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06-13 10pm, Scoot, Crisis in Iraq, Ray Nagin

Jun 14, 2014|

Ray Nagin is seeking mercy for his sentence; should the judge give it to him? Obama has said he would not send troops to Iraq; do you agree and/or not?

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And. -- and welcome to the show it is me Bob -- the real Robert Mitchell filling in pursuit who was filling and I think for Angela today. Pollack -- -- will be back Monday and Tuesday and then -- be with you. The rest of the week okay. Here's what's on our WW all of a talked able -- just stuck with. The president today. Addressing the situation in Iraq because of the Iraq prime minister wants the president to us and did some air power. President -- I'll think about that. Is that but we're not sending troops and president also said it's time for the Shiites and the Sunnis to work together. And live in peace and harmony. I admire him personally and that. I'm -- mildly said that. My first thought was I know he's not that naive. But he's saying that because that is the right thing to say that would be the right thing to do I just don't personally. See that happening. So the question is tonight do you agree with the president by not sending troops and do you agree the president about possibly. Doing some air strikes to help the Iraqi Government. Now here here's what's what's interesting if if you have been following this. By all accounts of what's going alone -- -- that the Islamic state of rockets are real close look both of the bad guys taking over. That they are winning this. With very little fighting. The military power of rock they -- an army they're giving up there has taken that you reforms open net and giving up because. The army is made up off of both groups and sold the the -- You know aren't just movie -- in Japan and the Shiites. The Shiites are fighting them and it's it's really hard to -- of some time but the the Shiites are trying to take over from Sony's. But in the army you have -- Shiites and Sunnis so as the Shiites come forward. The the Shiites in the army are not going to fight and that's that that's the big problems the simplest play. I can explain it and I hope that's not -- I hope that's accurate so the question as. Do you agree with what the president is doing right now and what what do you see long term remain part of me says let's. Let's do the air strikes but long term. Is it just going to be a waste and is just a matter of time I guess that's were idea and I wanna see if you agree or disagree with me. I hope I help you disagree I hope you sees something I don't actually but it's in just a matter of time. Before the -- such a way shouldn't collapses and then another dictator will realize we're also talking about mayor Ray Nagin. You've got a lovely -- take like a man. But instead of taking it like demand. Ray Nagin who ruled that sentencing and about a little over two weeks is asking the judge for leniency and the reason he's saying is the fact that. It'll just -- his family. Just so money problems as young daughter's gonna grow up with all the dead birds can be toppled his mom to be -- on his dance to beat top on his life. -- you should've thought about that I haven't gone that -- -- -- pretty drug -- opinion poll question it's amazing how this has been going. 84% say no 16% say yes and actually started out. 30% you know and 3070%. No and 30% yes and it just at the V. Of the nose growing as time goes on are gonna get to the phones we're also gonna talk about Father's Day. I wanna know is there a movie. A song. An event the always remind you of dead. And since I believe in ladies first and that would go straight to Peggy Peggy thank you for calling WW well tonight. Hi how are you. -- by anti -- is there a song. A movie you or an event that always -- reminder of something special union that shared. That they have to back out when I was probably thirteen -- remember it come out and say. And and not that ignoring -- technique is -- Life. I admit it could be very appropriate. Song but Buddy Holly. Can. You. Admit that it because it is the yeah -- and it involved with -- pay. I remember that -- and I really do. I was I was dancing to my partner with the Tennessee while -- pathology and member of delays but I'm a much more familiar with Peggy Sue. And that bat. -- bet on the movement you played back there. One leg lead -- Not that it -- debt that he -- presumption and error. The rarity he's not ever even apologize. To get it people like -- and you know you need to apologize to date came right in and get. -- It's going to be fine I recognize that apart in. He and the expected or better in your life and someone that there unity. Well when you do the things that he didn't. And you have to. You you you putting your family at risk when you do these things and you can't put them at rest and then say while. You know. You have to you have to have mercy on them well you know he should've had mercy on them. Before he went down the road -- -- All right thank you Peggy. -- A bottle -- -- what do you think about -- you do you think there's ever going to be able to get it to do their. Knocked out and beard different cultures. And it. Way of living that people. Are. We're probably get to -- like tea and you're not in the aided and Dubai. We do it again and yeah. I think they just want change. Live there and in poverty and well I can't make it. But I believe that culture of life it is is used to these things is is used to all this. Violence and listen I am I am sure there are a