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WWL>Topics>>6-16 615am Tommy, Iraq civil war

6-16 615am Tommy, Iraq civil war

Jun 16, 2014|

Tommy talks to

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker 616 turning serious -- and talking about the events in Iraq and crisis that terrorist group and are ready jaguar painful. How concerned Daria blow for the situation in Iraq very concerned moderately concerned they're not concerned at all. Major Mike Lyons Syria's military expert joins us right now morning major. Banks are taken in time how concerned should we be here in his country about prices and Iraq. I got to be concerned. From -- regional perspective there they're upset to down to power in the Middle East that affect the price of oil bill. And it -- certain terms and they continued to move forward I have a problem in the next potential threat -- -- I believe that. -- similar toward the Calvin did in Afghanistan in the 1990%. Percent watched. These terrorist training and training camps I don't think we'll do that this time I think if we had to go -- and -- -- them out -- doesn't become a threat but I'm not sure they put any real existential threat to the US. I tell you XST is this because over the weekend much analyst -- morning talk shows the idea popped in in my mind so often. Al-Qaeda terrorist groups. Yemen. And so forth have been so ethereal where it's hard to go in and really have an enemy our country to fight in this case. If thumb if if slices were to take over Iraq would it make it. Easier to spot who the real enemy years and and who it is in fact you're going to war with. I think it would in some -- it would make it needs someone to wave like it was made Afghanistan with the Taliban and so. You know at some point you've got to set the boundary created an agency support the people in Europe in your country. And that would give us at least clarity in that regards Stuart was simply bad examples and from the port district historical analogies I thought this Sunday. I once for example comparing the situations in 1937 in Germany and I think is not creating a little machine that's going out to a dangerous in the world and they clearly want discounted that exists was in the Middle East. They're not looking to take you know land throughout all of Europe. You know we we hear of news stories and and made become mom dated. A ubiquitous we all. No of Deming and we don't know about them what does history devices in Iraq and how far backs is. No that didn't go that far back. Few years it is that a group of al-Qaeda and the story in Syria and that helped. That organization that helped Qaeda in order to overthrew. Besides government debt. I've been noted that hasn't picked up. Listen -- that once you don't really line with United States forces. As days try to keep al-Qaeda out of Iraq and -- literally getting back in 2008. So they're not. It's not something that has been around for very long time. But they just have gained tremendous momentum and again they pick up -- some. Population inside an -- it's also not an unhappy with the Russian government working in agony as. Give this to maybe help people understand it it it did devers Sweeney al-Qaeda day here. The Taliban bases and what each one sort or how powerful Leach's. Yes so let's start with cabinet hub and spoke in Pakistan Afghanistan region not a terrorist organization person. But looking to restore -- real -- to that that part of the world. He shift now do you let in into Iraq. We have al-Qaeda which is the one thing some of them run organization. That. Crude has a goal of taking down American fighting it since but also the intent was to establish -- county which is to ensure real -- one area where. That implement. And then you go a step further with crisis which he's more radicalized group and al-Qaeda. That wants to stay regional state and local brought them establish a power we didn't. I didn't at least at that extends from the north park back right -- -- down through Jordan which essentially it's like it's important. So they're killing Jordan right now DeWitt the refugees that are -- and correct. That happened that's been happening since civil war here that's been going on a couple of years now. Under the now it's getting worse and as this shifting of individuals moved out to withdraw from moving north to visit to the -- area. Which I think will take this as an opportunity to break away completely from Iraq saying you're gonna see you know once again the boundaries of these nations in the entire map is being drawn right now. So I tell us that is not necessarily all in unison because he would of wild the bomb. Did the in illustration Iraqis she the rebels the -- is so the organization is Sunnis so would indeed -- how -- -- civil war factor in all of this were anywhere ices things they establishment and there in their fight and terrorist on the other side. Yeah -- that's it exactly and while they claim that they -- about things they have to boundaries especially. You know by the city they've taken off the cities in the north and in the -- had Kirkuk and Mosul. I'm sort of Smart to understand that they have to be financed so that the awful story about 450 million dollars. From some of those banks up in Mosul want to do with that paid their army. As did it to continue to move and grow. But it's. It's fundamentally religious civil war that's taking place there. Mike Rogers someone of the new shows -- -- the intelligence committee saying these aren't. I think the phrase he used was monkey bar terrorist like we always he would training videos that these are the real deal and and a legitimate 9/11 threat to the US agreed. The problem is that still don't have equipment that one of the things we've got to find out very quickly. Is what kind of equipment they have what kind what -- take -- Attempting to take you know Abrams tanks sort -- 62 you keep keep him four tanks that they have in the and doesn't actually operate in the run on and -- and use them. You could probably not that the Monte Barrett has that. The but the step up they definitely have. A little more capability at this point at least locally it is not nothing to extend far outside the credible source percent but they have more capability in the contested. We all know the history of the stinger missile in the United States and the rebels in Afghanistan and what happened there and and is difficulty it makes an in an air attack do they have stinger missiles from the United States to us. That's that's one of those -- I think we need to find out very quickly because we can talk about an air campaign if we decide. To put pilot did aircraft in that that it operations in the want to shut down Palestinian missiles. I'm afraid that's not going to be great results that don't -- include combat there's no telling what that -- that Prisoner of War. But down that. But it can the the sort of fired -- -- and that the remains I believe that the largest weapon of terror that this organization could have and still and get to fire them. One other thing in terms of major before we let you go in terms of -- nicest. -- -- Baghdad takes control of the country completely if there then have trouble with that she away about it Kurds -- the they have two enemies are fighting now. Well I think the that the -- do. And look at Nick -- they have somewhat of an agreement with them because they recognize also that if you if you go north stand in the -- about that. And I didn't get Turkey involved you think Turkey the shipment. And that as dominant start to fall so it seemed to they are. They're letting the two the Kurds live that zone kind of existence to the north. What you want to do for a long time which is why I do think that there are used this opportunity Q. Two breakaway from Iraq which is where that the battery treat. So the Kurds are just days will be left alone in their day and that really a player and SL let. Ice is do whatever they want let the Sheehan has Sunni fight it out so long as you leave the Kurds alone. That's right in Japan and the northern tip that moments ago. -- at the end up with them I don't they just can't come from the major Nightline's appreciate.

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