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WWL>Topics>>6-16 815am Tommy, are people good or bad?

6-16 815am Tommy, are people good or bad?

Jun 16, 2014|

Tommy talks to David Rand, a Professor of Psychology and Economics at Yale, about cooperation and whether people are good or bad

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Padre Tony seven talking and doctor David Rand a professor of economics at Yale University about. People being nice a woman on magazine street waved in front of somebody driving suvs and the -- and ran her over intentionally and paused long enough to say ha ha -- and Todd Terry after ran her over and we're asking you do you think people are. Basically good -- basically bad says doctor Randy duke when it comes a cooperation in Indian along playing nice. Is there is something inside of us -- worry make value decision on what it's gonna cost us to cooperate be nines. -- definitely. That people pay attention how much they caught them all their attention on what it's gonna help other people. And there's a trade up between the -- So. What would be deleting motivated. Against it and it cost money to cooperate dimpled and surprise. Well our situation it could be -- you know you you you helped more than something that they need. They're wired uses you know to print time. It quite money killer app like material when people greatly needed. You know what in the world. When they needed it it would be a battle -- that are opt. Out individually leasing a car. Nations a professor of psychology and economics or there's some people that just wired up. To always BO problem and I think everybody has known somebody wears socially they tried to go out to different events and a polar it's going to be a problem with the -- it's going to be a problem with the hosts is going to be a radical bartenders the salesman this and then the other thing in. Wondering is that a function of training deal learned of these that way is the way -- parents race. The current practice and being that there's a lot of debate about. -- I think that there are certain. -- and that is the kind of inborn personality. Thing. -- being that you have -- -- you're sort of raid in -- -- parents should have a more general -- Had a huge effect that currently we got a permit where. We have people for a minute either -- -- -- each other or -- there accountable. And they didn't happen either being well should the government were being -- accountable and then afterward -- that totally I did it. -- you know we're totally you know being generous strangers something like -- GTQ where people get. I'm sorry you're dealing do you I have a flat tire on a dark and highways the money's not -- subsidy help you generally speaking. If your gut instinct to -- the yours or from what you're studies have indicated. To trust them and think -- looks Amazon and help -- order think. Management brought -- on who knows this is currently. -- You don't know any dark and -- what you don't know anything so I think and -- reason I gave this example is. Bet that ultimately decides where do you trust the lead down. Yeah I mean I think -- like. We are we are -- social animal and -- -- -- -- subtle -- About water truck toward the end. Situation the greens -- you really no information I think my instinct would be. Seeing that it. -- Actually I believe it's grown up it extremely like crime repeat situation. Would have a different. You should says that because doctorate and my instincts would be as the mine would -- Went on here I appreciate your time and really -- it's fascinating stuff.

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