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6-16 715am Tommy, is cheerleading a sport?

Jun 16, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. David Geier, the Director of Sports Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina, about the AMA's endorsement of cheerleading as a sport

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David Dyer Jones is renowned director of sports medicine. At the Medical University of South Carolina I presume it's doctor guy there. This. Morning doctor you don't. Do very well thank you tell me about com tell me about cheerleading and sports and dangers involved -- Well I think it and I appreciate the opportunity to talk and I would agree with you whether or not you'd think that cheerleading as a sport I think it's hard to argue that there from. And -- the athletes the power. And the Annapolis is required to do some of those public passes. -- is truly amazing but -- that that comes a tremendous potential. To get hurt it's. Doubt one of the fastest rising rates of concussion. Upon -- female sports and it just from an orthopedic surgeon's standpoint we certainly feel a lot of you know bode into it -- like ACL tears and shoulder dislocation so it's a great activity that definitely want where the athletes can get hurt. I don't know why it wouldn't be as -- because you know violated detonation and activity involving physical exertion that certainly present. And skill that certainly present in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. So I don't know any part of that they wouldn't apply to cheerleading Indian. Yet no I agree with you I think that it is from my understanding it's more the legal distinction and it. Think you know I think for -- to -- determined their designated to be -- sport it would have to be done by the NCAA and the individual states in the national federation of of high school sports. And I. Did it ultimately that might come I think there's some like -- financial and legal distinctions. Regardless I think that some of the COLT -- designated as the board and what that would mean in terms of medical coverage -- Facilities can be done -- that it's not made its board I think that is very critical to focus on to keep these athletes say. Onions and tax here that. Our -- talking about. Who knew what things are are less dangerous and cheerleading and and it says you know bullying if that's the sport cheerleading certainly should be. Being a cheerleader is certainly more athletically demanding than is driving a car around a circle for 500 miles and never driven a race car so I don't know. -- another one talks about golf you know involves hand eye coordination considered a sport but nowhere near. As dangerous as cheerleading -- big year at the -- the director of sports medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina in terms of of dangers and hang -- you don't have hard statistics in front of view but. On the it is from the injuries you've seen from the sports and people. Compete and who can you name some that you think would be more dangerous and cheerleading or some that would be less. Well in you don't if you look at absolute numbers certainly football league is the rate is injuries in all sports and pretty much all studies show that. Among the being -- sport girls soccer tends to be -- -- especially as far as concussions go that lead to everything but cheerleading isn't actually for the high. Has gone up about 26%. Every year over the last decade or so what's scary about cheerleading and I think where it really gets a lot of unfortunate detention is that about two thirds of the catastrophic injuries in female sports. A -- cheerleading those are essentially did things like. Injuries were an athlete get paralyzed or potentially -- now the numbers are -- the absolute numbers but still went two thirds of them occur. -- -- -- Activity in this case cheerleading that's certainly cause for concern fortunately. Cheerleading get multiple levels says institute a lot of rules changes a lot of recommendations in terms of the -- and how they're performed that have cut that down but it still. Activities did that. -- serious injuries can occur. I you know my daughter goes in all girls school and -- very good athletic program and so many times I see the kids walking around and boots in knee braces on crutches. And I just wonder is that what I'm seeing are a young ladies more predispose to -- your foot injuries. Is it because of more young ladies are competing in sports when you think. I think it's the combination of all those factors honestly I think there are some injuries especially knee injuries like KCL players. Where female athletes are more likely to suffer these injuries I think. Think there's also. Unfairly. A sort of a perception that cheerleading isn't that serious -- that difficult. And so I think a lot of these athletes. Suffer injuries. And really aren't. Given the same. Access to medical care of their aren't necessarily the athletic trainers always present there that there aren't some of the other sports. And so they're really just. Told the pushed through it and so they don't get. The attention that maybe they don't get there -- evaluated right away. Pitcher right you absolutely -- the injuries ankle injuries I would to a high schools that want the national championship. Multiple years I was there. And you see most of that the girls on the team and you're right they. -- and they've gotten deeper aces and ankle braces and that's just part of their normal day to day two years and it is unfortunate actually. Why beyond the increased incidence of ACLs with young ladies. Well there's a lot of theories we think it's it's related to how all female athletes tend to land and how they turned a candle land with their -- Fully extended does. Police straight they turned out wayward as male athletes tend to do lands softly with their knees bent and turn with their knees bent which is a safer position. What happens is -- -- peacefully straight land on your foot in the -- just buckled ligament tears. Females are thought to be somewhere between. Two at eight times more likely deteriorate you know that it male sports so that's where you really CAC LB -- -- we hear about it. In sports like the NFL and the NBA. That the people that are likely to get up our year high school and college girl soccer players basketball players on -- players and cheerleaders. -- duty and not trying to be sexist about this I swear to goodness but. It -- generally speaking numbers more. Girls young girls say dance then do young boys and you can make your own judgment about why that is. But would that have anything to do with the way. Teenage. Girls land as opposed teenage boys because of something I learned in dancing. It could be we think that that that there's a lot of factors some of it's related to Powell. The bottles are balanced between men and women didn't seem to be fairly equal between. That quadriceps and hamstrings were females are much more quad competent now is that. Something that's learned over time with sports or is that just how females are sorted genetically wired and that we don't know that. What's important about that promote this from a parent's standpoint that standpoint is that there are exercise programs that. Female athletes can do to learn to land properly -- properly that if they. Been shown to dramatically lower the rates -- -- -- civil guaranteed. That a parent daughter can completely avoided a field here but it lowers the chances and it's certainly worth the ten. Had a fifty minutes today to do those exercises. Very information old tiger nobody at a time a chance to talk to you again. I've really enjoyed it. It any tablet but did not.

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