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Jun 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning and thanks for joining guardianship as more we will. Talking all caught on your landscaping here are your hour about which you're long. Our -- -- -- tree -- for sure fir tree. I you're in or -- if there's something go on Cuba in power in the course of the week. May be a problem with in six countries that you decide that you need to do something about we are getting the upper hand pastor situation then. You wanna check out theaters. You know make it better way of dealing with them and what you can and being to this point. Along those lines folks. And -- joke that relates to your client that relate to your plant will be -- answer your questions on those as Portland. And that were able to 60. 187 be outside the local New Orleans area. You can call in poultry and 866. 8890. A seventy. I got this happened in the last. Well for now we can of people all when it comes terrain we keep our eye on -- in this time of the year too much. Is it better worse than too little. And there have been in since we are too much. A -- this time here and to be really -- and certain areas and Eric again you know all our rain others maybe it just a moderate mountain that you find yourself in an area that little -- or ankle again. That and we also several bench marks are the ground it's really saturated and stay as well for a long time. I. Never forget to -- 81 era this deal here planet orange greens and oxygen to breathe out carbon dioxide just like we did. And they -- in that they need from the air spaces in the so little oil. And -- only think about. On the fact -- -- -- -- -- -- force space is little speakers and openings between particles small first the sheet that they are they're. When it rains a lot when you hear the force space is Cold War. And then gravity pull that war for the deeper into the shall well and that took hold water in the as the water go deeper in the school. Air moves in Indian control in the worst patients who wore out air shall respect in central port space -- complicated that's very important. At that time or -- retirement -- the worst case is saturated and then the extra order for insult. If that doesn't happen soon enough. Then the roots are deprived of the oxygen that they need a -- part of the archived and are paying eight began to get Jerry -- They shut down and concealment plank and drink water or shelter at church when the root system gets sick and shut down. The plank into the water that it ancient took -- these are situations. I'll -- actor -- three days four days of guys. The ground is saturated we got the engine airplane in eagle shuttle. We have to. Its pre. Eagle and you look Richard Gartner and -- -- this or will it you know the as for volunteer Bob financial will that are all clear goal or world that are all are idiots are will -- I want. When the plant will -- conditioned. And the idea so well Asia routes shut out -- -- that situation -- be. If you ever get out and raised particular reader information on planting -- in Louisiana -- planting an error art or bad or hopes. Or vegetable cart we all while planting and they raised situation. We -- our -- or -- up at eight falcons hired in the surrounding -- we built them up at eight to ten inches or more aware and -- -- social because we know we get shall restrain. The -- lately -- that's all we need that extra drainage and as you can do about the rain when she -- the trees bit differently on. So if you have a situation over after being happy brain. Within a week are cheap you know as collapsing and dying even after the rain has credential from you know I'm watching and maybe ultimately dying. I mean you need to improve drainage and some of those areas the -- -- to -- -- after -- for the -- to recover from -- -- The -- and have been good from India but many others. And they kept us into war so much so far this year has occurred almost precisely. What we really needed it and major drug issue. But he -- we have had too much -- issues and those issues can be just as bad or worse because spot route from lecturing. Our ability to do about it that they just let die. But a plant that will that because that means water because has been to draw and our dog walker it will be fine so into waters more often able. Been too little water and so be aware that what we do and commercials that are having should. Plans aren't we got all the rain. -- make sure -- we always trying to arrange that situations. Like so cowardly and regarding questions at 60. 187. -- is an all go to Cheney. Calling from the bill he can get more and. More job. Back and share our planet will be inside for a New York. And be sure your branches. Bob are now and sport too you know. All -- you know Eagles all all the exterior -- in why. But he and the interior and the brown out Italy search and salt water on the side not treated once -- on the side. And I aliens -- for -- totally. Normal thing with the job. Doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't involve the past Butler is there are some -- as well on the pest problems. This normal actually. And and -- apple -- and social problem the Leland cypress and an anxious. On an issue and when they were when they're healthy. They're they're better but financial the issue at all and -- and times are disappointing as a result actual also an issue Jimmy. A spotlight or op approach that -- is their own. And it's a fungal infection usually these symptoms start to the branches. At work that way back in New Hampshire -- act so what people he has problems opt to be a but it Cleveland -- as you -- such Ingraham. The arrangement for -- arbitrary. Browning from the inside out -- -- the range is are we and the bullets -- is really -- -- -- the interior of the tree and orchestrated. Those in need in the tyranny and kill -- and -- like trend or -- completely architect