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06-14 - 2:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Jun 14, 2014|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back. It's the third -- of the food show on thirteen and on the big 870 WWL. And WWL 105 point three FM. And WWO dot com and WWL let them HD one lot of ways to get it. This is -- that Morris with the third course of the food show -- program of pleasure. I remind you that I in my yet to passing as a cultured person. And the I'd be happy to talk -- you -- anything you have beaten or have thought about eating or thought about cooking. Anywhere any time. No topic too small no topic too large. To 60. 18 Stephanie we've got a couple of people waiting to get to. Hear is Lisa. Lisa hello. I. Hear it taught me -- my pleasure. You aren't that aren't coming up -- working for our. Lunch. On anywhere on eight at twelve people. Orleans. Parish. But I'd like a quiet -- we can talk like that late -- Not every might -- Don't. Have good. Well -- -- right off the bat I'll tell you that the that Saturday lunch is kind of hard to find except downtown. There's very little that's open. That I'm nuts about in -- for example mean the only place I can think of in -- I mean you know major restaurant. Would be and Reyes. And but let's see I have a list. On my website and I'm gonna bring it up to help me with this because its it's host so hard to -- street your mind. But I have a list on my website no menu dot com. That shows every restaurant that's open on Saturday for lunch this -- -- comes up pretty often. Admiral Allen Niro when we scroll over to a that's why I'm just wasting your time your wallet do that but anyway. I'm just gonna go through a few of these that I think you might like. It's. Oh here's a good this one's good right -- -- Or born. Restaurant PO RG and he likely born. It's it's on it's in the manner -- -- the the Hyatt Regency Hotel right by the superdome but they have ECU -- in a valley park -- it. And this is a Rezko which if you want to if you went there. For dinner if it does get a little bit loud in there but at lunch I I seriously doubt they're very busy at all. And you'd be very easily able to carry the good conversation about problems but in the food players to -- it's a job bash restaurant. And the ship is one of his Dutch guy by the name of Brian. Brian with -- -- and it's because I'm trying to think of -- that I. All you come to -- a second but anyway it's Louisiana food kind of some of the dishes are. Inspired by the that the people that -- them and they'll coral island -- -- yields people. Said the little touches Spanish too -- of it but most of the menu is very straightforward and very familiar. And now I really like such cases there's one right off the bat. You know -- -- is open downtown. And can't but not Metairie to. -- A brilliantly entries it's just in the field aren't. He's the ship that used to be shipping ports and he's you know he's he's. And yes so. But drug goes he would be really at ease in the downtown or the one in -- they're both open. He probably easier getting into the one downtown. At the foot of -- street. It pretty easy to line. -- sequels. Here. -- wonder -- who's open and Saturdays. Is a funny thing you know. It. Well and -- read any thing. And we thank all. Right. Yeah well I know it's hard to do I. This is all -- do all the time and I I still can't quite get it straight. It's we have got the list of coming up here for the French Quarter. Our poll says here that by your -- is open on Saturday election had -- that first but that's a good place. That doesn't sound right to me but it might well be. But usually this is pretty accurate. If that bill didn't I. Alia. -- go anywhere. That any time soon anyway. -- those who schooling down mister -- is not you know is I think the food there is terrific and on a Saturday. It you shouldn't have a problem. We look at one more frequencies -- you aren't there -- good. This is a sleeper. The restaurant. In the month that Leland hotel which is not famous for having great restaurants over the years. But they have made a huge commitment to it as of about 34 years ago and they rebuilt like huge section of the of the ground floor. In to a beautiful restaurant with a very good food it's called. Creole low CR IA OLLO. And despite that name is very much -- New Orleans style. And very nicely presented very comfortable restaurants. At lunchtime on a Saturday. I think you'll be it'll be very nicely quiet and I think you'll enjoy that. And McEnroe -- mightily on. It's in the mightily on and you can even park in the hotel over on the a -- and fill street side of it and they'll validate the parking for nothing. So. What. Am I gonna -- every the next yeah. All -- well here's to you here's the list if you go to no menu dot com and click on. Restaurants. That's up at the top of the page you'll see it. And and there's a little drop down individual budget choices I think the very last one is open on Saturday for lunch and they don't. Well my pleasure thank you very. By. That's the other thing that people ask me about all the time who is open for Saturday lunch who's open for a lunch or dinner on Sunday who's open for lunch or general on Monday I have all those lists online for you with addresses phone numbers what kind of food they have ratings. Links to full reviews the whole thing. The