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Jun 13, 2014|

Join Deke as he talks to: Kristian Garic (Kristian Garic (Saints sideline reporter / co-host of Double Coverage on 3WL 1350am) about the latest Saints news & the NBA Finals between the Spurs & The Heat

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Whoever can make plays and but do you know for your teammates in position to win -- you know all the stone should be unturned as soon after the finals should be from -- one. Yeah. Brian James and the Miami Heat. You know I don't know if the -- was playing his best and James playing his best -- played his best. They would matter it would matter it would be a more competitive series thinking to have been tied about it. I don't know when the Spurs bring their brand of basketball which -- team involved nobody beats them. Nobody beats them and they -- as good now as they dating ED finals. In the this is what the sixth they appeared in about four is that I think the best thing you go back when he -- clean and you go back -- beat New York. Those on the main teams that was strike shortened season. This is -- but when you think about the opponent and what's up on the line you know I think this is that the best the Spurs looked. In a final at the certainly through four games welcome back to sports though. I'm the -- of the operated -- people on line. That he had been blown out the last two games. And Miami's. Team LeBron James and he'd make a comeback in the final. K issue vote online at WW Leo -- and I think some report at Christie Garrett won on Twitter. Hopes of double coverage on 3-D -- BO. Johnson is now Christian the three day minicamp it's in the books that just got to jot down Samoa notes far website though -- would -- and but he had to say about the camp what's -- take on on Campbell with some things maybe you guys thought about some things it's the -- it. Certainly you know one thing that then he got I talk about on double coverage was. Really wanted it's obvious is the team speed on defense and -- and other sorts of Ahmanson they all look faster at this point game in. You know maybe it's tough to draw conclusions. Finite conclusions about a team. -- you know there and helmets and shorts but. They look faster in the secondary that's for sure in the facet defensively. And talking to some of the players they feel like it's not necessarily. Because of the talent that was infused with guys like them. But Champ Bailey and Jared Burton were yet to see. But really it's because of the the familiarity with the scheme in and Rob Ryan and being able to play. You know the schemes no adjustments and he'll play within the scheme faster and no I just have in the scheme down and not thinking so much went out there on a fly but that's something that's one thing that stood out and and I don't know about you -- Not I think Robert Meachem is moving a lot better than he was. Last season any point last season I know. -- -- You know the Wear and tear on the body as -- you know where -- of the season has yet I think it's still -- like that but. Now I like what I've -- from Robert Meachem. And think he's moved well and and if he can get back to being in deep threat along with -- -- -- -- office could be highly highly explosive but once again with the deep ball -- it is that they -- a year ago. And so those are kind of you know some takeaways from it I -- strollers are from Tulane is is a player to keep and -- down. Because you know when he made that transition. In no way in a local work out. From defensive back to running back and I compared him to Darren Sproles but is there comparisons are there could be easily made only because. You know he's built like -- he runs a lot like him he can flat out go he can run and you know it's just the player I think that you know Sean Payton. Is is certainly pretty high Donnie talked glowingly about yesterday saying how sharp he was mentally. And in some of the things he can do physically and I think -- a player to watch. The unfortunate part for him is. In others say it's a pretty loaded at running back put. You know as we've seen here was Sean Payton and his coaching staff. They're going to keep the best players that they feel like we have the best chance to win on after three men's final roster. Or no doubt about it Christian when you. What you think about it. Everybody kind of looks you know it's we usually used to the veterans that have been here for such a long time so it kind of gravitate to a who's that guy you know we look who who with some of the new faces there when you look at these group. Of receivers which ago are eleven now on our roster as we've -- of training camp yesterday. Welcome you to look at coax the rookie and as the veterans is Colston in his meet. In his steals and -- tune who have veteran but the young veterans. And then as Joseph moment that blazing speed that got to stick around -- just catches everything is -- with Andy Tanner. And then there