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06-13 9pm Scoot/ Iraq, Ray Nagin, Father's Day

Jun 13, 2014|

Bob Mitchel continues to discuss: the crisis in Iraq; should we send troops? Should the judge go easy on Ray Nagin? Fathers' Day.....

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- 86. If well is actually me -- shall be real Robert neutral filling in -- -- again tonight welcome to the show. Here's what's on our WWL talked able white football -- out everything we're talking about if you or a game of drones Clinton. This on the Tonight Show on a desolate feel great great -- watch every week while game of Rome is promising this Sunday night. To be the best. Episode ever so -- can't wait for that. All right welcome to the show. And of course the main thing that everybody's talking about around the water coolers and that the -- -- -- it's a situation in Iraq. I've been watching coverage of all day. And it's bad when they interview some of the veterans because we lost almost 5000 people in the a rock event. When you when they -- of some of the veterans you can -- the distrust on their place truly feel we will weather and for nothing because. Now hospital collapsing. Last I heard in the news the insurgents were about a fifty miles away from Baghdad. The president and they pretty much said that tape. On our problem -- problem. You were going to have to work it out in your own country. He said that any action that we take have to be joined by is serious and sincere effort by Iraq leaders to set aside their differences. And promotes the bill. I really admire the president for making that statement -- just -- nope it's possible. He -- honestly that we are gonna send no troops. John McCain says the president. In light of the crisis by failing to secure a residual American troop presence in Iraq after America's almost nine year war that ended in 1211. Which brings us to this question if you were going to point the finger. And we're gonna play the blame game here. What's the main reason for the current crisis and Iraq a which have never gotten involved at that point you would pin the blame on George Bush. -- we pulled our troops out too soon you'd put them on Barack Obama or sleet. It's just a cultural there. And no matter what we do. No matter what we don't do. This will continue to go long and the only way. We would ever be able to keep that is that we have to have a whole bunch of troops there at all time. And subtlety the American public which stands for so that but he agreed that the president -- and no troops. But possibly airstrike. And if you haven't heard about this. Former mayor Ray Nagin is asking the judge for leniency in his sentencing because. Of the problems it's going to cause to have just mentally. A judge the judgment of the mayor go before the judge in about two weeks. And he said that basically that -- the think they're expecting. As much of a twenty year sentence. And what to his attorney is -- and Ray Nagin -- and is that almost like a life sentence and that means his daughters grow up with Al a father. And that's tough for us elderly mom and dad -- you showed a thought a ball that before you do it all the things that you do. And we're talking about Father's Day I'd love to hear from you dead all not a simple questions number one if money were no object. Would fantasy -- would you want your children give viewed in other words GOP had a bunch of rich kids and they really one of this volume. How would you want them to warn you. And is there a song a movie or an event that always remind you of something special that you shared with your dead. The lines are open to six year old late 78668890. It's that they are right let's go to bill in Slidell hi bill how are you tonight. I'm feeling great and I hope you market. Do and by looking forward to Sunday Father's -- and all my kids. Are. All right let me ask you if if you had a bunch of rich kids -- maybe you do but if -- money was no object would fantasy give do you wish kids would give you. I would think -- traveling -- -- like it what country. Mean like up a motor home. You know I've I've I've thought about but I don't know and I mean for abolished and that. The mileage you alleged -- must of course right if the kids channel money to pay for the gas to -- dry -- Any thing any movie or music orbit that always reminds of -- dead. Anything that would do -- He was big John -- and oh my gosh. Back when they. Eliminated the feel arcane and record it. Oh. -- on you. What was. -- What was equivalent -- compact this what was that -- don't know it would have been -- I don't know what -- -- about it was the video does not I cannot remember what they were called yes OK all right. And that on the service that what -- does. He work for the people. That may. Be a copier and John wing. Hit and I gave -- to. All. That rate. I what what about -- era Ray Nagin announced those. I want leniency because it's just at least a compliment them. Who had been. Made mistakes. He had a painful situation and get