most useful web site to meet. In town -- welcome to Puccio. It's Jim -- punched up the wrong one OK we'll Jim welcome to our shorts are gusting. Darn right I hear you fine thank you. Yes I hear you perfectly go ahead. All. Did you radioed. The. -- Iowa Obama. It is. Anyway I want to talk about. A Chinese restaurant on BitTorrent. I don't want -- -- the group. First. It's an old. And it used to be it China Chinese state. And I am so although they really gone and there the food to -- They have a better partner community. -- -- Is this that restaurant that's right across from door next moralists. You are gonna. Through this. Area and the wind and I. But they'll do it in Portland fine. I have some well thank. Sure the burden. Than. It is. Now -- there should. Last. Abilities. You're. -- Special. It sure. It is in China. And in one. Jewish. And other Africa at Marie Currie. And just this year so. This is. This is a restaurant that -- did it -- it's been open about 34 months it's still pretty new. The and I almost went in and I took a look at it nice and now and it ended. Turns out that I happen -- done that on the second day they were open which would believe that mistakes. But it it to you and it's an unusual name and I can't remember it today. -- -- -- -- SoHo that's right yeah so. You know. -- -- And want him there are a lot of ability. There's Chinese American bishops by a group we've got to Canon. And but -- enter each day. Yeah area looked -- a lot of and it Chinese dishes and I have been announced several records Victoria or. What Chinese families. Here have always shot and yeah. -- well well thank you for the report on that because say no one has mentioned it to me although it is peopled asked me about it and I it's a little too soon for me Hugo black but but banks and I'm glad to hear that does it look like it had strong possibilities. -- it's true and so. They're. Not connected restaurant and. -- I would I would expect. But -- you know thanks a lot for that and thanks for the call we'll return with more of the food -- in a moment that -- pleased that. Hello it is the food show it's they gates seventy WWL. -- WW a little five point three FM and gusts are he had to wait on lines so long. But here we -- -- It failed on Saturday morning all goods and they have a little play many started morning which is it well that's a great way to eat there. Yeah I would probably about actually -- called red -- -- -- yeah about it a lot -- I'd like Syria yeah it's -- -- -- -- so note that this restaurants but I'm that they from the security and it sort of advertise New Jersey Italian which -- in. These. Yeah its books it takes a lot like what I'm used to. But I. It was good that. The only thing I noticed that I thought was strange is that they have a few more house rules than I'm used to find out. Well it is one that sticks in my mind is I ordered an appetizer of -- pinkie. They do in Italy -- second -- and privacy I'm Italian in the almost cost and then I cast with some bread. And the waitress I'll have to go back and ask the -- which and it's about the fourth time she'd only got about other things. So she came back and she says the ship says there's no bread and -- Country and they said well I I don't mind paying for -- if that's true. And she says OK I'll go ask the -- tickets and she went back ship again and came -- she said no no there's no bread you can't Germany Britain and. What. You know that they had -- struck it. Well may be made this is this was some months ago so maybe they've changed since then maybe they were lower and bread I mean -- -- can make -- pot though. You know that's good up on. Them now like -- -- cute little place yet it yeah. We'll keep -- CO. It's called red gravy it's on camp street. It's right next door to look for -- between it's just -- common camp and come. Amy welcome gonna say your name right. Amy. About oh you know what you know when I haven't done out of pushed the wrong button as -- did John John is what's become John welcome to the food show. I. Don't know. Well. -- -- -- -- -- There not. On there. Oh yeah well. You know. -- that. It. Could there. Like work. Like that. The ball out there. But it plight to. Pack. At. -- wait wait wait wait wait wait wait. I don't know who you are and I don't know what. Your. What your authority is for saying this but IE the way you're going with this site I would rather not go. -- I don't know I have no idea whether any of what you're saying is true. And as far as I know I know him pretty well. Scott Boswell seems to be a pretty nice guy and -- Blow let's not okay. They don't feel so -- so yards on thirteen fifty I mean on the big gates of the WW here's a media I'm sorry I messed up your name a minute ago I think I did -- it right. EB. -- -- so Anaheim did this come out eight and AME EU. Amy OK once. In love with being the old ways in loans with -- you relax enough all right welcome. And what your opinion I'm going to. Great -- -- the current and should point. Out that. -- your. Recommendation. And all. Yeah -- I've only been there once. I went a little sooner than I ordinarily would. Giving a little benefit of the doubt -- because it's Dickie Brennan who is always -- nothing but great restaurants in my experience. But my wife and I went there. Is beautiful place they've done a stunning job of rebuilding you know used to be part of a little theater. We