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Jun 14, 2014|

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Good man and enjoy as more are talking. And this is the second. It's -- you regarding questions are great opportunity. Find out they'll go wrong and come up with some idea that you might be able to afford it call -- a question about. At this time of the year or that great bedding plant cheek and put in. Too little containers -- bad or injure you or Porsche to brighten hyperion Alicia. In ritual of some great color and we can continue to plant summer bedding plants all -- that you this summer that might eat much so last year a question about. Problem or question about to it or anything else along the way that you drink I could help out -- This is a place to get information unity. Chemical plant grow as good as you want them to. I went to breakage angels singing solo trip back to the problem and talked to Jenny. Calling from. -- good morning thank -- for calling in today. Your record good. -- exchange I'll make you turn your radio off. Will get some -- -- oh otherwise legal and true as. Our idea. Are you James. Okay. Okay agents call. I'll call -- and what we have some we had difficulty with your line. Are you there. James couldn't at that. Technical difficulties sometimes occur Yelp. College and it didn't call back and I. Yelled out mister question. And nickel almost the oil I'll all by ginger and public get back question for you and we -- I'm. Whole world -- -- I'm not sure we do or not. OK. You all. Go a little game called Q and so our the technical Coke which. Are you a question of the people come into -- back in games and actually guarding question this morning. This place to get regarding information. You can call it to six so. 187. LB into our adventure garden questions upload the local New Orleans area. We got a toll free number just for you that that is extra. 889087. -- and -- I'll be happy to in the -- questions for -- I was mentioning. The -- you can -- that that we can continue to plant. I am trouble or are cool is that may linger all the until the early part of June -- just be pulling out -- a few things like say. Are trying to -- army -- entered the truth is the Tunisia Angela hall. They kind of held on until now the -- and now Australia Austria few lingering cold feet and things that may be playing out. -- -- mother -- your compost pile and -- popular trees are all great. A warm she's impacting planned trip that tribe and eating my -- over orient. All night and that's it should be in the albeit -- -- -- -- popular talk about your ideal as it -- and then they would be out of doors and people -- element to just over. Well with the election of a cool is an option it warms you. Plant and a variety of colors. And you really do a lot of good start to brighten up your uncle landscape. Idea that had to owns and I mean. Bill. Or playing good morning. Our. Brooke White electorate euphoria are of course. To my points -- Per hour. And -- -- home what we should already out farming crops that. So when did you plant that estimated. Yeah. Probably around you know -- there -- yet we try to get him in the ground in the middle of march. Ideally the early part of April at the very latest. And we need to get arm Baltimore tomatoes. In May. Late April and that may as well Wii remote or maybe set the if the temperatures are right and and the mother probably in the New -- part of June tomato production began to go down and if you plant didn't start in late may early June that is a chance to you mr. -- -- -- opportunity. When the temperatures. -- into the ninety's during the day -- -- the Japanese at night. That lowers beef production because the pollen is a lot will be able like flowers that -- so -- as all law without making any fruit and it to temperature issue or which you have any control and we we get around that plane and males only so bishop there. They're their crop in many party. Activity in the seventies and eighties. And we just beyond the peak of the mine portal -- in the month so that. Major issue right now is that that you're gonna keep those tomato off or from serving. There are products wind bit that mimic 30. That is produced from the or pollinated. A look at your local or -- and an -- -- paying a label like -- should shatter -- -- And -- again it would try. -- -- mimic the -- sub produces one that gets pollinated and sometimes you can get our search through. About pollination and -- kitchen and made sure that. But the main issue going to remember for future references. -- tomatoes as early as possible so we get in my -- Already lining -- -- much at all. Folks they can take a quick to call. In case you know. Questions are important to -- if you all would gardening question 260170. It is the number to call will be back product well a good summer morning. At. Lovely day in the ambulance and working -- guard him some questions or problems you need -- don't -- Are two critical in the program this morning on -- want to get the call it is who's six so. 1870. That -- back in the -- Libyan colleague from artery. I didn't need -- much up. And that street but it is developments -- -- sleep but it the I don't wanna know how to plant distraught. I usually lets just get to -- well maybe. Eight to ten inches long. -- are probably about twelve inches longer belong to a lecturer. That the answer them on your location also that this outcome. Out or giving a lot of some. -- a lot of my flight. The public in my big person's strong and the and the -- good strong -- -- I wonder how long can he can break them all and then -- them into a world appeared dead. -- and -- roots -- in that bed. And producer stripped -- -- -- A variation on that is to to cut off the cuttings to -- some water let them. Begin to root in the water and then plant them now into the garden I and you can do with it that way commercially. They just -- that. -- slips below those pieces of sweet potato vine are called slips and they