that thing. But the rain that anticipate what stinks but a lot of people ignore it and trust in -- and -- trust. You know on the truth the truth -- what when and when you commit these crimes that you are putting your plan Leah rush. I. Bill look what about Iraq are you pleased with the president's decision. I don't. I'm a military. And I've supported or actor. Maybe at what a good -- Now I think we should walk away. I'm not blaming. It mean when it discussed what -- me about. Alabama but. I would say would you walk away one that you mentioned -- pork. We got plenty of oil that we never saw any crisis. In law I reign over Afghanistan. Note John McCain. Says that. We should've kept and he would like to have a residual American troop presence in Iraq. -- he says that's what we need plus he also says that we we should use air power against the insurgents you agree or disagree with that. John McCain speaks out of both sides in the John McCain. In a matter. Supporter. And it'll work for the -- There are whole. And not in the eight and laden -- -- -- And I'd be glad that you should -- it just worked yeah. But in answer. To your question. I don't know -- might support and bombing. At a really. All eyes of bombing and bombing Corey. And I hate to this country. Well a first of all you give you have to be extremely careful where you bomb. And I'm on that publishers see here here's what I'm trying to figure out right now the insurgents are already have control. Of of a couple of cities though. Are. We at this point to not. Depend upon the the Iraq military. I heard a report today in and maybe you know what when these things happen. Reports just fly a global -- but I know 111 on the news -- they showed that at this point. That they have reports stepped up to 90000. Iraqi troops have already abandoned their post. Console that's an awful lot of troops and so what you know what do you do with it if you if you take and and you bomb and you pushed you at the insurgents back. -- do you do you have -- and send troops in and recapture the cities that they have. I sure don't and that answer. And and and and you can't trust the Iraqi troops to do that slow -- so we're gonna put ourselves in a position. Where it to slowly but surely that these that that the the Shiites will eventually just take over. I don't know. But I want to remind you 01 think Morris twins. You know every project and therein -- -- -- heritage or. Leo I am late day ceremony -- it's going to be great and they. All right bill thank you so much about it. You -- the pat pat thank you for holding partial power. -- I ain't it great like (%expletive) on me in position. And I think he. Relaxed and it. But it would but it took what Edwin Edwards has that's going to be less because they're saying he could give up to twenty years for what he did -- I believe I'm I'm not sure I'm speaking out the top of my head. I think the difference between Ray Nagin and -- Edwards is that that they found Ray Nagin guilty on more cults than they did and when that reports. Probably. And he needs to -- whatever it is. He needs to get. -- at Wal-Mart. Indian. My son in the military -- in the year I was here three times. And I don't want to see him go it and. When you agree with the president but no troops. Yeah I'd get -- I think in retrospect I think we should. The last. Day of the year. Where we can annually trade rules and soldiers and -- that we've -- -- might have been a lot different. Well the the way I'll understand. What's going on there is that in the Iraq army you have bull. The Shiites. And as soon as you know the Shiites and the Sunnis and so what happens is that as the as the Shiites. Start to take. -- back. The Shiites in the army there not to apply then made just throw their weapons down and so in essence a lot of the weapons that we gave. The and a USC the Shiites in the that we did Iraqi Government that that's going that's -- in the hands of the opposition now. I don't you know what what the army when you can't. A -- that depend upon the army. But we certainly can't take the position that we have to go over there and help them anymore and I and I do like the fact that the president said. That although -- Military action would be very. Not not a long term military action he said they've got to solve their own problems. But I honestly feel that they've not been able to -- their own problems and going to be right back the way they were. Ten years ago. They'll be telling them out. Eventually a dictators couldn't give Robert -- You know what's gonna happen. All right let me ask when it comes to you're dead -- neat and he saw -- moving your event to remind you something of real assured. Mary op he went out. Yeah. Green. Threaten you. Want a court. Or that. Any particular color. -- There. So if if the kids got together and -- Corbett color wouldn't be a little while. You wouldn't let. Thank you can't pretend. I'm sorry about that. Which she did does she -- -- -- My don't know what might have. Two daughters which one's the -- Nolan -- you live the man in the middle. Where are on -- on older -- three dollars that's right I forgot about that one. All right thank you so much. Right approach and. Think if -- home and so money is gonna yell it from him three dollars -- a opera dot. It. Well the long story. 