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6-16 10:10am Garland, corporate media

Jun 16, 2014|

An investigative journalist who spent 14 years ferreting out wrongdoing, now contends that the corporate-media world no longer has reporting the truth as part of its mission statement. Is that concern of any interest to you? Do you follow corporate media or get your news from the social media? Garland was joined by Ben Swann.

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Mode to be a good thing tank about a month ago Visio loses some form of the -- and world. Who came on do a talk about his book called waking up in time bird pig book at all. But basically. What his league that is based on his own mathematical. Computations. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Computers. In its -- towards Seoul were very. Double in power every year and happy you -- Your. They -- but didn't actually. Increase in power between now and 20/20 five. Basically saying that things would get to a point world he can put the information into the computers of the future. And they won't quote take over. But we won't really understand what they do -- hopefully do it or what the results are going to be. -- there after reading a book by Stephen Hawking and he said quote. A strong -- computers or an imminent threat to commitment. Are gonna have to propose answers -- -- poster -- our out of MIT's businesses. And another. Scientists and engineers computer engineer out of Brooklyn. To talk about just or -- progressing to a point where computers. Start. Gathering there intelligence spent a shrewd and 11 o'clock hour about a couple of things one at -- -- prison in college and museum. Also Mississippi and Louisiana where we hate big government and we don't like spending -- we see. Or go first in the second last states. When it comes to money that we spend to the federal government and get back. We get a whole lot more than the rest of the country you'll talk about. That's how we're gonna talk a little bit about journalism has been the subject -- minute minute talent. Talking to an investigative reporter. Who spent fourteen years ferreting out wrongdoing. Now contends that corporate media world. No longer have reporting the truth is ported its mission statement. -- one -- from the shore appreciated. I appreciate here -- Thank you. Or the listeners. If you view a Google -- -- this portrait been here. One of the people riding about in -- War has been the recipient and a bit of work or moral ward two women for his work. He is not a sensationalism. Reporter who has gone out to get flick it's at the expense of integrity. Swan is quite possibly the last bastion of journalistic integrity in America today. If you're about to get more clinics. Or groups of I've been -- And what about the -- intimate theaters. You truth to people without. Without forcing them to. You go to the lowest common denominator. And -- do you do dude -- a book before I get into details of an institute would work. Notes or did you really give it a bachelor's degree at fourteen in the masters at six. But what it hit about chipped it and direct what are you doing calling the show you. We didn't know everything he talked about the all right did did only what do you gold. Quote journalistic way in from Tuesday. I think cultures and Patricia majors -- laws are almost. Good life here among the American public war. Fact be true based information. No doubt about it everyone that because unfortunately at the media and treat people. Did not go look forward truth -- but it rather have their own viewpoint theory old validated. But I think it is growing. Population that says we really you just want to know what happened -- what what is the truth. And you know what actually taking place because they're tired of the left right paradigm we contracted. In the audience -- a matter. And and I hope you're writing but today. I'm renting the leaders through search from pure search. And it's talk about the dangerous divisive and it's between conservatives. And liberals. And basically movement cover for you here it's is that there has been search in the extreme. Increase in extreme. On the right -- There's barely anything left in the middle. Do you think conservatives and liberal really want to hear the other side. They'll I think they don't I think the folks on either in the the extremes to open here. Q it's probably not telling right now in the United States and most of your listeners would have no idea about that they watched mainstream media right now in the United States about. 50%. By 060%. -- the American electorate. It's no longer a registered Republican or Democrat. In because the the vast majority of the electorate is moving away from. A two party system. So even though we have this kind of growing extreme while both in order sizes of those parties and the ideology are actually shrinking. Vs. What what's happening in the majority population and that's probably the media never talked about you'd think we're locked in the content battle between right and left and we're not. It's huge amount of the electorate and get out and check out at -- -- interest that that brigade. And a two of -- follow portrait saying. Of the big brace in Mississippi between that -- Peru and then the two reporting Christmas and -- In the initial voting -- of for. In my finger books. Secretary General. Of 300000. People showed -- and the guy be elected. Have the history of being four. Or shipment of illegal or. So marchers saying news. We've received right -- control and was both Washington controlling with the very tube it's short program. That's right that's absolutely right in what you find. Is that while the party because Jerry's hand because of the way districts have been kind of carved in regard to recover to get. The parties have put themselves in the position we're number one. They are heavily subsidized by taxpayers in 2012 taxpayers spent 400 million dollars subsidizing the Republican democratic party's. At the same time all about 9%. -- actually 9% of voters partake in. Primary election and so because that you have a very small group of the most strident. Voters who were actually control the election