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WWL>Topics>>06-14 - 1:10 pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

06-14 - 1:10 pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Jun 14, 2014|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

870 kilo cycles media YU fifty quadrillion -- watts of power. Blanketing the ground in giving a little shuffled to the feathers on the birds and also storing up the clouds a little bit to create some really wonderful Vista is like in the sunset last night which was amazing if you happen to be watching it. Well aware helping with all of those things. Since 1922. New Orleans oldest radio station WWL. And WWL 105 point three FM New Orleans first FM frequency. This is Tom Fitzmorris. And the with the food show our program of good taste and eating and drinking and restaurants in bad taste to. If you. Listen to it you know that to be true. But not in the food not in the food to 606368. Is our number. Here I go I blew it at -- I knew it would happen. 2601870. And we've got to talk with Cuba where you've been eating what's your favorite restaurant with you remember that from some other day. Things that you thought we're delicious or if you're looking for a recipe you're trying to figure out how to cook something I will admit TU. I am not a -- I've never been a -- I've worked in some restaurant kitchens to have sort of part time doing special projects once in awhile not that big. -- bought. On the other hand -- -- a lot. I know where young who doesn't is which is thinking and -- written six cookbooks. I'm just trying to impress you a little bit but I I wanna lay in here. An idea that I'm trying to promulgate and having mixed luck when it. I believe that if there is one thing a chef ought to know it's what tastes good. There are a lot of chefs at their particularly on the younger and things. Or more interested in. Going along with the trends. Using the hot new ingredients. And making all the hot -- is that they read about in magazines -- that they see going on and other cities. That is Khamese secondary the most important thing is making food that tastes good. And knowing what things taste good and what things don't taste good. Well I think a lot of shots do not know that. Here in New Orleans I think we're luckier than most because I think most of our -- do very much stand that because they grew up beating. Well anyway that's just the news a position paper August 260. 187. Later on in the week I hope you will. By Tuesday at the latest I hope you'll come by my website no menu dot com because I have something to say. About the closing this past week of Stella which is a five star restaurant I'm not the only one who says that there are a lot of people. In various books. Of points of life. Everything. From other food journalists and then magazine writers that nationwide. Food magazines. And other things. That have said the same thing that I've said -- that this is truly. The top of the class in New Orleans in the -- anyone every told me they thought that Stella was the best freshman and wants I would not argue that it's us. They weren't really that good but they closed this week and reading. The letter that chef and owner Scott Boswell put out I got the impression. And amid the -- it may be wrong but I I did walk away from reading it with this impression and I think you might to. -- that they were not making enough money. Which is very possible because the kind of food that they were putting out. First of all involves tremendous expense to to get the stuff and then the have a lot of work to do with that. And then you have to find enough customers who go for that kind of thing -- who have that kind of money. -- dinner over there was over a hundred dollars and that's before you started tacking on the line. So anyway. They have shuffled off of this of mortal culinary -- are they are keeping. It's Stanley which is in the French India and -- that the red -- and Jackson square. That I think is doing very well. But that Stella is now closed. And he will have something I need to say about that and it's kind of lengthy and it's kinda deep end. That'll take your time -- it but it's gonna be on my newsletter if you wanna check it out by I think by you by -- deal habit and a on the website no menu dot com where that is salmon is waiting for us here. On the go on the food show Sam. There -- All right thank you. -- -- are a week. -- -- this ball and -- Obama to actually. And what about. Our -- sort of skill. Well. In my opinion. The and this is all still bone in Norris it would be -- Porter house. I would I would put either. -- butter or olive oil he could use either one. The water will be bubbling the olive oil will be on the verge of smoking I wouldn't use extra virgin but this by the way. And and what you have to have it enough that it not not a like a deep frying -- -- like. Enough that if you tip the hand back and forth. You'll see the oil or the blotter -- Cascading down slow. And in what we're trying to do here keep this in your mind in just you know make it happen. Fill the gap. Between the meat and the pain because there is