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Jun 13, 2014|

Join Deke as he talks to: Bobby Hebert(co-host of Sports Talk on WWL) about the latest Saints news & the NBA Finals between the Spurs & The Heat

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back. I'm Deke Bellavia along with the Kasey Kahne Bobby -- -- on sports talk operated day or opinion poll another blowout. The Spurs lead 321 hand king James and he make a comeback -- should vote on line. It debuted at UAL. Dot com 26018786688. 0870 in the number to be involved badly -- coach you were earlier. That day to talk a little bit we touched base about what would you be called in and talk about obviously would -- don't know what's coming up this week in. He -- thoughts -- -- two things that stood out there and Saints and mini camp but. You said yes. He said you know the last thing Adam silver in the team being wall is Donald Sterling. Hang around hang around and saying well I'm not only won it's that would anything. And here we are that they were not called in talked about it reports are saying now that Donald Sterling. -- team of lawyers. Have come together and they have hired private investigative firm up to four. To what they say is dig up dirt. On Ian BA's former and current commissioners. And it's twenty. Although home. Now this is exactly what the NBA didn't want to have. Or big. And it's so it is what it is right do you deep in. And now I'm not in that now like a month ago and I just look at they're trying to play both sides and it didn't they break it down that the thing that you read. And and not take the approach that. -- and yet -- watching UC obviously everything in its film a record. But he would -- -- haven't -- example Michael Sam a peek around the closet. You don't mean all -- -- and NFL professional sports award though you get a W Donald Sterling is the only races owner. In the NBA NFL whatever on the. All all all all I can barely say the only -- it has made racial comments. Yeah and I don't know I could prove it you know but ours as well. Because you know -- on a recorder some employee might -- in them being their parent instead so. I know there's there's more in the order. In the side of the NBA. And don't apply to Bobby if you if you're out there right now and let's face it we know we know what -- -- society we can you read the story. In you you you're thinking like OK when that's that's almost like one and then the commercial that comes of this -- in the sale this week it. Now people who know they noticed and is looking for stuff. -- I mean colonial that you -- oh. He's like this in. I'm hurt him buried there and more money and you go beyond chart protect I don't know whatever legacy here is mine. Identity is a Vietnam and it -- a lot of people -- it going now Whitney. And a big event in his life now I mean he's always shall through litigation. He's a lawyer and he's always a challenge people and mediocre loses friend and he's like he's got it is approach on the old friend. -- you know kind of deals so. That's why I mean I knew that they -- ago. That that mound and then you'd is gonna go way now I think. -- -- to be in doubt they'll a couple of things. Diving. -- in my opinion that bogus line between having all America and that that's an approach. In the league cities good spirit alive. Now -- older now so that you know -- -- -- It -- to be banned from anything you'd probably I don't know speculating here he might want to go approach. I wanna go. -- game as a citizen -- don't particularly perhaps court or tickets. You know local -- that they don't the courtside. -- -- be its typical maybe he's not going away the Nazis. -- -- -- And that what I'm going now look like you know that your the team to bring out that's good about what it's like what sterling slaughter at the amount. That it client. That there would be -- and gave a billion now and in relation to damages over -- constitutional right. Violation of antitrust laws and reach a particular area and on the knuckleball that you'd hear so he would be indeed lifetime ban. And Germany and chart now I have also read it's probably think I'm a red bit boggled by experts. And that individual -- would bowl and a sports business professor and you argue number. We recognize him -- lawyer in the experts when they look at Donald Sterling what he's facing. He did -- uphill battle if they were you know he's gonna go to India eight. But you know long term and not like he's gonna win. But an injunction. Could do need to -- on the team and that's what you care. Acre -- -- night going away. And that in this -- and stayed -- The system a little knowledge. -- and owners have done could be relevant and a major problem at some level. -- -- side. You know in need to I don't know what they did it this could be a trip. Good they're laundry. All the owners. And that's where adult ordered you not want to hear almost Sunday school I think so Mark Cuban. -- witness statement that much and it -- -- not all of a sudden now he's in real. He's least he's well you look at the -- -- it might -- and what they teach them that. A big and likely that -- so away from me on our. Are you going again and now -- at bats you know. -- what happened down on the road an. Approach that it from a legal standpoint. Record in that promised -- And in certain course it would now. And that they're recording with -- eagle. Which opinion in the equal. I'm -- California. He was at any given night -- -- where we amateur. Because he didn't know it would ever be made public. It did you. Definitely. -- into it to be published and I cannot and the -- rules so he needed that it was almost like me. And I think -- ended. You know. You're going out and play. Your statement to. Which -- -- -- record the guys behind closed doors that. Are out there Pigram. It -- And your your. Little -- so the system. He eats that did the wind out waiting and it and it and -- commitments -- I looked Beagle and it was a lot investigators. And -- -- a good -- -- of the closet. There is abuse but it does come about from the commissioner at all by -- And didn't get squeezed a bit. You know it. It will be something this is certainly and a little spice to the NBA draft then -- -- the off season that began so on. July the first -- -- and a college World Series this week and -- BA finals. You know just too -- camp to see a candy can't he come back -- San Antonio closed in around game time. I don't know that we needed -- not that it matters as a as a better team in India. It's you know I was I was does that -- tournaments simply by -- -- you know era or so ago you know the golf. You know good -- permanently and every year -- our building the hard. Could bring. You know just crushed them on him being a bit archaic and eat my line and again. They don't. It I'm not saying he is put in the series. The Spurs not only had the better team got the best player on the floor -- Physical -- and -- you know like but he shock and and it is. Group and shot. Kindle is seen anything did you think it was all. It's. Dispersed on it you know I mean I mean -- -- as measured by our college basketball Portland you -- them and the Eagles state. But -- started. The equipment in the that we want them out we continue our Agassi beat Canada in years are equally Tony Parker to go and I'll go. They should have been there -- -- he's played. Right there's compete severed or it. It has -- import report 27. -- obliging and you. The -- it sold. Me student. Agree agree. But in the old against -- -- a good. Kind of like and I know -- maybe that has some kind of match against regulation has been. But Carmelo Anthony and then there. I mean. If you're running up you're there with them now these -- -- -- Pittsburgh right now I don't I don't think he could -- the birds I don't think there would be no. No -- just top to bottom but I don't know how you can not like disperse. Went to Q have you seen sport. And how they play as a team and they pass the ball yes in the that they it is appropriate example -- kids would he basketball is. And not necessarily like in the in the individual. All right come and that gave to Tony and -- -- calls Katie can and we would talk on Monday were breakdown politics or -- take a look back. At the -- making. And it's it's a bit. Because some acquaintances that this is based radio or sterling not to go. Because it all yankees don't give -- -- talk about bitterness in his Obama but -- -- adequate. That. Make things and so forth and I can't you can't talk on Monday -- all right to beat Indian time by thirty to. Him and.