26 durable late 7866890. At seven is no way -- there's no way -- and announcement of a just wasn't thinking. Of that particular daughter because she just moved all the North Shore she used to live in the world all right. Let me just let me get out -- throw quick like and get back to the phone calls to 601 late 786689. 087 they were talking about Ray Nagin who wants mercy. Mercy mercy mercy Percy relate. And the president today said no troops in Iraq but may be. May be an air attack do you agree with the president's decisions wanna hear from you what you -- opinions. Who's -- Euro one late 78668. At 90 it's suddenly I'm Bob Mitchell this -- show on WWL. I guess that's what. Mayor Nagin did. The money and ran but they caught up what that I'm Bob Mitchell in -- elevated seventy WWL. Former mayor Ray Nagin who's going to be in court. In. Little over two weeks is now asking the judge threw his attorney. For mercy for leniency in the -- give him a lighter sentence because would be so tough on his family. WW well dot com that's her. Opinion poll question says 80% say no no more slippery you'll. No more slippery you relate only 20% say yes let's go to the polls to secure a late seventy. 8668890. It's seventy let's go to show mother miss Carol. And -- -- Carol that happened and do you already called -- connection Asia now I heard tactical. About how one that -- -- and you excel will widget they'd be so. She sit -- On the covering Armani. -- -- -- Scanner -- All right yeah -- -- I think that's enough and actually though. All right Carol. I thought maybe you were noticing that originate that would be torture right there will be. All right ms. Carol. Right. Go to. Italy on is still heavily on. -- there. Leo it's not there. All right okay 260 -- 78668890870. That would give me plan to reset was on our WWL talked table tonight. President Obama says of the mounting violence in Iraq should be a wake up call for rock leaders. What are -- saying and I I admire him pursuing in this. I'd do not think it anyways that naive to think that this could possibly happen. But I'd like the fact that he's saying that he says that it should be a wake up call for the Iraqi leaders. The US is committed to help. Halt the advance of the Islamic extremist but he says the US would not be sending troops back in the combat in Iraq. The option bird strikes are still being considered do you agree with the president's decision. To secure -- late 78668. At 90870. Iraq is in just an absolute. Mess right now by virtually. All accounts the territories these -- to fifty Islamic state of -- -- Has been little very little flighty and that ice disclaim the ground less by way of their old military post in the -- they didn't have that much strength. It's just been a incredible failure of the Iraqi Government forces they're just throwing in the -- they don't wanna fight. You know they him it's just as we said let's -- -- paid jobs for they have no I'm no dedication to their country. And now that we are seeing this. I really don't know -- we expect that. That there can be any. Stability there -- -- -- -- do you like the president's decision do you wanna see air strikes to six year old -- 7866890. It's seventy. And of this story broke this afternoon. Form former mayor Ray Nagin who was due in court about two weeks to get the sentencing and as federal corruption charges bell. Asking for mercy is lifting the the judge to give him it lights Clinton's. Because he doesn't want his child to group of old father. And it would be too tough on his parents and -- top on his life. So should in anyway we give Ray Nagin any mercy and since Sunday is Father's Day. I was really hoping that this flu would be the -- -- it would conduct. -- off because all of us from the most it was a pleasant memories of bread and -- Sundays while Tuesday. Is there a song a movie or an event that always remind you of something special that you shared with you dead. And dead if money were no object. Would Aniston wished you wish your kids would you view and do you raise your kids the same way that you're dead raised you. And what is or what was your dad's best plot. To secure a one late 78668. -- nine point seven let's go to Norman and -- how we -- Norman. And the but only in this situation. On the part of it is absolutely. And we need more troops in and all of our Republican -- But Richard and more troops in a couple weeks. Usually. We shouldn't -- -- -- The corners and he'd be at all. -- -- -- Common all of those okay it would be a big. Picture. Perfect -- court. Portable of that problem. -- the program but we shouldn't occupant. In the. Me as -- -- with everything that it is going laundered knowing that. A rock and not in any way even to -- on -- old army one of the things that