one it might not seem that there is but there is one. -- -- -- Yet the gap know between the -- And the state there's there's a gap and if you just put the stake in the paint and with no butter no olive oil or anything. You're not gonna get very good grounding inhumane as well just put it on the grill or put it in the in under the broiler to get. We're gonna do it. There's only on the block and get. OK I know what that you said. But you what I'm saying is that you're not gonna get a very good Choi are often that among issue putting in a little bit this butter or olive oil. And then just Siri just series don't look at all the way. Then take it off the burner and then put it in the oven to finish cooking which is -- wary of cooking yeah I it's a boost that process. Couple of big particularly. That would be fine break between it is you're probably doing it 40425. Thereabouts on. Okay that's perfect. Just put the whole pain in the or you could take at the stake out of the opinion included in another pain -- -- you re heated in the open and then in the opinion where huge this year to. Put little white line or dog a red wine or -- some cream or some cognac or some Scotch whisky or whatever you can think of that might -- good. And then bring it up. And and you can build a great solace in there a restaurant quality sauce just -- Using a little bit of imagination and adding things to that Pena. -- That is. In my opinion if there is anything I've ever told people and they -- do they'll bring a lot of pleasures that's the one that's number one. So we'll -- -- that. All right yes good here is Ron Ron welcome. I am and I'm doing great component. Illustrating an article in the paper last week you made reference to -- I've been here and actually. Well. I was supposed to and remembered. The progression of restaurants that Winamp the fares -- I don't know what the Covert one point I'm now. Is that mobile market in that location. Dole Bob -- bars at the other end of the same line but he senior U close. It's Marty's. An. Oil well it's not the -- -- But I wrote a review of -- this week my my wife and I went there in the we've been a couple times in -- enough to really like it. And more I but I remember the original -- to back in the 1970s I think 72 is when they opened. And that place. Wise. Really ahead of its time. And was a terrific restaurant for a long time and started a lot of trends and then it kind of ran out of gas and then Marty -- -- -- one real problems. And then it's -- -- for a little while and then Paris style started it was who's done by god by guy by the name of John Neal you'd come from this both knees on the bill he was the right after Susan -- And he had -- for all but then he passed away. And that is the opponent. In Carney took over. And she had a for a while an -- he sold it she had a health problem although she's okay and she's running our own harassment. Called the do mean is the name of it in. Dayton Ohio. And I will be. Well no kidding well but one -- the gimme a call me -- report but -- certainly well. And they changed it to two wolves and net IE in I thought it was good but it never was the equal of Paris style by the close. And since then you know he he didn't come back after the hurricane. And the old besides that the place at a fire on top of that so it was a but that the guys running it now. Are that the owners of go throws and coach rose. Yeah well you know for as long as they've been around since 82 is always good. And I think you'll like it and and what I wrote in this article that I mentioned 45 minutes ago. In school. Always. That if Marty. We're still alive and we're still running the rest. Excuse me the police he would be. With that menu in that harassment today is almost exactly the way that the coach -- guys have. And so it's it's totally it's been this big gap but now it really is Marty's 2014. And I'd really like -- It looks great the food was terrific the service was good god that's going to be a winner one year. Excellent excellent. Delegates Auckland is it it -- -- island. Name mentioned and in an -- now in our department that it turned out there in date in just happened over an effort. One night so it -- tougher. You can. I've heard very good she certainly is a terrific show up then and besides being through rough terrific chef she's. Lately I've just. As the EUQ would you meet her and you stopped at contracts but held in court. Right now accurate so. Hey thank you and nice talking -- you. The food -- will roles Maureen after first pleased that logo. La Guardia what do you. Bob is here Bob welcome to. The big 870 WWL. -- and I really argue. And we want to they have ordered from actor what's the story deal. I never say never because there's nothing that would stop somebody from. Talking to people who owned it owned the trademark. And of buying it im getting at rolling. But it. A key years and I get this from pretty good authority that there are no plans to do it any time soon that the the family is kind of like. Put it in abeyance but does that does that mean it might not happen. So -- that was -- real -- Well the good news is that you can