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06-13 11pm, Scoot, Ray Nagin/ Crisis in Iraq, Father's day

Jun 14, 2014|

Bob continues to discuss: Iraq, Ray Nagin, and Father's day.

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Well not tonight. It's the cute show but it's me Bob Mitchell the real Robert Mitchell filling in for -- tonight. Not this time of night I mean WWL. Literally cover of the nation and the Catholic thirty dates dates that we cover. I don't know that. People listening all over the place so I thought this that this this last hour maybe we can ring the little people in two. It was a political. Sunday -- -- Tuesday. And I thought it shows like the really really interesting. If we the start taking phone calls and asking people. To talk about their dads and being active in the forest today. Is there may be a movie. Song. In the event something that whenever you hear it. Whenever you see you whenever you know about it it immediately ties him. A great memory something that you and your dead shared so will Sunday be in -- Tuesday tomorrow. If any of that strike shoe I would absolutely. Love to hear your story. And of course all of us have been -- attention I would have to think of the situation in Iraq the president. Says that the -- and violence -- should be a wake up call for Iraq leaders and here's what -- sent. We lost about five miles laws and going over tour rock which I don't think we have gone. To begin with. And I think I had the number total government from a -- -- -- something like one point seven trillion that's trillion with a T. Dollars. And that can actually increased to a lot more because we actually had to borrow money. To finance. The war we had to borrow money to go to another country and fool around them. And they say that by the time we played the interest back and everything it could actually get up to maybe. Six trillion. Dollars. Now that we have pulled out. They say you we can't keep doing it doing because oh we can't fight the other guys. So what what's going on -- go to groups or whatever ago Shiites the Sunnis and right now we have the book the Sunnis in place. And the -- to take control. And the Shiites have taken control although a couple of studies and other moving toward Baghdad and and the Iraq government is not in the -- -- not government Malia the government but the Iraq army a lot of them are just abandoning ship so to speak. Then they don't want a flight. Because again this is the religious war of the army is made up of both sides so. You have one side saying today. I'm I'm not -- but my Brothers I'm gonna go and go along with them. And this -- the type of countries that type of environment that these people lived in forever. So I just don't see how anything we can do is going to change. Presidents that is not sending any troops. He's keeping open the option. Of air strikes. But eventually I don't know if you feel the same way I feel. That eventually. It's is gonna collapse and it's gonna go back the way the laws and legal and read this a text message to the pits and exactly. With one on Sunday. Bob the way the world is always interest in the Far East and other countries throughout the world have lived with dictatorship. Warlords and dominating. Actions. We have the people of the United States cannot force them to change to live the way we want them to maybe someday. In May take a hundred years or more these countries learn to live in please. The people have to change themselves. Just as history has proven over the ability. It will eventually come process. And I don't think I can work anymore than that particular text message. So although all. Washington. Actions of what you'd like John McCain. Is pushing the president for an air strike -- John McCain says we should still have troops there. He's urging the administration. To consider airstrikes. My question to you is that if we do air strikes. And we pushed them back so we pushed them back away from Baghdad some. Well I don't know who's gonna go back in and retake the other two cities I don't think you can trust the Iraqi Army to do that. And if we do pushed them back some. Are we just isn't just a temporary thing. Is eventually going to happen is eventually that that that the country will go back probably was. When Saddam Hussein was there. It'll go back to it and they'll get a dictator and will be the same thing in all the money in the lives that we put -- -- this is just going to be promoting. I would hate to see that. I don't see any other option I don't see us being able to change anything unless. On this we want a cent of total troops over there. And leave them there forever and continue to keep these people from fighting against each other. I don't want us in any more troops over there I don't want anymore lives could be lost. I don't wanna be there for ever. If we're always gonna be placing people trying to take the so. To secure -- 17866. And it 908 summit in -- from New Orleans the gonna love this. Ray Nagin goes before a judge in just over two weeks. To get his sentence and -- federal corruption charges. Now he's saying. Being nudged me now he's saying. I need leniency. And now he's worried about his family. These were about what his daughter is going to have grown up with a dead these words how is likely to handle it. His word about how is mom and dead is gonna handle it. I can understand that. But race. Why weren't you thinking about all those things before you did these illegal things why were you thinking if I do this. And I take this money. And I take these broad that I get my kids involved. If I get caught. -- month and we couldn't deal with us. A six year old -- 786689. Points that are right let's go to jolly