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Jun 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back at home or pro we show our what is gonna be it buried every warm Saturday but when it's not raining and it's not cloudy and it's sunny like is it as part of the country this time of year. Well it gets it gets hot. This is the -- the -- which show every Saturday morning we answer your questions about -- home improvement repairs renovations that job you're gonna do our job and have done. And maybe there's something going over your house and you're not exactly sure why it's happening Paula ranges are construction consultant with the greens consulting and also energy and corporate solutions. And our number is 2601870. And by the way I I notice appears at -- Tennessee. It though a lot of people have to call very late in the show and we always end up with people on hold. And McCain gets everybody at the end of the show the show ends at twelve noon. And so if you do have a question go wait till the end of the show with tried to get your call in our numbers 2601870. Tool free 86688907. -- number is 87870. Pretty happy Father's Day to all of you who are fathers and here's an update on our WWL project -- you pull this morning. Growing up were you close your -- 29%. Saying oh. It's every 1% say yes. -- shipping by going to our web site of WL dot com from -- Lucy Jane sure on the home improvement show with ball LaGrange. Quick question. To a program. -- remember. Makes you know brig -- and soreness. -- -- -- It in music. James typically brick veneer or with a brick -- described cracks because of movement. He's in cracking only in the quarter -- around windows and doors is in the middle of the wall cumulative more description. No -- you uses email. Her marriage mr. bridge that -- It's come down to. Okay input about the slab is there any movement and slap down below. Now we're glad I don't want. -- -- -- column that the caller as well let's see -- you know I'm chipped away right. -- -- Just a quarter chipped away at a small little piece -- a few inches or is it. -- out of the -- thinking that. No I didn't. Do as well. The disappeared. That would that that's caused by a different problem those two problems are not related. The bricks crack because of movement in typically it's exit the slab. The breakaway church that is -- holes -- -- so he is looking for. Different type movements would I would ask you to do is where that crack news. Airline cracked -- in this wall. As you go inside your house and look at the sheet rock concede it's. Bracket what is it towards ceilings in wall connections at that spot. If it's telegraphed from the outside inside if I don't see that in humanity and you know we may see in the future. That's when you start getting concerned if that repeats will be bigger water. Or it cracks that's telegraphing to unions. That's when you start calling contacting a foundation to -- -- -- -- moving how to stop. Okay now I'm political equation is Mohammed and they get a victory do you have -- -- -- program that it would it'd be doing it conscription -- Then. How would -- -- -- talk about it. What -- As the -- as the world's mind. And the houses late red man a year so -- -- She -- bond. Handsome bond and raise and and she don't want him. And it is again and tribal program that would impede those. Do you think the inscription on. I know that there were some programs in the past that were available -- that ultimately forced situations described. Stature if there's two existence. You know. I would certainly start -- round and asking that question. I would sort of -- with. -- -- It is a brain cramp referenced organizations -- contact. First while I certainly called the city. They may have someone there that -- this program available for assistance with making energy efficiency improvements in the -- reservation program. I'll call home. You know organizations that wore it like for instance. I'll contact global greens if there's any programs. Through that organization it'll -- the program. You know maybe they can suggest she calls someone -- they may be aware someone. That maybe. And such programs a lot of these nonprofit organizations. That may not offer the program that -- -- -- new and other nonprofit organization. As you know such a program. -- also called Catholic Charities if Catholic Charities businesses that -- content. -- -- -- -- Those auto unions on search. -- contact Catholic Charities. -- global global green. I would also call the folks at the -- deceive their utilization program. Energies good luck with the Internet. -- and. I've I've moved so much in my like title here in New Orleans area America around the country. And back I can't imagine. The ages of 82 living in the house you were born here. But as spectacular -- -- what a blessing that must be due course I might have collected more things and I've ended up collecting effect. And dot -- are if you wanna join us with your question