find many many many better treats out there. -- so you can assuage viewers viewers saw oral with that. Place like more -- French pastries. Or the maple street but -- the -- you'll know when those great little shops and and this is play any way to be and you beat guys it's like eating. Potted meat food products when you could well that's. It's like eating a hamburger when he -- OK. And I think. About it. You can get. You can. If you want to sure. He -- anymore. Okay I just well. Thank you who's never -- 2601872601870. Let's see where are we what are we doing now our program today is sponsored by. Opera and poor boys. On this past week. My wife. Undertook a project that she has been involved with -- since Katrina. Every year this a contingent. Of young men just graduated from Georgetown prep high school in Washington DC. And they come down here. And they work on -- in the into other things to help of people. In our area who were indeed they have quite commitment to this. And it's amazing that they're still doing it after all these years really put the they have done a lot. And my wife feeds them and she makes a -- -- and stuff and the oftentimes. If she did at this time and not frankly but it would only you have been for logistical reasons. She goes over to parades or -- -- of treason treason trays of -- an awful it is and finger sandwiches and all the things that they make over there. And brings -- to the guys they just love it you know you handle -- Linda does someone who was not from here. And they just go crazy and with good reason it's so wonderful sandwich and they do a fine job of it Oprah -- That just steal the little baby ones that you would have for a party. But they'll also you know the big monstrous ones with -- layers and layers of him for the salami in the cheeses and all the rest. Very good muffle the tabby -- along with all the other things that they do with the big menu really. At -- -- for -- 3939 veterans just -- Cleary on the lakeside. A UC. And they are open for lunch Monday through Saturday and for dinner. Wednesday through Saturday and they just keep on going straight through via the until about 8 o'clock rants or voice. Let's see where are we now we -- will be here it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A question -- -- Here at and T are going. Any me whatever. It I had it in the scrabble that have and we. I would buy our. And crap like EP. Morgan -- -- I -- -- in regular. Louisiana well. Yeah. The the way this is done to process crab meat that you would buy in a container in the supermarket you -- which I'm sure you've done you know you go to the supermarket there it is. -- what they do is they steam them. -- they they do what you with commercial. Equipment. As much faster than anything you gonna do at home. But if you can work up a steamer read it and sometimes. You can do that just by using you know colander in a pot of boiling water. And just put that put the put the crabs in the air. And the news. This and just get the steam going and put the top on it and you can cook them very thoroughly. And yet they won't dry out they won't pick up all that salt they won't pick -- all that pepper. And what you have here is just good crab -- the only other thing in the air -- -- fat which kind of melts a little bit and gets all over everything but that's a good thing. So help me and you that would acne is sort of play I don't know it. It's steamed with no seasoning at all. That's how it's you know thank you good luck thank you my pleasure we will come back -- more the food show. And speaking of steam to done -- is steamed at me because I'm -- minutes late. Coming to him and I don't blame him because he lives in and ordered world. And I order you go to who what what am -- talking about hey it's the food show. On the -- WW WL -- c.'s Tom Fitzmorris and -- seed here Caroline or is it Caroline which -- do you. Errant. Caroline will welcome to our show. Think -- term I have a quick question about. Where to go to dinner has been coming down -- from New Orleans that are tree in -- and -- else they're coming back to New Orleans. With the change to for her I thought return that we -- -- inner city. Eight being she's deal. You're more likely. -- primary being their can be -- bill. And six young teenage boys. You when you say young -- and twelve hours seventy. Young teenage 1213. At age. Look at the total opposite together. We just wanna be in the same. Yeah seven is seven is not to maybe you can get away with seven if you get much from I think they cut off his eight and if you have more than eight people that -- we gonna cause yourself more trouble than it's worth. So what part of town you going to be and what -- And downtown though we're familiar with anywhere downtown up magazine street. I'm from -- Portland so of course I know where everything you know is laid out we can go anywhere about it we'll have a car. And in what basis. Anyway. Wednesday and dare I. You think I'd go. Mister b.'s. Mean mister -- I just think it's a pretty straightforward place it's not a fancy restaurant and all the services very good but this that really fancy as the bistro