Johnny I'll -- tonight. What are your thoughts on -- denies doing more than just giving whatever it takes. -- Percival obstacle that. Will regret it personally that well number -- listen -- -- -- right now. So what they should do in different equipment. -- You don't work it all. -- you stop appealing to the she's not the ought to -- and you ought to. -- Talk to people -- on the people if it means and if you do that. -- will call it charge and yes I don't know that the people that you get the job it's not the law. You know Johnny Depp is the most sensible thing that anyone has said all the right you know you're right if he does that. And the appeals to the people and and and says look to go -- I'm sorry but you know and and let us judge whether he's being sincere. Are not you you're right -- where where -- earlier tonight generally. -- And call. It. That these men to do it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- don't when I look at the opinion poll it's it's it. It it keeps growing -- thank the 16% must -- a family members calling them. Yes and he. Well. Say that work has been that involved and its dual players who want that -- and late in the Cuba. Those people that live in retaliation. There will be out and about critical certainly and people totally. -- -- You -- Johnny earlier tonight uncle. Well. Was named one play uncle oh my goodness gracious. One is terrible anyway off to go -- wasn't Joseph. Who -- who called -- movement talking about Joseph uncle Joseph thank you. Yeah I had a senior moment their. He said the same thing he says that the people. He said if we bomb them at all that -- the markets down or somewhere because. And and they are I for -- tooth for tooth. So thank you. Are right. Let's go to let's go to -- the ninth with getting late and I'm I'm part lose my concentration. Calcutta forget uncle Joe's good graces. A. -- live but he. Got a little less than knowledge Bo. There about. What would rate of pop. -- -- And will wait wait reported it did didn't you like Johnny suggestion. About Ray -- You know. You know call a press conference relate to polls close are you liberals judge. And you're. Right. OK let's let's talk about -- talk about Iraq. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I know would bring about the unity of Iraq. All it would -- what the US constituent and -- The now. App that we have been in it would certainly aren't. Here yeah I mean they're like we. I served for illegal war while sort you don't report for you -- a corner. And it can't. Well look like we you know we keep saying well. We took out that I am. The could not in Libya. The cop bar in each and not on the chilly and -- the day. The situation couldn't they couldn't -- -- like that that and correct. -- -- -- -- -- Oh what they -- that out. -- He picked out -- democracy and the people. Between. The EU. It -- -- speak about trying to train and upbeat. The truth of the double. -- all -- if -- real that is an audit by the people. So you know -- -- crime and their football and the law. And you know what it -- go out to you -- Well thank. Book. That would. Is that the people that this has been brought to your country. While the national corporations. You look at the people money from the UN and he's out. Well you know it it took me. A lot studying and understanding about what's really going on in the Iraq army in the Iraq army you have the Shiites and the Sunnis. The -- In England took over the government tried to get -- as many of the Shiites as possible. But the army is made up of the Sunnis and the Shiites so if the Shiites. Move in and they move into a city that is primarily. On Shiite. And then the Iraq army shields up. The Shiites in the army they're not gonna fight because -- that -- -- to be fighting their own religion. So there I was just throw the guns don't take the uniforms off. Most of the gains that the Shiites have made they said that has been very little resistance because. The army at that it's not like our army where you're dedicated to your country and you fight for -- They are not fighting for their country they're fighting for their. Individual Ottawa the column tribes or whatever it is. There is sold -- And the Shiite spiritual atmosphere that -- waffle -- what really. And and an elbow. I have a truly. And glad that the Barack Obama is not sending of troops and -- you you would think our main. That's right and -- that would be of corporate site. And people say that we should go back -- believe. It you were became born moderate oh Lilly. Really what most except at the end of the tunnel. You know why they're certainly. I'm I'm hope I'm hoping that the President Obama. Does not allow all all this outside pressure on him. But and it's strictly for political reasons -- that that that it I hope he doesn't hoping he does not succumb to that pressure. And I hope he says look. It is no longer our problem we tried to. And we we it no matter what we do. Unless we work. Unless we were to go in and occupy the country it's it is now our country were taken deal unless we do that no matter what we do somewhere down the road this country is -- -- -- implode. And that was it at I -- -- Many. Cabinet -- -- -- can be pretty all right and our diplomatic. And then and then would have the rest the world against us. Google. Me. Net for. Not one but check all -- -- and it would get an era that's right. And it. But you know. Competitor and he rejected an -- And it is. Al-Qaeda. Or cool. Could end up. I know I mean. It looked like after my orders report for you -- she's been to war well you know. I'm thankful. You can't back -- want these. And we have a visit from gap you don't bank people who promote it. Will rich I thank you and thank your