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6-13-14 3:10pm Scoot: on cult classic movies

Jun 13, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Angela and asks what cult classic films are your favorite.

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It's good afternoon I'm -- in for Angela and no matter what shall I do sometimes I do to -- she'll ignites and not feel it personally if -- off. Whenever I'm on the -- on Friday. -- which played a song at least once. Because this is the beginning of the week and even if you have a busy weekend and stuff to do that -- mentality and it kicks in. And especially weekend mentality in the summertime. And that that combines with a summertime mentality and I hope you're a good move it's Friday the thirteenth so what it's the beginning of the week at to take just a moment. Reach over. Crank it up a little bit because this. Is what you've been working for. I got a text here asking me when is the naked bike ride this weekend yeah we've got the information on our website at WW elder icon in addition to that we've got all the all the events of this weekend. Ian -- got all that information -- the Debian in the account but the of the fifth annual world naked bike ride which was in Portland I believe last week and I think -- restarted that they. They were expecting about 8000. Naked bike riders in Portland it's it's huge here but this is the fifth annual world naked bike ride it's going to be a -- making marquee park. In my water at 4 o'clock and I believe this is going to be tomorrow afternoon if you're interested. In if you are urged to you know avoiding an area that I would suggest that you avoid an area. Here's our new W a -- a pretty general opinion poll. Did you love. Or hate. The movie -- time. The -- decorated. I loved it it was one of those low budget movies. It started out attracting. A younger generation. -- any else. -- next in line. But it really caught on as a as a as a popular culture class. And it just it's only thinks about them if it's so simple. But they're so great things about that movie that I thought were so relatable. It's a loss of did you -- Napoleon Dynamite. Was there another movie day it was a low budget movie that didn't really get a lot of attention. When it first came out. But it was a movie that really became very very popular. Because of of word of mouth and not because of any big budget advertising what was another movie that was kind of a cult classic. In the beginning sorted out as a movie it was -- a cult following what -- called I don't mean a cult following I mean cult following. But actually became a really popular move. If you wanna -- Russia with a comment that we talk about those movies that. It started out as just yeah. It was low budget movie started out with just word of mouth mainly among them a young generation or those who were hit or on the inside or whatever. But ended up being just buried in mass appeal movies. Napoleon Dynamite was one we're talking about this because this week is the tenth anniversary. Of the police. Of Napoleon Dynamite. If you wanna join our show with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Or seventy. And our text number is 87870. -- also while we -- talking about. Father's Day which is Sunday we'll talk more about that coming up think about something that. Your dad taught you something you learn from your dad maybe tortured maybe you just learned from him. But it's something that stays with you today. I can think of the few things and I hope you have those memories of your -- And if you're dead what do you think is the most important thing that you pass on to your son or daughter. So we'll talk about that is her Father's Day is coming up on Sunday are numbers 2601872. All 38668890. Point 78. And a text number is 8787. There's not a reporter who she was she was kicked out of a courtroom. She was barred from the courtroom. Newspaper reporter Morgan price master. She was kicked out of the courtroom for showing up in a sleepless blouse. -- -- I would think that she would have a right to. To bear arms here's an update on WW property -- opinion poll this doesn't happen very often did you love or hate the movie Napoleon Dynamite. 50% love that 50% hated it give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com and discuss blog today is titled a full moon on Friday the thirteenth. Should you panic. And actually a kind of set the record straight on Friday the thirteenth. And -- full moon and you can -- -- with others it's turning on our website at WW real dot com and -- I'm sure you see on our studio winners. -- more sunlight so it looks as if the weather's gonna get better and the year there might be a chance for you see the full moon tonight that it is supposed to be a spectacular moment. Here is attacks that -- rocky horror picture show. One of those movies that started out it was a low budget movie started out with a cult following that became became very popular. Rare for a long time. At the scene a mall which is we're -- -- sellers now veterans highway. And it has seen a boulevard at the symbol pleased to