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06-13 8pm Scoot, Crisis in Iraq, Ray Nagin

Jun 13, 2014|

Bob Mitchell in for Scoot talks about: President Obama wants "no" troops on the ground in Iraq; agree and/or disagree? Former New Orleans Mayor, Ray Nagin, is asking for leniency in terms of his sentence; do you think the judge should go easy on Ray and/or not and why?":

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- The little. And welcome to the show. It is me Bob Mitchell the real Robert Mitchell filling -- Boris cute tonight. Got a bunch of good things to. Discuss on the show this week. Lay among the WWL talked table and take the show to midnight. And again I'm gonna do what I did last and Italy these things out and then you can pick and choose what you wanna talk about. And will this take it from there -- spent most of the day. Watching television -- in the news programs and reading about the situation in Iraq and it is. It is an absolute nuts the president said today. But the mounting violence in Iraq should be a wake up call for the Iraqi leaders. Committing the US to help halt the advance of Islamic extremist but saying. That an ultimate resolution must come from Iraq's political leaders. Mr. Obama said that. The US would not be sending troops back and combat in Iraq but -- one national security team to prepare a range of other options. At the same time he added the crisis in Iraq is not primarily a military challenge. He's at any action that we take. Have to be drawn by a serious and sincere effort by Iraq's leaders to set aside differences to promote stability. We can't do it for them in the absence of this type of political effort short term military action won't succeed. Less than on the show. It was interesting because we had one caller. Who phoned him. And pretty much said the same thing. He said the sides have got to once and for all sit down and try to work out a peaceful resolution. I don't know if that can happen out just don't know if these people can get together it's kind of like the Republicans the Democrats on a much higher scale. So the president said that he's going to think about what he's going to do at this point he has not committed to any type of air strikes. John McCain. Says the president has invited the crisis by failing to secure a residual American troop presence in Iraq that America is almost nine year war ended. And -- eleven. So what are the questions we're going to ask you tonight is. What do you think is the main reason for the current prices and Iraq. Do we. Blame it on George Bush and say when we should have never gotten involved. Do we blame along. Barack Obama and say we told our troops out too soon. Horribly go with -- and say it's just their culture and there's very little but we didn't do about it. So. The president said at this point he's not sending troops and but he is trying to decide one way or the other what type of air strike. Do you agree with the president's decision to six or what it's 7866. And -- 90 it's seventy. Because there are many people including John McCain think that we've got to do whatever we -- To help the weak and not all wildest ago and the wildcard here now is now -- ran as saying -- Will be glad to help so we definitely would have definitely don't want that and we know what will -- our Iraq and around ago. So. If it really is a frustrating situation. And a few have been. Watching and following that today then you'd you know you know exactly. What I'm talking about if the president -- changes -- And if the president does say that we want to take didn't do air attacks US jets could be flying over Iraq in less than a day. US air base of -- dozens of American fighters to bombers or well within striking distance overwrought pipelines by drones. Like the global hawk from. Easily fly over Iraq the aircraft or the Euro socialist George HW bush is just a few days away but it's out of that -- Then if you were listing to the news. You have our big 870 pretty judge court opinion poll question former mayor Ray Nagin is now asking the judge for leniency. In his sentencing because. Of the rest on his -- What you have mercy on C ready or not. Cast your vote at WWL dot com isn't really an interesting situation. Because I think it's about two weeks before he scheduled to be sentenced. Basically what he's saying is. It's gonna beat two top -- my family and my daughter is going to grow up with I'll fault because they say could be used to get around twenty years. And some people play and that really makes a ball down to a life sentence. So now obviously and have mercy mercy mercy on me. Mercy or not if they do show mercy. Manuel of people gonna point the finger. And say it's only because he's a politician. And at the if they do show mercy then that that means that any one else was on the same situation. And ask for the same mercy. What do you think. 