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6-16 645am Tommy, Americans divided

Jun 16, 2014|

Tommy talks to Kirby Goidel, a Professor of Political Communication, about a new Pew Poll that says Americans are more divided than ever

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Goodell our friend joins us. As soon to be professor at Texas -- and is that accurate. Jordan's got to -- communications appear that it was political science. It is it is my Ph.D. in political science will be -- communication department technically and talking about civic dialogue leadership. Allows -- the perfect man to talk about this tell us what the pew poll says. Agree that it is they compared 19942004. And 2014. And what they find that the partisan gap in the united. Had it but he is growing mortified that were more divided on issues. And were more divided in terms of how we -- the other side of me ask questions about whether we like. Republicans or Democrats or by Democrats -- Republicans. Those numbers are growing. Would also troubling in the and the surveys. The more you participate in politics the more ideological you -- the more you disregard the other side and see him as is as a threat to the nation. And and net debt that last point is one that that really keeps me up late at night is that. People the but now more more like -- idiot decided that threat to the nation's well being it's not just about disagreement over policy -- we see things differently or we value different -- they actually see -- -- as a threat. It is editor personal lives. Were more likely to be surrounded by Democrat who Democrats were Coke and Republicans and we hear people say I don't know anybody who voted for Obama probably but he -- Portugal. It may be true but as we we're isolated -- -- putting ourselves -- groups like minded folks and you don't really see your Palestinians. One thing you said just now that that kind of got me to think in his -- when it comes to polarization and participation Iranian politics. How many people are actively involved and if they're not involved where what do they get the the rationale for their beliefs is it strictly from TV by I know there have been studies that. Say people don't want conflicting viewpoints they want to read what it is that they agree with and if they don't agree -- it then they automatically assume. That it's not true so I I just wondering how many bill or what percentage of the people other than voting there are actually involved in the in politics. Yet the pretty small percentage and -- through import about the group is is is the study points out has won the more ideological. A bit too because they are participating -- -- a lot of the debate -- when -- your politicians and and and and candidates talk about this if I do fundraising letter nice and out you know these are the great things done in -- in congress this is the great thing that I am trying to accomplish. You don't get much response when you demonize the other side. You start you know a lot of a lot of -- on. The middle is still fairly modern American politics. But what's going on is that middle because the polarization. People in the middle or are important away from politics are you leaving. You leading political game -- the most partisan in the most intense what. The people in the middle who Oakland would pull everything. -- -- -- of force that would allow for compromise that would help -- get things done. They're opting out of political system altogether. It's it's it's it's trouble. But is it hypocritical because the same people. That you know we made the example earlier for family gathering area I don't think it makes any sense. To talk politics that anybody has. As you were saying as a demonizing the other side you know agony and and them they're not gonna convince you -- gonna wind up angry over something chances are. -- not even involved in. And I just wondering about. When it comes to criticizing congress for doing the exact same thing we do it is and I get a sense. Yeah I agree a 100% from the congress reflects and into look at congress who say that they aren't aren't getting things done. Part of the reason is. That they're responding to the demand that are coming in on them and if you look at it is one of the quality outcomes of the growing political divide is that. -- the most consistent most intense most active Republican the most and most content actors. Democrats. When you ask them about compromise they say that about 5050 -- that's not something where our side to give up in the others such Cuba they say art sites -- -- we're not going to be. Be happy with what's going on and so that's that's the result that we see in congress that's why Republican Democrat can't get get along congress because they're -- telling them. You shouldn't give anything to amend it Democrats are talking bombing should -- corporate and and what we -- -- -- -- has to decide -- don't -- -- much to make the move and he did it but there's not going to be in the meat and middle income. Would have compromised the current work. And in terms of demonization then the next election comes up and the opponent surged demonizing. Whomever it is for compromising in any way in actually getting something done because. You know like anchor we have said this numerous times they used to fall for the a call -- the conservative radio entertainment complex and I'm conservative by nature more libertarian I guess but. Negative thing and the other -- the enemy and they're really not they're just your neighbors in the people you work with that see things a different way. Yet that that's who I mean you're saying his most everyone in this country shares fundamental values and in one thing it does coming -- that we all would have been better community. What crime free community want are school. Lot of there there are differences in terms of what we -- we different use different each get there. But the idea that the other side they're a country. It is is is deeply troubling we played in green and elections are trying to mobile people get people -- that's what political control and it. This is what drives debate this is what gets people excited this is what -- people who -- old. It would play that name and that in more -- plane -- because that candidate in the and then -- Thursday. I don't really think you know that the newly elected -- optical comet which in the crowd probably shouldn't is that this is an affair -- -- into the that we have elections and we should say you know. The other side one. And and we need to work with and make things happen and baker community. Alice Anderson Kirby going -- -- -- a book about a year ago and because of that that. The circus of my life is at night at -- gotten to -- read it on the airplane on Thursday Kirby a prom atomic tell about name book. Book is America's ailing -- experiment. And in about -- too much democracy create almost oracle. And you can cited an Amazon.com. Yes absolutely thank you Kirby have a great done a great -- -- out of it.

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