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6-16 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Monica Pierre

Jun 16, 2014|

Monica in for Dave Cohen. Monica talks about the NBA Finals, Saints, and What is Wrong with People

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Good morning to you -- well nice to have you less than it because of -- sit down you'll be able to simulate this configuration here we have that is Tommy's new master control IC that I see that -- -- on to the -- on those two more is there with and it's 55. Or six computer that six computers OKP. And all the people think I'm probably 68 all I'm not now when I sit down. You're not able to see me. Say is not a bad deal all Hamas now. And here I've got to measly two and a few -- got six -- did what editorial entry absolutely what do you do with all those things will get different things going -- you know national and local ride also are techsters -- that -- -- and -- outcome to step but. Jurors found the height challenge was not considered in this configurations and now OK so we got -- up early always count all week all week Father's Day yes it was very nice as their guests I. I was waited on and I think you know I don't know about Lotta dads but if I can have a day off. No money do's and nothing to worry about the play around watch movies that may be I might not watch with the family. You know on -- too much in my bang bang. That -- and I think it's a yeah. And then -- and a favorite foods and it was done. It has -- to church point Louisiana this mind and it my brother. That that must have been nice is very very nice and lots of food of course all you out as a way to mark it up and there is absolutely anything special on Father's Day that you knives and just just gathering you know on a lot -- in the food and all national. Well I think this time we decided that it does bring -- like I did make Beasley rise and cape ATP member of the barbecues. He promoted city of what's to stop by fried chicken on the way why why do we have enough meat for every one that -- kind of a little more about it. And it's. It's father's very it was good to mark me out I just think it's not enough or 9000 people out regarding -- -- regular -- here it's a more hole. -- Right there -- against -- real quickly activate what is wrong with people is our guy Mike a nicer way wind tunnel well Lisa mainstay of his guy -- realistic looking tattoo of a gun on its Dominic. When they went to answer the call he actually had a gun in -- man when he was actually arrest it. Why you have attacked to the gun tattoo of a gun and then you have a real one reorganized absolutely sport when your little Michael's Matt. -- had a share of deputies home police that he was. -- -- -- -- Authorities say the Manson look I have my my eggs go Fran. And I had some stolen prescription narcotics a ticket from -- so that it's the crying and conspiracy he get a real good. And they confiscated the and released and -- the telethon. And it got me back in march of this year when our business or re -- 38. The members of a tree removal crew reported it had a gun and that -- detective. But actually protect its. Mine up in Maine lot of lot of guns out there. If it's done contrary I know that from personal experience really -- this year areas and yeah those are my dad was originally from 9/11 tons annually. As many owners who don't come deer season -- the roads are lying -- with -- I -- numbers aren't going every five feet there's somebody standing there with a gun. Now I don't know what happens when a -- pops out. -- -- -- -- -- Or read their literature to each other and really that was my dear I'm drinking and and and I still the narcotics. -- go there really you know both of us who loved his boys all these years case to case and passed away yeah. Now that I did we had that mystery thing where he disappeared but he didn't really disappear. And that was gone on and then all of a sudden. He's dead he's gone he's aunts. Lots of family feuding going knowledge has there as apparently everybody wants some Monday. Absolutely and apparently has plenty of money to want a great -- when I hear an -- a lot. Coming up we'll take a look at our Monday forecast meteorologist Laura but they'll and the Eyewitness News forecast -- And no repeat for the heat. The gallery -- -- with sports thank you for starting your morning off with us on the early -- that WL first news. -- we have a new NBA champions and -- USA today in the World Cup game them sporting sports anchor Steve -- isn't with all the sports good morning Steve. Good morning Monica and happy Monday everyone. The spurs won their fifth NBA title after polishing may heating game five little 487. San Antonio head coach Gregg Popovich on his team being able to accomplish what they sent out to do after a disappointing and the last -- But it's satisfying because of the the work that we put it all year to get back to the finals and have this opportunity -- and it worked out so we feel very gratified by that. And humbled to have had the opportunity. -- why Leonard finished with a team high 