daughter are up for me for serving our country okay. All right you two all right Michael -- Janice and Burton Gregory I'll get right back to you would take a break. I'm Bob Mitchell is the -- and show the brigade seventy WWL AM FM and dot com. And the phone number to call is 260170. Toll free 8668 at 90878. I'm Bob Mitchell and pursuits on this Father's Day. So is there -- saw in the movie or event that always remind you of something special that you shared with your dad let's go to. Michael Michael are you tonight. Because -- thank you. Lot father always thought -- -- on my wife that other. Integrity. That would integrity sleep well and always it is always. Reminds me of each of those -- you can get over on someone when nobody is watching for example. It is. That person at the grocery store convenience stores -- -- eat too much change back and you know you'd you profit. 48 and more than you should know it. Give it back. -- the right thing even when. No one is watching. You feel better Abacha will be at its I don't know how is it that you need and dollars too much and you walk out and you know you -- over. You'll sleep well. And it all away from -- -- is be. It gave it back or if I see the person in front of me. Not in the back I wonder edit -- I mean -- -- and how that but the funny thing about my Butler is. Want to tell -- do the right thing even when no one's watching -- accompanied. Out of it. I don't know how well our -- and always had a break into my own out she. Oh. -- that I just heard -- siren in the background you know breaking into your own house right now. -- I actually still -- It's yeah and our job these days. But -- to work do you do well I'm certain. Servants and legal papers and Kenny. -- on some not -- This time and I -- legal papers. When it whenever you can catch him on. -- kind of like what to stop not stalking them what they call out the state is staking them out right now. I'm mistaken about the the problem is now I think they've probably -- is that big 870. And. -- no it probably won't know a true. The probable won't suspect of -- probably figure somebody else's house. Well and it they know it's where they know I'm doing the right thing. Run was now that I have you Michael you you wanna comment on on the situation in Iraq. Any thoughts on that. You know I'm not educated enough about it I think it's. Homelessness. Hunger in America. -- certainly more pressing issues then they wore. Halfway around the world. But you know what about our military our our. Without the defense. We don't enjoy the freedoms that we do and so that's just -- -- you know. I keep both sides that it there war longer ignore my peace monger. All right Michael appreciate your polian and quick text message if only a rock Kevin dictator that -- with an iron fist and kept al-Qaeda and checked. Oh wait a minute you're at at at that they've missed it at one time let's go to Janice laureate tonight Janice. Highly in the until the fund your parents -- No -- A different this -- with regard tipping Megan. He took the money in killing all kinds of dinners and vacations everything and I think he just suck it up the other man. And take the punishment -- think to feel he has anything as much to do with his family he skipped Bob. At that well I I think. Will -- When the federal. Crime and you go to a friend and -- little bit different in an -- going to the other value. Nobody should doubt about it and I do agree with -- -- -- he definitely should've thought about being student. People are doing what he -- it was a very up mountain community of very arrogant man Eric Compton. He can't start that he -- yeah. We know I think and I think their biggest disappointment with all of -- -- Ray Nagin is that when he first got elected we thought wow. We finally have a mayor that we can depend -- we fondly of the mayor. That's gonna think about this country I -- think about this city in fact I think I assume you remember him. After Katrina a making a promise that no one was going to to profit off the -- contracts and then he wind -- doing it himself. Well I don't think it's terrible I voted for him it's time I thought he was gonna do good things. And a highly. Very very disappointed. In him my daily lives. Janice is there any movie or music or event that whenever you see you watch it. It from -- -- the special thing to -- with the dead. Movies and music it. But apparently counting I was a young child -- I would second it about one I don't remember but I definitely didn't. I don't think doing. Something comfortable on it as something that. And and he said -- You can't. Have it all. He can do. We speak. Yeah saying this happy day you need to. Keep some. Definitely. The companies are making new friends that I had -- great time can make money. He can -- every time something you -- she -- -- it. Me advantage important lesson but kept -- again and child he really the end. -- all right Janice thank you for filling in tonight. All right let's go to -- birthed in Washington parish are you -- -- values. I'm doing -- Ray Nagin says. Please please please don't send me away for too long is going to be too hard in my my daughter my wide open my. My mother and father please please please have mercy on the well our our -- seventy. Jaguar opinion poll at this point 85%. Say no only 15% say yes that's probably -- family. So what would you think about it -- Well my opinion is quite accurately be any different from anybody else -- -- let everybody else goes. I don't let anybody else felt -- at. So if you agree that there's there's a text message politicians are only sorry when they get caught. Stop your whining Nagin and grow up nobody cares. Absolutely. What I -- right leg union is his swagger