well it should child because children on the outside it shouldn't be in charge. Part the answer is. -- it was brown and there are no big deal. The other possibility again Cheney is under title -- title -- the symptoms indicating much awful problem. There's more likely expire much but it it any worse. The last few munch that is is coming call inspiring at this point -- technically any of the well he canticle. And exploring and it's nothing more happening at this point -- at an angle because. And anyway so and -- at the brown. And increased insincere. Since you can remember you from month to month and what it is -- common goal and if brown is still getting worse from week two weeks from day -- day it's getting worse and worse. Democrat usable -- angles all year round. -- or the world seasons as serial and spree early in -- just -- finish my house spider like. Ultra. Thank very much Jamie thank you political issue. There are people sort of take take. All your questions. To think so one point seven is that a coal. I -- feel with -- shall picture and we'll be back with the court shall after the and search partnership or talking guard and and if you -- regarding question. For you yeah. In the year or that you want them -- -- but all and is 26 so. 187. Outside the New Orleans. Area execs. 8890870. As -- on the -- Chester calling from all registered mortem. There and you -- there are. Good things just euphoria aren't. Quote that are sure you'll. We had shrunk down and patio area down underground probably about Orange cowboy -- Is there an intricate tree dispelled so they'll blooper -- from. Or one out truckers. Yeah there's a herbicide. Called try to slow peer Chester it's spelled TR law. She will hole. He will go for try slope here you'll find it under a variety brain main -- like brushed killer. A brush eagle on. Cut line and stump killer. Are some of the brands just take me the GA and get discuss sexual or tertiary. They help you in the brain and so like the -- they Kerry -- -- -- they're gonna have some were chocolate product. I would think all on -- on and and it -- to apply that to the fresh -- Can't -- Chester so in the future accounting entries he retreat -- stomped. Amber and at least crowding out the truck appear on old and -- and in this situation but the tree on the freshly cut style because that's more -- It a little more herbicides. Have been -- a week to issue or paintbrush and that on a -- -- way. And that going to be out Kobe maybe two or close to around anyway. But for future reference to play a fresh dumps you should still get benefit apply it to storms -- Now world but it appeared that. Good. And proper -- port ground co op or that tribe or courier or. There are planning. -- -- -- -- Well. Chester just appalling it to the surface of the -- There -- the only places going to be. So I mean but if you into the plant one on top of it and put it right now where you put to try to appear. I suppose like -- mention in my apartment. How are under the circumstances sister and we were doing all appeared everything. -- just -- better to bite the bullet and remove just stomp. OK at that blogger com and gut response. Well at four inches across. These small amount. -- handle but the electric pictures during. Carefully. I. Mean it. Looking at you know to light has got to be ground. To actually be able handle it you know without getting this equipment be big and bulky -- being able it and -- to an area but again. Possibility. Under come in the and it -- him there and everything. We try to do it better be stopped and those decay in -- -- issues too so. Redevelop the area you better goalie didn't plan on. I'm getting rid of the -- actually going to treat them like appear before you call it urgently get -- -- -- -- And lay out there. -- doctor or fail to call RR RV. And if you regarding question this morning as a place to get the call. And now. On nine to questions -- 261. It is an article -- -- regarding questioned outside the New Orleans calling your coal and coal free. And that poultry that is they should. 889087. B a -- On today is being shattered it forgotten. This should be -- Saturday of June and as always the media partners program. -- program on their war. Has there's a Saturday of -- Where they. Fail and also have an educational program to -- It is going to be especially. Exciting. Cars out there be pushed the -- On a production you're looking for in new techniques modern techniques. Interesting ways of gardening things are different. Are from the way they used to being in and be areas. Under the heading in the edge it is you comic is new by. And new by any combining together. And important demonstrations and teaching people how to do this. It is a wonderful angle. And cutting edge edge guarding -- partnering. 22. -- burdening. And today. On education. The second party program has got to be historical guarding against inflation in the today. -- and I will carry with reforms. And Patrick L of its arms. Margaret green industry -- -- be on hand. Two Russian built. I am heartened utilizing our vocal technique. So you really wonderful opportunity via check Saturday at 1130. Street. Ultimately get on later on the talk about this and we'll figure out you can. And I can get over that are strongly recommend start to 9 this morning she saw on the injured CoffeeGeek ready. And it over the years you -- more about the oracle. Our program and over -- to -- -- program. As well. In addition. -- and that great things going on a little aside and dementia. Which the election. The times Picayune four days they have the whole this week it in stride and stroke that was a lot of good things like that -- People were -- can be engaged personal societies and appeal to China. And I can't or so crucial to -- out -- replaced -- about which ones are in the area. And when they actually meet our certificate shall it is breaking news here at all. And all around the area and around the world -- on good part of -- -- -- partnership. -- Questions. Are how old were you might need. -- on number once again. 