the president says in fact. Some -- on the show last night brought up the fact that he really thought it was time. For everybody in in. The the Shiites and the Sunnis to get together and talk trees and in all I said. Yeah that that's very nice but I don't think there's any way that can possibly happen. The president is slain in the definitely need to do do you really think there's any possible to be -- -- below have been fighting about 2000 years. As -- deep seeded hatred. Of the -- And it's a little. Loaded -- that. -- -- Next to open. It hasn't always -- -- Israel and -- And -- interest. Of. It doesn't -- -- -- -- that this is this is what I see happening whether whether we use air power or not eventually. Eventually it's gonna collapse. Well eventually that's an obvious civil war eventually it's gonna go back to the to the way it was and will be a dictator. But I'd just I'm I'm. I hate to say -- I. I was against Doug George Bush. Sending. Our troops over there. I believe that we are going to be up I guess what I'm saying is I think we're gonna have to face the facts that more than likely. Everything we do well that was released on dot I just don't think that country can be labeled the way it is right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well we get back to the absolute facts they never did find weapons of mass destruction. And then it would. Be will be. Audio on capitol creation are groups who administered -- watcher and open. The American. Structured in the capital while. The -- is speaking of going to jail Ray Nagin says. I don't wanna go to jail for whole budget time because it's going to be a hardship. On my fan. What do you -- -- oak tree and the church on real people didn't -- it would. -- -- -- -- -- You all to -- would you tool -- you -- So Sony readers. See that. We. Actually. Enabled in your pocket. You know what it is really amazing. A -- this is. I'm looking online and looking at the polls at that point 81% say no 19%. Say. Yes and you know he made some comments about this being in the but a chocolate city in the common cause -- some racial problems but I tell you one thing. I think. I think both -- white people and African in America -- the -- together on this and the battle they don't want to show him any mercy at all. That you should be. Held against you reach orbit Mercury limited and it would be good citizens of this -- -- a bigger bomb went. -- -- that came from churches as -- a little. Interpreting. Editor of the law under which will review it because it's -- A -- as blockers -- protection that -- wait. Hold on broad. Oh. -- couldn't -- from -- that. It sort of dirt didn't -- It -- about it. Does it on the Internet -- it was yeah. -- -- -- -- Sure it would -- That he is sure all of which -- true at all and as you okay and are you. And your future they are now it -- -- It that's a good point you know -- had not thought about that that one mature right you know. He he wants mercy for his family but he brought his family he brought his son's into doing illegal things. Absolutely absolutely -- -- award joke but he can. Hit over the -- your children to all. If you -- going to figure territory and what would you catered to and now I'm sure now. Which is what she's -- -- -- -- -- injured or. Were. Brought children. But Norman Sunday is football Tuesday is there a song a movie or an event that. Always reminds -- of something special you shared with you dead. All -- open. If you Apatow wanted to go to 10. What is. You -- it wouldn't. It's a community a couple. Years to. And -- a particular. We couldn't. Do. It. All we -- that wouldn't. Because he would. Thank you. And it's a lot of Lowell order yeah. Now Obama -- All right but thank you so very much appreciated okay. All right here's a Christmas my dad was a great person mom and -- 61 years to merit she taught me about many things even sports. Now like coach we were both. Together and Tulane stadium when Dempsey -- that record field goal now while. Mike Bannister gift of the other thing that I'm I'm asking you dads to pony and if your kids have unlimited funds. Would Tennessee gift would you liked in the -- view here's what must my Panasik it would be a thousand acres of prime. On improper. A another text message it's shameful Ray Nagin is using his family is a shield when he was alone. It would be alone made the decision to do what he did and now he brings to family and to protect. All right 26 year old late 78668. -- 90870. We have a few lines open tonight what last night the phones were just. Jan but it was very very hard to call and get into the show to -- not soldier and so if you want to -- call in and give me your thoughts on Ray Nagin. And you wanna give me your thoughts on the situation in Iraq which is which is an absolute mess. -- that the Iraqi Army can't be trusted on many of them -- just abandoning their polls rough rather than fight. And here's a thought. What in your mind is the main reason for the current crisis in Iraq. -- we should ever gotten involved -- we pulled their troops out too soon or city. It's just the climate of people over there and we should've never got involved at all because involved or not this kind of thing will continue to happen to 60170. 