22 points and was named the series MVP. -- -- one US open by a whopping eight shots over Erik Compton and Rickie Fowler climber closed with a one under par for a nine under total in the seventh. Wire to wire victory in the 114. Years of the tournament. Is it quite nice true. They know I mean I don't feel like Denny to prove a lot of people that somehow it's this crisis -- there's two -- on the rebels and only -- nine years old. Jimmie Johnson finally won a NASCAR Sprint Cup race at mid Michigan International Speedway the sixth time series champion. One for the first time in 25 cup starts at MIS outlasting pole winner Kevin Harvick it was Johnson's third victory in four races. France Argentina and Switzerland won their World Cup openers the US plays their first game. Later today against Ghana meanwhile over on the diamond Texas Christian in Virginia -- Sunday's winners at the college World Series. The white drove in the go ahead run in the eighth inning to give TCU with three to two win over big twelve rival Texas Tech. Meanwhile Mike poppy and RBI double with two well in the bottom of the ninth to complete the cavaliers two to one victory against Ole miss. And his efforts outlasted Albuquerque winning 63 in ten innings. Took a four on sports talk the sporting news hi Sean Payton ranked as the fourth best head coach in the NFL. Who's number one it should the saints head coach be ranked higher. -- Steve -- and that your early morning look at sports. And Steve. -- know looking at having all of these -- great reactions to. You know that our new champion so basically a basketball fans happy that the spurs a one I just so glad that the heat loss. That's basically added it was like the spurs became America's team because of that hate for LeBron James in the heat. I was also I admit pulling for the spurs just because I feel like. This is Tim Duncan's probably his last for rock 38 years old going on now with his fifth ring and I'm just wondering. Maybe he has second thoughts thinking that they might be able to do it again this year it's amazing because this team. Had a chance to win it last year kind of it just slipped away from so they they could have been two time champions but they'll take this one -- bring home San Antonio their fifth title amazing. For them right and no repeat for the bronze -- creepy gas. Creepy feeling. It's happened to him not middle class LeBron the stale yet that's the big question right now as LeBron can. Out of his contract this summer so he could be playing. I eventually somewhere else. Don't think he's going to be come into the pelicans anytime soon and one -- -- guessing you know what I would look to see all -- LeBron haters local leads to see what would happen if he came here -- -- -- -- we love LeBron now. But -- he gets a lot of heat. That's funny -- a lot of heat but. Because of the decision that he put on the spectacle. Of going enjoying the heat -- -- and they said you know we're gonna win just one just huge -- three just for just you know kept going on and on forever but hey you know he's -- he's still the greatest player in the NBA right now I'm not saying of all time. And the guy was pretty much doing it by himself Dwyane Wade kind of looked like a player on his way out and I would be wondering. Maybe how much he has left in the tank a receiver Pat Riley the GM of those he have in store for them now because it that we have to re tool around him who wanna keep him Miami I don't think LeBron -- going. Where they -- in mind I think he stayed on South Beach for sure but why go to Cleveland. Which people are talking about him returning there a play that terrible owner in years ago. Yeah it's like you know that's in the past and it I wouldn't speak of leaving the scenery of South Beach for Cleveland and I've right now it's pretty nice out Erica I think you'd be. But -- the next half hour I'll ask you -- just so happy that the spurs won. I just glad that he lost in particular LeBron James -- We'll talk to you give me text that 878 that this is the only additional well. 525. On the early edition of QL first news and it's going to be another hot one today. And up to 91 for TC and Wednesday rain chances are gonna stay pretty low. The next couple of days 20% both Tuesday and Wednesday that means just a few isolated thunderstorms each afternoon. From the eyewitness c.'s forecast center and meteorologist Clark knocked out. Right now it's 78 it Ottoman 76 that -- -- international airport as well with -- into the lake front and 72. In its line again. Well we have I -- -- it's it's the San Antonio Spurs they beat effect I was talking one ailment downstairs and that's that off all the game going on LeBron doing at that Libya gave him because the only NBA games this is over with so are you happy. That the spurs actually won I just glad that the heat loss you can text -- 87878. One texted her I'm just glad that basketball is finally over. Just glad it's over appeared in the -- says now -- and without it -- To college sports. It is a sport OK we may not like basketball but it is the sport. Well if you work for Starbucks may