process that included a change that we assuring them -- by alternative parties third party candidate. Procure parts have you know you're a different story today -- formula com. Dave -- got beat Eric Cantor. You know why he won was because of 90000. New primary voters who registered just for that primary to vote. That's how he beat air cancer. And -- and we're talking to a journalist's. Bill and swan. -- good to have journalists did for fourteen years -- -- contend the corporate media world no longer and reporting proved. As one of the primary missions. He's got pretty good credentials here you've got to back infringed greeted Philippine master's degree at sixteen. The ability via a coral reporter editor of photographers you -- -- -- or you're still running area site called truth in media. Yeah I'd done them one dot com URL would be a treat and media project -- what we're doing tend it's video and articles. -- -- One of the questions -- wondered it's considered -- -- -- the talent and should. This show is kind was strange hybrid spiritually and conservative wings again. We call it think -- because of what I do is again over information in an attempt to prove what I think and well. Because stability that that's is scientific. Way of getting closer to true. I end up doing is okay I'm reading that from opening portion of that post you know that slip okay. Wall Street Journal you know that's conservative. How -- we get to a porn in this country for looking for the true. Where we can find. Well I think that it would you describe what one of the best ways right now. If you drink multiple sources and look forward. Not true. In order to get to altered the truth because unfortunately that is where you're going to find most of the fragment. I'll look. Copied and posted a -- all the time not only their life time but I do I think damage and in what they -- absolutely. Dare the dare say a misnomer about. How media present information and -- what you -- information is the absent. Of certain facts or the absence of certain drew an app available the right and the left -- there in the absence of discussion on a lot of different issues and they're a major conservative web sites out there. That actually banned their writers providing anything that they consider positive about immigration. And it's not about. Tree get a lot about true about the reported at this information factual we don't care we're not interest is in bad information so we believe it. Thereby not actual -- all lying in the story we do we get it completed don't talk about certain things that we don't know that our kids. All right very introducing let me bring you more liberal listeners John you're on with the been swollen I appreciate you call it. Thank you thank you I think there's something what you're saying but I've. Been hearing all that I think is our problem across the board when. That might take any empirical assessment. Which show that the Republican Party has come more radicalized to the Democrats of kind of stood still. All -- become more conservative -- memorable ways. What the mainstream media and other folks can't do that has to say that sounds like you're being partisan and so you have -- you what I think of an empirical. Provable thing there was one party has threatened to default on the debt shut down government. You know that was a radical thing to do. To media portion percentages that just can't agree. That this didn't happen because they can't agree one side decided to do something that was. Then I think arguably your responsible. But I couldn't be reported that wake of a sound partisan. So that we get around problems don't. Well I think is to. Yeah I think you're available there's some truth to what you're saying look what the issue is that so bad because of the media on both sides profit. From this left right there there's and so for instance. If you're a Republican neo con all right neo conservative if you supported George W. Bush quite candidly. You should have absolutely no criticism with anything that president Barack Obama has done in terms of foreign policy. You can be paper about 99.9. Percent of it. We -- even though we try to do one part -- There's virtually no different and you may become the majority of on some level a Democrat become more conservative certainly. Did you -- again a supporter of a bushel while the policy -- continue. So where both of the criticism for the presidential compound on the lips but they don't criticize the and to what you find is that media create. Different that they try to create new wants. In the differences between the two because they -- profit from partisanship. But the same time they're so it -- voters in general again those air strike in. -- partisan folks. Of the -- remember the -- audiences. And -- broadcast audiences are -- -- and he'd just like he. Political parties are shrinking into their -- there pretty much as the politician deployed there. And it'd. One of the interesting things -- thing -- be in and again you can believe the pew poll which. In my. But -- remote -- and -- church. I think helped dispel week says today. 92%. Of Republicans or -- the right. Of the middle them. And 984%. Of the Democrat. Or on the left of the middle Republicans. So if those numbers are right that suggest that both sides have moved to the part of the room laughed and -- -- hoping to one about. -- when I talk to parisians off the record and just look at about the media and so forth and so. And I told them my concept Obama I truly believe that you can gold looking for the right in permission. And import that -- the public and that the media's mission. They say to me. Or you know -- if if I go looking for what's right. Read twenty or thirty publication today and I'm not sure don't you give -- -- -- right so. Where and when I'm gonna buy groceries pay bills take kids to school. I'd rather just pickle ball through journal and some other conservative entity. And and learn what I think already -- And that regard whether there. And they are about learning anything good about being about to be keeping your in the duke. -- Well I think some people don't want to get past that but again you know get looked like that vote you