field to always did. Their their their menu is just right. Down the line new good New Orleans stuff I think they do the best barbecue shrimp and now they do the best you can and do we gumbo and now. They have grilled fish awful wood burning grill was the first place ever do that this city. That are there there are there's a Great Britain putting it is another great -- Addition count. And then they have in all sorts of other things they have seafood him grace gallop him crab cakes it's it's him to pick restaurant. I think you could get the young ones in you'll find something for them on the menu. And every all the all the adults will find a very stimulating and very good. -- -- -- I call them make sure that you know I would do it right away and make sure they know your local because they only take X number reservations over the -- And -- that it goes on kind of like a waiting list which is not too bad because they'd they'd move in and out pretty pretty quick but I think you'd have a great time. Okay and the means and that buy you one thing in my mind was. -- or even in the new one that you've been on magazine street. The -- when he's just opened right within weeks and I wouldn't go -- only because personal brand -- and of course is all reports of Kurds say stand in line for thirty minutes and then. You know. And I I just you know that's because everybody says in the rush to get there but if you wanna go to the other women in the Roosevelt hotel. They -- yeah absolutely it is to respect I think that that's the best pizza in town but no this. Sure you know everything that's going to be on that pizza because that pizzas aren't they they do very much like they do him in. On Naples. But it is not exactly the same as especially younger people might be used to get him up pepperoni Horry. Ortiz beat to go before it's they have some that are little off beat so to -- that all of and then the rest of the -- it was a little collecting too but not so much that you'll have a problem I think that be great choice. OK. Okay. Celebrate July thanked me help you it. And and ones. Is back again with its summertime. Special lunch menus they always have. The special menu during. During lunchtime. It's one of the most outstanding. Deals. In the New Orleans area certainly for fine dining. He glanced once at lunch and for twenty dollars and fourteen cents now what should think about that for a second twenty dollars and fourteen cents. Is what you would pay. If you were to -- he easy in a chain rest. But we're talking about and once the oldest restaurant in American -- most famous. Pressman names in the world twenty dollars and fourteen cents you have the choice of three appetizers. The one I would -- Would be the oysters three ways Rockefeller -- and Phil and Thurman to where they call. All of -- -- great. They also have a on the menu and I'd I'd really love this and I I didn't I just pay extra for it could you only get one choice and app -- you have three choices that you only get one. They make these cheeks was there the cold potato leek soup. That I think is the best I've ever had anywhere. And so if it's on the mini which they only do during the with the winter I mean this summer they don't do it during the week. And I look then they move on and you have this is chicken dish is revealed nation this is finish. For the entree and then you have three choices of desserts. All this for twenty dollars and fourteen cents and the specialty cocktails of the day or 25. Cents a quicker. What do lunch deal that is and you know what else it is. If you've never been and once before and a lot of a lifetime more lenient never have which is a shame. It'll give you the easiest possible risk free kind of a deal to go there it's twenty dollars for a three course dinner and once you. You'll love it. It's my favorite rest and it releases. And that's -- that's the best restaurant. But it is my -- 713 Saint Louis street in the French Quarter all the world there is only one. And ones. We will come back with more of the food -- the moment but first -- this. That low it's the food show it's thirteen fifteen no it isn't either it's the big 870 WWL and WW 105 point three FM. But as long as I brought that up. I'd like you to know and if you don't already that a program that's almost identical to this when except that the the callers are different that's the thing that puzzles. Of them were quite figured that out it's the same show same hosting subject -- dynamics. Almost the same rule -- in just a few feet away. And it's on thirteen fifty. Three WL. Every afternoon saying time is this -- on a noon till three. And do we talk about restaurants and we talk about cooking and food in general and just like we're doing here. So if you've been no good -- lately called me and tell me about it. And it is this comes to your mind during the week tuning in on thirteen fifty and tell me there. Now back to hear. Bootsy would have to report on this seems like there's something. What my wife and I went back to -- restaurant. That we'd -- that we'd been to once and now I've been to enough contacted later Cogent review about it. The name of