866 edit my knowledge heavily -- Bob Mitchell and pursuit of the -- seventy WWL AM implement dot. We will play it just. A little this far our last caller 'cause it's of this. The song gave him great memories understand. Sunday is a Father's Day in one of the things were talking about tonight is there a song movie or prevent the always remind you of something special. That you shared with your -- to securely 78668890870. I'll get to the polls until one quick minute but. This is good for you up for your dad's garage like to treat your dead or the dead in Europe live tour round of golf for four. Including a golf cart and stone bridge country club and -- Just played WWL four dead where you at Father's Day on -- go to WWL radio plays made. Look for the four dead were you at -- Tuesday contest like -- and register to win. We will randomly pick two on one -- Sunday. At midnight and Tommy will announce the lucky winner Monday is so good luck. From the state that loves the dead WWL two sixer -- 78668890. -- -- if you wanna take part of the shall go to Michael. Michael are you tonight. -- Much to you -- still alive. No. I'm a public yet so wait. A moment though it would mean. Then I think you picked up a certain. You'd be executed well what they feel Obama a little -- Is from who would indicate it. And -- It will I think -- birthday. And coordinate that and your -- there and it be cool but it's good. I'm an editor. Michael Michael we have a real real bad connection so hang up and called I. Know we have a go ahead. -- Well. Connection was so bad we lost in the go to Stephanie. Call back to Detroit it's Stephanie how are you tonight. Power things in the by water. -- and critical all right Ray Nagin is asking the judge for leniency in his sentencing because he said that would just beat. If he goes way too long. It's going to be too hard on his family. His -- dollar's gonna have to grow up with -- A father it's going to be a hardship on his life and he has two elderly parents it's going to be really -- on on them would use. I think he -- pull one more game on the public. It does solidly and doesn't. And -- dies you what I've been living here argument mayor and the like in the city and it just need to be an open secret. What a croc Q lines and into the general opinion in my circle back to the matter comparable law conduct. And I like the fact what the last caller reported on what did I admiral Norman Yemeni said that. If he was so worried about his family wanted to be involved his son's. And into this I don't think -- sons that have been charge and I'm I'm I'm not really sure the status of that but he I would measure eventually unless she made -- cut a deal. But you know his son he brought his sons and in doing legal things. I think one parent and make it beyond that -- information. But yet -- and he may normally make an excellent point. He did very good. So -- first the bubble for rate -- talking about Iraq -- is there. A song a movie or an event that every time you see or hear it that it makes you think of something special between you and your dad. Call me my dad he was not -- topic for many years and we are -- a good eye on the. Oh. It's great that it really relate to my daughter my daughter played a softball and -- white could careless about ports. And and -- at that time I work in the morning and she you know -- -- -- should -- opera on the B 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Slow I had time during the day so I was usually the only gone. All. And all the football games all all the all the moms would go and I would be the only father there. And those those Muslims some -- memories and I'm sure she will remember always. You know especially. I was asked believe one time as -- was -- -- too -- Then the dead please don't do that anymore but anyway. A rock I mean it is -- -- Do you honestly think. Even if we use air power to to help them. Future was do you really see that ever settling down and those people living together in peace and harmony. Well until they do it on their own it they're never going to be entry he. I don't even think we can do that airstrikes -- is -- -- law and and bring all our boys home and women should bring our people home -- -- -- get out. Why don't we have while all of our troops home I think there are some I think there are some people there that that that help. I guess train I'm not really sure. What we have there. But that's what all the things that John McCain was saying that he thinks that it happened because we didn't have enough forces there to keep the peace. But you can't force people to get along you're -- and the only reason that they weren't fighting before or they weren't advancing before it because we were there to keep them apart. It's you know it's like having a bunch of kids always want him fighting. And you're