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Jun 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's beautiful but when it's really nice and sunny this time of the year gets very very hot -- will have another very hot date -- I'm -- construction consultant Paul agrees this is the home improvement show. And every Saturday morning we get together and answer your questions about home improvement. That it might be repair job in -- fight the reconstruction job it might be renovation it. Maybe there's something going over your house and you can't figure out why something is happening. Mold and moisture. -- Noise -- going on your body temperature -- happening we can answer those questions for. And sometimes you don't really know who to call to get the job done. If you have a question about who to call. Poking a pitchman in the right direction our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Nines nearly seventy. In a taxable receipts and he's having a public ranges with the greens consulting the website is slick greens consulting dot com and a sister company is energy and comfort solutions. And the website is -- starts he has bought -- going and happy Father's Day. Good morning cup for the Soviet -- We every for every Saturday morning we talk about what somebody might -- do if there had some time on their hands and looking for something to do today mainly along the lines of being pro active it. You Ian admitted that. There was a time that you didn't check your air conditioning and you recently had to deal with and AC breakdown. So what was so that somebody might want to do to be proactive this week. You know so this is the time you -- we definitely need to give lots of attention recognition systems and I always promote due to technician to book. A license HTC technician. To New York which commit twice a year what's right before the cooling season one -- with eating season. And that will help alleviate or reduced risk of break pills. In -- much like you mentioned -- I you know was about a month ago I think and I did not do that I was so busy working on the field that I didn't even. Look in my own systems so. Hence there it was -- need to tell you -- what the doctors here at it's like the doctors who are themselves. You know they take care of all their patients but the notion turn themselves. Exactly right so here's you know this week's helpful hit. So you may want to consider in this is something that I I see. This time of year when you know spring has come password the universe summary people still working. In their -- specifically the that landscaping. -- and landscaping a budding their house is the part of removal to specifically talk about. Because this is the -- you'll get lots of those some showers if we have elevated the dirt in the mulch level of that landscape that too high. In relation to the floor and -- -- house that war can easily go and -- brought home. Particularly -- brick you know it you know people put. Malts and in their dirt above their beer bottle at their recourse. A lot amnesty on a regular basis. In and that's something that is his only hope for the water. -- -- your house in damaging that you know the walls and in the flooring in the trim around the -- a wall. Put also it's not a good thing for termites so you know typically a termite exterminator. When you have those annual inspections you know they'll take you hate you need to reduce the height that it that it. He -- -- improved drainage so if you know don't wait for determine exterminated tell you this is a good time to get it done. Because we're connected -- the season will start getting some regular show hours. And and you really -- avoid having some damaged. Euros a call right before the short talk to friend of mine and she just moved into a house and she when it's ago if this is something she could do or she needs to have a licensed plumber do it. Now she wants to change. I guess it's the yes it's the faucet. Outside the thing that you -- to host to. It goes -- out here we're cholera hose pipe that's true oppose a clip -- you have to use teachings that yourself for do you need somebody to do -- Well you know with the terrorist and a couple of the ways that that. Device that -- it was connected to the piping. Osama may have threats in -- group in which those are kind of easy to remove and replace. Others are sweated on like you know. Sauter on with the with with you know sought -- had a heart -- the -- -- professional or if you if you have the skill set to do it you can do yourself. But most people don't know how to do that so if it's destroyed type it's something you can definitely do yourself retreat turn off the water main coming into the home. You'll -- to make sure that you put to riches on this assembly. One -- on the pipe that's coming from the walls and you hold it steady so it doesn't turn twist and break. While you take in the sec direction of putting it on those -- -- and it. You know what you get it off in you get a replacement you also want the rents and sells you would discredit with with the treatment with reds. You would like to put -- code. -- Steelers people call a pipe dope or if you have -- you know some some of some tape to point to compete. So goodness sakes and get to -- trampled the type of tape affluent if you have some tough for taking -- some -- -- -- -- -- -- Wraparound and then carefully screw it. I knew I was there have been killed while