number you're giving -- ago -- remember that would I don't disagree with the -- numbers. But I would say changing and again what you would probably not disclosing. And not not that necessarily -- did -- not -- is that the number of people who felt like didn't apply border were registered Republican or Democrat. In this country is shrinking. And so while they may seem like they're moving to that the country. Is becoming more partisan is actually not stick it between Angela Park and you wouldn't know that from media because again media is still playing to these these extreme. But the country becoming less partisan because more and more voters aren't in the -- and either independent. -- with a different party altogether as opposed to. You know 2030. Years ago but the majority of voters would apply with one of these two major part. -- about the immediate today journalism in particular. And a lot but is the corporate media world where there busy. By house -- that based on getting clicks and selling ads and on telling you one hand there Rautins coming apart at the scenes. But. Brittany spears. News in the broad team -- the trying to get a handle on exactly what's happening up there and is there in the alternative to a we've been one of the issues definitely got the credentials -- And two Buick reporter to photographer. A had a fact checking teachers and -- reality show and you crowd sourcing on truth in the media. That threaten the neutral. And and and that was viable and shorting out of business. And absolutely. We really grateful to all the books you put money into it and and we believe that again demonstrates the the desire to people that they. There needs to be more to let's stop playing the left right game. And that's pursue true. And correct me if I'm wrong I think on student sued for -- That actually do that the country isn't leaning conservative liberals there a lot of people who thinking put themselves. A -- -- that crook who they weren't. Well you mentioned colonial before the break a lot of them on the old Soviet -- have an increasing number of people -- were becoming voting -- every year those people. More than any other groups also identified independents they do not identified Republicans or Democrats. We also see large portion of -- -- actors who are kind of revoking if you will there. And that's what that two party system -- Republican or Democrat. And really more Republicans right now and Democrats. You want so she came to George W. Bush. Administration can period and that came out of that plane you've got Republican that -- -- the Republican. I actually think President Obama is -- very much the same thing for the Democratic Party that was it for the Republican Party -- that while people were saying I no longer than by the Democratic Party because I. It won't sign up for a pro war -- drone strike pro. Bob in big debt capital. Wisdom and ability their back and welcome back party so it's interesting to watch that. So again the boat to party paradigm taking place because people say it really is much of a difference between these two major parties. A long boom breeding. Over the weakened several publications. I came upon this it says the of the -- Obama. Of those that call themselves conservatives and liberals becoming. Much more extremes and filling up the edges of the party. It was a problem and that coincides with a -- of talk radio. And the ideological. Which frighteningly driven profit driven -- talk of pro -- -- two words. Whose livelihoods bridle their abilities to -- rumbled for a passions. And demonize -- I think reviewed talk shows or guilty of that -- if that seems to be virtually everywhere. Is virtually everywhere -- -- correct it and if you watched just what's considered to be mainstream. Cable news. They're doing the exact same thing in their highest paid people at any one of those networks are the humble opinion needed. And the -- partisan. And so what we're finding is that again. As those numbers in terms of people in the middle are abandoning the party folks who stay behind. Who remain involved and engaged you've become. More strident on top of that the other thing that happened. There is many times the people because they've already made up their mind they're not -- seeking because they made up their minds. About. You know who who's wrong who's right there are essentially being dead. Talking points and they're being fed sound -- by a lot of these media folks what -- talk radio war. In DB cable world they're receiving get kind of these. Talking points to regurgitate. Their friends and their coworkers. And that doesn't serve any good purpose because any time those so called -- or not they -- back there gets flowed. Wondering god television news of the day and John Boehner. Was being interviewed by any TV -- from Univision. Or -- -- moans. And this and what he's deadly wrong in the interviewers on. And journalists in the United States are very cozy with pork very close to those in power. Mental -- with the and they go to white house correspondents' dinner with them. Lunch together and Britain gallery each other the way too closely drug -- thinkers journalists crypt keeper distance. From power it's like a club and they're not asking the tough portions of parts. Well I think that's absolutely true you go back to 2012 and I had the opportunity to interview president Barack Obama during between twelve campaign. I would go a little bit about -- of the interview there. Jay Carney had said recently that the -- that interview that Obama got during 2012 and Jon Stewart. We actually take exception to that I did attempt to figure you've got -- -- with me. And I would encourage you to watch it be because I think it would be. Surprised by the question yet social order in the country after about the constitutionality. Of how any president and ridicule that. Talking about thank you meditate on the al-Qaeda in Syria. Talked all about the national defense authorization act indefinite detention of US citizens. And we have to be very tough question it was almost uncomfortable and what about gotcha question but it was about to be true. Recognizing that we do have an entire white house press corps that would not ask these questions of this president and they do not push on the issue. They they still have the bad interview was conducted all doubled fourteen in your job it was a couple of parties sought. 