when it -- -- recently I try to put a positive spin on those little things that that happened. And most of them are not really that significant but I thought if I -- -- running late I'll think. Okay I'm running late for recent and you know the difference between being an accident. And avoiding an accident. Is a matter of seconds. So I think -- what's delaying me right now might. Might keep me from being an accident. Later in the day or being in the situation and one of the yet and I for shorted to realize this when I was I was watching a movie with -- cultural. Called sliding doors. And in the movie her character wears a close to missing the subway. So at that point in the movie the movie splits. And part of the movie follows her character is she made the subway. And part of movie follows her character. That didn't make the subway. And what resulted her life because she made the subway or didn't make this up. And what I learned from that movie is again as just a movie but what I learned about this was it. In in life sometimes we think the worst thing that's happening to us. Might actually be the best thing that's happening to us. Now not only is this Friday the thirteenth. But there's also full moon. And you may not be embassy tonight because the clouds. But it's still there. Does the full moon really have an impact on people. Talk about that we come back I'm -- Differential and but WWL and here's a news update with GM Manso. And quarterback Troy showed -- here -- some rain anywhere in this part of the country be sure and turn your lights on if you got your windshield wipers on I believe you're supposed to have your lights on he has some people don't get it. Which is why I'd still think that every time you get your license renewed. Which is now every six years. I think you should have to take a new driver's test just to learn what's going on. It's Friday the thirteenth but there's also full -- Known as the strawberry move and also the honeymoon the honeymoon because if it's color it's the kind of -- kind of honey ish color it's if you if you can see it tonight and if I'm not mistaken and you can correct me if you know more about the lunar cycles that I do. I I believe that it says started midnight last night and I was visiting a friend to industry and driving home on a river road last night and it as as -- Overall river road before midnight but did move was out it was either full -- almost -- it was just beautiful. Also known as a strawberry known because this is the strawberry season in in many parts. The -- has always been this this mystical object in the sky. And even though we've walked on -- of them the mystery of the power of the -- is still president in modern day life. The work lunacy. Comes from the word -- which is the the Roman goddess of the move. And one definition of lunacy. Is those moments of insanity believed to be related to faces of the -- A person who's acting in a Krejci or abnormal -- is often described as a lunatic. Mean I've been called that a lot worse on the -- In nineteenth century England lawyers actually used the defense. Of guilty. By reason of the formal. To prove that their clients should not be held responsible for their crimes are we giving any lawyers another opportunity to come up with a ridiculous defense. Guilty by a I agree or not no actually that would be not guilty by reason before -- The relationship between the -- and unity behaviors is is well documented. A -- scientists and military commander believed that the full moon created a heavy do. And heavy do need to bring extremely moist. And affected behavior. The power before moon to turn a human into where wolf which was part of a literary myth that sorted I believe in 1941 a long time ago. It's I guess easily understood now the full moon god its image. Now before it was modern -- The delight from the full -- kept people awake at night. And in general there was a lack of sleep sleep deprivation. And that led to behavior that was out of the ordinary you know a little sleepy you know you don't always act in a sane normal way. The full moon also provided light. For people to carry on drinking and to participate in general debauchery well into the night. The faces of the moon. -- tied to the ocean. In the body 65% to 75% water. So a lot of people believe well it makes sense for the moon then to also have an impact on the human body. But full moons have. Been blamed for increasing crying suicides. Epileptic seizures. Births even -- But -- is a full -- really to blame for abnormal human behavior and scientifically the answer is -- Despite the belief that police officers in ER nurses and doctors have mental health professionals at the the general public. Acts strange when there's a full -- There really are no studies to support this myth that a full moon has the power to to make people crazy or to make them -- lunatics. Any idea of that the moon having an effect on the tide. And even only human body is 65 to 75% quarter. But it doesn't affect human body. Is the moon it's my understanding has more of an impact