your your tightening that those bid into that a that threaded assembly you're also making sure you have that wrench. On that -- on it for an -- -- if you're tightening you're also not bending and twisting and turning that the piping that's inside the -- if you do that. And I speak from experience here. You're bored you're you're getting to big -- is that no major breaking into it wall to fix the pipe and sought the thickness of the captive at wal. Could you broke off -- was an interesting characters she asked me to ask you not like she said do you think you can count helping with -- -- knowing full well that she's gonna have to do this herself because I'm going to be no help whatsoever. Atlas and you could actually be there on the lawn -- taking -- -- a document and are grateful that rival -- from New Orleans east Thomas here on Bristol agrees and -- -- Good good morning comfortable -- I. You more than systems. OK my question is. I just felt. That the incident took control time might. Like I -- that commodore. One important brown got kind of global. And some of the people of and that you have to have a perfect -- technical on the -- and do. Clinton has -- opinion of it too much -- felt I might control which I don't have a lot of money into. You know. These are certainly Wednesday and well mr. Thomas this is something where a sole treatment in this is whether it's. You're getting the product from like -- stop war A professionals getting the product installing it. You know they're gonna go around the perimeter of your house print -- slap in the gonna treat the outside edge of that sole. Reiterating the -- barrier chemicals sold barrier to prevent the termites from coming into the outside its heroes. Are -- Where concrete like -- A sob walk -- -- -- of putts your country's slap your house. Typically what I've seen them -- they actually take drills. And every you know eighteen -- is still drove a hole. Through that country drop -- to get to the sort of need to enable -- That that chemical into the sold directly underneath. That concrete driveway or saw walk again trying to keep that on the route to continues barrier. Around the entire perimeter bureaus. And so if you don't have a country drop wage or sub walked in eagle -- the -- but that part. You have to put them -- that -- thank you Leo. That the put something that I. I think Mexican definitely that's what they don't charge more -- that. Compared to what it. But it put -- -- fall under. Most cases that's extra yes -- but you know -- beat these guys are professionals that license. They have you know a lot of knowledge of with the AC happened at other houses and from there it -- investigation Euro. You know of course -- there's other options to treat termites -- -- to -- -- -- meeting in civil sort treatment that may be something to talk to. About the gentleman selling you the chemicals that are determined or chemical the duties self plays and you can do some dating. And in cutting manager. Yeah you know your risk there so there's there's options when we'll talk about term treatment -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm mr. Thomas you have a nice weekend if you wanna join us with your question about home improvement repair -- renovations are numbers 2601870. To all 386688. -- nearly seventy. And a tax ever is it's -- creativity. This is a home improvement show I'm scoot with our construction consultant -- LaGrange you'll be right back -- VW well. Welcome back to the home from a join us Saturday morning I'm -- -- construction consultant Paul LaGrange. This is an opportunity for use to get answers to questions if you want some one on one face to face information. On next a new path is having a learn from the pros workshop 120000 foot. -- -- headquarters next Saturday the 21 is going to be from ten to 230. And lunch will be served and you get the phone number in just a moment because seating is limited and the owner of -- a new bestseller cluster incentive if you -- Larry welcome to the show. Good so this is it would be a chance to get one on one. Information about doing some good because you know we we do a lot to explain on the -- but with this seminar. You can actually -- a little bit more about what to do. Yeah you know we go through a lot of different there. Will will talk about the afternoon. A different solutions they have in the past -- One of the things we specialize were certified aging in place special salute -- -- and as you know people get worried about the mobility in the past week -- On what that. Hit one of the favorite topics that we do and -- and that's what noble for our contractor I think that opened a lot of eyes grew into. Insurance. And licensing regulations. And the experience which looked -- and you know we cover everything from outdoor living windows and insulation but you know it gives people a chance. Figure we have -- and then we also have to wonder one time -- people can sit down and ask this question to show pictures and get your version -- And Larry I would think that this is something not just for people who know a lot about doing stuff around the house but maybe if -- for people who know nothing at all but -- -- house maybe they own -- house for the first time or. You know they're divorced him and now they have a house for the first time you may help give them some information that they might need as they go through this homeownership process. I'm glad you brought