260 -- -- 866889. Point seven lead and we do have a couple of fun things that like again and to try to hopefully maybe lighten up a little bit. -- Sunday portions Father's Day. Is there a song. Movie or -- event but always remind you something special that you shared with your day. And dads out there who were listing. If money were no object what fantasy gift you wish her kids would give view. This Sunday and did -- did the same way you were raised. And what is or what was your dad's. Best quality to six -- what late 7866. And nine. Point seven I'll give you my answers on these and just a little bit of the phone are already stacking up so politically Kevin lynch report power you -- -- Kevin do you agree with the president's decision today where he studies not to send troops and but it -- leave his options open whether or not to use air strikes to help Iraq. -- absolutely yeah orbit. About stroke. We are all world problem that would be bad world. And we checked. -- -- -- -- -- ever. Bet on it. Yeah -- actual. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the people at the -- prime apple. It better. I. Think about it all the al-Qaeda. And extreme that. -- Yeah. I wrote. -- And check. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Actually. What happened. -- -- Oh OK I think you -- it tried to beat all our. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you don't. John or John McCain John McCain does have that that he -- he does have that attitude coming and. -- Aren't important at. Wal-Mart try to. Let me ask -- -- -- -- getting back to a rock first of all the president says. That they really need together. All all three of the factions there need to get together and try to live in peace. And I think that's I think that's wonderful and and I would love to see that but. From that part of the world do you really think that's possible that they can sit down and work I mean they hate each other. Quite a bit in the pit area to -- bill. They'll pay I -- -- a little -- like the old. -- not it's not like expecting the Democrats and the Republicans the work together in Washington for us right. We're putting -- -- that might. Not let the way. -- -- All right Kevin let -- they asked am I gonna try to get some light stuff and tonight a Sunday. Is up while the station -- still alive. -- -- All right is there a song. A movie or an event that always remind you of something special to you shared with you dead. Yeah yeah ordered that moment. And Aaron Brooks -- -- right but it broke it up dog picked out and picked by an EU and the -- outlet you like. It played out. All that's great Kevin thank you were -- in tonight. Well let's go to Billy Billy things have been part of WW all tonight. All of the united doctored or. Appreciate it take my call. Alcohol -- nation so there you mention. What. President Bush you know -- bush. That apologized. For the senate in -- on market you know I had never threw themselves. You blame you blame George Bush for the situation in Iraq right now. -- -- to -- to be mine and I'd just you know -- will -- -- to recognize what happened there -- and pop he ditched. There's Ramo and and we're Republican Padraig -- sure you know because you frustrated with the lives here. -- -- ask you this. The president made the announcement today. That he was not gonna send troops but he is thinking about air strikes do you agree with the fact that he shouldn't send troops and what do you think of his. Possibility of clothing and air strikes to Iraq. OK -- spoke with nine -- diplomacy that aircraft -- there because most people have been fired what agency what could argue that the ecology and has been attitude that you noted doll. -- -- I think there's any way for them and to do with the president said -- -- try to work together to solve their differences. Or do you think because of their extreme religious belief they hate each other so much that there's no shot of that happening. Right did you and crawl for a look at if we give a surrogate animal lover aren't that accurate Austrian man that the -- you know they hope not Browner and -- -- and the bit about lap. People -- -- America and then -- give a model their sport a bit concerned about it. But it's there in the platelet account that like all of the -- They. We got. From history and get those people. Away from any possible all bit late but she was better but it's -- -- people here all day all they did not -- -- could be in and it is -- in and anger that would divide it actually. We welcome an active get to be alive and -- and the diplomacy. You have to get those people -- wrong. All right Billy -- -- -- a dollar brake trouble if you one quick question former mayor Ray Nagin is asking the jaws for leniency in his sentencing because the rest. On his family's social of the judge have mercy on C ready or not. Our -- -- that they invoke -- more like that great but. You do that crimes other than that the time -- thought but it just an example of because of the Arab countries are so many people. Then he you know hostage you know relationship to that position and he took a bare spot well right. What I probably -- that Israel lots of people Manning of the all the people at that we get like that. I'm -- you Billy appreciate your calling to a 601 late 7866889. Point 78. President Obama said today that he's not gonna send troops to Iraq. He's meeting with his. Inside people and tried to decide exactly what to do was force on the air support do you agree with the president's position 260170. 