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06-14 12:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Jun 14, 2014|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is the hey waiter I can't read this menu in the dark voice of your local announcer. -- -- Morris and this is the big 87 WWL. And WWL 105 point three FM. As well as WWL. FM HD one. Which is probably the best audio you can possibly get. You don't even need a computer that you need to run out of your HD radio if you've got one I'd get one of fire where you have three room. This sound is unbelievable I mean even if you have a little because it's it's really so. Well anyway here we are it's time now for the food show with this is that wonderful time of year for us when we are not interrupted hardly at all. For about two months. No sports. This time of year -- anything that we carry anyway. The rest of the year we're going to bump all over the place by various sports matches and sometimes and don't even show up at all. On Saturdays at this time a year it's great -- new until three beautiful three hour program. And then we'll go on until the saints start playing so well there you go hope you can call us and make our acquaintance. By our I mean me. And my my fountain pen here and it really is a phone and and they'll also that guy sitting over there in the in the what's that little bit that sort antique looking suvs that -- -- I can't remember the name when it looks like it's from the 1940s. That guy. And that this is three of us and then we would like to bring you into the conversation who's 0260187. Use the telephone number. And if you have anything to say about food and anyway I'm making this is general as I possibly. I would love to hear whether Europe you wanna bring up something really silly like. When's the last time you have a Mary Jean. You know that little peanut butter and candy. That that's a little thing but you wouldn't believe how many calls that will trigger someone would ask that. We get I guarantee you at least three calls about Mary -- It's all or it can be about the best restaurant in town and in fact. Well on the way in here today Dave potter who is running our electronics -- studio. Brought up the whole issue of the closing. Of Stella. In the French Quarter this past week. Stella is a five star restaurant by anybody's figuring. And -- or unless you you know don't like to eat fabulous food. It's certainly was five star in my ratings. And they decide to closets Jeff Scott Boswell. Just he's closing in the way I read the letter he sent out. It sounded to me. Like they weren't making a profit or maybe weren't making enough of a profit which is. You know you can make a profit on something but work go like hundred. In and fifteen hours a week and take home you know 103 dollars for it which of course you know it is not real profit. But anyway that's that's what I read into that but I don't know if that's what it really is I suspect that if they were making a ton of money with that he would keep going. But he's getting out of that on the other hand his other restaurants -- that remains open. And though with good reason I'm sure that when is quite a money maker it's a great idea it's certainly fabulous location and that right there on Jackson square. And I expect that that's going to be around too long term but I. I have a lot to say. About. The the whole business with with Stella and some other related issues to Stella. Of restaurants like -- An idea and -- but two thirds of the way through writing. An analysis and a opinion on this because I think it's a bigger question than just one restaurant -- And I wanna finish writing it's personal publish it in my newsletter probably on Monday may be on Tuesday by the New Orleans menu which you can get to by just going to know menu dot com there it is. It's good people waiting already while this is great let's start. -- Norman. I tell -- who I. I will do raiders are a smoker and I went yeah and spoke. Are you wanna do what you do in the moisture in -- that that smoker. -- -- forums I usually do my funny the way of doing it is I I saved tuna fish hands my wife bullies always eating tuna. -- saves me the hands which as you know flat and then you know -- squat. Right I take the label off and then a film with water and I put him on top of the grill. Like around the edges in the gaps you know as many as I can put on there and just filled with water and then when you close the cover. What happens is that it after him not too long time the water starts boiling and it keeps the steamy kind of environment. In the pit which I think is -- critically. Important issue for pork in particular. -- barbecue in general so it and for ribs I certainly would do that. He -- up. Much of -- better than you. A bunch of them what the little -- output as many as I have room for there are other ways of doing this you know if you have some kind of follows some kind of opinion of some kind that it's in the original old -- pain -- you know bright -- for food -- Anything that works for I mean -- I have a little tin -- is here. And actually step on him in the middle of the night. We'll go and enjoy yourself thank you. Tomorrow is I didn't mention this -- added it's Father's Day I'm a dad. Warren is here Warren come