that on you know be we've we've been doing some little over a year now and become a very unpopular. And we're having people collector and and there -- learning curve so rhetoric. -- that are. I guess toward relief healing powers. You know that they -- they begin to learn and not about how to make decisions and and the framework for pro where to begin and that's -- -- It was daunting. There's a few times in my life and I'm going to house have rendered departments of most of my life as they do now but the few times that I've owned a home. I have been at a total victim to anything that would happen I was never proactive I'm embarrassed if I owned a home now I think I would be more proactive it. Having had this relationship with that with -- grange and hearing you talk about this with -- on the -- it seems it seems to be this would be really good thing to do like the word empowering because you don't feel like. You're such a victim if something goes wrong. I. I don't fairly large contract and company -- -- to -- in Houston. And our -- so. A victim. Over the years at times when I've card contracts collapsed there's some things we don't do repeat for instance. So you know I I know it goes I know that feeling personally you know one of the reasons we put on some. I know that feeling and and this helps people. Calm not feel like a victim and and feel like they're active when the things that we talk about how to choose the contractors. You know it it's a partnership. And how to enter their partnership and make sure you get the best -- what what will what we say that you know we ask people seminal what do you want the result of your. Project two billion people so a lot of things but we summoned -- people ought to be -- Arguably. Along the way and that's kind of what we -- optional. And I would think that there are a lot of women I mean I'm on dating a woman who just have bought a house in industry and to and to just before going on the show she said if I -- change the faucet as -- to do she knew she couldn't ask me. But he if you were -- I don't mean this to sound this sexist and like every contractors are trying to take advantage of women. But women sometimes feel vulnerable when it comes to. That's something that they're not familiar with me I do this is a guy but he if -- woman and you own -- home this seminar might be good thing to attend. 80% proud of the people who come away and then. And Saturdays. -- a lot of questions. Insert a -- one on one industry and all very you're you're exactly right and and that's not sexist that so. That's a reality that it it's just reality and you know I grew up you know in the construction trades and I still. All of you operate as and there are still you know -- like it and it does well but about a shoot. And you know so I know the feeling and I'm not sure it's -- I guess currently -- incumbent -- power and they can also get specific questions answered. One on one. And many times you'd see examples. Exactly out of sixers. And Larry as you talk about 80% of the people there are women that might actually increase militants. Or their. Equipment that oh -- it certainly extreme. Appalled that you a question for excellence. So give -- the Thompson's show when it's so. So number. -- -- go about 93010. And then it went till 230. Roughly you know as symbols you know Leo he's there -- per thirty of people saying questions. And you know talking to post mortem -- Wo weeks we start with we accidentally go into -- -- for our contract to which you know there so people look. We talk and so about or looked in the church people have been delivering. Obstructionist on the year people that's on people's life and in the end it was whether it means and just kind of go to -- -- -- people conserve energy and know that we have for large people. If you own -- home. If you're new homeowner or you've had a home for awhile and you would like some information about being more proactive in taking care of your home. Next home new bath is having a learn from the pros seminars to workshops. 20000 foot says headquarters in her hand is going to be Saturday the 21 from ten until 230. Here's the phone number on the seating is limited so you might article make reservations and remember 80% of the people who attend our women. If Michael for. 222. 2300. And don't deal with bathroom remodeling your -- have been in general outdoor living and energy saving one don't want. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Picture. Report. Or electric with a seven. This is -- -- -- -- show I'm still without construction consultant Paul LaGrange if you have a question. About repairs and renovations and maybe this conversation that we -- him with Hitler closet Nixon -- that maybe this is inspired you to think of of a question about your home. About hiring a contractor if you had any questions and you wanna join our short numbers 2601870. Tool free 866889. Nearly seventy and a -- is each of these. I'm still without construction consultant Paul -- -- will be right back with more after this WWL news updates with John -- every Saturday we try to answer your questions about home improvements are -- going -- at your house you're not exactly sure what's going on -- job you're gonna -- a job that you're gonna have -- -- do you don't know -- to call. Repairs renovations. Upgrades small job large -- questions. Construction consulting his -- agreeing with the greens consulting and also