8668890. -- -- I'm Bob Mitchell and this dude on WWL. I'm Bob Mitchell in for us do tonight here's what's RW WL talked table -- Up slammed by the way I'll be with you and and just the second both of you are just tuning in on the show. One -- try to work some -- spoken tonight but ultimately it's whatever you wanna talk about Sunday is Father's Day. So is is there assault of a movie or event that always remind you of something special -- you shared with your dead. And -- and I'll do whatever the fairgrounds opens up. I was thinking about my dead because my dead never missed. On Thanksgiving Day never missed an opening day of the fairgrounds always reminds me of him. Those -- assault on the movie or available always remind you of something special but you shared with your dead. And -- if money were no object. What -- -- do you wish your kids would give view this Sunday. And do you raise your kids the same way. You were raised. And what was your dad's. Best quality. Think Monday at best quality was. Homeless. And I'm a mother would. Yell at him and get on him for something. In the always remain calm never ever yelled back here as well we're talking about President Obama says he said -- today. At the moment multi in violence in Iraq should be a wake up call for rock leaders. Committing the US to help halt the advance of the extremist. But say in the US would not be sending troops back into combat in Iraq. The option bird strikes is still on the table do you agree with the president's decision. And what do you think about future air strikes or should we totally stay out of business. 26018788668890. It's evident in have you heard about this. Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin is asking the federal judge -- leniency in his sentence. His lawyer says that begets supporting your sentence and probation is younger daughter would grow up about her father and his parents would be devastated. Should any of this come into consideration when the judge is giving a sentence on anyone. Should the punishment always -- the crime. In every case and how long would you sentenced the former mayor. And would you take into consideration the impact it has on his way to secure a 18788668890. It's seventy. God a bunch of lines open you can also text me and it's seventy it's seventy always performer -- but it can only touched topic. Quick text and they didn't wasn't thinking about his Wembley on Tuesday and all that -- let's go to Sam and that four probably is Sam. -- where each night. I'm doing -- slam is your dad still alive. No mystery he went all in below or. My actor like -- they're tricked out -- So is there a song. A movie or -- the always remind you of something special you shed with -- dead. That you order. Yeah but how well does that remind you of. That strain that. Aren't there. Yet so. My hair. But. I don't want to. Yeah. Yeah. You were. He -- That's so good here I'm I'm not an unknown which remain. Oh what what about the situation with the Ray Nagin he's asking the -- for leniency in this sentence and because. Of the drew -- on his family should the judge give him a break. Your talent is it to the ball. How many. -- that app and apple -- and it should be yeah. But that -- He was. Wrong. It was agreed. If so what it would put -- heart Burton. Yes I -- there are there many women are hit and Chris. And you know. More now. Say here's a text message pivot -- most of them agreed with -- Nagin should of thought about the consequences. Before he committed the crimes. No mercy -- right. Absolutely but absolutely -- didn't crap. It. -- know what do you think about the the president's decision to send a note troops to Iraq but he still go to. Keep open the possibility of air strikes do you think we should do anything at all do you think air strikes would work -- we should just stay out of it and do nothing. You know. It. I'd just do not like Obama. And you know I think is doing the right thing. You know what. I should it ever seen it girl. And what I'd like I'd like woody said that. That the the military action if it is not the all that that that these sides of got to sit down. And try to work called some type of option -- they can all live together I don't think that's possible I would like to believe it. But odd -- -- but I liked the fact that he's encouraging them to do that. You know. It all goes. To that right okay. Well. I think that cute. 11. Child came out and not the child but -- don't. It simply by. -- -- -- -- -- you know you're starting from yet and then people. Greatly. I can't tactic instead it years. Same to you are right to six or what late 7866889087. The president today. Said no troops to Iraq is gonna hold the option open for air strikes you agree with that assessment. 