will root like in the field where they're planted. But -- like to -- -- first get them started with the roots come -- cannot. Put into more than shortly Gingrich and then -- the -- -- what appeared urged a pitch gonna put -- and obviously -- I've never wrong street that it is in the container and you can give it a try and I'm Alan. Let me know it works well for. Suddenly you wanna -- and obviously key hoops. Very the other around on the ground Manning I don't know if you could. Get electoral. Watermelon banned him from prudently. At least document you are again thanks for the call appreciate that idea that double on a joke calling wrote joke at Portland. And real -- western Cuba -- -- hand up on you know and you can but you know what did you -- Enterprise. That union that the actual life. Aren't -- -- -- -- -- urgent message fertilizer and that and I. -- itself. They got an enemy to centralize. Its new -- it's official action. The FDA can use it. As a torture question. Can you get comfortable -- that will do the job. What they need you can do anything too much of anything. So -- And shall sure they'll be direction. Able. How -- used properly. And I strongly recommend you follow those label correction. Yeah. It said it would want and transport dolphins again -- ever ever says to you. About. -- and a gallery in the coming from all over the place problem planned for demanding an -- in the second crack in his. I try to our question Egypt -- you -- -- out there and Bob Obama. I -- -- -- and -- -- on the on the gay you know two of the children yet -- again. -- -- that you want to using your vegetable garden is gonna have full. And complete. Directions. On how to use that -- you need to get them. I out of Reading the label of anything you want to use completely worm forward should be entirely able. And everything you need them so often you should apply -- -- you -- -- -- precautions need to take like how long you need to wait before you -- most. If you -- something. Temperature limitations that department being at the controls and doesn't control all that is on the label my street back clearly. And there aren't any infected. Stroll out there that like I contrary. It will -- just -- in and petrified every day on your vegetables. There is going to be like there didn't even in the shares for each spring every other day on your pitched balls. So for most of this is in separate charge. Are used for about one week or 110 days but you can -- those label directions here regional I let. -- from -- -- and then -- -- and I got them Lee's comment on the top. Obviously due to go to ground. The big guys to leave comments. Along should that they can grow. Are that the ginger that we as a result. Other -- underground. So if you wanna grow in Georgia -- plant are wise that you probably in the supermarket. It's making -- plan and that plan or over the war and the ball around October or November you can do. The -- -- and it will be on there didn't like -- planted and actual power. Mouton -- actually our identity. Information and julliard and difficult. All right. About right now. Actually is Lynn calling from slide bill in the morning. Beautiful beautiful -- in the year however won't vote purple heart out the better Oprah. And eating my tomatoes. Other than adding. That let's. Martins are urgently and -- eaters. Commenting -- and and that's what we like I -- around -- houses should be infection they're really. And saint -- rather than from eaters but there's certainly a number of birds that will keep on it and it is. Heartbreaking lately anyway they're just turning all color. And then you go out there and find that the -- has a fruit is bill ravaged by record actually. Appears. There is a practical coordinating and combine travel corner sure -- center. On the putting is in large pieces assortment to cover like structuring. On the chicken pot some abandoning kinda different over here and it does put some mistakes around the -- to -- holt and adding up all of them. I in his right. -- made this new partnership lifted and picture to me it hasn't been heading back down and number. Grade I thank you so. Is welcome and a I don't go by and because of the public trash I'll make this go there and you're calling it like it in or. If I have some indeterminate animators plan was ordered. After target the first. Crop also want to grow beard and a default. Call. Me and tomato plants are full crawl we find that young new plants are -- and strong. They don't have any leftover disease issues in the be cheering with into the summer. And so you're more than welcome to Lee your original spring planted tomatoes and place. And how they do for you if you these commitments and -- try to -- all -- forty. But I just I will tell you that normally what we do you remove these tomatoes when they finished and replant with Newt -- -- -- in the -- And so we can do or about August. And -- Altman. All right thank you very much. Larry thank you for the call appreciate that. And moving on that she looks like we've got a -- called somebody else is next -- -- -- to forty. Georgia and again you a year here longer than normal sure. What we have. Okay ageing sorry about that and I have just. I just let's kind -- all the eligible technical open along the way we do these programs like extreme back here. Coming up now actually piquant morning in the euphoria. It should make it to made it but. Oh -- you can program. Or should prove. It some see. Know them are. True. Why. I don't know. They're from that system. My goodness you just go like that. Will. Call. There. There will have an opportunity peek at them and for. Strong compelling. And is there. Eagle 00 my chemical plants what is that the church. Would be well. All it would take you to do. All idea. That -- at. All in all. And compete now that. -- -- Thanks for tuning into the week. The state to the partnership. And all that regarding question. We finished with the news. And make sure you know around the area. And around the world -- -- -- or -- partnership on a seventy that Libya. Obama talking guarding and keep guarding questioned elliptical Rangel. Getting information you'd. To make those plans girl could be you want -- at all once again. Is 2601870. Outside the local Leon's calling area you can call and poultry. 