it that was a little puzzling it's spelled DO RR IS. Like as -- Doris Day. And -- the rest of the name is metropolitan Doris metropolitan. -- interest in name. The three guys who -- it opened up the first one in Israel I think they are originally from Israel. And then they sold it and they opened up the second location where I -- -- third. But by that time they didn't have the first two anymore they they sold them the second one was in Costa Rica. And the third witnessed here in New Orleans on. On charter street -- space where the old Alpine used to be. Half a block away from Jackson square great location obviously. And it's a steak house and -- I did find out though I've been there are some mysteries about this place. One I did learn this time around is that it's not Doris. And it's not door Reese and I've heard it's -- that way too. It's actually dory ease into the -- the explanation is that one of the three guys that -- that's -- that's his name dory. -- -- -- And they he'll put the us on the and but nobody put the apostrophe -- and so looks like Doris and they just left it like that because they'd like the idea of recalling. Some anonymous woman norm or the one very well known dorm named Doris. Steak house anyway I have more to tell you about this and they will but I don't let anybody sit on hold while I'm talking and we have AJ over here I think it's aged. Allies. -- well welcome. Well let's. Do it. She. And it. You -- party and it -- outrage. And Greek origin be it Mo. -- Before. We want. It. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's a steal it's really great I wish -- myself two weeks ago. Although I what are their lunchtime I was sort late afternoon. But I think that place is better than they ever had the idea that the list of meals and it. Where re great and this one. Just a couple of weeks I was on the arts good. -- -- -- Yes it's not it's not -- -- Among other things that are nice it is very relax and left. Well and that was a Smart. Idea being my. Drink. Are currently being. On bill and replace. -- Well I don't they have won those wood burning ovens and it's their their pizza is very good I agree with. And it but it. Me and good. To be very deep and -- On and you want to be war one out. Another -- -- and Berry. -- Area. And it is -- might -- -- -- that one out. PO I love I love that I had better than I'd like this who the ball in. A ball I've found a bullet for those who don't know we're talking about. It's new models that are usually served at room temperature or maybe even a little bit -- And then they they they grilled beef or pork or whatever they put it on top of that and it's very -- it -- doesn't sound like much does it but you sort eating it with all the herbs and everything is delicious I love it. -- -- Man well. Every bit as important. -- want to thank you very much. I would view the places he talked about in just a moment after first -- 260187. To succeed hero 187 mean this is the food show. A right before we broke for these spots there. As a guy who called with three great meals that he would the first one was -- pro bonds on the North Shore. Which is on hot streak chef but there it is really do not always been a fan of that restaurants you have to impress me. Mightily. Of the -- -- this much but I think it's a five Norris and I have a real long time ago but lately so it's the news that's that's great news. And the other place he brought up where his. The and remember it was one Vietnamese places where you had the low -- moment. Should've done it right then and -- well 260. When rates at any theories will somebody I don't know who but it Europe holed a few. Paul Paul welcome. Yes Tom -- you. I'm doing great good -- -- today and I was listening to the show. One gentleman called him and he talked about having a state cannot vote he says look he but I didn't care for records name. All. Yeah out this is it's called bully -- VO LEO apostrophe S and it is indeed in -- -- feet but it's Nazi it's all that far drive if you were downtown and headed that way in twenty minutes tops you'd be here. Like -- I've been down that way and I can't afford it when it went on long and I insurgents so war. But I didn't realize they did on in the evening and that's what common room but -- -- down and he's really done in the world. That's pretty all right. Thank you. See yeah Leo's. It was on the show with its a couple of weeks ago Maria. Every Tuesday we bring you know whole room full of people and we have an open. Enable new round tables. Back and forth group group grope women. For something an award for I don't even -- -- -- -- groping for -- groping for is something that will take me another fifteen seconds. So that after that I can come in and tell you -- station this is which stations this all are or these bar or -- anyway and then. We will stop for some news that will come back with a third -- the food show here on WWL radio New Orleans. And WWL. FM and HD one -- New Orleans where the news is next over most of these same frequencies from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system.

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