2601878668890870. John McCain. We're general John John most of bomb everybody John Dunne says the president. Had invited the crisis by failing to secure a residual American troop presence in Iraq. After Americans almost nine year war ended in 2011. But of course the the country. Was yelling at the president bring our troops home and that's exactly what I think America want and that's exactly what he did. For now one week when we get down to our bottom line right now well what do you think is the main reason for the current crisis in Iraq. Do you blame it on George Bush and say we should have never gotten involved that's probably were -- -- and I don't think we should have ever gotten involved I was totally against those two went into a -- Never did find weapons of mass destruction on hold go to my grave believing. That the George Bush just use that as an excuse to go to rock. A beat you can blame it on Barack Obama actually we pulled out our troops too soon. -- -- It's just their culture to 6017866. 8890870. And since Sunday is his Father's Day. Dead. If money were no object. Would finally give you wish your kids would give view this Sunday. Man if money were no object. In my kids are listening right now. Put a bunch of money together. And bombing in new Porsche convertible at the James James Farmer you. -- by James who is your dad still alive. Wright is is there a song movie or prevent the always remind you something special you shared a few dead. There is a -- Red red wine. Government that's on. Now why does that remind you to do what does that remind you love. He can't. Who wouldn't -- in my life at our wedding. A that's got to be a pleasant memory -- You know. All right let's annual talk about the Iraq. The president said that no troops buddies can consider air strikes are you supporting the president -- point. Well. I support the president. For our air strike. I believe they have. We didn't finish the job only live and the first time. I'll believe it for a steal American we issued we should claim land. Purdue airstrikes. We don't fit our our troops there and we -- American law lives and rebounding now follow. And. If they come back we bomb the hell out of one can't. Well he said -- no troops no troops on the ground. And -- you have. This topic yesterday's. And I believe it for legal fight is still mayor Campbell whether it's. No troops are politician mayor get shut down we need crying like and we needed that the American flag up there. And that's our -- Well but I do like what he says he said we can't do it for them and in the absence of vote this type of political -- short term -- of the military action. We'll succeed what he's saying is the fact that. No when we we can't solve your problems you people have got to learn to live and work together. And I know he say and that and that sounds good and I'd like to see it happen but I just don't see them they have been fighting for forever. It would have I have. In the areas that are world they do not have. The citizenship. The mentality. Humanity. They're people that don't -- and decide. Grow in the saying there in the hole or actually are we won't be Auroio. Where beer is if you wanna stay out of -- country stay out legal audio alone we don't all the oil if we have an interest connect company. In that country and we won't we feel American. We need to claim -- All right James well what about our big 870 pretty drag -- opinion poll question former. Mayor Ray Nagin is asking the -- for leniency. In the sentencing because of the rest. On his let me he's saying. Man you send me to jail. That's going to be hard on my family so far what what I'm rating on our text messages most people. -- saying though that hey he did not he did not think about his family one lead did the crime. What do you think shall we take it easy on right. He did the crime. We should -- that time. Look listen to this text busters pay the money back and put him in the halfway house until -- is played. -- put -- at work but anyway. I think everybody -- their -- here. Yeah now he's been given a chance. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that and -- like today. Well they did offer him a while back eight plea deal. That I think would he would not. Be serving in the time that he may get but the judge gives the sentence. And he turned the it was arrogant enough where he turned the plea deal of the plate the plea deal down thinking he was not going to be convicted -- guess. RDE -- to grab it. He did the right James thank you for calling. All right just -- -- late 78668890870. Should we should not easily but should the judge to show mercy on a rain date. Re assay in the public that has to be so tough and hard in my family. Beat up my mom and dead it's -- from wide open. Report dollars could grow up with with out a father. If you were the judge would you listen of that then Wichita State and passion and Ray Nagin what do you want the judge to do in what do you want our president to do. President Barack Obama today said that he's not going to send troops to -- he -- that these people have got to get together and work things out between them. He's opening up the possible deal possible airstrikes so at this point you say and no boots on the ground. But possibly airstrikes what do you want in the do you -- air strikes or do you wanna say. We need to stay the hell out of there and well what happens now is that -- -- late seventy. 