urging corporate solutions. And from home a Chris your dialog with Paula Brington -- you'll. -- And on our -- on a little out or your ball. -- locals or or what are your community. He hit into it you know it. Construction supply house Obama was Tuesday hit any of them -- system you know or even a Florida company. I've seen some before and shops so these same product that you can use for outdoor -- tops that search needless places. LO I mean the epidemic product is there anything else out there. Yummy -- other manufacturers. You know for the same product of course recruited so well and it's everywhere. But they make ready mixed type products as you know -- them. With some water and blend it in you know it's all open you can use for a two -- as well that -- tree might suggest you good to. A very large. Whether it's the lumber yard or home improvement store even like a steady floor stores and sometimes for -- -- that product. -- order to do like people are or whenever. Typically it's it's depends on the if you're got a full support what plywood it's not an issue at all. But if it's -- -- than obviously -- to do some type of steel reinforcement. -- actress have a good weekend from New Orleans Sandra you know on the home improvement show with Paula Grainger WW well. Good morning and -- questioning of doing getting right to keep them major renovations on top home. And all of the windows need to be -- play so I was trying to find out. Let -- recommendation is as far as outlook investigated. Clad with wood interior. It's an -- outside. There would only keep that. -- interior -- it it would cost. Active. They have seen any fiber plant that that would interior. Is there -- pro or con to you don't want it. Well. Here's the big events of fiberglass. The far plastering its insulated tropical us and the way that frame is connected to the actual glass itself. It is to appear in other. Connections is not -- connections what is the material. Over time. Like for -- view the original. Frame their morning it was it was woods who -- -- so was that big of a deal. But when we went to double insulated glass and the went to you you know metal aluminum frames the connection the glass to the frame material. When it got hot and cold the frame material being either would. Or aluminum expands and contracts differently than the glass itself. You know you compare that to the -- a glass frame. The expansion contractually they fumbled estranged Hussein a very very similar to. The collapse but does that mean out of almost the same materials. Are simple materials so therefore you have a much longer lasting connection. And you have any issues with the connection frame to the glass. Or breaking. The seal the framework that double insulator triple insulated -- below conversation -- -- so I'm a fan of the problem lessons like photographs frames. With a double its political last with the -- Right okay now it's part of these windows are and then insisting. We're. I'll imparted anything new construction though the new construction it's not much of an issue. Out her. One that the when bill -- that I spoke with -- that that. We're trim around it with that's part of black he did not recommend that. Because if it's not forgiving at the although it's not true. Normally -- -- popped up dwindling and it hit a -- that sticking out say order intentions. They may have trouble getting that we're -- -- it is that accurate if you think it's going at him for it. As woods as that -- around. Okay so what we're we deal with -- When do within a brick veneer it's it becomes challenging in the morning faces its challenges what you just described. As bricks or perfect. The slaves that Greg is -- perfectly flat so you're working with on the surfaces. Which means you get the work railed. Some of those when he serves as a sometimes you get to -- rate of sometimes you got the either cut a chip that for a little bit shorter or sometimes you actually if that's a brick remote afar last non right -- actually. You know take a would chiseling -- -- the shape that -- of that structure and seat -- everything to fit nice and tight. If you don't do that you beat wide -- get caught and that's what he's saying. You gonna have. If you don't take the Tom of religious custom fitting every window. You have the funny craftsman. That's got the custom fit every single window in an existing house in most of these companies that there are mostly you know get the product in. Move onto the next window and not content on the custom fit every single opening it they would have enough money the prices they charge. So I didn't hear. Here the so here's the thing the other concern about a replacement window brick is make sure it's waterproof. I have to tell you that I'm more concerned about making it won a tight. In secure so that when the wind blows at that. You know strip on thunderstorms are working the windows gonna stay in that opening in cells could be won a tight. So you know aesthetics is important I'm not trying to discount that but you know my more -- concerns -- to -- to elected to the building -- ability. So I would really spent some time. And go look at some of the job he's done recently that company's been recently with Rick and here. And see how they've done it howling at the address those two concerns in the -- decisions as a personal use and -- If I. He argue that you have any recommendations for which you've given me over here it's. Certainly -- -- mini notes Paula what grains consulting dot com and I'll be happy to send some folks that do this. All right Sandra haven't actually candidate trying to stay cool. If you have a question about its home improvement repairs renovations. Small or large job you gonna do the job gonna have. Done some -- earlier house not exactly sure why something has started to happen. And you don't know what to do about it here's our number 2601870. Soul free 8668890. Point 78. And a text number is 87070. If you -- stay with us for coming right back for your questions I'd -- with tomorrow is Father's Day and it is conceivable that you could call the show today. And figure out how to do something. In the house that would take care of the dead in your life here it's edit the data in your life having to do it you could learn something this morning. That you could help you're you're dead tomorrow here's -- WW -- -- -- opinion -- a growing up were you close to your debt. 249% say no 71% say yes give a shipping by going to our web site to VW held to account. -- from Slidell Patricia here on the home improvement show with all LaGrange. Good morning. I can a couple of leak -- 308000. And I'd -- leak in my eight middle bathroom in well advanced group. And I don't know -- quality. It's leaking from the feelings. I don't know with -- -- apartment a live group. -- Okay departures to tell me one student leaks -- isn't always happening. It's been happening for several months since I last -- -- It's continuous it's yet -- -- well. There. Gained on the feeling -- very. And I don't know if that farming color -- Is the tough blow -- on wall. You know. It. Do you have a a neighbor's property did that a joint Jewelers that could be coming from their root for their plumbing. Well I don't think so we him. I feed properties that are owned individually. In the and that that close to less I don't know. How could that happen. Will tell houses if it's like Rotella houses will use. Well all I need you know we batted connections. With that town -- But I don't think it's coming. The years it's. It seemed that the -- -- sense second born. And that coming again and -- bright side is that one of the feelings. Over the -- have on each. Have the down stairs that lead the way in the 82 full. -- the bathrooms on top of each other stacked on. What floor -- the other. No. Actually. That baptism. And the effect that story is out to wait for him meaningful. I think I'll call the -- -- Okay all right thank you so. -- -- ever have a nice weekend if you're on -- stay with us -- coming right back with more viewer questions this is the home improvement show. I'm scoop -- construction consultant Paula grange who was with the greens consulting and also the sister companies energy of solutions. -- questions are coming up right after this break him a hero and this is the home improvement show I'm -- -- their construction consultant all the drinks let's get right back with your calls Fred you're on with Paul good morning. Good morning guys where -- -- Like this out. All it took this long time ago. Right so there. Did start out -- down. And after Katrina we had to replace group. The the contractors or the written guys that we are it didn't put today the drip edge. Graham when lately down in paper. Has quietly be waterfront back -- spot and rotted out can be born in spots around you know also expected them that. The George -- We're -- to them now. Replaced. -- need in the I needed that -- uptown. I'm replacing gutters and somebody and to be. That would work. OK so really at this point you you're actually spot on reference to the cause of you know got to keep that trippers. Addressed to prevent this huge damage and turn again. So let me give you it's so. Some contact information in reference to reformers -- -- contact Lonnie Smith and -- sheet metal works. And Lonnie Smith -- And he's -- fumble 44663749. And just to explain to the scenario you just explain to me and he can take care of of video of the of the reform component in in the gutters. Oh now would release could probably more details that you're your your problem looking for someone with Steve. Don't take care of the of the rotten wood but also to you from the paint that would that that person replies yes yes so that that that may be a little bit with the -- Of a different challenge. You know pain really is is is not a problem. The but the funding. You know fund fund a -- that a good take on that you know get up five remove that rod would replace and that that made -- a bit of a challenge. What that -- don't try. That route. -- This can be done prior to the -- yes. Because he wanted to dollar run with first -- good and then that would and then after the roof I think I would -- -- so I would do replacement would. The roof in the campaigning Rasmussen was -- like runners Thompson what I would ask -- do's call my office on Monday. In all due to address that contact for those are the folks what what is that number. It's -- 09858452148. -- -- -- Night friend had a half over got to get to a break have fun and thanks are pulling over what you're writing that stuff down. Are -- right that was survey questions if your -- stay with us this is the home improvement show -- -- -- construction consultant -- grange we answer your questions about. Home improvement. Your questions are coming up right after the news on WWL.

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