2601870. And to to DJ calling from punch to a good morning BJ. Good morning -- -- good thank you much. I got them doc brown almost black -- looking spot shored up and -- the it's as the third year it came back which shows a -- we could you. So it black racial. Yet yet our right to. And what you can try -- I fit that -- DJ. We've been -- -- Shall not launch and began to be mobile in a few weeks ago I got a few. Emails with pictures and the animal within a year or year round table or. That's similar to energize a group of appliance but a similar funds are. -- -- -- in the shall all. In the at all lately that shall belong in the K or so and it -- along hoping became the end of the -- open. Create issues for eagle on. I'm ugly inner reproductive age and the animals sort of cruel and choose the probably the ranch and they produce spores in the sports or our coal and so -- -- war. Issue that's horrible. Materials were all over the crash which shall -- opposite ends were in the spot here in there. I'm if you reached out what you're in Europe Austria. -- Campbell will come because of those boards coming off on -- into the confirmed absolutely that -- is a formal. I issue DJ ages do that laden I'll run your hand over period comes in the final out again. Both in which. Israel and this report a strange so -- so -- -- whole hour. But it actually almost in the taking action I feel like she can do it trickled just don't object model and sweep with a brutal little bit wash out all it does appear on on the decide to do -- I missed maybe it might be something note that it -- it whether it goes from art. Did it and Wednesday -- piece of are there. Not in the dirt. -- EJ go go hand across are if it doesn't come out. And send me an email Uga and -- And then will startle the communication. And pictures from you to see how this develops. -- -- And media that he can go to email me. Currency just. I mean deal a quick comment firstly that comes. Out of bring in my it was election web page in an email address and DJ. If you click on the link there you can email on the -- can't catch a pitcher so if you email -- element that -- Question. Here today. Found it take to bed very. -- you now appreciate them let them out to. Calling from and be important. Good morning again. In last weekend earning him his flight optics aren't likely -- -- plane but I don't want it took a picture into it and it was called white -- by. I was instructed to use insecticide. Ultimately that you weak solution to the problem a little continue on Carol. OK at tree -- twice and yet today drain there. Well then they won't they are. Very difficult to control it's interesting because supplies are common all we -- I have to say. Well maybe once or twice and thirty some years remember. Global getting on us we all the shall there are real common. That there actually. What is the population going. Are just extraordinarily difficult control so all Carolyn. This is a difficult situation -- -- -- real persistent and effort on your part this is that like from the -- we want there -- one and boom their owners requires much beyond that that. This is it takes a persistent effort there are two ways that we attack -- the com. Of course three ways that we can attack that you don't want to play as one is Jews and oil -- children. It flies law are well under on the the believes are there like little biggest cash and they're protected from the stories -- subtle Slobodan Bob welcome. And even the adult can fly away from her troubles so much it would -- it. So that probably will you alarmed or be able. But the stories will -- -- legal and especially trouble are actual light oil like your round or -- seasons oil. Are two options are despair with them -- spree at about every two weeks Harvick at least three application. In addition Caroline you want is a systemic insecticide that and then -- the side you applied to the base of the quiet. On the violent war insecticide into a system that gets into the shaft and the like -- on the danger of being rectified in the kill them. And insecticides for that is called commit the appropriate and that's spelled IAM -- line. DA. She -- all. PR YAD. I admit that well treated. And the -- under various brands like. -- your tree and shrub insect control and a lot of come back out and applied as a -- to the base of the plank Caroline so you're okay. Your tech won't be like flies and -- and -- correctly. With three holes. And you're -- systemic into the ground and in the planet become. And so probably within about should we ask you should see no point four. We can't get rid of them can't -- in the chilling. Out knowing you will get rid of them Carolyn okay. I have -- There is a lot of it'll it'll eventually one way or the other major -- that and that nothing else using techniques that I -- and you. Are you into it and end it early in that have been a place like in the sky. Eyeing future free of those -- that like -- and but rarely could be toxic or able to plan. I think it felt all right Carolyn. Care about buy it -- -- with more partnership and just demand it straight to. Good day after all in this past week it's pretty weak and I they're trying to or we -- easier. When the ground is Katrina that -- -- -- you know he'll leave them at. Mean that is an obvious -- -- we overall pick up -- that you believe that they pull out injure. When the ground there should liberalize their feet off like that it actually. And the first we've got a -- calling from Marco Island Florida. Morning Dan are you great thanks -- euphoria I have a bad ones it's probably. Three feet in diameter the ball. And originally it was attached to a small point of Cyprus that was in the middle and Cyprus deteriorated now had a -- and it. And put all thread -- through the middle