8668890870. Text -- 1787. I'm Bob Mitchell in -- on the big -- seventy WWL. I'm Bob Mitchell in for us do tonight. Phone numbers 26 year old -- 786689. Deutsche that we got a bunch of lines open so if you want opponent should be able to straight through. Scott I will be with you in just a minute I wanna get caught up on a couple of text messages. We're talking about the president's decision. Not to put any boots on the ground in Iraq but to old all hold the optional air strikes still. Until he can get some more -- but do you agree with that. To securely it's 7866. And nine point seven be -- group -- John McCain. And potential to go in right now let's not wait. A text message don't agree that just because the Sunnis and Shiites have been fighting forever but it will never stop nothing last forever. When it comes to. Or Ray Nagin. That's our big it's ebony party drug -- opinion poll question former. Mayor Ray Nagin is asking the drugs for leniency in his sentencing which is coming up above. Two weeks. Because of that to rest on his family would you'll have mercy on race. Go to WWL dot com 70% say no. 30% say yes there's a text message no full punishment predate and look at what he did to those suffering after Katrina. -- my father's memory Andy John Wayne movie and going to to blow. And against go into John Wayne movie reminds him of of his -- of what would like to get some calls about. About Father's Day. Father's Day is Sunday. It and I'd like to hear from any of you dead on the question here if money were no object. The words that appear kids at a limited money. Would fantasy -- you wish your kids would give. 26 year old 878668. Point 90878. All right Scott thank you for holding a warrior tonight. Okay good -- -- Asia. All right Scott Ray Nagin says. If you put me away for too long my daughter's gonna grow up with. A father it's going to be tough from parents from the tough on. On my wife please please have mercy mercy mercy. Yeah violation of thought that he creation -- a barricade -- That it one girl no contractors government in rape in -- -- year we're officially -- really dark Tuesday. He did the same -- that basically it's forty years plus support. And love book hit the ground fighting in the. And -- got what do you think about the president's decision. Not to send troops to Iraq but still -- and thinking about air strikes. -- Vietnam rhetoric that lead into Portugal but there are figure on is where they go -- Let -- keep at all we yeah yeah let it go and ago and we aren't bought they're like ten years and continued. -- I think it's pretty close to oppose cuts got us Sunday -- Father's Day. And so is there a song a movie order event that always reminded of something special that you shared with your dead. We used to play a charity balked at -- boxes to order over so I mean more importantly get lightweight yeah. I play my dad and. You mean what you've played ball with him or something. Looked like golf and play golf the -- -- in the -- and lightly oil well school which date more and -- -- remote so much as a on the definitely -- people it was a typical archery -- My dad was was typical Archie Bunker I've mentioned but I did -- -- -- the one thing that always reminds me of my dead. Is every Thanksgiving. Every Thanksgiving my bed was at the opening. Of the fairgrounds and sometimes my mother would really get on him normally we would eat late in the afternoon but every now and then she would try to have a Thanksgiving meal at -- at noon. And Shia and she would be telling him you better not go to the -- -- and an editor I -- and the memory of my dead. Of of his homeless. I was never able to get that and she would rag on him and chew -- as years. Threaten him and he wouldn't do with that and he would just it would get ready it -- -- -- it put his hat on and she would be point in the big. It and and and we've ma am my my my brother and an assist -- we ran the table. And he would just simply site. Policy oh -- I never in in in their entire marriage I never remember Hillary in my father yell my -- he he had a way. He had this incredible one of the totally tuning her out. Oh. They just I appreciate it but. You know opera and it's diplomatic yes. About. Seventy TO will name another. WR. You get deep geologic Porsche convertible. All right. Same here Brian and -- you guys hang on I'm gonna go ahead and take a break and I will be right back with you we have a some phone lines open to six year old -- 7866890870. I'm Bob Mitchell in the first dude I'd love to hear from you fathers. What fantasy gift if money were no object with your kids would fantasy