have it today every I is for every Friday night at midnight. Here's another text breakfast club. And -- -- my big fat Greek wedding. Movies that really took on -- think about a movie that you saw. It really wasn't it was it's it was destined to be a big popular movie but it became popular simply because of word of mouth. And Napoleon Dynamite. Was one of those movies. Another movie that I discovered I was in Philadelphia and I I don't remember what it was about this particular. This particular review. But it was if it was a Friday night I got no -- and I read a review about this movie called swingers. And general what it was about what I read an iPad two -- golfers -- let's go see swingers. I mean I knew it was in about swingers. You know people who. -- -- -- I knew wasn't about that but something maybe wanna go see that -- I actually saw swingers. The first -- it was actually released such a kind of partly because so many people have only seen that movie and Napoleon Dynamite on -- on dvd. -- -- -- What was a movie that that was kind of a cult. Movie. Appealing to a very small audience that through word of mouth became a huge move. And for me it was swingers and Napoleon Dynamite and I saw both of those when they were first released. And in the theater. If you wanna join our show with a comment on this Friday afternoon on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy in a text numbers 87070. Here's -- taxed great low budget movie American pie. Another tech herald in law. That's another movie that became very popular movie from Slidell Jeff you're on WWL. And the military in South Korea and that so fast and one of the titles there. What Blair witch project that witch project and the Clinton. But like outlook that is what your spirit and so it. Then came out there on. -- like it. Outlook -- almost. Out Al Arab partners muted note. What one or so. Yeah that was a movie that was really born and social media that was really blowing through word of mouth because there was. So much talked it. It really happened it's it's a document -- -- they were filming this and it really did happen and then you'll learn well known averages they were staging it but it did look very real. Yeah so that. Yep I promised our pursuit. Jeff I'm going to call the show and makes her -- you do for our country. So ten years ago this week the the pop culture classic has become a very popular movie Napoleon Dynamite was released that if you haven't seen it I I'd recommend it to be to their love and are you gonna hate it. And that's our WWO party general opinion poll. If you want it did you hate it and watch another movie that. Was low budget movie but really became. A pop culture classic. Here's a text clockwork orange. And the text raising Arizona. The princess -- Here's a -- destined -- I mean what a great movie that was out -- set was that released to the movie theater site I didn't see that in a movie theater. I saw Napoleon Dynamite and I -- -- to movies and they went on to become huge. Huge successes. But mainly after they had been released. And it was word of mouth that spread is a -- love swingers. I would watch it. In college before hitting the clubs. And that -- so money. -- Greg you're never WL. A two. You music again and we're always poignant from Tuesday night some indictment on Monday evening marker and ruby. And they know. Let's put your advertising about the movie and just cut the movie poster. We thought it go here or we can without outlaw. There was one. Rocky you really -- -- there -- it would put rocky really did have a lot of publicity. What did it did after the her arm several weeks. But the the first week and it would they didn't have much. -- would be part of a Doleac responding to them from critical except that. That got Erica hopelessly. That they've been that we made for what it in power and and -- are popular -- problems. Was notable. Up until. Weeks -- weeks into it where you. Peace the film companies that does not a market. I feel like I discovered something when -- I saw Napoleon Dynamite when it was released and sought in the movie theater in the same thing with the swingers Craig have a great weekend I'm going to caller she'll. I'm just I'm getting a ton of text about movies that. It started out to justice is is leases and became a huge. Huge. Popular movies. Because of word of mouth. And this is the tenth anniversary of the release of -- dynamite so we're talking about that. Here's an update on our -- if -- -- pretty Jack -- painful did you love or hate Napoleon Dynamite. -- 9% -- at 71%. Hated it's. Outlawed it. All right. Here's a song. That Napoleon Dynamite came out in dance to at the very into the movie. If -- ignored an order studio producer is a very interesting story about double talk about that we can Mecca after the break like to know what a dancer. It's John -- it was unbelievable. This is when he came out and he was trying to campaign for Pedro. And he danced to this song and they joined up winning. Jail that's not a spoiler for anybody who hasn't seen a point nine tonight. I'm suit in for Angela it's Friday afternoon. And