have another reason to like working for them Starbucks. Is rolling out a program that would allow its workers to earn an online college degree. An Arizona state university at a discounted rate. The copy -- is partnering with the school to offer the option to 135000. US employees who work at least twenty hours a week. Would you like that the Seattle based company says it will phase out existing tuition reimbursement program which gave work with up to a thousand dollars a year. Where education at certain schools so the CEO college world. Says he's scheduled -- alpha program beta today and very happy about it it's not clear how many workers will participate in the program. And it's also not disclosing the financial terms of its agreement with Arizona State University but it's away. It okay who wrote we had gone up a win today. That. Joy he wrote -- USA. -- gonna really. We're gonna win I think you're right I think where this is going and got away -- Very clever. Well coming up we will tell you another example of what is wrong with people lot of people doing an Al with alcohol involved these things I don't know why. This is the early edition of -- WL first news. Well so far our deputy out textures are happy that the spurs won even more so than Haiti LeBron and the fact that he lost. Also an edit check in with meteorologist Laura but fell but our forecast David Blake is in with news and sports with Steve Geller. Plus we're going to find out about what is wrong with people and this time it's going to involve I think that really don't mix. Swimming. Drinking and slugging and someone is trying to help you. Definitely tell what is wrong with people category story that's all coming up in just a moment. And Dave. Are on like Tuesday home and be pampered OK okay. Op as well on Monday at this time we usually -- to review -- wonderful. Goal and predicted would be number one at the beat me. Against the sequels to drag plan. -- only known addict my prediction was that teenage movies and I don't really know the name of. But it did real well organized yes. That that would be number one yeah. Wandered. While the news at -- it was at the the between two huge mystery out at me. It was built right here yes. Huge street debut for sweet sixteen. Come dawn. Sixty meal that's nearly. I shouldn't say silly little movie but it is on a civilian level absolutely -- pile of money and how to train your dragon to was number it is. At. Fifty -- thought. You thinking day. -- -- And fifteen million dollar home whatever Tom Cruise weighed down there it's instantly. With the number 319. Tomorrow with them before. Of all stars was number five by X and days that he got. And evaluate that. 800. -- yet. Neighbors and share with them. While you can see how difficult it was designed to make a pick out of that. Or by my goodness I would have never guessed second place with 15 no and I am or jump street for that matter. You know I think the last when they had not made like thirty years something in on the opening weekend and they said well that's not bad. We'll make another one they attacked you know her jewelry 25 jump street just jumping all the -- that we use the money right here in town absolutely. They -- David RH. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Are about now denied that mylar. I love that. This I like it -- Which supports. -- -- change -- around and that's what a Monday you know it is just like if it's hard to get a plan Monday it's hard to go and we eat some kind of spiced things up absolutely. Despite you know very very good. Well you know I know he things out with wow well it will you hot this week I'd have to get any rain or did you -- down yes I got rain that he had a big grain of the church points not to highway ninety back and now like home yeah. Morgan City he got any -- that you get the Wayne bear I had missed out on it vote. Days it would it would kind of get dark -- around ethnic group -- com. And that is no right to donate and now it's just like that at summer times that are now and I tell people if they remember you promised. But it would fill holes that you would never say it paid. Is too high and that's all I heard -- Well Obama and were complain about how cold it was an app to say I. I like that caught the meant to be a Yankee ethnic knows it could be an -- girl -- that I. Love the cold and I hate the -- that's just me directly at other people -- the heat. But the next couple months premiere tests our history yeah I had like your iPad like just get. And pet -- October OK but the good about couldn't. Get it done. Good. It's seeming out public and -- a bad news lately although it is -- -- -- it all -- -- I -- I have but feeling a lot. Hotter than it actually going to be here at this time here restart talk about the heat index you know where -- feels hotter than actual temperatures nice thing about ninety. But it's public that feel more like mid nineties maybe upper nineties that. Sprinkles possible out there this morning especially. Outlook -- pairs over the anti terror compares some very very light rain at an evening it's even reaching the