88 national network correspondent. Question that president on the constitutionality. Of a president had to -- the people including US citizens but he's that we vehicle Ayers. And call for their execution. It is it is unconstitutional. And unlawful and yet our media will not challenge. Talking to journalists bench -- has credentials. Linked liberal or me including fourteen years -- TV anchor. Now involved with the area and caught -- -- -- and other and it is that you put together through kicks to order. Actually got under funding -- tell people doing what those sites or. It will in check out this one dot com swamped with two wins and one dot com and we also have the truth -- media projects. I will keep -- video project that we held there and also we have. And -- time as well as time knob broke through the -- and also just surge troop of media ordnance LaBroque. -- republic -- paragraph story and we were talking about the house majority leader Eric -- being -- in the recent election. And they said it was at least you've been -- a relative that it was. Depleted because he was watching paid no attention. Word came from the called the beltway blindness. But it was a play action that was also share with perhaps according this article. And this demonstrates -- news organizations. Or no it's a prisoner of Washington tunnel vision. Then the people who run for office. This same forces that keep politicians. And between and a few blocks of Pennsylvania Avenue work on journalists as well. Journalist or more and more because of cut budgets and pure people. Working on the Internet and that basically changed to the -- And journalists are left Reid as saying partnered -- -- and -- local reporting. As Kantor's campaigns that. Do you agree with -- I do agree. I think that that's very true that -- thing that happens is especially local media. They take their cues entirely from national old national yet -- this story. That you have the story in a national media ignored the cinema obvious story -- -- a lot of almost wearing blinders. Opera local media. Well become Q a lot of these stories and by the -- with Eric Cantor. I think this story go beyond that a lot of people attracted to connect to hit laughs Q immigration. -- and I don't think that's true at all and if you look at what his opponent David Brett talked about. You talked about found money he talked about corporate control and -- vehicles. Killing America he talked about a lot of the issues that national media will cover. When a guy like Brad wins they don't know how to talk. Because that is how the body of the issues that he discussed during the campaign. Very interest. -- on the bird and losers -- -- bureau would -- for. -- that eagle and two point that like to bring up in the -- now listen. One is in -- Louisiana we have opened prime sort of candidate Ron and they happ who want to the -- So that I think has one advantage of Louisiana and they can't be primary now. Either candidate. And also. Go back to the presidential election 22 years ago Ross Perot won. He won 19% of the vote and it seems like ever since then we've -- and strong third quality. Presidential candidate because both the Republicans the Democrats block about saying it'll happen not all. Percentage points to sit at the debate. I'd like the which I have to. It. -- -- -- That's absolutely true of the parole issue and that's important to remember. A lot of folks don't realize that until 1984. There was a group called the League of Women Voters who ran the presidential debate. And the League of Women Voters actually quit. Do you that 94 because they said the two parties Republicans and Democrats are trying to force everyone else out of the debate in the try to control spotlight. And that's what happened there now with something called the commission on presidential debate. That particulate standards for the debate. And I really don't try to prevent anyone from being a rough road demonstrated. But there can be viable third party or alternative party candidate. In the debate. Gary Johnson who ran by a former Republican suburb of Mexico. Who -- a Libertarian Party candidate in 22012. Is actually that we started the fourth week well in the lawsuit continues to move forward. I -- that we -- get into the debate saying that you are in a party that has ballot access in the state to win the Electoral College. You should be a lot in the debate. Right now the commission president to debate by him because they do not want that it would be the biggest disruption to their. -- one -- -- got about a minute. It tends to be independence and then if there's somebody did tribes and independent party. How did they get past. Our hypocrisy. And I'll give reminds itself is an example. Ahead of former head of the senate to appear the alluded Washington senate. Who works for The Heritage Foundation. And a tone set on basically and capitalists in the I'm on for business and -- would radler left government. Except. For the BP money that we want except for. Billion dollars we need to drinking water piped except for a solution security except for Medicare. How did they get paid a -- they bid got a lot of beginning and don't. Well I. I think bill what do what it is -- I think that's what the -- begins to changes is against the state -- who wins the primary. How did he do he -- talking about political Austrian economics wrote that your listeners probably never even heard of Austrian economics. But it varies so economic policy that the -- in the other policy that we. -- look at today -- vehicle we actually use multiple of that term. I'll -- find did. A lot of the past people saying go for sport it because they don't realize there -- other alternatives to the way government run the shuttle. And the way government take advantage of the people who -- alternate. Until the pool where they can. You can buy it didn't want dot com at the end at the UA NN dot com on Twitter. You can get up the -- of media. Love to have new oil and hope to have you on again thank you -- the --