we're coming right back on WWL. Ten years ago this week the top. Culture classical -- -- please. It was a big budget movies started now. Attracting. Younger generations and then it just became accuse him I loved the movie and I saw in the in the movie theater we're talking about he movies that actually became a huge success mainly by word now. Movies that became. Pulp culture classics. Swingers Blair witch project I'm getting a ton of text. That remark in order studio producer who has an interesting story about them -- dynamite deceive you saw it the first time and you really didn't need sent to the movie you didn't really like. I didn't really get it and the first time it it's it's really content to me it's kind of an acquired taste. Com -- a bunch of my friends and I got together at one guy's house. And -- -- -- we -- watches movies great movie so a popular dvd and we're sitting there watching it and the first time through but it didn't really click with me until week they got to that scene where he dances. And that was a scene that I thought was legitimately hilarious. Because it's so unexpected yeah and then. Because I like that scene account open the door for me to watch it again and the second time through I really started to kind of get what they were trying to do and now you know if if it comes on TV I'll I'll watch in just -- -- time comes on TV and and it became very quotable among me and my friends but. First throughout. I was not a -- suite. At the yeah it's it's not a movie did it just comes out and and and -- -- if you if you haven't seen deploy into itemized tour via Pacino movie swingers in. Watching these movies. Let the movie come do you. Don't expect too much. And maybe that's one of the reasons why they became such speak it -- because people didn't hear about it we're expecting anything great. And the movie does turn out to be very very relatable again I'd like Napoleon Dynamite on a lot of different levels was it was very relatable. On the -- his brother was pretty fun who fought them -- all the fun it was really funny. And -- uncle Rico I talked to somebody here at the station before going on the air. She was telling me there's -- hash tag uncle Rico. -- and you can go there and it's it's guys who really into the cells you know back with a movie was out calm my wife's a teacher and she gets these scholastic bowl corner things in other -- I was and out to the students have been under for years. And when a -- was out. She got some type of -- Napoleon Dynamite little -- book first. Set -- minutes on the orders. And -- took out the local Rico poster yes and gave it to Bobby -- he's still got to hang in its -- It's I don't nobody wants is to say that but it Bobby Kennedy's office there's a picture of uncle Rico he thought that movie was funny he -- the glory god gave in the post they're still. I Troy you're under VW or good afternoon. -- I. Want. To go do it to be. And you know. -- popular torture or people. The firm. Really and I remembered the song. -- It appeared got weirder and it. HBO police work and it became call -- yeah. -- actually chart or maybe. And you'd be able. Or -- all future. Remember. I think it was on B 97 that's always popular remember playing it did they hear on the radio. Exploit that made me think of it made me think. This is Spinal Tap. It. -- I'm -- have a great weekend -- soliciting. Here's the text reservoir dogs and Texas has ETS ET was it means the Steven Spielberg movie mean that was that was tight to me when we're talking about movies it. It really didn't have big budgets to advertise movies that really became popular because of word of mouth. From Guerrero Michelle Yeoh WL. And the original Highlander meetings. I -- and caddie to clean and it really baggage. And it's just that it started off slow with a lot it didn't match but it became. A little cult classic. Styling. The secret to certainly amber. However I didn't see it but I remember the movie and I do remember that it became somewhat of a cult classic like princess bride and getting text about that. Aren't we shall have a great weekend soul what we have that we mentioned that's. Didn't have a big budget to advertise and really became a huge success because of word of mouth and actually became pop culture classics. Our numbers 2601872. All free 86688. Points early seventy takes -- receipts and creativity. I am getting text about two different movies and it's it's it's amazing that these were not mention right away classic examples of movies that. Just kind of sorted out and just -- -- because of a word of mouth and became pop culture classics. -- get to those and more of your calls when we come back. I its duty for Angela on Friday the thirteenth afternoon -- -- for you so far. With a WWL news updates here's Jim -- Rule. I. And this was the scene -- -- -- -- -- of doing it -- dreadful. Tuxedo. Dancing at the profits down the girl and had a pony tail on the side. Targeted by deploying dynamite because ten years ago this week it was released and became such a popular hit. But not everybody liked it beat the love that you hated it and that's our