needed some help to keep things going so with the breast removed and great location I agree with you on the menu the menu looks great the food was not. But that was. That was months ago and I'm overdue for going again and I just haven't been since. But I still and hearing kind of mixed reviews on the place. In terms of environment. Can't be beat again I tell you beautiful place the menu looks good by the I I'm expecting more than what I've seen. Frankly. I'll tell you why I. I've got to be a noble and order it. -- and a I hope it's fantastic in the probably it's time for meeting get that -- right. Thank you. It's the food show and Allen is here and Alan crises a move she she did you have shortly steak house would you mind and since you brought up. I'm gonna mention that tomorrow Sunday which is that they Charlie's has never been opened -- I can remember. Because it's Father's Day -- Orleans is going to be open all day tomorrow. Starting I think it's like 11 in the morning going till seven night I think. Good father is a place I'd say when you. Allen well. Welcome a review what mall are. In regulation time union so -- would -- go to night. I didn't do it better as a patient and I know I know it is my wife and I. She likes of lay in and talked about stay they have way you could have laying and the other part. You know all in one what is which one was. Well -- it's I forget what they call it on the menu they've always had a few of a T Boehner really ridiculously huge Tebow and then they have like it just unbelievably. Incomprehensible. We huge. A Tebow and which go I think is really Porter house supporter house has a nice piece of filet on it. Nice nice piece of -- and it also has a nice size piece of sirloin stripped of some sort -- two stakes in one. And even if you get that big -- if you get a reporter how is that is. Pretty much should it still a lot of -- stake for two people but not not out of line and the price is not yet. Prepare. The other the other question about it he likes yeah not not exactly where -- I like my little mediums so. OK well our arch and this doesn't it. Well that he's -- Mike night we do that all the time we go to restaurants we get the Porter house. She -- hopefully I like the strip. Well I ordered the whole thing medium -- it comes to the table. I get there and I cut the -- -- and it put the plate and we send it back in the kitchen and cook it. Another good hour and half because I thought about my wife needs. But. In and restaurants they have no problem with that I'll -- to do that. Our intellectual or do you -- Don't don't stuff yourself on the onion rings it's easy to do that there onion rings had you been there before yeah. The -- that this is by -- not a fancy place it's -- -- -- new Orleans police but you know it's honest. And their onion rings are the best in town and you just can't and they give you a mile of them and you just start eating them in the next thing you know use. But at least they're good. And brought -- Charlie steak house is open tomorrow. For Father's Day that it that would be a good place to go ahead stay dead kind of Italy's. 260. Sixth and 260 when he -- almost 260187. Oh we will. Combat in just moment after for -- afterwards year bought a -- or borders. Brand for boys in addition to serving poor boys. Which they do without breathing hard the roast beef for boys they sell. Alone would make a very busy all by itself. But they have so many of the things that menu goes on for pages. And in addition to all of those various kinds of four -- that have the seafood for voice and all the cold cuts in the terminal the rest of the they also -- platters. Of just about everything they have battalion platters with pasta and red sauce to meatballs and Italian sausage and -- and stuff. They do seafood platters with the oysters and shrimp and the rest of that. But they also go on to put a lot of very good -- red beans and rice. And many other things along those lines different specials of the day's orders. Is it really truth that they serve all their specials every -- I suspected news. -- and for boys is a 3939. Veterans highway that's just a little bit past. Cuomo on my alma. Cleary. And they are open. Monday through Saturday for lunge and Wednesday through Saturday did you stay open all afternoon to about 8 o'clock in bitterly on there Witten for you right now go get -- four point. Them. SU -- and you've got. The first poor boy ever eaten my life was given to me by my car ran and that is -- I called. I'm in New Orleans cliche if ever there was one here is Chris welcome to the food show. Chris you there. Press Chris wake up. Put him on hold and then come back then check back with -- -- fewer. If you're hearing my voice right now you're listening to your radio instead of phones to pick up the phone -- Paul. Welcome. -- -- Want to -- for sure I lol you love them. Out or. I was there a boat two weeks ago. And I walked out thinking. I don't remember a time even when chef Chris was who founded back in 1972. Not from that time until this has this place ever been as good -- it was that day. And I've had thoughts like that the last five or six times have been there it's a great -- I'd really love it. In outlook and indignity on -- -- answer there was grilled. That's what. Or -- eighties so. Again yeah birds kids yeah it's a sausage made out of veal and lamb. And it a little spicy