lot of them there that would that would like to live in peace and harmony. No one likes to be approached but. It it just appears to me that this is the way of life there it is the way it is going on and we wanna go there and we wanna say this -- the way you should live. And we're gonna train you and you know if you follow our rules and regulations you'll be OK but that's not there a way of life. And Maggie when -- And certainly. There. DB Jericho. In the E. Coli is to whatever it may be. -- -- Separate the -- on the terror. And but it today in it -- that -- return and blind not you know. -- are talking to Amy thank you. Peggy Sue. Right now let's go to Michael in the rural how are you Michael. Mind Michael. Michael. -- -- trying to have Michael should -- mercy and Ray Nagin. Don't know. But. Then -- -- to divert them Bob mop up. Eat all you pulled her. And whatever about the ma ma -- Figure out children out there. And failure to appear at the -- of the tree Erica. Well and and you know what you'd -- sure it would mean there -- -- -- -- comment on the -- wondered. And I've waited from Mac school -- -- -- It back. All right remember. And had to be tough. I'm so sorry for. Sure going to be very painful for. All right. Look I'm I'm I'm gonna put -- and hold the look you -- -- -- so together OK and then will take a break and we will come up. Right back to secure a late 78668890. It's seventy. Bob Mitchell in pursuit on WW well. Goose -- 017866889087. If you wanna call in and take part of discussions that I -- that's exactly how I feel about what's going on -- and Barack what is a good for absolutely nothing. The president so -- turned down the Iraq prime minister's request for US air strikes but. If Obama changes his mind and he made you know he's meeting with all -- a top advisors US judge could be planned over Iraq in less than a day. If you have been followed in the news. The insurgents or about I think last I heard about fifty miles maybe forty miles. Outside of Baghdad. And if they get their Baghdad and actually fall. Even of the president does use airpower. Pushed them back. Do you feel like -- feel that it's only a matter of time. We may push them back right now but it's only a matter of time. Before that country balls before they go right back to the way they were before. Do you agree with the president's decision not to put troops in do. Two things are only 78668890. It's seventy were also talked about -- nation. Former mayor. He's going to be going to court about two weeks. To data set. And out through his attorney is asking the judge to be lenient. He's saying. If you put me in jail for as long as I think you gonna put me in jail. My daughter approach grope with all the father. Who will be a hardship on my wife real hard -- my senior parents. -- you should've thought about that before you. Do all the crimes you even got your boys involved in doing things that work criminal. So if you were really worried about your kids. You would have done what you did or be -- that kept your kids out of it now. I think you should do. What. This text message those. -- has never said one -- since Cleveland dotted or after he was convicted he never thought it was salary at least Aaron Broussard took like demand. Admitted he was wrong. And went to prison. 260178668. At 9087 -- go to uncle -- it was that you. -- -- bureau global. Mural above mogul Bob you have to be intelligent. It's maestro oh I I didn't make the rules. So can you gotta be uncle -- Balance don't you can be -- vote today. But on my show when I take over on the fill in guy and make the rules uncle Joseph. You'll always be uncle jewels of the uncle Joseph welcome them. Let me ask this question. The president of course today studies -- with its advisors. -- trying to decide. To give them and it's on top of air support and they will too argument loses they'll give -- air support and they'll push him back for a while. But do you agree that no matter what they do eventually this was going to come to an end. World Cup. Interest. You know -- he -- here. Without boots on the ground. Without apparently. Below -- animals -- our partners. And a lot -- via strikes. -- That's that's exactly what I'm -- and yet. I don't wanna -- boots on the ground I don't want to have our troops there forever keeping these people providing the the president said today. That they need to learn to work in shared together. I admire him personally and that the odd just don't think that's a culture where this will work. You're you're you're right but. Here's the -- but here -- about -- aircraft. An award to get revenge battles structural. He even put him back now -- back lot. Mark in six months and a lot of they'll be on the Rampage again. Like I agree that you can't actually do that what happened and that's stereo and you -- I agree on everything it. But let's not -- I don't agree about both brown right I think we have to. Of the battle to secure the oil fields and our partners. -- Well let me let me let me say this much -- navy and if we -- put boots on the ground. And we were to say. We're gonna put boots on the ground and we're going to -- here but in return. Any expense that we run and we're gonna charge you were gonna charge you a mercenary feet and taken on an oil you to talk million of that one. Well I can be taught to. Hold an open. -- Do it. And everything eventually. Yeah. And you you've heard that Iran now is offering to help prices. I -- said. Originally they said that they would send some troops now Iran is saying that they Wilson that -- and weapons. And listen in