about home improvement are numbers 2601 a seventy. It's all free 866 say they dined there recently -- is a 7870. There's a new poll that shows that the political divide in the United States has grown even wider. Do you criticize politicians and and do the same thing yourself that's one of the things that Tommy Tucker talked about. Monday morning six to ten here and -- -- view well also -- garlic is back tomorrow and Angela's back what financial we'll talk about. Is an effort to curb. Juvenile violence in Baltimore -- got very very strict curfews and higher fines for parents of children who violate the new restrictions. Is that a good idea. Joining Angela beginning at 1 o'clock it's an open mind with the legendary -- no one to four here and heavy WL. And on Monday Tuesday I'll be back of the -- Chile to midnight and we'll be right back aboard the moment for which I'm getting a few suggestions now. In response to our last call who had assists on the 8282 -- field rather forget today in vocalist of who was born and how she's living it. And she needs some help repairing it I've got a suggestion from change that's is a contact -- which was housing and urban development. And also Eileen -- on the home to prove what you want to beat of -- you have a suggestion for that caller. I mean OK we lost contact with. From DeDe Dorsey said the ball. Yet you know he can also contact united way this is something that one of the names are configurable all with the caller. So minutes something and it certainly -- skin contact united way for Islam. Okay from the rose Joseph your own home improvement show with Paul LaGrange. You know. They grow -- you all the org or -- -- the article. Where. All of that they. Eric. She'll. And -- and they follow faux leopard problem. The though. There are living. -- What -- the error rate or format that they're. So Joseph really opened when. And put a coding -- building whether it's you know breakers Stucco or see that his sport like you have. Wars -- -- wood siding. Is we didn't make sure what do tight. And we also to make sure that. He he has the ability to. Not be waterproof. When it comes to vapor and and what does it what -- mean Paul Rainwater runoff. OK but we don't want it as the vapor barrier. -- -- of paper were taller so we need to allow they agreed to go in -- depending what direction of paper what's in the news. In in when it's a paper total moisture in its gas -- state. You know we haven't -- relative -- is probably good way of thinking of an example -- So. I have to tell you that I'm not familiar enough with the run -- -- to tell you. It's a paper -- are very prepared that will be good question with a salesperson. That you're working with. I think I'll also be very transparent -- ease my concerns about using your product. -- see how they respond in in lesson. This where it was a perfect we all have problems. Our arms will make improvements we make mistakes. And it's it's with the way I judge it is what type person integrity yours. That that you -- -- that how you react death and that is discovered. So you know that it be something you would be very transparent and it and and be forthright saying you're my concerns let's talk about it. Poker. Poker -- -- You sort of look. -- joke and have a great weekend. And yet here's Eileen calling back Eileen you had some. Some information for change the caller we had was concerned about his mom's house. -- -- Okay well we try to choice I'm that's all I can do I here's an update on our -- give you a pretty general opinion poll. Growing up were you close to your dad. 29% say no 71% say yes give us your opinion by going to our web site W if you will not count. And you can treat your dad to a round of golf a great round of golf for four. I including golf course which is which is always nice to see this time of year at the stone bridge country club in party. I just played the WWL for dads -- yet -- Tuesday contest. Go to the WWL radio FaceBook page which is WWL radio. Look for four -- where yet -- -- contest like us and register to win and -- randomly select to on line winners tonight at midnight. And Tommy Tucker will announce the lucky winners on his show Monday and good luck for the station that was stands. -- WL. If you guys have a question about repairs or renovations so home improvement of some kind if you wanna join our show with your comment. Our question on numbers 2601. A seventy. Toll free 8668890. Point seven in attacks over is 87070. Also want to remind you that the that the list of weekend activities. He is on our website at WW real dot com. There's types article fest and it's our strong part of the areas the fifth annual world naked bike ride. Which last week was in Portland and I I believe it started in Portland that's that's one of the of the big cities for for that event. But they're actually gonna have a in New Orleans at 5 o'clock this afternoon I think it's it -- -- park in the by water so. ID you know and if you don't wanna go there don't go there but to be honest with the it's it's kind of a funny site former -- John -- WWL. Ball but true. You know there. Are. That list is reaching the end though there. Credit drop. The ball I'll. Literature that our. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Prepared our problem -- -- it. -- -- -- Everything that our contract -- our current track at the all. Of the dead. Or. You know it's there are some key characteristics to be elevated -- pals on whether. Follow woodwork. I've seen some folks changed yellow you know that the ventilation. And have so I. -- unification thing on the location. You in the and it's hard to explain all unique characteristics of the reason for it is because it. There's no doubt there's that aircraft connections news. Abortion you're -- and that definitely model to what's happening right now envelope. -- Here. It is it that we. Now. So -- War. -- you know. That -- where. You don't want. Well. Yeah and we could be a person's name this is a person of trade that a lot of trust and faith and -- name is Louis right yeah. And we'll keep you -- number. He he can come look at the home and -- -- look at the housing QB options when proved -- can make. Specifically talking about what's not happening and -- -- its -- -- 985. 774. 981. Suit. This is actually our sister company imaging conference solutions. -- yeah. Energy conference that was an answer. Okay will -- your name calling out there who are to come -- take a look at this. And another on its -- into problems it's gonna get -- it's not think. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What's your question what what's your concern about your house what's your question about it job you're gonna do our job you're gonna have done smaller march payers renovations. Maybe you're buying a house. A separate when you buy a house you negotiate okay now if you fix this they'll use -- -- don't fix that the company is much. You might wanna find out about it how's that you're looking at you might find out about something that might need to be done with the house. Because that might have something to do with whether you want them to repair it or whether you should prepare. And we can answer all these questions on home improvement short numbers 2601870. Tool free 86688. -- nearly seventy. In a -- -- 77. I'm still a construction consultant Paula greetings from the greens consulting and energy efforts solutions will be right back with more of your calls. TW well here's a news updates with on Ames welcome back to the home improvement show. It's going to be another Saturday suit you can avoid getting him in the -- today you might want might wanna do that. Hi this the show goes -- noon signal wait until the last minute if you do have a question about home improvement Kohler show now Ford is inevitably people called the at the last minute McCain get to. On before -- your calls remind you that the toughest course Puccio is coming up right after the show. At twelve noon three full hours noon to three times this -- and the Saturday edition of the future here at -- bureau. On a year on home improvement show with -- grange. Hi I want to crack on the flip. I can't get you lay it breaks out. Can't I'll -- Rick economic thinking about hanging out I'm expecting a lot of people do and can't make me. But I felt that not all part of my house. Plant while on the inside in the -- area. I vote should hang yet Rick -- area. All the -- Olympic. Corporate comb particularly the although the color to -- you not be may be a fan of it's fairly low maintenance -- watching paint that brick. You're your take on low maintenance that you -- happy force are related to the brick wall. Which means you could be paying their brick -- ever so often in your -- cleaning separate -- every so often. You know bricks mail you know although they collect some of that -- pollen dust -- in the air. Really don't show very much into your payment when you pay anything you could be washing it in pain he had every number of years. So be ready for some additional maintenance. -- -- -- I went about -- and experience are about right now well what meant what month break eventually crumble -- fall like because. A big speculation and. Notion. Though because -- Africa's porous it's a lot of -- to go in and out of separatist conditions -- So what type of if if you if you paint you need to use a special -- designed specifically for masonry. Put multiple layers of could a last America -- And -- the recent trouble a last America's needs something very flexible. So it'll estimate paints more expensive than traditional extreme points. -- -- How good to a local birds remorse or some something -- you have a relationship with Intel -- equity -- are doing. -- or get -- make bank here all right sunny good luck and from Algiers JC you're on the home improvement showing giving -- with Paula grange. I won't do I just need direct mediation or an honest former. In the lower -- Algiers