of it. I've been playing on the bottom kind hanging. And its currency to operate on one side and can't get the growth in that area that's creating comfortable -- And I've got good growth on the rest that one of those something that could do to try and stimulate growth in that area. Other than kind of our -- from our number one area entrance that over to that area I can't think of anything. Okay. You I would open. We have some miracle cure -- Then we just we just that much control over plants Schiavo alive where we just can't say you know I'm sure grow -- here as well about 92 so apple. Cold -- here Islam and I appreciate band that I mean it no. If you get it. So really this country. -- I think you know if you draw out the rest of the plant and -- rent so miserable. And may -- one layer them just most wonderful. You might get extra kind of in desperation move and actually -- -- so unhappy to try to force you to do that. You be playing with fire sought public -- well enough to alone and -- if you think it's practical either body was cut by a small bag or on implanted into that void area to get something started there. Might be your best -- just just by how little wooden stick it in -- -- and that great idea thanks Dan appreciate it. -- appreciate the call. I yeah I'll move on to call -- from him and -- at Portland. Good morning. Mark bird of paradise. And -- planted in a couple of years ago on the south side of a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then this last winter which was not think we can kind of pretty cold winter oh yeah -- we have some pipes burst and it never happened before. And did you know it's bad down. Tremendously. You know. Upward. These dark and you know cut those back in but like I'm getting grows again and some believe it. Back into orbit of it -- exposed part of new growth if there happily. And I guess what -- after -- MI pushing the envelope to try to make it an outside plan and get our -- all of our. -- You know who kept it. You know I mean seeing this freak is back. Ryan you know it's not a party landscape I have arguments you know or Camellia -- -- popcorn. It's like ginger you know when he gets cold and optical -- back you'll cut back. I think all the cold image all that and it broke back up again and it will grow for a few years and everything will be on ignoring it will be a beautiful action -- and gorgeous texture and a lot with tropical connection to and then along -- come on an unusually cold winter -- freedom -- again -- all the pit stop shouldn't. Little -- back -- -- brought -- a big introduction of a cycle. I'm growing a tropical plant division completely -- party. And in the upper portion out of what you completely party that she called out to kill -- appeared out. I don't really -- extra -- in 1989 we lost some but other than that rebel groups are gonna come back to appears to prop this industry is back on occasion. -- thank you -- injured and they come back and now but now in -- movement you're injured and board. Recording -- I have not -- and now our and so. If you plant. Your first gorgeous flowers. And you probably shouldn't. The although it will -- here and here as well likely balloon for you at some point at issue because. So -- the -- -- next year where you next year. Will we be your. Here on the fortunately life we shall -- on the war and involvement. You know you can call call a horror show. That that they do our area and that someday if there's -- mild winters you actually -- for you was well. For a while you mystery of the -- -- and that shall we really to make that much different. You're going and large -- the big believe. That's -- we planned joint Berkshire are. Presented. It makes quite young -- asks so. For hours -- it for you enjoy them but expect flowers. And Sunday we don't expect them. You know -- Absolutely. -- -- Thank you -- Thank you so much appreciate that and folks. With -- the art -- this good morning in Asia and India with the issue. -- am calling from battery. Being important. In -- small group goods -- And to console so that in the -- I just short and the next year this year it's such weird you're in it and 400. At all like war all ball. On the actual exhibit -- -- -- Strictly to all forms. The bowl. Game. Washing liquid. -- also entered into launcher tensions. And -- -- is for. Sure and -- almost. Well that direction -- double. On. So long so. There is a chemical. It can't -- of Libya troops. What we call so common -- -- -- -- -- -- And detection fault the audience should have been the model properties. It's been designed to kill blogs and are rather than. And that does not agree partition. That we are often triple. And so it means so go over a year or so that are implied -- -- that apple so it contained the test all of it social we used to tell you which inspects -- good or which one or not it should limitations because so. Likely -- and swollen but temperatures are -- -- exactly how the -- circuit kind of an information is equally adamant that the right so for people who want uses -- and that's rectify it. To make sure to check it all directions you need to properly lecture by product. That's been design and collected and tested. And licensed -- -- particular use and that all the commission media problems. Or Lance are burdened your -- which sometimes people do and it just grab something special from the spring at all. Or to change your. Soul. It is in fact -- go that's all of the Iranian expert from if you little thing. If you want -- the most effective and that would let her friend and premier Internet 08 and from. There activity against most of its actual -- that's -- out. And I'm. Fortunately or ear and -- Which really election. It's important local person she used to make it cheaper and better control room and thank you for the -- -- -- Because we call -- -- chuckling in more questions then.

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