on water bodies of water that are that are open to the oceans. And -- -- train but even ultimately be opened onto the golf and to the Atlantic Ocean but smaller bodies of water. Are not affected by. The faces them moving the ties of smaller bodies of war. And this is my understanding. So the argument is scientifically that really is not going to impact the human body even if the human body is 6575%. Water. Now there are just a scarce. Scarce group of studies over a fifteen year period. Did establish some correlation between a full moon and abnormal behavior. But the follow up stories -- studies have proven that the original conclusions. Were false. And again I think if we if we look effort for things. To explain something if we believe that bad things happen or strange things happen on a full moon if anything strange happens today or tonight. People are gonna blame it on Friday the thirteenth or the full moon when your reality the strange things may have happened anyway. So you know romanticize about the formally if you want to. Let's if you think there's a real direct relationship between full moon and human behavior your lunatic but I hope this Friday the thirteenth as -- is a good day for -- And if it's not a good day you know to -- really have anybody to blame it on accept your set yourself. And have a positive attitude even though it's -- to thirteen with a full moon. This could -- today is titled full moon on Friday the thirteenth should we panic I'm still differential and we'll be back. Ozzy Osborne who barked at the moon some of you might be doing that tonight they are looking at whether or downtown and it's improving in downtown New Orleans may be it is where you are still may be -- clear up and you'll see the full moon tonight. She was so much better when he is on drugs and drink and but I guess these I guess he's a little healthier now. I got to Texas devices how did bad luck get associated with Friday the thirteenth. As far as I know there's really not much written authority -- the thirteenth and superstition before the nineteenth century and there was reference and England to a guy who died. -- was surrounded. Time by his friends. And I know they've for some -- Friday was considered an unlucky day and thirteen was an unlucky number. So Friday the thirteenth as the day the pastor waste all those things connected. I haven't thought about this but in in my apartment building. I don't know if they have a thirteen Florida. Are you are building where they have a avoided looking for. We -- thirteen Florida in this in this bill -- mark. Ran outside. -- the elevator. And see if we have a thirteenth floor. When the regions bank building and to be honest with -- I go to our floor. The eighth -- Inside I didn't know if we had on the thirteenth or so mark Menard is -- -- -- -- -- But there -- buildings and actually avoided the thirteenth floor. They're people who will not fly. A part of the thirteenth. They're people who don't wanna sit in the thirteenth role on a plane. And yet we've really bill I mean is as intellectual. Beings we've really know that that's ridiculous. We really know that it doesn't really matter but but if you think it matters. If you if you think party at thirteen is an unlucky day. And you're gonna perceive any little thing that happens. As being bad luck. And then that's going to define your entire day and you'll focus more on the negative things. Been on the positive things. So if some bad things have happened do you want Friday the thirteenth I would suggest the bad things happen do you. Occasionally. But it would have supported the thirteenth seemed to take on more meaning. Here is attacks that reads what are you trying to do -- to educate the ignorance so they will be ignorant anymore. Well I would wanna do that because and to show would not be nearly as much on markets are thirteen -- this building. Okay. And you may have a thirteen -- at -- worried about the thirteenth floor. Yeah I got a critic of the day couldn't hear you all I thought you were talking he's talking about your voters talking in the air -- there is a thirteenth floor. In our building. If you rejoice that the comets afternoon on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. -- Amber's -- 77. Here's a Texan re Cisco isn't this city of mesic. I jehovah's witness convention. And the naked bike ride all in one weekend. I mean you've got to love that -- -- the fifth annual world naked bike -- is in north I remember occasionally when I lived in Denver there was a group of people forget what they're nameless but they were naked bike riders. And on a Sunday or Saturday afternoon I mean they would organize it but you never knew where they were going to be. And you might be walking down the street all the sadness a group of naked people -- thirty people on bikes naked most of them totally naked which again. I don't know and -- and I'm contemplating. The lack of comfort. -- -- speaking mainly from the standpoint of a guy it just doesn't seem that something that would -- is it was kind of funny when you