but tremendously and I would call it hot sausage was dosing to it. And very good -- they make it in house that's been on their menu forever. Or something. Around never tried auctions stood I'm actually beat Spain. Yeah. It's pretty good it's a little on the firm side but it probably it's probably small octopus. So and I don't think you should have much of a problem with that. And -- -- -- -- there was a new dish. That I I just can't recommend enough. The baked oysters on the shell. And the the sauce on top is made primarily out of -- fat. And little parmesan cheese I think in the little bit of bread crumbs I think just hold it together. That was insanely. Good. Blah blah orchard who gets it oysters in La La that's the name. -- that also. It's -- -- idiocy all the app catcher. Or are you certainly could in fact when I went there I ordered that I ice a cinema a three appetizers and desserts. And they wouldn't let me they get they send me the appetizers and and they sent me a bunch of other stuff too. But that they won't do that you probably. -- All. Archer will enjoy it and yeah yeah you're recording actually much now. Hope you do know that C. That it's the poor showing here is it's Clark the -- truck driver I think it is anyway. Yeah. -- -- -- Chris York Chris. Yeah I'm always you know a lot of good. This -- I don't know I don't know I've picked up on what's happened do you. You about some good news is negative real -- it's you know watching it. Well you know I got to do something in the in my group might law and more is still broken so I can't cut the grass. And so -- -- -- we'll talk on the radio right if you can't cut the grass talk on the radio that's a lot of a Tenet that I live by. And also a wet bird never flies at night I always keep that in the back of my mind just in case. But beat you Wheeler doesn't run well known it to take full -- that's true. Media. I was -- about some advice about on. But certainly on ropes bulb that he purchase. Ups and do you view it. Got it up interest rates in a shot in the bet you don't. About rap but it happened put it put it on the ground just just that that's who broke formula if you know which. Well I I if you have. If you have let's say four people coming over. And you have a a sirloin strip roast. Instead of meaning that it's just not cut in the stakes. You might think you will get much better results if you grilled the whole thing in one piece. And then cut it into -- after you finish it cut its much juicy here it's much better I in my opinion. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- same date same same story applies. Good device to do -- Refuse to listen you know my reputation and he he really caught it all out beat them -- I tell what that you tell me talker he doesn't listen anybody does. We secure but it sort of look at reply on the digital job. Yeah you to see -- Clark thank you very much. It's Clark the gourmet truck driver who he wants you to know is the grant great nephew. Of jazz great. Harry James. And -- he'll be here on the blue phone. Again I don't know Chris Chris welcome. Acre than in particular which can bird jokes earlier I was which in Erie -- it. -- have a question for -- we've been look brokered accounts individually that every gone. -- try something different and I have heard the job. Restaurant on mr. jobs -- The dog. House that -- I think it is the best steak house in -- And a brand and the only other thing when they had just because it's the David it is if you thinking of going -- on Father's -- forget it. Murder -- -- Saturday. OK I would call them now. You get that reservation this police -- to the rafters every single night. And Saturdays sometimes it's -- it's full weeks in advance. But it's very very. I. We'll get we'll get the shot that we can't do it but look Boca. Or some other recommendation -- the ticket and Joseph. Yeah you don't feel like global. I have another place for idea that it's not exactly the same but it has the same spirit to me it's a new place called. Breweries. Metropolitan. On -- on Noah charter street half blocked off of Jackson square. It's fairly new it's been open about a year. And it's a steak house frankly in no no fooling around in and nothing but the stakes are very unusual they do some putts they -- I've never heard of before. Which he's kind of the story over what Boca you know there -- a lot of -- a lot of beef cuts there that you just never seen before heard it's in some cases. Well thank you very much cooking but as a body hopefully outburst which we didn't show up. They're good I hope so thanks for. The time -- we okay. Jason Jason welcome. I don't. Almost 100 reviewer -- -- of course barbecue equity. The only candidate a couple of times he has been trying to open a barbecue place for about the last. Six or seven years. And he was. He was running the dining room over at the -- Dante's kitchen for a while he's a good -- -- knows what he's doing he's. Really into barbecue and very. Very Kiki and very. Meticulous about it. And I think it's pretty good is it the best in town and I know everybody has different ideas about barbecue my wife loves it she's a barbecue phonetic. And but the the sides are a little unusual. But the barbecue itself we've had good luck. -- -- -- -- All right thank you. McClure is is the name but it's on. On. All well and you're the only one who knew that. The in the Cloris is on magazine street. The cross street and -- the city is balance but I am not positive it's around here and it is it's in the general vicinity 260. 