gift would you like the received this coming Sunday I'm Bob Mitchell this WWL AM implement dot com. And we play that far -- caller -- that is fantasy gifts from his kids would be -- trio. There's eggs there -- Lloyd 78668890870. We're talking about the situation in Iraq we're talking about former mayor Ray Nagin is now. Planning to ask the judge for leniency and not give him twenty years because it would be too hard. On his family who want to response on that since Sunday is Father's Day. A probably great -- dads would fantasy gifts of money were no object would manage to give do you wish her kids. Would give you this Sunday. And is there a song. A movie or an event that always reminder of something special that you shared with your -- 260187866889. Point 78 let's go to Brian Brian how are you tonight. While Ray Nagin but I guess may be reality. It's starting to study and that's about two weeks before his scheduled sentenced. And he's asking the judge. Four mercy down the -- get your. Response let me read this text -- governor Edwards got ten years Nagin should depend robbers and killers serve less than twenty years and they took a life. So what do you think should -- Let's -- -- a little bit of a break. One war -- their fortune. -- race under under four. And whatever and goes through as a result incarceration. That it trial wearing it in all yeah. That's a media are refused sentencing hearing OK and you hear you hear about every -- and -- views on the salon. As -- why someone should receive leniency. And you know family you know that ones that want the news. Or a very long time. By Egypt and why. And that's something. You should've thought before you did it but you know you know what it is. All these people who commit these kind of things. They always think are going to give it a away with a and the thing -- thing to the nation the especially what these politicians. They keep getting caught over and over and over again and yet it it doesn't. It doesn't deter them from continuing to try. Two take advantage of their positions. One of the reasons why people from the corporate world which we're thinking imperial in this you re on the run for office. One a pay cut which he really shouldn't even serious consideration to you from running for mayor. And -- it and they don't wanna put themselves out there. In the political arena you know during an election whereas under a microscope. So you know -- Really the first party in order -- go from making full of doubt. It Italy 4000 a year to. 120000. -- something like that yeah yeah. And what -- and and then you know from the start this business and things -- so well. And instead of declaring bankruptcy for the bit yes. If he engages and all these acts are optional to try to pop pop the benefits in that field. -- actually on the screen you also wanna talk about Iraq and I have news of a couple minutes -- Give me your thoughts about the presidents as a -- troops but he is considering air strikes what do you think. Quote. It was a the president I want principles of sentences of make your -- and your elsewhere. I would say I would I would say to -- to the press actually we will. And an out which match. Those. Those terrorists forces. -- -- cruise missiles and Od. I mean the issues. And 2000 pound bombs that -- pound bombs on what would I would drop the hammer on. But then you're talking about destroying the city's. I'm not necessarily. And as we waited destroyed the first time. We we we didn't destroy CDs in Afghanistan. Whereas it's now sort of casting goes -- -- -- you know it's like war -- like opening. The anything where we -- away. When you know he he's saying that it's time for them to work together and live in peace I don't know that's spot up. And he did say that. Good god almighty don't need every working Foreman knows about any history of Afghanistan. You know god almighty I'm -- retired marine stamps gorgeous. There here's what he said any action that we terrific. Have to be joined by a serious. And sincere effort by Iraq's leaders to set aside sectarian differences to promote. The bill. And I'd I would look good to see that happened I don't see the the Sunnis and Shiites working together they hate each other. Yeah that. That's been going on for centuries. On Father's Day is Sunday is there any. Song or movie your event that remind you of your dead. -- in the World War II movie because not only is my idea -- retire. Marine who fought the the Pacific -- against the (%expletive) that the company engineer applying -- Operating World War II movie also because she's always been up big. A big military history profit it's not like that what we're watching -- -- -- -- I hope you all watched the on the History Channel about the world wars last week. Yeah yeah we've watched that. Date date Q is there but it was going to be. -- overall it was pretty good -- thank you Brian and asked pat and bill. And missed Carroll to do me a really big favor and no I'm asking a lot of you but hang on and I'll get to your right after the news -- WWL.