they're two guys that hit kind of stood out and camp and won his -- of his physical stature and it Coleman. The big wide receiver at a raucous but he -- kind of had some drops. A span and out for make and some more plays in that group of receive output. Since tape -- Jones and Charles Hawkins at. You talk about not a ten of the eleven right there that had been noticed so whatever filed in whatever they want to chicken out here this is -- -- a real -- didn't end and salty group and I have been mentioned the -- in the round. Yeah I mean. That why I was hoops this all the sudden you know with the loss of Lance Moore you thought while there there. Their depth is certainly eroding a little bit put. And Charles Hawkins is the players that and I know that at times we've raised -- eyebrows. You know watching them their mini camp and organized team activities just with his speed it's one thing that you notice. Is a look and you know we've scenes of -- guys right come in. I Hakim brother acts in his first name and I as I write here on teams brother. I cameras first name but. You know he's a guy that can flat out fly but he couldn't catch. I but Charles Hawkins is catching everything and can can move and and that's a player I think it has an opportunity. To make some plays in the creases in the biggest question with those. Players that are trying to separate themselves you know and that in at wide receiver races who's gonna contribute the most on special teams -- Avila. Contribute in the return -- I think Brandon cooks Arnie as an advantage there because you see him returning kicks and maybe you parts put. In who can who could be Gunner who go down there and and attack on special teams be a big factor in nick tune let's not. A -- get it twisted. -- -- and I think he's in a critical offseason and he had a good offseason but. We've seen him for two years have good off seasons and then as first year he was injured in a foot injury got put on injured reserve last tree -- four catches. He had opportunities at times -- called that was down. And didn't connections so you know I think. Right now he look at it tune in and certainly. The the look he has the look of a wide receiver knee that he's impressive in the offseason -- -- you do it. Consistently increases and stay healthy and doing in the regular season in Woolsey. What do pads go on I think that there was receiver positions that one that. You watch during training camp. And I think it's gonna. Change almost daily terms of who's -- -- standing out who's not we do as you mentioned the Colts that is the -- the -- cooks but you know the result. Outlook and I'm looking at eleven on a roster and I mean I've just just from being here and you know like coach -- as you know you're trying to for 32 teams you have to be here. Discount like you know an American Idol thing they have a -- all over the world -- trying to pull one B well you -- -- have -- NFL and 32 different areas. And as the crowd is on -- -- on -- Tampa Carolina and New York you know to sort this is a trial here for. A battling in some way things were distraught it's one thing with. All of these eleven -- Rockets -- man album. Mean some associated with the National Football League next year whether it's here in New Orleans with the practice squad here without a practice squad I really think this is the mean I got to. When you look about speed combination. Eight people goalkeeper and I and they and they do I mean that other teams out there. And am looking okay what does a team -- what does he do that with the Saints passed the ball to the you know they bring in good few people. To be around their passing game and I know teams will be watching just like it's it's an opportunity for us to watch all the players out there and that's. When it's all about that I think of of those eleven hasn't and good. Good players in -- group. They'll be a few that he cuts on this team and a -- on whether we practice squad and l.'s were more -- the Hakim nicks until Rob Ryan talk about him. But now I had accomplished was actually yesterday. And actually basically said the -- Knicks. Is virtually unstoppable at this point that's a player that I think if you look at for a breakout guy. Right -- for half sacks last year but I'm really excited as he would Kimi does in his second season come on rob Bryant. He is one of 32. National Football League so that report he's very active on Twitter -- Kristian -- one he him weekday mornings. From sixteen -- -- -- -- three videos double -- Qaeda -- had a father they have of the week him a man SA do you you do the same -- -- follows that you the chief. -- Akron game we appreciate ticket Christian anti but we did point six in -- are right now if you wanna win and round -- golf before including a golf course. And stone bridge country club well. Called and -- it with his golf courses. Shadow creek. Pick up the phone call 260 wins to 609467. Now the first -- -- with the correct answer wins with WW it.