and it actually the quote them they said that in this. When I read this and -- of this this scared me it's that they would cooperate. With Washington. It is that's scary. They would cooperate we'll want. Let me -- Tia. The Shiite Muslim Iran is so alarmed by the Sunni insurgents gains in Iraq that it said it would be willing. Not a lot of shock here but this is true. That they would be willing to cooperate with the Washington. In helping Baghdad fight back of course Washington what he said no that's -- Yeah like that could happen. I think that there isn't a group that's more radical -- -- and help I don't think about. That you know but it. Right if you're a main visual of this Serb Army when you're too bad for al-Qaeda you rightly or bad. It is not afraid of you can do -- and -- They're gonna want revenge. And I hope to get -- TV and entertaining movie called special bulletin. But particularly of the 97. That would basically about a terrorist attack. States. In which some group are open look at Obama and Alexis -- you. Know he'll borrow. And they put it on on that ship. And -- but I don't in the emerald tablet South Carolina. And the hole. And made the TV movie. We're back it up quite a whole thing -- -- -- TV. Newscast. Our Soledad yes I remember -- that was. -- He has the support -- one more secure -- Peavy made it patent movies other than that the application mobile. It was it was almost like what Orson welles' war of the worlds do it on radio. I think that's equivalent that it's a very good that's a very good mentality and I think it would happen and that don't want it. And that would be in the -- lose. They would do that and put them in the premarket right there aren't a lot of -- a lot of it has been. After learning about. I. And I don't remember it right. Everything will. And really. You know. I don't like it -- hit one bad. Skyscrapers. Everything ready to. Like it's something that. I don't know gone. Up. And what what look what was the conclusion of coming out takes more calls. They probably scared I -- -- good -- -- I think. These people -- believe that. You really. Well let's let's act like that's what being. -- -- mean -- it is critical to produce. One plant and I strike. All right -- uncle Joseph thank you for early -- let's go to core rate. In -- home before go to Korea have -- blinds open to fuel an opponent. It's 2601878. Told 3866889. Point seven. Corey if you've been following what's going on a rock and in the news at all. It's scary. It is really scary. Yeah it is. Actually that's the main reason it was -- all -- -- That people Cronin yeah. One thing about I haven't heard any kind of bring out placed that call before -- local -- Can't. Do a little bit but it. One thing that. I don't -- data connection or not. I think it kinda curious. All the sudden. We year. -- meddling in their -- in. That dominate ordered. There's a lot of grief and administration for the scandal that he's -- involved -- and it kind of the distraction. To give people a bullet -- it. If that I don't know that make it -- but. Not really about things would look what's going on and in Iraq is exactly what is predicted that -- out. United States forces there -- the United States as soldiers and boots on the ground that. This uprising. Happened and I agree with put on -- instead of what we had groups of a couple of times. But he even if we have air strikes will slow down but eventually they're going to continue because. -- each side truly believes that date should be in control. The Shiites believe that they should be in control the Sunnis believe but they -- that they should be in control and it it it is more of all of a religious war. Then than anything again I think weakened. I think we could usable for. Fire power to slow it down. But eventually. Our precious my belief and let me tell you do I hope I'm wrong I hope and pray that I'm wrong. Price that would. The president said today it's possible that they would take and work things out and -- and have peace and harmony I just don't think it's possible. I agree with you there. One thing I like that point out to do. Although the air strike and what not that they're talking about in my -- we do. I think we should focus on though more than try to dictate to other countries you know how they should operate there. We have our own problems -- like our economy is. In shambles yes and we shouldn't be inundated dollars -- the air strikes whatever we have our own issues to deal with here. You see but the problem we have is that we've got involved we stuck our nose some plays that we should not and Nell -- the government that we set up. The government that we helped train the government the week gave. Gazillion dollars to two to train soldiers and stop like that the government and so okay we can handle our own problems down now they're saying. We can't do this -- -- analyst we need your help. And so were -- like playing the rock and a hard place here but I am encouraged because the president said. That he was not going to send troops and he said. He said that Iraq is not a military challenge. He says that a rock leaders must set aside differences and I've again upset at him punch at times I'm so glad you said that I don't know whether they can in a just. Now people will or will look like -- I don't think it's spot will. I mean even Warren didn't fight each other in fighting -- couple out and hear them -- I don't think it doesn't matter -- our. It and keep the -- right. And you know I hate to say this but it it kind of reminds me -- what's going on our own country your -- the Democrats the Republicans who putt well constantly. Fight each other for control and they could give a rat's -- about us the people. In back there. Yeah it's been that or they. All right I'll see you wanna talk about Ray Nagin also -- asking for mercy mercy mercy mercy. It builds on the way too long to be too hard to my family. Do we show him any mercy at all. I think -- are -- there are seeing. But on the flip side -- is you got to be responsible and except you know the consequences which you do. And I think the best thing if he's using his daughter as kind of like. PD. We'll play. The best thing for his daughters pretended it that he did wrong and show you know content for. Sort. You'd be sure yourself as real man if you. Own up to what you did wrong and then you can be a good example where you children PRD messed up a little bit with his son -- -- given at all. He would -- his daughter. He ought to be here accidentally do it. When you know that's that that's that's a burger pointed kind of reminds me of of these people that do hideous crimes. And -- and -- and seriously okay they do these hideous crimes. And and and then they then endemic countries those which was great. And here's what happens god can forgive them but they still have to pay their debt to society. And -- love this xmas. As -- Test negative it like some commodity cheese with his wall and let -- no mercy. Corey is there any movie or book gore song -- special event that would whenever you see at the north here -- my interview dead. Well. Well -- it must have been a big LSU -- He has the he ain't got lucky it baseball football. Basketball at that reminds -- in the. Is he still alive. Yeah. That he probably didn't take us. Being smacked down in baseball very well. I didn't I didn't aides are well and what makes it -- I was at the game I was at the game when we were leading for nothing. -- bottom six and we collapse. Yeah eight yeah it was in the short break and I think next year if we can get to -- replace Nolan. Which I don't know we end. We got it we always felt like chain -- as well and we did got a lot of good ballplayers is. Course I do think sometimes that when -- and miles. Graduated from the same bone head decision making university. Yeah that we need to tighten up on the -- on -- All wasn't that terrible who -- All right Corey thank you so much about it evident. All right you -- John I'll be right back with you and we have some lines open too sick zero point 78866889. Awaits them. Perfect song right now perpich -- Jack. Jack Harris is on master control tonight we're getting some some great music thank you Jack I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit. If you -- -- and and take part of the show it's 2601 late 78668890. It's seventy. Before I get to the polls -- -- are reminded there is always something new -- WWL the outcome -- and campus of the books. We have an exclusive interview -- Drew Brees and -- -- from a resident pros. Bobby a beer okay garage and ballistic will be a recap refuting -- take on -- Steve Geller as. Put a debt be the new Sproles. And team Bob sizes up the line also bottles of all the action from our main man Chris Bennett are right posted back to the polls we're gonna go to John in. -- -- brigades seventy pretty drug war opinion poll question John. Former mayor Ray Nagin is asking the judge for leniency. In his sentencing because -- No leniency. -- it out of -- he did you know you know descending like olive. Mr. return on archer and dialogue here he is out water at the guys on -- Are subpoena people. And like if you try not need to wait yeah if you count European I think he should add that. -- -- But it's amazing that he put it right extent are acting out. -- the 84%. Say no would only 16% say yes. So what do you think about the situation in Iraq. The president said no ground troops may be air. Do you think we should do anything and all and do you think the bottom line is no matter what we do eventually is gonna collapse. Like we've -- by scary yeah I would go out -- I'm glad I approach the big. That you know that. Collecting gasoline prices go about right now one vote they. There's some change. And that's very I cannot see it with about seven gal. And John is is there. Any movie your. Song more. At any event that whenever you see it or hear -- dollars a month of Sudan. -- I -- oval next column. And they can answer and well that game Apatow and Powell and all right you know optic no apologies no -- -- a brick colonial politics. And the other one -- -- -- -- now he gets he has not the again and. All right John appreciated calling I'll I'll get to Gary and in just a minute winner of the blinds open its 2601878. 866889087. Were talking about the situation. In Iraq in the president's decision not to put boots on the ground. They said no no no no I'll think about air strikes. Art do you approve of his decision with no troops and what do you think is -- his decision thinkable airstrikes deputy do you feel like -- feel that. Air strikes and out eventually it's all gonna come on crumbling down to 60178668890878. Situation in the Middle East on the text message right now the situation in the Middle East has not changed in centuries I believe never. Will will total I would -- it I'll believe it never will -- totally pull the rest of our soldiers out of and not assist them in anyway it's costing way too much money I'm pleased that Obama isn't sending more troops but. Go to Gary Gary how are you on radio how do you feel Gary you pleased that the president's not sending any troops. You want in