on -- They are currently doing great. The -- -- equipment state tomorrow. You know. And in the skillet else curious and substitute thought it would be angry. Oh would in fact. Not a fan of bacon and beef to get -- like bacon cheeseburgers that'll like they can rightfully minions and they'll. Don't think he belongs love bacon of course. You make it -- -- at hearings red beans just one obvious thing Ryder Cup but not with state that for me. Off. Skillet on the top of the -- with some -- -- See your own votes the stake on both sides. Stick to the -- and then releases than you turn it over once. Let's -- on the other side that little Europe of a blow putter. Between the stake in the medal which doesn't seem like he's in the capital but there res one. On that water gets very hot and gives you a nice little crusty -- on the outside. And that to finish cooking then you put it in the of the -- Pena just with all in the -- Or you can transfer it to a different and repeated pain preferably and you lose that pan -- with -- -- Legalese Japan. That's the single most often. Administered piece of advice I have -- -- ways to do with that. Actually populate. I don't thoughtful way L -- like toward. I. Oh yeah sure sure is it -- bullion remind. Twelve -- I kind of want pale by and -- So alone. He could get away with that is -- the ball and keeps it from lying flat on the bottom of the pain and sometimes sometimes not. Always you know you just have a big hand would be a good idea. -- Illinois derby instead of a nine inch maybe about an eleven. What. You're close enough yeah okay verdict. Aren't they are by the way change your oil and I know that's that's the auto that she sorry to even have -- on it would function. Sean -- welcome. -- They get well. I'm I am I at age forty. Oh well one and over it and it eater. I mean is it. -- that we. Currently. Right -- but some some that are in and other people recently 0878. D.'s -- true. I'm totally freaked out and -- and so my question is it accurate in. Would be much. At -- well. This is this is not a health and nutrition program. But that doesn't mean I don't have thought about that but -- I've what I want to make it clear that I am not a nutritionists I'm not a doctor. And what you're asking are actually kind of medically related thinks so. So don't take any any medical advice from me. But I I can tell you of being missed avid sneaky to myself that seven that what did they say seven to ten days. That's I think that's a gross overestimate. -- And it's kind of gross things to talk about from the bank of it. But it's -- But I think maybe three times a week might be a bit much. Well frankly I think he'd be better off. If you -- really good stakes. Maybe once -- week. And it's. He is and that way you you'll be satisfied better -- the -- what kind what kind of state you liked Coke. Unlike -- I love believed. And -- at a restaurant and definitely Kelly usually -- column in. OK well that Bob rabbis are terrific. Yeah I just. Wouldn't worry about it too much you eat some other things obviously soon. But it's -- he -- create. And it all that I am now on getting the album art. Just think about it a little bit more. Activities every day. A lot of that. A lot of that is have it you know you you start doing something in the -- You start -- for a while just to give you something completely ridiculous. I got in the habit at the radio station went particularly when I was on from three to six and I hadn't really eaten anything since breakfast -- Watched a lot of weight that way but it. It's it was something I got in the habit of and then I started stopping off at the Eminem's machine. On between the studio in the bathroom which I would go to -- the bathroom first and then washing my hands and then. Get out of a handful of Eminem's. And then even more on the way back to the studio and I got to the point where I didn't do that like if I didn't have a quarter in my pocket. If I didn't do that I crave it. And that's ridiculous I mean it's just it just got to be habit with me and it's easy to get out of habits don't you just don't do it for -- indeed just say OK and it. For one week -- -- and even stakes in all and -- other things. How do you. Can pull me away from the stake this time I'd love a good steak you know it's always on my mind. But a little harassment she go to. These days this was not true but twenty years ago but it's definitely true now. Why have these nice thick pork shops. Vallone and usually there are double cut pork chops and the cook I'm just like they cook steaks. And you eat them and -- like half the price of the state to begin. Everybody bit as I mean every bit as good and -- ideas. -- That brought -- that idea. I can look up about one week Atlanta. OK so now erupting now -- now the fourth portions woman -- -- in the in the somewhere and I know what else you know what else works well. You can if you get physically cut this is sometimes hard to get but fresh tuna. And if you -- it like you would cook the steak which is really how you -- tuning in my opinion you cook it exactly. The way you cook a steak with any kind of slots at that you would put on the state. -- think that that they'll pull you away from a little bit put three times might be too. I -- my -- and remember I am not a