everything you. At -- are tightly responsibility. They all apologized for. Nobody is not and you know he had a chance to take a plea bargain before this thing -- two. To trial which would've. Greatly reduced the number of years that he would be going to jail for but he was so cocky but he thought he was not going to. Yet he thought he could go on the stand that he thought he would he would not get would not. They would not return a guilty verdict he thought he talked his way out of it. And now Andy couldn't and he's facing from what I've read about possibly as much as twenty years. And they always say and that -- -- -- a year to be almost like a life sentence. And his daughter would grow without a dad and that it would be too tough on his wife and his mom and dad so he wants leniency. Well English now is so bad that they felt that they could get away with them what they really wanted to do it and my happening and it's I have laying people that. Have been convicted. And definitely you got to serve and advance but what certainty after -- Barbara is there any thing like you may be a movie are assault or some event that whenever it happens or you see this for you here this. He makes you think about maybe a special event that. That you and your dad shared. Well actually Monday that when I was really young but. My favorite memories of him is that these leftist at least that -- yeah it was so romantic and my mother. And and against aliens sales. And -- look. -- What the country western singer you and. Did he do that they did that professionally. Well yes and know what that weapon in -- in you occupation that they did did that and I -- -- was on the radio it made several different lines you know. And take its latest black -- -- -- but he wanted to you and Pat The Bat limelight. My remembrance of ailments that but he shares. That is right now with many had mentioned this earlier on with with my dad and my dad done. Love the fairgrounds in the loved loved race horse and so. Whenever anything to do with corporation makes you think about him but the main thing was on Thanksgiving Day. That was always the opening day of the fairgrounds. And my dad always went. No matter what and my dad was one policemen. I remember. My mom you know getting on him about things. But I never ever remember a -- dead yelling at my mother and fact elected remember 11 Thanksgiving. My dad and my mother were always. Have dinner like late like around 6 in the evening that way modem would go to the racetrack and then come home. And this one a particular Thanksgiving she decided -- want to call early that you -- everybody eat around 12 o'clock the way most people do. And she told my fault or he could go to the rays struck. And my father was getting dressed in my -- just on him and on him on him. In my -- is just. Taking his time getting ready. What's this -- -- puts his medal and she's screaming in -- anonymity because it was all right -- I'll see you later and one. And I never hit it that the one where you remember about my dad and an I mean. I was never able to obtain them in my life. He. He he he -- he always seemed to be that the type of individuals both -- with my mother. That he never yelled that she would get on him. Like something awful and he just would not you it's okay she would tell him you can't do such and such I don't want to do insults such and such. And he would say all right I'll see you later and there was you know a remember growing up you know thinking you know. Why don't -- fight back dead but. Now but now I realize that he did he was -- it was important that he was avoiding arguments all the tough but it. But the fairgrounds. Opening day Thanksgiving always reminds me. Of abundant on the fairgrounds. All right -- I appreciate you joining in tonight. Well let me activists that -- have some things should. There -- yet another Vietnam thing it's political. If that does not. On the United States and anyway it's not going to reflect all of us up like we need to fail commando is. But I think the problem and I first of all I agree with you but I think the problem does is that we should have never. Gone there to begin we should have never. We should have never stuck our nose to begin what -- and yet. Yeah absolutely not yeah I'll -- billions of dollars that we can't let it run away. Our country needs it more than -- -- -- -- Well I mentioned this earlier and I read this a couple of days ago that I that I. Did not know. We had to borrow the money to fight the war and they're saying that right now. The cost of the a war and everything and take care of our troops and -- when the troops come home. Is somewhere around one point seven trillion dolls but by the time. We've we've financed this over. The the next I don't know thirty or forty years to interest we pay audit that we it it could get as high as six trillion. Dollars. I know. And then you remember them. -- when we have a balanced budget we didn't have to borrow money sure do. And look at that and it capsized -- -- It terrifies me to -- is quietly -- -- knows what children on the yeah we're on grandchildren get it. Absolutely. And the thing that education in this country has gotten so buying it really reluctant about it is certain year. I'm concerned -- I gotta go thank you filibuster for a narrow -- All right Ron I'll see you next on the big day it's seventy WWL AM at them and dot com. Welcome back the show I'm Bob Mitchell in approach to reducing to zero late 7866889. Point seven -- think we can get one more call in after we talked to. Ron Ron how are you tonight. Round are you with me. Ron is not what but he. So that means we can definitely get some body else on 26 -- -- late 7866889087. Noted caught up on them. The