deputy will pretty general opinion poll. Here's an update on the pole 25% of those listening -- 75%. Hated it. We're also talking about those those movies that became popular cult classics it really didn't start off with a big name. Republican dynamite as an example swingers. The language project. Ellis attending associate producer Justin -- -- at midnight when with Robert De Niro and trolls gruden. And also all O brother where art that. All right here are two movies I've just getting a ton of text about these two movies. And these are classic examples of movies that it started out with a world without a big -- and ended up being just shoot success it's. Clark's. The Kevin Smith movie which led to a couple of others including chasing -- Clerks. And Fargo. And I I it's one of these movies that are just very unassuming I love these movies that they just they they they just they suck you win. Here's a -- reads super bad. Doctor Rick -- -- out a that was. That was really funny in fact that guy McLaughlin. From super bad is Sydney new movie neighbors. With -- Seth Rogen. Which is it's it's kinda it's kind of crude but it it's actually kind of funny so last week on Mike you're -- -- WL. Gonna happen now I remember a movie that you know it may just a letter shocker. -- yes I do. They had a. Just apart -- Kennedy -- that the nation's. Why you know these guys that you know every every conspiracy book and count. I mean there -- one -- -- on every camp at the United States especially. Here. My had to hit it -- lap -- really like to. I appreciate you calling have a great weekend here is a -- away this is sent this is reflecting a number of -- got about this movie which is so true. Office space. You have those it was it was the TP something reports those ready. Yeah I'm -- -- does ready on Sunday of camp in the economy I -- the office space was released obviously you're under the W no good afternoon. You don't go greatly. Thanks Beasley what what's a cult movie -- sorted out without a big bank became a big big popular movie. Yeah probably and it is. The record shop. Shocker. Match. -- needs the it would make -- On the we'd Damian Marley. Bob modest. Believe that the -- have been hit. Beasley who I'm gonna look -- that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like I do. DC -- I appreciate you calling in and you have a great weekend and thanks for listening. Here's another text -- raising Arizona another text Harold and Maude you know these are the movies that that they're talking about Napoleon Dynamite swingers. The Blair witch project. Office space. Fargo. I'm getting -- -- there about animal house. Clerks movies that started out without a Big Bang but it ended up being. Just popular cult classics. From Biloxi -- or WWL. Yeah -- you don't do it. Nordisk goes back -- all around -- talk about. Forty -- years ago but it was still on a blackened more -- No host bar and the scariest movie W salt in the name of what I double B and. You know I've -- I've heard that that has become a classical although I've I've never seen it. Laughter you logic -- -- scared goes through your. Night of the living dead -- running it down right now. And -- sometimes sometimes movies like -- in black and white are -- scarier than they would be if it would have been in color. Columnist -- horrible. Car in -- are are not one it'll do drop. In Biloxi it's been close. Forty years. Dick I appreciate telling us about that I'm sure a lot of you have a great weekend sure a lot of people care and heavily today. I'm getting a number text about valley girl valley of the Dole's. If you just joined aside I'm getting more text about rocky horror picture show. That's another classic example. I'm getting some text about the movie easy writer. And you know you could probably say that that was a movie that started out without a big bang and really got a lot of attention. I remember going to the movie theater and and seeing and I thought I was just such a bad guy because like you relate to a Captain America but I didn't have a motorcycle Laura. -- leather jacket but I thought it was a it was a phenomenal movie became a big cult classic. What's another movie we haven't mentioned yet that started out without a bang and became the big huge success because of word of mouth. 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early Saturday. A text Amber's late 77 and I'm shooting for Angela ever coming right back on WWL. We're talking about movies today it's really didn't start out with a big thing types became a huge success because of word of mouth. Somebody mentioned this movie Eddie in the cruisers. It was so on the dark -- was the song and he said John Cassidy. And the beat -- brown band. And I believe -- was on the 97. When the song was releases a hit I remember from airplane song and here. Yeah and in a radio while. Here's an update on our WWL pretty -- opinion poll. Ten years ago this week deployed in dynamite was released. It became a popular cult classic. Did you love it or hate to 9% loved it's 71%. Hated it from Slidell Harrier and to be WL. -- Try to understand it only got half a million