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Jun 13, 2014|

Deke and Kurt talk about: the NBA finals, the draft, and changes in players and coaches.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He covers everything in to -- me. All the time the blocker and chief of pro basketball talk dot com -- challenge autism now are always a pleasure to have you on the show in. Erica you making -- -- out of what we're seeing in the NBA finals the defending champ a team that they -- and saving games a year ago. This is no where resembles the series we saw a year ago. No not at all and I think. I think that spurred our. Playing better than they did last year I think you we we can get a lot of sports -- the team to come back with a little more motivate and little more fire. You know teams that are looking for a little -- prepared for beyond that. That -- would enable -- I think that -- -- -- we were in the Eastern Conference they didn't. Play. Book that would -- terrible they -- they're quite what they weren't real challenge and while. They can get away with playing for a quarter a period or LeBron would get them out cooking that good. And they were able to -- -- his final to and so bat. The final and ran into first in its. I'm much better executing at a higher level and that can't sustain that and sustain that and a camper or. Kurt I happen if I get the latest on the NBA we got the chance coming up so much more apartment right direction. It kept croak out spoke talked dot com you can IQ -- we got out everything we've we've got a good draft water draft -- coming up over the top which obviously. Free agent to talk can -- pocket there and are still following that -- look at Tony will be following this. In person until it -- -- Now I'm moving forward. We have some coaches. That is that -- -- to -- in the big jobs that they don't have any experience. But let's go back -- -- that that this is the second year we've seen a couple players step out of uniform into the coaching position Jason Kidd. A from playing in New York to coach in Brooklyn interest from playing in Oklahoma City. To coaching in in New York is is this a trainer we're gonna continue to seek. Having that there were popping like its kind of go in cycles. But I. I think prop for a little while trying to get only around the league didn't quite get. -- To use the cheese for an incredible leader and so but I follow. I can get back I put two and those around him much ecstatic that -- -- get the player wants to walk form. -- article on -- get like that. That you try your picture Kiki I think there are certain is that part that he can actually coach but they're not a team where. More and he'll be a culture of their franchise and model but -- Probably I would pick -- like there's nothing. Excellent thing. And if -- and be part of that culture change. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What superstar. I know season appoint the rain but it. What what's -- you think Dick -- -- tries to in the New York strip right now but next year does it say. This is that this is that that the nation's largest market with a lot of history here installed before Tampa it had happened forty years. Come over here take event it is it is their guy you think he can do that win. But I think -- you know it becomes a complete sixty will be nervous scared you are right now they're trying to trick on Carmelo that people works he wants to stay on the -- You know -- whole -- guys. Didn't play fifteen to come available. The biggest name out there right out Kevin Love. You know you probably get treated but it doesn't necessarily mean he's going to opt in or sign you know expect either expand or re signed until we -- sent -- -- -- that year. -- -- -- didn't pick up full court press planned for him but basically they and the Lakers. They are both in the same -- start in the summer they will go after every came available to count on that until it. -- As far as Carmelo Anthony you know what you think about it it would not be a good business move because one year 33 more million dollars with at least they -- York from a business standpoint nobody. Can can can can do that. -- -- -- -- This guy. Want to test of the report and artistic creative market so that that means he's leaving 33 you know table to. I would think making all would -- out lateral move to go to a TV field. Is championship contention probably you know close -- and put the TV because that's a good opportunity. The win a title a two part question where is he is most likely destination. It's -- from a financial standpoint it put the pain and where it is the best fit for him. I think is most likely move it but it's kind of weird under the rules of the new cult collective bargaining agreement. It's in any players financial interest to opt out there and -- that they're resigning with their -- I actually get a better deal that way -- I don't think so probably end up with the -- I think the pats are entitled to get short thing I I -- I think they'd still be the favorite. You -- at the end of the day I mean you're talking about. Leaving depending on how much she decides he takes less than nicks and and all the rest -- it leaving at least fifteen million. Over the course of -- -- on the table if you go somewhere else. Maybe more depending on how much let's take a 67. You know -- -- -- wanna win and we a couple of million dollars on the typically that's a lot. Oakmont will be much that you made and that's hard to walk when -- Umpire I think you know I think ultimately you know what that answer is. How much does winning it really matter to I want to -- -- when my weight like -- that the I wanna go on around me in New York. Or -- willing to open I think their place like Chicago. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- important. Either of those teams special commentator -- current contenders. Parent. -- just got to take. I'd be instead of making can make a 23 wood -- last -- the New York to make depending on what -- huge cargo fourteen and changed. -- and a lot of money on the table but if Derrick Rose is healthy that is probably. The team in the east as we stand. -- -- blog -- pro basketball talk dot com as this is a -- back on as Cuba this week talking about before Hollis downs and that came down in the the NBA's biggest fear is happening now now starting as they could appoint an eight. It's in the against the world the world as a point I don't know although honestly it's the former commissioners. He's coming after him and I would think it's. It is it good for the game being -- especially peek at some guys that can do a lot of big. That he and guys who you are digits. No. Budget according apparently for for some private investigators still aren't up what. There's plenty of billionaires with what I think we've talked about -- before the owner of the net is an old cartoon actual election or what -- don't. It could be that -- in Russia and be clean extra in Belton where where. I actor that he might be able to deductible so hopefully I told that they. They're not worried about that what what everybody's watching is appropriate can that can be you know like -- And that of course it's still -- can genuinely get him removed. From. Are the current you know record and making quite the -- -- until he can stop you can move them. Can't stop everything should that's the real after the week. Current moving forward now a top five player talked a gimme. They seem to be if you if you're following you could just gone through Reed is. I hear a bit but is not really sold on who the number one pick in the shoot out at this at this point what is just. It's not a strong clients or at it's if these guys may -- one -- me wanting to hand. Ball closely to the talent potential what about the cut here through folk -- -- directly to that -- It is it is. Close -- depend on what you're looking for what -- gonna try something. I'd I'd heard that the Cavaliers really like to well in B and there's all sorts smokescreen about Robert Eaton from our campus and the the -- back. We're back two years now in a row I heard your art school. That question if you tell me probably the topic or Turkey or and so talks. So we've been playing or are all extra years and. Channel you know two weeks and that time and his team believes he can get that feeling is ridiculous for him. But you've -- help you going to be become sequestered. You're probably one. It's possible -- -- Parker who over and Witten are there will be two and Wiggins could in that. Combo could virtually ignored any direction. That -- -- to be your top three -- I will probably be. Dante -- some out of a brilliant and during -- 66. Combo guard a lot of skills. And a market mark article -- -- it's probably your that. Don't buy it increase the top pot. I can't let everybody know I think it's the latest on the UB fouls and everything we talk a. Educated and you know sort of talk about those draft expert in that probably next week you don't expect something to be in the finals that. We Pro Bowl talk dot com we will have all of it and war and even adults are fortunate. And thought occurred at eight. -- I think we'll all agree they're gonna win this thing though it does Miami hold everybody in place or will they be some changes there. That's a great question. And it and honestly I got a feeling that that that LeBron wade and bosh and sit down together all week which you know they're not in a couple of times record but. A week or so after the season and figure out what they're gonna -- and communicate with and the seats. They've got to make changes I think they are changing the they've they've petals fall this roster and I think that guys realize that they -- win more titles. They're gonna have to take -- decent -- to get more help round and so I think -- stick together in that fourth straight Arnold I think they also. This was the wake up call finals for the that the changes -- Eric Allen blog in chief for pro basketball all comic to anchor happen if all you want would have. -- Parent always a pleasure -- -- you always come through extra information we appreciate -- time enjoy the rest of the finals it's -- and.