metropolitan area. A plumber for -- -- star. Jimmy at second and -- looked at opera mail because I got a couple guys that can recommend to you. If you and enjoying our show with your question or comment our numbers 2601 a seventy. To all 386680. -- nearly seventy and I tech's number is 87870. A Defense Secretary -- Chuck Hagel has ordered I believe the US aircraft carrier to the Arabian Sea. As the crisis in Iraq continues we'll be talking about this among other things Monday night's eight to midnight on description. All right you ready Jason. Yet. Account what's the -- he. And what you call him -- fumble 47370488. It give him a call at W concerns are that when he gets there he gets in the right person to that job and make me have some materials to fix -- we've been comeback. It. Good luck with that. Know enough of that region Russia. I'll beat you hurt my back all appreciate. I JC have a good weekend you know policy never good when somebody calls up and says I need a plumber. I mean that can't be -- I tell you the substance leaking -- up and back it -- even -- it's not a good option from our vehement a year on the home improvement -- were on the range. -- -- And my high water in her own -- -- on a habit of buying her books are. Where and when she picked up her find out which are. They had content and on. Yeah. I am sure they'll be on the carpet she had to. So I was in what could be costing -- Anywhere she has got -- might find. A extra that war. Do you live in the race home. Now as a slap house editor. -- OK so let me tell you how moisture moves and it's true for -- house source -- is in -- in different. Or she goes -- wet location. And moves towards a Trier location. Into in the summer we're running our recognition errant -- opera house is drier. Than the ground in also the outside there. Country it's not. -- fruits. And -- -- will move through country moisture -- -- status of paper. We'll go through concrete into the padding in the call that -- into -- your house. -- it gets inside the -- your house he could try to open your commission system. And I have seen where people sometimes has had called what boxes to. They'll stack called -- boxes in the corner of the room where their closet. -- your your case -- daughter put our responders and their plastic on it. It was happening since the water want to come from the ground. Through the -- through heading to the the carpet in the heat that vinyl plastic on a bond and it stopped. In the collective and it became saturated that one small spot. All the -- it was tried to because it was able to come through he couldn't bear to try to open air condition system. But the case we you don't with a -- it was -- -- was blocked. So that's why it became saturated. Should be concerned about her norm. The current you know. And depending on the -- of the home that's normal the older homes the the classic they used to have the country's deteriorated so slowing. Warm moisture come through. Let me see how this is important Amanda is that if you ever choose to change that call it to a different type flooring. And not let me out. I was going to be -- -- -- About it being in different. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because if not. Much like you saw our beat that that partner of the conversation he can hit the floor like it would floor that's got to finish on top of it. You wood floors of a cup. Because it's it's could be acting that -- thing finish atop the that was to be acting just like that plastic ponder. Copper -- -- gonna become saturated is gonna copy as a result of giving voice and saturated. OK so really only option you harbor a ceramic tiles. And a stone article on the breadth. Porcelain something allows -- to come through it and listen. Although if you live collectively to daughter because again when she actually discovered a big problem for you from seed in the future. -- I'll tell it. OK thank you pop isn't. -- there and have a good weekend if you have a question about home improvement on numbers 2601 a seventy toll free 8668890. Point 78. Attacks -- 7870. Tomorrow night's NBA finals continue spurs in the heat -- five in San Antonio. Nobody thought the spurs win dominate and embarrass the heat and home two games in a row. But that happened none of the experts stance on Poland to -- Spurs lead the series suitable and could finish it out tomorrow -- table talk about we'll talk about the spurs and that the metaphor for life. The spurs. Present forceful talk about that Monday night on -- she'll. This is a home improvement show with our construction consultant Paul agreeing John -- and we'll be right back -- -- WL. Every Saturday morning we try to answer all your questions about home improvements repairs or renovations and mr. right back to your calls from Covington -- your -- home improvement -- -- -- LaGrange. There. -- -- -- All adequate on a decade. Child you -- -- -- about recommendation on the united I think our. Wore it all amounts you know