doctor and remember also. To check you're we'll balance so your tires will Wear -- -- we we have -- slip into that show you what's going. Will return will try to -- to come back with more of the food Joey after first please this it's a pretty good place they have it's a nice looking restaurant and of course everybody talks about the flow of thought and frequency of allegedly rightly. But anyway they they. Also have in addition all those new little issues they have some of the things that I think the real interest in one of them. Is this -- the name of which I can't. Remember exactly they may just simply call it beef fund do which is not exactly. Accurate but actually not that -- And it consists of the opinion of simmering. Water. It's actually beef stock I think. They put vegetables. Onions and things like that they bring you all that you pretty much do it yourself. And it's sitting on top of a little burner on top of this -- on top of the table. And they bring you a plate. Of these. Slices of beef. Are or they also have these very thin rice paper. -- noodles that almost seem like they're made of plastic when you're handling them and they're dried form it's just. And the way they feel but when she slipped them into the water they soften up right away. And then you roll them up with the beef -- with the vegetables and everything you eat that it's really unique in and a lot of fun and very tasty too. And it's a full mill. Excellent king the street I think. Full or I did what they say full -- oh yeah that's a different restaurant and not far away actually but do you follow orchid thank you. There's so many places -- folks on the -- these days. The -- restaurant that a lot of people have been talking about lately the Vietnamese restaurant. That the buzz is about is a place called now mis. And AME NSE. It's in what used to be a gas station. On the corner. Of tooling in Carrollton. Quite quite a great. Location there I mean the traffic runners tremendous. Everybody knows where it is and every time I've wanted to go there. And have almost been several times but. But not only is a parking lot filled but all of the all of the spots along the Streeter feel. The Carroll didn't stretch from Tulane all the way pretty much the city park. Is now a really great restaurants owned lots of good places lots of variety. Not just to local kind of variety but also some ethnic variety to. But there news linking canal street both sides. To 60. 187 or use our telephone number we'd love to talk with you about where you've been eating -- where you've been drinking. Names mentioned a few minutes ago that the cajun zydeco festival was going on I think it set the usual place in the French market between the of the jazz and heritage. Association. They put that missing people who do the jazz festival. And it used to be part of the tomato festival creole tomato festival -- busted up this year for some reason. I suspect that they have food the music is free but that you pay for the huge ego. We're having more and more festivals like that a -- of great thing to 60187. I think it's news time business. Just just about knowingly -- -- two seconds before and whose time I guess it's time. Here is done Ames who give us more about that and other stuff -- hello hello it is the food show on the big 870 WWL and WWL 105 point three FM. And I screwed it up yet they've. -- given the wrong phone number not so for now -- five more half hours to work to try to do that here is -- way. And like or I'm doing great one. It -- -- so. -- to a report. Bigger or four but just keeps getting better it's called -- who should treat. I've never been there it's it's a little bit of a trip but it really as much as it seems like we had to. Polio on the show with us. Two weeks ago. Yeah and he was felony. -- every one I've ever. Talked to a by the just loves it of course he loves to. But that this seafood he brings him. Is there really something I mean he's right in the middle that you -- you couldn't find a better spot forget oysters and crab meat all economists and red edition. -- -- -- Well keep it from -- to grow -- child yesterday. At the Girardi agency -- despair ST. There and you know -- Solomon. Large -- open to electric Wachovia and don't -- Record. Or. They're gonna 36 spot. The table books got my vote in China come out punch they're anti turned that into Warner. And our. -- all go back thank you all rural built. All. These. T really -- taught. You know it's a poster that picture that they're out there and Chico state. Just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I never did anything like that -- -- coach I don't order those two. -- -- -- -- -- go -- to get. -- I'll. Shoot -- report or -- Following a diary. California -- in critical -- or -- charge so. What page are they grew up. -- restaurant that was there oh there -- -- It was there it was a German restaurant -- -- it was just a block Beale street. Our -- and -- around the corner Joseph cook the books. But right now all all the yeah yeah yeah and open a record. It's brutal. You know that the in the rest on in that hotel and that's up a major drew first class hotel. They is that whoever is running the rest on is under contract not to ever serve -- on the menu. And that there -- short when it. Yeah