866. 889087. -- eight -- Joseph is calling in from the West Bank into the morning. Welcome to the Garden Show and then questions. And Renault. And open it. No and that -- or I'm. For effort. And the middle of summer is the worst possible time. -- if you wanna get that chance. -- hollering and surviving transplanting so. Well cold season that the best time to transport -- generally speaking -- the plants are under less stressed now all you -- not a transplant but because interest. Issues that cold really cold winter. Like we have actually is where and you just moved -- treatment. At a disadvantage. Manageable from the cold. So unlike with actual -- -- -- the interest at its best transplant them. And the -- winter cold as part interest passed in the carrier -- boring. -- -- Late February or the early part of march strokes. As wait until older part of wintry -- passed and Morton and free agent down you know in the Lebanese. Well -- -- -- -- To move in around about eight. Packet that that -- chance -- shortly and I'll be economics from reproach calm before the intention somewhere outline and sojo has. We're going to be late February early march that Lugo. Crude producer -- At least tripled from off the tree. And point out younger industry. The more likely to be successful because younger trees small systems and the fusion to most of the route from -- the Ruble. Be larger hole with a treatable like New York failed because. Lord shall treat elderly should root ball when you try to -- ball immediately behind much Richardson to -- -- Survive while the loss. -- so given as much of the ball which possibly can. -- show as much to pre canned and you'll be adding that tree best opportunity. To survive. Explicitly in actually not being. -- what you're -- -- the the incident and it looked like -- close to. You grow an entry. Unless you -- Q if you want and other -- tree it would go by one of the -- Google blog beat the trees -- the production is complicated. And you know -- calls -- a -- hours so I I mean it's just horrible school musical by hold a wonderful tree. Implanted in the new location. And know that you have a good -- essentially here. But I can't get treated. Michael -- It all right Joseph thanks for the call and joining -- -- working with the partner program. And they should call and tell me about the journey program going on. In the first or an amazing opportunity. To learn about vertical gardening. Repeat corporate partner program secretary program -- and -- -- court and so excited to jolt of darkness because I can questions from people on occasion. And about oracle our -- And it's hard on and read information. Information. That local you know from from people that are are regarding. And I'm so sure what -- -- All about it Jean. Well I'm making speaker at 10 o'clock -- is well query with our arms. And he actually does that are being -- it is. In his it is actually pretty integrated it and then. He. At it right on park street did you watch the or -- -- -- Wonderful that we announced that can't outside on going demonstrations. -- -- And Mark Green sheet but no and then you farm technically and -- -- is culinary institute. And obsolete human -- all -- and count the many different styles of vertical and yet it it is pretty amazing topic he -- go what are. At it's creative it's. You know whatever something sort of innovative and cutting edge in that brings out the -- -- of people to sort of you know I think come up our ideas and your vertical gardens are made out of old what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are there may are all kind of amazing things. Botanical garden and -- conservatory. Had a wonderful article cardinal firms over there aren't. Are -- the I'll be garden -- conservatory. And shall ultra vegetable for horse kind of thing and -- -- small part and I'm sure who is pretty in the should be proper. I've never guarding collage -- the election space and people are more productive -- he got will going on at 10 o'clock you all remember caucus where. The educational programs going to be going on going he can sit down -- enjoy that tortured and restrictions going on. Great plans for planting our local art on her and urged all hours and try to treat the news and they don't have a great financial all along educational culture is going on their. We got a great yesterday regarding questions as well and it got a wonderful partners. So change everybody would argue over how to get there and the hours a child will be this year. OK -- -- at their program and acting at nine and think -- it means. And we are on the corner of a registry client that's just trying to on the -- expressed -- and a block from experts like. Well that if you if you didn't think vertical party you read it cheaper about it. You're curiouser student and you're just not gonna find -- better opportunity chuckle out to 1130 several broad street to the charity program for corporate partners. And you'll be sorry -- anxious -- calling and -- Take care. Particularly in that can take a quick break it to call your gardening question. And -- like an -- like. To think so one except but he is an optical and right after that group. And thank Sergio. Which. We're. Ian as usual urgent action to get some good information. On -- got a question about. Infection Indian Ngo issue that your are trying to deal noodle. I'll be happy you know -- you're wondering if it's time to do something you'd think doing we're -- time to do it when you. Do whatever -- thank him. This is it all in relation to pick so. They -- and he is -- number that you need to call your local New Orleans area you can call and poultry and six. 890870. Steadily and -- calling from