see passing. And I know there people who are politic on my god what the kid's gonna do what kids see people naked on a bike you know if you make a big deal about it. If kids see people make it riding bikes. That's a funny site. And analysts -- turn it into something erotic. I don't think anybody's you know just naturally think about that is -- very erotic thing. But I did when -- take time to welcome all of the Jehovah's Witnesses. In in town. Leading in my apartment earlier of walking to the station I saw as a Jehovah's Witnesses with there. -- contention a badges on assault and leaving the hotel next to earlier of they were all really well dressed kids and adults as well some very very well dressed group. We welcome them to New Orleans I dealt the Jehovah's Witnesses or listening. To me on the radio but I want to welcome them anyway. Enemy and other times in my life that I was come along -- and was happy when they came to the door. If you wanna join us such numbers 260187. -- -- -- dates in this component. I -- to all free 866889. Series editing a text numbers 877 -- I'm security for Angela and we'll be back after this break -- -- well. It's a Friday afternoon I'm Stewart -- -- Angela Bob Mitchell will be doing the discussion tonight and then I am back on the -- -- Monday and Tuesday and and Thursday for the next they're weaker Sylvia for a Tommy in the morning. And you know I've decided that -- when -- do the chauffeur for coming in on non you know going to ordered 4 o'clock in the morning. -- I've made this decision and I'm gonna -- taken camp and -- -- walk. For those of -- was in the show would understand here's a -- reason heritage plaza in Metairie design have a thirteen floor. Interesting and here's attacks that reads. Incorrect about fighting the thirteenth it was created by the assassination of the tenth or nights. And also what should. Wasn't Judas. The thirteenth person invited to the thirteenth person seated at the last supper. With a lot of different theories as to why Friday the thirteenth is is considered an unlucky today but as you know I mean I hope you had a good data. And I really don't think you can blame anything bad that happens on Friday the thirteenth here's an update on a -- give you a pretty -- my opinion polls have -- -- talking about this afternoon. Who do you blame more for the current crisis in Iraq and it is indeed a crisis. Do you -- President Bush more for sending troops to Iraq in the first place. Or President Obama for ending the war too soon. 41% blame President Bush for sending troops in the first place sixty -- -- 59%. -- President Obama for leaving Iraq too soon. And we start talking about this yesterday I think one of the unfortunate realities is. I think this is something it was predicted in this is also. Perhaps a prediction of what's gonna happen when we leave Afghanistan. If you think about it. The worst that we -- forty historically as a nation. Our wars have been more about protecting borders. And less about getting involved in civil war. And that's essentially what we got involved in it in Iraq. And right now you've got the Sunnis. And the Shiites. In Iraq opposing each other. Andy the Sunnis believe that the Shiites and dominated government hasn't I've given them. Enough writes enough freedom enough attention. I mean -- that did this Sunnis and the Shiites. You know these two groups make and Republicans and Democrats look like they're DFS. And they are. They're fighting and and it looks as if the the Sunnis are gonna continue to march on Baghdad and they're getting close to Baghdad these these are relieved -- militants. They have been a killing the Iraqi soldiers which we trained and armed before we left hoping that they would defend themselves. And they had been -- them and there's a highway north of Baghdad. That he is strewn with decapitated. Soldiers. As have many of the soldiers know what's coming and what they see the the Sunni militants command. They actually. Basically. They don't. Defend their post. For Bay Saint Louis -- chuck you're never WL. Actually gonna do was in jail term gains thanks. I'm earlier in the earlier during actually commented that there were no weapons of mass destruction to Iraq in the first gulf war 1990 war and we discovered the -- characters. North to Baghdad looks as literature the mustard gas. In the Czech girl Ford 2007. Discovered -- fox which -- -- it's nonchalant and that's actually almost small particles and so the word chemical weapons airborne it will be quite open. What chuck I've I've personally appreciate what you did for our country and thanks for that information I've got to get your news breaker but it's always interesting to hear from some -- was there. I remember. Even the suggestion of nuclear weapons and while they may have been there we never. We never found him. According to what those of us in the general population know. And it. That seemed to be the real excuse for us to go there in the first place. This week ten years ago the -- and dynamite was released we'll talk about it next hour on WWL.