line of text messages no. No sports Ray Nagin mercy full punishment for Nagin look at what he did to those suffering after Katrina. Let's see him and when here's one kind of like against navy. Sure little mercy for right if governor of -- ten years they can should get ten. Too much disparities on federal sentences like I think the only difference though -- -- is of robbers and killers serve less than twenty. Is I think ray had more charges. Against him was convicted of more charges against him then. Then governor Edwards. Let's say yeah this is Ron. -- business hello. Hey Bob Gregory. Were you paid me and I I'd like to -- deal last minute just out to be real quick. Saying that reminds me of Tulane football reminds me -- my day -- one thing just grew up going man. The old stadium and again looking forward to this coming year because we are begin its season tickets to the new stadium. Nobody can beat Spain but it's so good to be on campus again -- keeping two months -- met I'm grateful for that. All too old to you only through a boy man. Memories goal I'm 52. Was right on the edge. It it was just a great place to watch games from our. Suitable I'd listen I'm actually watched the Super Bowl there. But -- debt went to the very first it would it would have played two -- need him back then inevitably what and that's a big gap of fifteen dollars a piece. You know it it it just goes to show you how -- things are different at that time if I can recall. I think Tulane was in the SEC at that time. It's certainly what was it well. Like when I started going to be gained five -- six is gold they had opted maybe they -- independence for a while like Notre -- You if you think they regret that these days. I think they do but it was its emphasis on non academics not athletics which is really really really dumb. That's just my opinion because it's such a great school they could've done votes. Now I I'd and I don't think people. Really understand that in the NCAA. Has certain standards for students -- Tulane. Raises there is above that. And that's why sometimes they have a hard time recruiting people because. The of their academic. Levels or are higher than your average cool -- light -- what -- have a hard time getting the super great -- it's written. There's a whole lot of guys that are much open in my bed around thank god that always. Lament about leaving the FCC now where we in the BC we want -- school of it reported its debate. That is -- east and West Bank. Go directly to jail. -- -- If you write history he had so many counts against him the caught red handed over to forty it was 241 convicted on one -- believe Edwards didn't. That man at the -- was convicted for -- count was serious enough. And so you get you get so many years for each count. Exactly yeah I mean that guys deserve every -- if he wants that you know. We want -- and chocolate city let me let it go -- reach out. Little. Circle. So really all right look you know so you -- break up and another thing. Iraq last night -- to what we should do to solidified that they do anything toward the you can go it's quiet. Public all of that to me last night at some disparaging word to say about John McCain. What does that John McCain do you not been -- music department. Up it would John McCain did he spent five years -- in the Vietnamese panel opens he does that it be by the pilot. By the pilot but in every. Party in what is. But it country well I think I -- a whole lot what John McCain to get it done and for our country. I know I honestly I don't call that only. That I've I must've been daydream in his and I don't call that in the does the John McCain listen I don't necessarily. I don't. Right I don't I don't agree with -- philosophy right now because for him. But I've found out I found out today in an interview. He served two years. Of solitary confinement I know. In the Hanoi Hilton with united on broken yet and want to wipe on the way and AI. We'll -- torturing yeah absolutely and he would also want the guy on the USS forestall it blew up in 1967. Unfortunately that was one of the bird and the scramble and they've a couple of other guys. Believe he's one of reasons why dornin need to not get the job that he did on the flight -- client every day you don't have a day off by -- -- present. I don't quite odd adult agree with how aggressive he would like to be you know bought. He has a great American I believe him. Want to do I think he's. But the problem is that Manning did and hopefully in the conservatives from. Somebody permit in my generation you know I'm not that much younger than in the mid thirties on the -- that you know. But the same way about these guys to conservative vote Democrat. Had to think that -- wait too long. And that Mary Mary Landers one of them are right -- ought to -- Thank you but let's go to Ron in the marinate run -- a couple minutes report like -- Your thoughts on Iraq. Yeah. Use. -- Rainey and true. That comment there between the advancing. Feeling. What you're going eighty miles -- And other closer than that actually -- go ahead. Now -- super Graham. Well the Iranian troops have not come in they have offered to help but that is not been accepted. I understand. But anyway. Bring damn man. And use American air. I would not only do I ran involved. Well. -- Look at the consequences. Are consequences. -- these women. On. In. Not. No actually they're going to run -- I agree with you but I thought -- truly honestly believe that sooner or later. It's going to happen I appreciate you calling on to gonna go to a break and this is for a our last caller who. Who was at Tulane and I'm I'm a big LSU fan but. Jack found the Tulane fight song for -- so I hope it brings some good memories yeah.