and should be great while. -- -- Share you know if it's if it's real slippery. Then you can answer the architecture of sand creek along with that paint of course you what you uniform as much as possible. And you may put a -- could depend on top of the make sure that that paint it encapsulates and tar sand grain. Forward for slipping over decent slip and when it gets wet however traditionally stood at penetrating staying within that debt. Last a lot longer than pink does so it should give up some of that. -- Shall we. Are well you can go -- however we had anything to sustain. And keep them from slipping that's the dissidents at the star. So. Would it be watching and maybe get coated strain and and put -- -- would like to play. No at that point I think -- go ahead and I would probably it. And then -- would make some some seeing him with with with the the paint. Or you could depend on why it's what you can sprinkle was on top of it. And come back with another lower layer of paint. So do you sort of one way to get the you know the stain you can paint is no mixing in between. Well on this hawkish candidate okay. Just get along benched this channel at least wherever -- and -- -- and out. You know what what's it gets a capsule in the paint you really should be fairly fairly tight we're -- to come loose. Except when you if you get heavy heavy traffic what you got lots of pats or had a dog and they you know -- running. In -- terror with their cause and they break it up so depend on the use. Thank you yeah. Yes -- -- all right rob a here's. Text that read -- I have a tank less water heater or hot water heater on the blink yet. Could you please ask could you please ask Paul if he can recommend a plumber in Metairie who we specialize in tech with cedars appreciated. But that's a challenge for tech this water heaters is that they're you know there's plumbers that can install them but can't service them. But there are some -- that you both. Or if here's something you can consider the Texas what are users first have to like a gas furnace the technologies saying. You may wanna talk to me license heating cooling contractor or license a -- contract and plumber. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And yet. I'm sort -- and a project I got to look out -- Sears told about it around the square feet to -- -- By electrical bill which ruled -- do in winter months to wait until it is an animal house on its side in order house. Underneath the cited regulatory. Reporter rich formed board. You think that I didn't let them replace an album went. So you can -- -- -- situation while also been an eloquent connected it. And that would be. Out late in any way true. It's too late -- floor underneath. It that would Floyd Little porky -- who now. -- -- So so -- this certainly gonna help it you know where heat is coming in opium loss in the case of the winters can be. The floor the walls and the ceiling should you definitely hitting the walls in the windows and index will be to floors. Events certainly you can address the ceilings as well. So the foam insulation -- you're heading behind deciding. To make sure you take all the seems the top the bottom the edges -- budding up to other pieces of foam board. Any penetration like electrical plumbing or something drier than anything to complete a walls also going to be here's human airtight. Also when you putting new windows on you need to connect the window to. Full board that with proper realistic flashing. My suggestion used to go to a web site. Like a viewpoint type that web site. Oh or eight James -- board citing website in their best building guides on how to install these products. And the flash things around windows indoors and it's Adobe and excellent resource -- -- look at and -- who works and doesn't -- and how to properly do it. Elf underneath. What you don't you walls in deciding you recoup underneath. That same foam board or similar -- -- of you would use a poly I support that's a full face board. You can secure it to the bottom of your floor joists. And you take that same approach everything's gonna be airtight everything's going to be taped and -- and in continues to the bottom of the flow towards creating a dead airspace. Between the foam board and the bottom you floors where if you want you can use a clothes so -- phone either one of those products work well for me to. And -- -- on time and open a few. All right. If you wanna contact Paul pull it ranges with LaGrange consulting the website is LaGrange consulting dot com phone numbers 985845. -- -- 48. Sister companies energy copper solutions to that website is EC has died GS phone number 985590. 4167. If we didn't get to your calls or your text a contact Paul happy Father's Day to you Paul happy Father's Day to everybody who's a father. Populace thank -- that's what's good about having John workers in your producer. Have a great weekend as always lucky it was.

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