the center hopes China. A military lost a monster and all those guys you know yeah. It would they had to do when -- spirit. And -- her sister probably just to at all we have troops in Germany. And career to all on you know speech she. I mean I think we should do restore an -- and -- sure do. But sure it didn't beginning. Do we have to just take legal due to the government keep our troops there if we have an interest there were more oil. You know in in the future and now -- central Spain and implement like we have the Korean. War. So you think we should just occupy the country. You know -- occupy but you know if it actually makes sure that inning and get out the first. You know -- military loss. -- know a lot of luck lost Iowa. Ours and and like Vietnam now a lot of not at all certain. You know politics got to be too hot and they're under one of the votes are they older. Gave back. But let me -- this it let me ask this but when you draw the line if if we send troops would would have to keep them there. For -- and you know these groups do you know they're not gonna give up and I don't care how many troops you have there of you know. It is gonna cost lives is gonna cost an incredible financial expense to our country. Do we won't do either one. Well I mean not -- it must pull out. Richard Richard moved out so he did you know -- -- You do what you gotta do they -- -- -- now. This -- too late that is just too late to turn back out there that cost. You ought to many military people you know all fortunate you. You want it. And and I used to make you so what are we getting out. It would it would jamboree were not a career mutual strategic audience you know there. But at least at the oil and at least in those areas we don't have people still trying to attack us and trying to trying to push a child. If you're if you're a call even the Iraqi Government was saying we want the troops out so hot body you help people that don't want your help. -- later arrested or any other -- for now. You know they thought they could do it can't. You know and and the thing is don't let it go and just you know. Half way del -- okay we're gonna go -- does warrant McGinest. Do you do. And then you know you had to go to -- church and they -- you know look around okay. I should really handle it now you know we knew we had to do stage and -- GM will. You know make it just keep you. Location. -- to Gary you know you all. The you're willing to to fight and give your life for your country the the troops over there there at the the the Iraq arm real well there are. There are all just the paid for higher end -- of the no matter what. -- Depend on which side comes and that that depends on whether they defender got a a lot of the gains that the Shiites from making right now at the -- is that they walked in and and the soldiers to drop their weapons does. They're Shiites and they don't wanna fight them. And I I don't know Hadi on a high you get aroma. You know in the military you you know a sport we all from our country in Vietnam. Do they turn around and gave it back -- on the line in Vietnam they turn around and walk well. And we have not been there but do we I don't wanna see that happen again you know. But it it in Iraq if we send more troops are we gonna continue to lose lives. Well absolutely imminent there's you -- you know take control or you know. -- -- But let's suppose you -- -- but supposed to send troops. And you lose and you lose lives and you take over and over that's pretty much what we tried to do and then we start backing out. Would we not via a point where we have to stay there all the time and wouldn't week. -- and we constantly because there that the other -- would always be fighting against those one week constantly losing American lives. Did you console could try and I think that America if we win -- and and chilled what we can do and we can do. And I think that you know does Sony is so whoever bills and then you know we just got to. You know -- All right Gary thank you so much. 26017866889087. If you wanna take part our conversation tonight about the situation Iraq or about. Mintier Ray Nagin said please don't say -- jailed for too long exhibit -- part of my family. Do we giving -- I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit on WWL. Mitchell in pursuit welcome back the show absolutely love leads both oak -- storage -- criminals that are just. Total total idiots and I've got a good run for you tonight -- go off. Our Bozo criminal of the day decided to torched some cars. He set three cars on fire in May it would seem to be a clean get away. Except one teeny tiny thing. This proposal left his keys behind now of course these could be hard to Trace but are both those key chain. Contained several store rewards -- -- Using information retrieved from the tags are Bozo was tracked down and arrested. -- our big 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll question former mayor Ray Nagin is asking the drug for leniency in his sentencing. Because of the rest. On his family. One of the things he says it is. He can go away for twenty years. Daughter -- to drop out of faltered. Wife would fund the tough current front. He wants mercy. Would you have mercy on -- you can go to WWL dot com at this point 86%. Say no and only 14%. Say yes. That's gonna do it for this hour and if view if you're just tuning in. Right after the news I'll come back and I'll do you know we're going to be talking about our last -- of some text messages. To read I'm Bob Mitchell and for -- and this is the big 870 WWL AM up lemon dot com.