dollars at the break -- the people of when he. Halloween that's another win that Steve did it really got a lot of attention with word of mouth after came out. That was actually the great -- -- -- spectacle 480002. But. Great story and the Blair witch project but yet it's been 1012 million advertising that -- if you remember. And they made everybody believe that it -- based on the true story. That's right right at DC have you seen a movie swingers. -- with John several on it's. It's my understanding that they did that movie for 300000. Yeah I'm on the Harry and glad to color shall have a great weekend. From Alabama Larry you're -- WWL. Mr. There. Election unless it in the wrong there a movie. Comedy that came out -- about it. And work out starters -- and that's why everybody. Besides the OC that my case. I know. I mean in my particular all alerted their no. You know not the man and again and no commercials or anything like. You know I don't know if somebody wants to to give a serie a comment on this -- please do I. For some reason I thought the movie had a lot of attention before but it certainly got even more attention once it was released and then became. And became a classic and of course they're -- and others now. There that I remember anybody talking about. This movie coming out after came out there are about it because they hear. Larry I'm I'm glad you called specialists and to get to a -- text here in just a moment was gonna Harry and Jeremy you're in WW well. I -- dog robotic -- under on Halloween -- about the roused form there are low but there's going to be billed the -- the greater our movies. That -- -- originally I -- everyone knows that there. -- I agree I just got a text years somebody says Halloween cost 325000. Dollars to make. That's where they make a lot of money when they make him for that that price. Yeah boy that'd take off our building there. Jeremy it is have a great weekend village called here is attacks it reads five heartbeats not familiar with that movie. A stash too fast time at Richmond high. All I'm getting a couple -- about this movie in this is a perfect example of a movie that didn't start out with a Big -- but really became a classic. Saw. Jerry you're inevitably you well. I -- out there running daughters could you. And fitness as -- old movies but there are some. Are really want -- came out in not much and thereby. Overtime have become. Real time classic. What is a Christmas story. That's another woman getting on a text of that's a great article. Don't. Like. Well you know I would have been -- are around to know is that got a lot of -- before it was which released. -- didn't. It was almost like. You know Baghdad may get a lot of movies that -- propaganda movies really haven't typical budget act in. And it pilot because it contract forced people to -- movie animated. Short time. And look what happened though you know sometimes -- how much money he's been accused Al Goodman director and actor. Jerry I'm going to call you have a great weekend coming up next on sports talk a 48 today that we are the home of the -- silly issue the pelicans -- VW melanoma sports stock. Bobby and NBA finals I have just laughter watching disperse totally dominate the Miami Heat. Also what sports talk they'll be talking about their Jimmy grams grievance hearing next week. Is -- -- tight end or wide receiver. And how important is he does saints offense plus World Cup is underway are you into it -- could care less. -- -- Monday the US plays Ghana. And I hear us at 5 o'clock on Monday afternoon I think that's the USS soccer team's first appearance -- World Cup. And it is a big party -- in a Kohl's department -- he's cannon he's going to be there a right -- World Cup Spain. A perennial favorite. Is losing to the Netherlands. Five to one. That's a shocker that's about a shocking notices burgers. The Miami Heat the last two games rated it. I'm screwed differential -- we'll be right back WL. And I'm getting sound text about Ferris Steelers day off being one of those movies that didn't start out with a Big -- it became very popular movie. I'm scoot him for Angela and -- downtown Cindy on -- WL. A lot of them any mention were incorrect. In other. And there. Are many people ought to step in and out inside the -- in day. I'm gonna look for that Cindy -- -- a time you have a great weekend here's a final update on our -- view property jaguar opinion poll. Did you love or hate the movie Napoleon Dynamite which was released ten years ago this week doesn't seem like ten years ago. I loved it but I'm in the minority with our audience. 33%. No way it's changed 38% -- it 62% hated it. That's. A that was sweet. So ladies -- -- a beaver we're really funny. I do more to wish all of you very happy Father's Day I think about the things you're -- to what you think about the things that you need to teach your kids. When thank you mark Bernard our studio producer also Diane Neumann executive producer held since and they are associate producer. And I will be back with you Monday night's eight to midnight on the -- show have a great weekend what are you Orleans.