ground there but later on today like the week -- it to some of those scattered downpours develop around twenties three -- says the watch out for a few days later today and -- -- -- you forecast policies that petitions and it's repetition. -- 120 -- sits at the right through the weekend I think I mean at that adds -- and added that the same thing also today -- we're not looking to change. Normal summertime weather for a normal weather as the daily downpours and a few spots in and -- right now we take them into the key word that anything you might be looking and so really it's quiet not -- in the gulf and the Caribbean which you know we watch -- step closer to -- but even out in the Atlantic area there are -- areas that that the -- -- -- -- and myself that watching for the this week that looks pretty quiet even tropic that I can't. All right and quickly before you go one of these what is wrong with people editions Monday. Well you know policies women to Rankin and slugging never really go out together it will limit -- -- and you -- during. But that it that's not act -- just you know really the -- to say thank you man. Authorities on the -- is the Jersey Jersey issue like that a man who was rescued from the rip parents loved the life. The light guy he's trying to save the man and he pulled the man from the water. This guy was drunk. And today they. And just attacked his rescuers getting one in the edge off. Now the man and a friend were swept out to see that -- To like guys that the -- go I think. They were able to get to them -- safely back to -- Two of -- -- -- can move would help and then that's -- one of them and -- together -- -- up he didn't appreciate erupting is drowning. In my -- -- issue -- pushed him back and I. -- okay. Let them -- -- -- lists him as we heard that it's the man at the giants and it's simple without its own conduct and underage drinking. These -- -- day media these things don't really. Not just be grateful that man is. Now -- -- -- surprised like this these days I. Trouble at apple does repeat right -- wrong people. -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay and you never really brought to and I think all that well with insight at 888. Outside. -- the rights of people around. Epic about it. We'll coming out we'll tell you who are new NBA -- not that he get a chance that the repeat. All coming up in just the moments he will join us this that the only addition it will. And it's 547. On the early edition you know first -- and it was a big night by the San Antonio spur jumping out of the heat and never looking back. Morning news anchor Steve -- -- with all the sports. Happy Monday everyone in -- Leonard had team highs of 22 points and ten rebounds. As the spurs hammered Miami 104 to 87 to win their fifth NBA championship and ended the -- two year title wrong. Leonard also takes home the series MVP trophy as blood they were able to get it done this year after losing to Miami in the finals last season. And destroy life as seven -- experiencing going through that loss bonuses even harder this year. -- in congress just the seventh player in US open history to post a wire to wire victory. The German close with a fifteen foot par putt for a one under 69 and a nine under total which is eight shots ahead of Erik Compton and Rickie Fowler. The press there was that from the Christie you know I would lie if I wouldn't have felt precedent -- I would never been nervous of course -- nervous when you're leading the major championship you know you can't tell me that -- -- Jimmie Johnson won the Quicken Loans 400 for the first victory in 25 Sprint Cup starts at Michigan International Speedway. Johnson led four times for 39 laps and finished just over 12 ahead of pole sitter Kevin Harvick. Switzerland won its World Cup opener by scoring late in stoppage time to be Ecuador two to one. Argentina also earned at 21 triumph over Bosnia as Lionel Messi scored the eventual game winner in the 65 minute. And France opened with a three nothing win over Honduras the US is an action for the first time later today as they face Ghana. TCU and Virginia have reached the winner's bracket in the college World Series. Boomer white laced a tiebreaking single blow the horn frogs were scoring twice in the eight inning. To beat the red raiders three to two the cavaliers beat Ole miss 21 on Mike poppies RBI double with two out in the bottom of the ninth. And the -- beat Albuquerque 63 in ten innings today four on sports talk this morning news hi Sean Payton ranked. As the fourth best coach in the NFL. Who's number one and should the saints coach be ranked higher I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look it's. -- and everywhere around here's to you were saying in the USA gains in Ghana. That the US hasn't gone -- land but the what are the best chances of the US -- winning. Well on Portugal last time the US team its -- Ghana they have been defeated so. And also. The bracket that the US soccer team is in is known as the group of debt. Because -- look up. Right that's there there they don't they're not favorites to advance at all