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Jun 13, 2014|

Join Deke as he talks to: Ari Temkin (host on ESPN radio San Antonio)about the NBA Finals between the Spurs & The Heat

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The latest on Saints -- mini camp. Our exclusive sit down today it would Drew Brees from yesterday and a resident pros Bobby Davin told you guys on do you view it there announces on the three day. Mean he -- all that's on line -- about David Christian there Chris Bennett photo of Stephen Young is blog. So much blow us something this the attending high school it was a good job all the blocks each other put a blog up but he doesn't hunt right go through a blog go to the issue of and it's that takes a lot of time and not just -- time if you -- with some good resource to put some thought into it so take everything is brought. Baby boomers engine -- All of that up on line. At WWL. Dot com let's go to -- out a New Orleans diesel I want Billy thank you for calling that he did you go. United did but he could not partners Clark took two pairings will be encouraged manner it straight example. And I'll also recognize you got to be wise but. But in general manager. Explorer is close several years back probably. Robinson. -- break up obviously it. Activities the you know -- -- as -- slower because we the the commitment. The paying you go on to what I was gonna change. And -- -- -- So do I think that you know you about the return from an error or this city championship. Mode. Does that to struggle grades so the it -- the romantic the players bought into it man to do on the basketball should be a group and pull off the -- -- for me and my school. We let it be on a pot there and get frustrated. Well you know you look at our program. Is right now. That concede that these these that your people part marker on the back and carry out there you know work on your name and sort. You know -- Ortiz and often it's rated -- -- a bulk of them all day and united Arab League there well. Not a complete -- -- most possibly. Based on it in the net you know speed he's quick and wanna call it maybe it wouldn't -- to play -- -- as well. Also on the keep that that. -- -- -- bit -- it -- and so you know and I got to pick -- Mets and that so is that language. Site -- -- won the legacy a lot this year which. Okay thank you thank you so much always welcome and appreciate the insight to the program. And the it's just it's a tremendous tremendous thing to be able to keep the system in place for seventeen years and have everybody. And I don't buy into it but no when they come into it is the way we do. If you don't like it you know compete at all. And that's that's Watson and Thomas have been so strong and they are playing I think their best finals today. -- -- who gives us the latest on the San Antonio Spurs a great Leo we are glad to have him on the program McCain -- on ESPN radio San Antonio and -- -- -- you know when you're winning and you winning at the highest level and you winning convincingly and near flawlessly. There's so many things you can point out. I think one of the things though. Over the course to watch and his team in our division in the southwest division and in watching him in Atlanta series post season and it don't matter who it is. From the Big Three at San Antonio to -- any meals. One of the greatest -- And in its policies from day one. The ability of the player. To receive criticism and and to take their criticism and know that it is strictly it is strictly on. Getting better for the team because I mean we've seen increasing public -- Duncan. We see him go at it Danny Green last night when it come out when he sitting close enough for Ray Allen and with the ball fake. Tony Marco Manu Ginobili. And if these guys that it doesn't -- and it's like that that's the hate he's coaching he's doing his job everybody knows their role with. But then the give and take the type of criticism around open like that you I don't mean you don't really see Danny in any sport much much at all. -- speak it all started the game you know right because pop famously ride dungy and you know what party tried to anybody yeah I think. What you got that kind of leadership that understanding between coach player. That you know that is just that followed the rest of the guys that you know. Got number twelve on that roster off today in the end of the bench she's. Pop after dark and 38 years old alleged top five player all time. But he knows that you know anybody's fair game and so that kind of it's been network prologue -- and -- definitely you like to start much racquet deals. And I don't know how many other superstars. All time greats. What would be willing to do that at this stage of their careers the that you speak to the kind of player the type of person that about -- Our team -- -- is Perry of San Antonio is hospice against the Spurs can win their fifth world championship with a victory over the -- more than it streak gains including on Sunday night clubs now. 401. Ari this you know we talked before about the you know. And that long tip of the players the -- -- probably -- Tim Duncan and when you go back and look one is big on as of -- with these new core players boarded. -- the conference finals when they