that's right. Yeah. It's a bit desperate he called it hook. Actually notebooks -- what. Padilla with a lot. But anyway. -- Erica. Which we always do -- there are a bit. Are wondering why aren't -- -- well we around. That. That they've reduced -- -- know there is straight open. An orbiter up on the bad traders have problems -- people don't -- -- It's it's never really been let's face it it's never really been agreed food city except of course for the barbecue which is is no question about that. But it not ever being your real strong. Grooming place whenever anything was going on the that would send people that way I get a lot of calls about it and I don't know. Other than those the Peabody which I I did dine in it was great. Oh Chez -- sports I think that was named chief public. They've opened. Up a war on the war but. Also -- up or right around -- for air from where there's. Note that -- would do for you Richard was supposed to be still here. Both big bets or QB that Jews -- -- -- -- that they wage. But based server to bribe. All lol yeah. Where a yacht that. I know who that is it's not jumping out of my head either think of the second it. I really airport. I'm market abuse to whip or regret that we're like -- But anyway but that order that they would bring you. Walk -- shutdown they brought to apply. Well all day -- rich. -- -- I can sit -- Arabic view there -- rules. Shall. But -- the that. Supposed to rule out there but anyway we were really. Yeah rendezvous that's the name of the -- -- Rugby I knew we. It's for some reason thoughts like that are now taking them but thirty seconds to penetrate through it probably effect in my skull. Do. It if it yet I haven't been. Dave just said it's all timers I don't think I have that yet -- that bottom -- I don't have a permit you to put. A little. So ridiculous or reject or I've. Been a horrible things all nice uncle who -- shall promote the jury -- your pocketbook. You talked about. That you like to or were remember we were you want or are these should assure you remember. Shot strip called -- or not. Doctored not I do remember doctor not very well I think it's the best soft drink -- -- soft drink that was ever created. It head on and it ahead of flavor. I -- I drank it like crazy in the eye and tell you the exact year -- was 1989. Excuse me 1960. Three. -- -- -- It made a comeback it was mainly around in the thirties and forties and then when they went out of business it was a local company was into moral and staying in the world bottling company was who put that out. And then vacate the right root beer people. From Baton Rouge started doing it again same bottles same everything. And I thought it was great and then it went away again and the next time I tasted anything like it. Was the first time that somebody handed me an Amarillo. And it took one -- that I set for God's sake this taste just like doctor not -- I recognized it immediately. Because it it -- -- getting a little nutty. It edit the flavor yet -- but all week so. Of an output -- is what it is Vanilla. And -- hours or -- matters some but it was a a distinctive flavor in real legal. And I will analyze whatever they come back a bit. They did they came back with it yet again in the eighties in the early eighties and effectively go back there. -- published. The magazine but it still publishing just on the line it's not a pro -- thing anymore. Called the New Orleans and you and I did an article about it and I have photographs of the people who owned it -- bottles and everything. And they lasted for about a year and then went away again but this time around -- didn't face the same to. -- Remember. Remember you know if you know so. And also the the rest on on. Cultures are -- right here oh. Rio. You know the movement and yet they. They either change names are changed owners can't get a line on that but it's a different venue now. And I'm Mexicans -- little more a little more of them and you will listen very much talking. Yeah I think so I think it's I put it may just be -- name change course here is. JJ welcome to the foods. -- we entries into Washington air or blueberry vacancies and really. Yeah also look up Erica both our countries where. Plugging the other golfers are -- or they're for the next weekend so. Pick your own farm. You listeners or do that if you Google Louisiana rural workers are. Military deterrent moved -- accurate or what they call the go or it's really really want upon both organic this well. -- my question Port Orchard favorite. Blueberry based recipe or recipes featured blueberries. You -- -- -- the one that I thought and I still think because I had not long ago. Over it or knows they do a roast duck with a blueberry sauce. Called. It's called. Duck -- that's the name of -- -- and it's me with -- blueberries saws in you we tend to want to put some in slightly fruity and sweet on -- to begin with but an -- to do and it would blueberries that works like a dream that's wonderful. -- apparent literally. You are literally cut about my check engine light on what turned out to tell me about there. Yeah here's what you need to do you need a new -- that's her. Output you can only get that from a Sweden so don't let -- -- placed your order and and it has to be done between 104000. Miles and a 