but if they want any shot. They're gonna have to win today and get that vital two point because the -- just won't cut it right now so I'm pulling for US but I might my hopes are just not. Very. -- -- And do and do Americans watch I mean at this point I mean -- remain at have been excited USA today and time I feel. It's really split like you that you love. -- you the World Cup are you absolutely hate is really no in between. But there's no I feel like casual. Fans of the game although I will say I'm not a soccer fan but I will be watching US than we have to. You have to watch it because it's -- Even if it wasn't a just war you know it's it's your country so -- like. I thought I made a do you feel obligated that need to support the country's. I'm hoping to take down Ghana come. Hope we'll be talking tomorrow morning about a big US. We're gonna keep the Ghana uses got to win of -- elect and got away and got away and got it OK Jordan he did that. I have a few texts about they're happy that the spurs have won are just glad that he lost. One text you're happy for Duncan not -- errors so -- for Miami night James we don't need him -- we'll still rough. There can be any day and if if if LeBron James wanted to come to New Orleans I say open -- police. Come to us we would look to pay yup put Anthony Davis absolutely. -- the politics that helped take. Excellent Steve coming up remembering that legendary -- radio personality Casey case. I'm 53 on the early addition it will -- news and it's going to be another hot ones that feel that way. Partly cloudy skies for your Monday rain chanted that about 30% this afternoon that just means a few scattered downpours a few thunderstorms later on today. And he continues to build and ninety for a high today before dropping into the low to mid seventies tonight then even dryer for Tuesday and Wednesday rain chances cystic 20%. We'll still see a few isolated thunderstorms but even warmer Temps -- highs reached 91 in the afternoons. From the Eyewitness News forecast center and it -- just -- -- tell. Thank you are aware and the mid to upper 70s this morning -- -- 76 vote that annual international airport and the lake front and 76 in slide down to those who listened to mine included. He educates them entertain radio listeners almost four decades passed away. Yesterday on August -- he was told that the count count shows that as American top 48. Feet up forty. He's got a confirmed his death by posting on FaceBook paid. And think about them as police was extraordinaire mr. and those that you know not. But beginning in 1969. Case seeking a symbol is the character -- that character really quick. She. He continued to voice belong here TP in TV film and video game until 2009. And Biden ticket to undergo little if you hear him. He also gave voice to characters on Sesame Street and in 1986 transformers movie along with rob and on to a friend. -- Okay which one. OK okay forget -- gained attention in the 1990s when he blew up because with staff error on American top forty show. And it's taped remarks wearing at all made their way out there of people hearing. He told the New York Times in 2004 that he didn't -- -- made public until years later. Can she added you're able inmate of Casey case the mall with an additional -- This guy. The Inca all right so they'll play the other one we don't want to hear it. That's a bad it's out there coming up in just a moment this is the early edition of -- WL first news and lots of an ugly lots of time. Solid but some -- tens of thousand lots of heat that he that the -- today think with the Miami Heat. Scattered afternoon and evening thunderstorms can be expected today about a 30% chance so that every one -- and that rain but everyone will we see in the heat with highs rising to ninety today. And up to 91 for TC and Wednesday rain chances are gonna stay pretty low. The next couple of days 20% both Tuesday and Wednesday that means just a few isolated thunderstorms each afternoon. From the eyewitness c.'s forecast center and meteorologist -- Celtics lower right now 72 in Slidell seventy that the late front like front and 78 at on a plan. Well one graduating high school senior knows really how to make an insurance you have to do would be vacancy would be -- home. The young man landed. At the school in Wisconsin in an ultralight. -- Piloted by his -- And the guy was there to watch his daughter graduates on the plane circled and landed on the front lawn near the parking lot of people streamed and -- -- that Oprah home and is one of honest I've got the young man was dressed in its -- capping -- abound but is dead the pilot. Is in trouble apparent -- supposed to do that it. The sheriff's deputy to the citation after the commencement of father and son flew off again. It will be memorable absolutely memorable and it's quite the graduation gift of free car. A Florida Toyota dealer promised the car to a Tampa Bay Area high school senior with perfect attendance. Have over 350. To qualify for the just folded up ahead. Ametek is up next have a Gray Davis.

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