lost the OKC. You know as he -- into game two and seven and now. I'm thinking yeah they're older isn't that why why why not keep colon I mean there's. This is the most dominant performance the most dominant. -- Putting away a champion a two time defending champion made it we've ever seen in the game in San Antonio they can be a favorite in the game -- any day. There's no limit and indeed they can they could be their favorite one favorite in a way it's the next. Several years in the mean awareness -- and in -- become -- you know I don't see why they wouldn't be considered a favorite. Yeah at your -- it starts with the fact that going into the series. You knew -- were -- this year -- last year considerably better about. Personal changes they've made but it's about individuals. Or takes the side. Took on the -- Update and upgrade their great game to the next level you know -- -- the guy you brought up in game three. He started five for five. Had points all on dribble drive that's the god became. You know upper derby career was just -- respect to report sheer stupidity all you know very very -- -- -- -- -- -- You know more accurate or -- -- the final. Has Kabul the baggage become major contributors sports section -- -- Portland he or. You know Boris you guys should be evolution of the -- It is not the way it most and won championships. This is not -- most -- it should keeper Bill Belichick to new I don't think it starts to try and beat that. Extraordinarily difficult trying to -- who had -- -- bill. But I think they'd go that way out of necessity. You know they are being conducted thirty extra large W thirty year old Parker. They could count on those three can lead them back to a championship which bat. Throughout this post season what what's amazing about that spurred each. What they do and -- this time I believe it will because -- December. You know 31 in the files and -- never coached by Gregg Popovich has ever -- one what you're going through one play. But they're not one player that plays that came -- had not made -- contribution throughout the -- he's won the championship Q can do that. What did you need to take Corey -- that -- very. Open you'd like art comes in game six finals start second operated Tony Parker. What the point that he allows them to Portland. -- legitimately or get. Contributions up another bachelor -- O'Brien trophy there's not one player that is been involved that -- want to. What in the big east that can help and came -- All right you can -- theory of San Antonio is a special -- -- him or you know when you look at it it's almost like it's. He can be a selection process you know when you look and see what -- out will be available with it be like OK. Where I don't know. They can -- Who they won't. It's not like the it's like how wanna play with the Spurs hope hope they'll accept me I mean I think that's what the rest of the is that because one. -- with a mess with the system you got any specific thing that. That you think -- is not coming in Mike and play but if it's on if it's on disturb what we've got our unity all bomb all of what we do all in all the court and -- is -- it -- only to risk no need to risk. Well it began to -- offseason to disperse because they've got a lot of decisions and I'll be able to back. Keep his contract is up under and no he's in line for pretty decent payday I think it is performer that he's earned and an abrupt playoff. So I'll work he'd built returning again I think Boris Diaw got a couple of books will be back next year and realize that. How important used to that system and how much better looks in the at the Whitewater probably manned up to adding up borrow. And the rest of the series a lot goes out and these files at BP but he could beer reasonably I'd probably more so than more so deserving and latter forced -- Mean he's been the best player in. Each of the four games that they played. In the last two wide problem was that about our strategy yes but most consistent performer for the -- while so far. You'll be Batman and I'm glad monitor guy -- rookie contract quote inspiring is the first year. This is the first thought he that they can negotiate that deal with and what he's -- question that up big. Discussion point -- thought he is cool -- work back extension by. Acting the way he's performed last two games finals. Certainly open the discussion -- But still that -- there are part question whether or not he's worked at and what are not. He'd get the position. You know in his career where we're he's willing to take it he might not even -- -- what -- -- but. Spurt we're gonna have pretty big statement about these and and and that of course -- the future and -- I don't foresee your retirement but retired but it will and that. What about to retire it's gonna happen after he's he's not gonna start did Korea go to awkward approach it occur to every city you can eat that's up. What are -- -- -- the years that but to gain -- -- -- great that did that not corporate conduct Jae Kuk Ryu or go to barber. Doug is just you know one day not beater and more but that's pretty much -- that's. Our team can host -- ESPN radio San Antonio are always the players enjoy the game Sunday. Yet -- get -- all right we'll come back on the television sports talk on WW.