187 this is the food show and Tom Fitzmorris. We give a lot of recipes here and we talk about a lot of restaurants here too. And -- in order to keep our notes street. So that the whole thing. The information we put -- doesn't die immediately after. The show ends. I put just about everything that's said here online. At no menu dot com it's my personal web site. It's one of the oldest in the city we started that thing up in 1997. Which is ancient history for computers. And computers. And it is really loaded with information and no menu dot com and OME and you dot com. And we have our own though website over here to a WWL dot com where we ovals with the blogs and stuff so. When he -- do will come back -- more the food show in a moment after first few wilderness. All I've just had a happy moment. Votes a month and a half ago we left on vacation. And whenever I I go on vacation just in case idea I high aid. Some things that I would not want to lose that particularly valuable but but it I would win -- lose have this. Great Ole microphone that looks like something out of the golden age of radio. Everybody remarks when EC. And I put it somewhere and I forgot where. That's at the naval flight until just now and I found it and I'm talking about it right now. Let's see over here on the blue phone is. A guy named Jude. I'll be doing. -- That's my son's name. Thought ship -- quote Robert do you know that hurt -- it. -- -- Welcome welcome and welcome to our program. Thank you and I have a question about. Black yet. And we. Couldn't get a bit of money. And I would like you know what -- that these papers. Required good morning. I would use a really good a good quality and that doesn't have to be for shoot go but a good. PM that's made properly. The one and I always use -- New Orleans is just say EC's just say sees as a local product but he's been around for over a hundred years and it's very very consistent very good. So a top quality him. -- salami Genoa one salami GE and OK. It's is a little bit bigger it's not a hard salami it's not soft salami either it's kind of in between. And then this is optional but it is commonly seen is more to Della. And it's still more to -- looks like baloney with islands of fat in it you can take better leave it. All of these should be sliced very thinly. And then the the cheeses are you have a little more leeway on the cheeses. I always use Swiss usually baby I Swiss and always use rubble and she's but usually I use some mozzarella -- so I have three cheeses in three meets. And then of course you have the -- the olive salad tune with the -- in the marinated vegetables and all that. That's about it I mean that that that by covers. But what was. The name in the backhand that. -- it over the the one I like here I don't know if they distributed in Latvia but it's -- CCC. HR IE ST that's why it's the name of the family that owns it and its it's a great great product but that don't know if that makes it all the way to Latvia might. If we want them. Something like. You know boards head would be good. Just not that you know the kind of hand it's retains that square -- from the -- that was you know. McBride yeah we didn't have a here so. Well it's. Okay well thank you very. Oh good enjoyed nothing like them -- I'm crazy about it. With thanks for calling see -- the food show. Well gosh we have by the eight minutes left here and we're running out of gas. Anybody wanna when we get all you need another break it all -- that explains everything no wonder. Will return with the beef grunge -- no way. After first if you will this hello hello though it's the food show on the big 870 WWL. And WWO 105 point three FM. And over here is G says here or G. A money and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All of the dog outlaw them all odds are. That there -- dollars. That's -- out later. You you called me -- there. Know what's called. The old BER oh yet at. -- Sloan I've seen in the in grocery stores too have seen it in just supermarkets around here. Yep but the only two different time they have they have another candidate is in front. And then -- one -- makes it right Eric the store. No no preservatives and stuff. It's got to. Akamai application. Being armed they smoke every day. Seven days a week to open. It and you know you can buy out founder below or. And -- okay. VE RO and it and Gramercy. And thank you for that and talk to you again I hope sometime. But if you don't wanna go all the way out to Gramercy it's in supermarkets around town. Well I hope you have a good Father's Day if indeed you are father tomorrow. And a quiet when -- usually the best kind but who knows. And we will be back again next week as far as I know. We get to be here with you on Saturdays until the saints'. First. Pre season game is jumps on top of -- -- And so we knew we love doing that during the week listened to the same show different people different balls different everything except same host that same subject. On thirteen fifty noon till three. Every day. WW. L radio in New Orleans WWL. FM HD 110 -- New Orleans where the news is next over most of these same frequencies. From CBS. The Columbia. Broadcasting system.

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