the adult in the middle and the -- of adult is there the kids don't fight the minute about goals -- get together and fight. Yet -- very much part at all went to war arm in arm -- animals are bringing in what was in the army. And both my -- to armory. Boat -- and then I came home that day we pull out at -- the back of her yeah I mean that what happened today. Is going to happen. Is that once they pull out LB all for naught. And I was watching TV today and they were interviewing so money veterans and -- veterans were looking at this. And in sadness and saying that you know when we had to fight when we had to go house to house. And we went through that and and we saw some of our bodies lost in battle and we feel that this is all for naught because it's all come tumbling down right now. And -- I think we can use the drone strikes I think it'll slow things down. But I believe eventually. That those that the only government that's gonna work there is that the type of government that's been saying Dan. Hate to say that put -- I think that. And that a -- probably the the the only the only thing that can work their full time. What what their people aren't you can't really say they haven't Patrick thank you democracy they would they may not even know. What did you regret that you relate I mean they have to population doesn't even have a police. And that's that's the believe that it has been what it's about 2000 years have been fighting liked us. Mean democracy at a very young right the united its ideology can not to want to spread it. You -- that haven't skipped all in all black acutely that it's -- out there that you cannot or on of people. We're not prepared for it they don't. The -- completely different culture. -- I think you're right that that's something I'm -- for for quite some time it is a different culture and not everybody not everybody in. Can live under democracy because that's not the ways that -- -- it all their lives in the generations before them of more than and more than. And I don't mind if we use some drones to -- elect slow this down but eventually. Eventually I don't care what we do either. And unless and unless we wanna commit to a 100000 troops on the ground there at all times. It will eventually fall and go back exactly the way at one such -- my opinion. Yeah I think you can continue that commitment sticky part treat and keep our people are different and he'll eat. But we're. Going to want to turn into another America that we are all people in. Well then then we need to go over and just take over. The -- but I'm getting Stephanie thank you for being part of the show tonight. -- All right. Charles and Joseph and Michael hang on I'll be right back with the after this break in the big -- seventy WWL AM at them and dot com if you wanna be part of the show. It's 2601 late seventy. -- -- -- As New Orleans as Mardi grudge. I'm Bob Mitchell imports -- tonight the number to be part of the show was 260178668890. It's seventy tech should be. An 87870. Always liked the site I much prefer -- called them a text to then becomes an older more time together. But a Texas voted to do that's fun we're talking about the deplorable situation the collapsing situation. In Iraq they're afraid that Baghdad football at this point. Talking about Ray Nagin one -- mercy don't send me the jailed too long it was going to be -- hard in my family plays. And we're talking of course about -- Little League go grab a couple of text messages real quick. I'm a 100% positive we can pick out militant stressed and all blocked from the air in illuminate them no problem will do that. With an air strike and then it was 50% of the oil. I hear someone picking on me. Bob Mitchell -- have started the show tonight but mud is going to be. Served at his house for a while displays on the and that's because I said. I'd forgotten I had someone in one of my daughters neighbors -- and and -- and I'd forgotten I have three daughters that's not what I meant I'd forgotten I have three daughters on the North Shore does for a long time. -- do a little short in one on the solves short. And the final and finally did the Smart thing in moved near the family in the north that's what I meant so hopefully there will be too much mud. Listen I'm -- -- the point I'm I'm out of time I can come on the phone right now so wouldn't give you much until I'm gonna ask Peggy. Charles. Uncle Joseph. Michael to do me a big favor and hang on and I promise I'll get to your right after the but not the news today and if you wanna. -- during the news tickets that we have the legendary Jack Harris. The in the in studio producer answering the phones -- me in my opposed tonight. If you call your pitcher ready to go and we'll do it right after the -- -- our. The wars too much like Vietnam brings back terrible terrible memories. Number one thing that reminds me of my dead as -- nectar snowball numbered two almost number one on the honeymooners TV show. All right. I'll see it right after the top Leo rob Bob Mitchell and -- go to WWL.