1171000. Miles or -- -- It all right thank you very much it is the food show one on the big gates WW WO Dave you're reminding me of my wife who doesn't get my humor either. -- we'll come back well that's the same thing he said he he gets it but he doesn't appreciated -- my wife feels exactly the same thing she says. You know I I get where you go on with it but it's not funny. We will return with more of the food show it's stupid she says that. But we will return -- more of the food joint efforts pleased that I just passed by that place today. I didn't know was there -- didn't realize it was their opening day and go win. They have a clever sign. On the area front window the one downtown that says. 33. -- I think that's when it's free smells that's. 2601. Which is it. It is haven't been yet. 2601872601870. We put that -- if you would I was looking for was not that. Always looking for a barbershop. IE. I'm off on iPhone really good barbershop I went with twice in the gave me. Two really great here it's one after another new fund guys -- it was you know old style Barbara -- -- barbershop. Then my third -- cut. Was so terrible that my wife sent me back to get it fixed and wanna do it and the other Barbara aside from the one that did it originally. He said no -- that's and he -- it's definitely wrong and he did it. And he gave me the worst here by the violence it was the the second worst in the worst in one day. And I don't wanna go back at least not right now because his. And they're taking pictures of his for the radio stations. This Wednesday and I've been told to get -- -- So I went around and I tried to go to five cutters today nobody would do. -- -- It's because they get back here it's 260187. Here is Scott Scott welcome. Right or majority -- thank you. I want to say about that -- here wrote these. -- has brought great bakery quite a while ago. That I think is an eminently. Acceptable in no more than acceptable choice I think it's a solid solid as a contender for number one yeah. Great job that you. Where -- graduate diplomatic and nineteen DA. Where certain employees goat slightly currently. You get a road people are appropriate Martin big gallery owners use an option -- that -- the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There marker how important now among likely to go companies each averaged in -- there -- Well it's not that stop you from now mean there. Has always been really great. When I talked to him by arch. Its -- sure everybody's reminiscing today but one here it is -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was. Out to lie I was about to say this is -- -- -- who who performs in the bar at the stop those. Every night. Tuesday through Saturday anyway. And makes it a special place to go among all the other things -- accomplished. And. Thank you for that my friend who -- -- tonight. -- god willing and the creek don't rise I I've been blessed. 120 oak tree there so -- and wonderful man I mean. Out of its cola. To two called good that would that Peabody and -- to. And then not an out book and I try and also down on Beale street look at the BB king at the account which he is most of the and we got on peaceably -- you like Scott we ducked into court blocked a trade at each. Well it probably -- best pork chops ability and it is secret. They use the source. That is me it was acting you can coast continue -- an expert is -- streak that was the so -- -- you -- these back here again just that Connecticut. Anything that put him in and that Specter metric is not welcome. In a book is great power outlet. Only Oliver you if if they make a song suddenly it is not much alcohol that's left. When it's you -- Head coach opened but the case was in the just they immediately model -- but could be in the third broke and I both. Effective no place in conceded it with that being affected like. Some members to get the order which we've been at civil trial. They need to pinch -- between a great place. Could probably remembers the time we got that good but we conduct we thought we'd be seen Beatles. I think it. The Beatles rock outlook that the country is. Well as a country believes that he's been in their. That's what it is that the country song and then Minnie Pearl was ordered -- deal. Although operate the grand -- -- -- you that's still on the air where else. Are you know it's constant it's. Personable PP you can pick up the station here at 630 I think it is six -- on on the Indian dial are too powerful station WSM. In in Nashville. In the zone and they play in it's on Saturday night so I think. And an old -- and they still have all the performers it's quite -- thing it's been on the air longer than any other radio show. Well there's a little bit just -- -- I don't know if that's still at that particular play with it because they knew that the natural. But we've seen entertainment there -- to -- but it which is a fantastic. Hotel where. Roy it is sorry to break in but it's not always a pleasure to talk what you have but we've -- break time and I gotta go but that I see around. -- Roy -- sings at in the stock goes every night and adds something to the experience which is already pretty good. And we'll be back but more in a moment but first please this.

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