shell that in the skip morning. Actually it's the -- Anthony. And cheap cheap at all will be. We cypress street in port deal. And now we're sort of problems with these groups and -- -- need each year I wonder if there's anyway she. Restrict the more restrained them they're getting close to war Serb -- all. -- It's the and CEO. Anthony. -- in the come popping up. Are you can get around me a big a couple of three inches with a grounder on the in the salt audio on the actual -- sure burn center. I don't think I saw in the off. A couple of pictures blows holes surface and it still. Needed you should be. Are coming up that -- around salt. Are there -- Anthony's from becoming an issue. In in -- or so that's a way of dealing with in the well. Simmons is now. You know and this year -- -- it's it's harder for to deal with the -- system to appreciate Anthony. That ball I purchased all the more commonly -- landscape trees in our area you may be aware that they -- -- around she ball mysteries. Aren't uncommon in people landscapes right. All right. Right so it all tapestries. Have a real ability to there -- only get into warp pipes and ought. -- the body ever global cypress tree and there are what interest. Nobody in their right mind would -- into cypress tree -- the street at the ability to wreck. And so. The fears you have about that the trees somehow you're chairing a pure water system. That's just not something that we see how we just so people are Christians doing that and the thousands and thousands of landscapes they're into them all around our area should have something up could probably. Reassures you that you don't -- to be -- -- is as concerned about -- that -- -- -- On the way to deal that is just simply take -- -- And fought down into the ground about 68 inches and just alternate routes that may be growing in that area. Our port area. And do that may be once a year to keep struggling kind of into that area I just you probably will assure. That you could do. To reassure yourself -- mean that your you're dealing. -- -- the situation had become. The actually. And so -- and then it. -- -- -- -- -- broke back at the right it all equally cut off muscles surface going to be. Away and again to. That into account -- -- a -- bigger box. Right won't -- it grow back -- that usually stops that. -- meanwhile mortgage company in the probably won't. But to cut that didn't work local acts of torture and once you start cutting that you could do once a year just once you're out there. Between the tree and that box also liberty which scored -- are. All right appreciate arbitrary. Treat you look at installed it. Won't forget it if anything should come a long wait before you do anything ash should immediately available talk about it. -- our audience and -- political folks technically the technical more art show much good morning I'm gay and deal with the issue. And the most into the brick or shall Libya or ultimately -- the -- Calling from occult world according. The monetary done real what you I dedicated to live plants values you grew the years it did too good this year and while it rained. You know for like 23 weeks seeing my door and the rest the top of the plant came Billiton. Got them. Rotten -- -- on the bottom. All right much question. What I needed to protect disarming it plans to -- -- -- predictable. -- -- -- you know he -- he focused on the whether her little unbearable weather changes tremendously from here a year just for -- -- Universal hasn't changed dramatically from one -- and -- -- matched and then you can Soledad fertilizer which sure you can make sure the true global -- Yes you're so you know what you focused on the weather initially. I think you'll accurate I think excessive rainfall that we had. Probably played a big role in the publisher to -- it is. There's something about this all sorts -- -- -- just the same when you -- -- the latest and they were all doing well and growing into it. Published article and all -- the rainbow shall change. So I wouldn't focused on the -- this issue I would change you aware this year and it happens to be here is usually the each and a little gardening we are good years we have not so good years now as far as the blossoming. Young or old. Make sure the usual here is a good amount of couch amendment abolished and -- calcium deficient she in the developing for -- a high level of fertilizer can also call a blossoming and brought high temperatures and high humidity which you have no control over calls osment brought. Accessible Angel called off and brought trust some of the things you have control over what they should does not culture and this'll Cilic. If you don't like extras -- -- all high temperatures and humidity. So it does it count it comes from Europe for a lot electrically. No I opened the account comes from like line. Vote it's in the line. Well I'm telling you that -- -- pictures shall population think you know I don't know I'm definitely use some of the reasons why. Wasserman may harbor and the -- and contact the cooperative extension office staring intently. -- -- -- crucial. And linemen that you cannot -- and it and it doesn't any one law and console astute. Before I just wanted to -- in action do Europe and for long term. But due to gain that you would he would go and call girl. -- -- next time all right thanks for the call are. Urged -- -- what you got. Market. A prop up. This one I'm. And I are at all that maybe. A kick in the pot -- the ball. Now. Also the top -- -- blunt okay. If you plant which means may well now. Until fall yes. Answer to you. Absolutely positively wait until November. -- until then put plant location. Shot in the morning and chained to the rest of the day. Water often enough to treat this'll keep it to keep that it will be between irrigation and it. In November again and as mornings and little change in general good drainage and I think -- -- in -- should do real good job for yet. Actually called I -- -- -- -- again. Should. We can buy.