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6-16 11:10am Garland, Louisiana: prison capital

Jun 16, 2014|

Why is it easier to get into prison than college? Garland takes your call.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know me you there's a follower one to talk about a in pursuing ago opinion leaders and so. -- by the name Robert maiden. Holds -- -- doctor. In. Journalism mentioned screw mass communications. And the only issue. And they brides for the local web sites on on regular businesses. And and I found this article -- and pursuing in particulars from the comments. Afterward. The head that -- it shouldn't be easier to get in the college then prison. And -- let me read verbatim. It's a book called employees. Made it difficult for young people. Early college degree. By slashing. Funding for higher education. More so than almost. Any of this. Wild presided over the country's highest prison incarceration. Rate. And we don't we shall mean any time in the prison incarceration. Or -- account under a prison incarceration rate. When you combine countries like Syria. In Russia and I think it's wrong and -- we have more than they do and buy a car. The motion museum. And the and I -- always surprises me. In this state that so conservative and so against big government and so against taxation. We not only seem to have don't have problem with this. -- like. We liked the way it is. May -- Robert -- and goes on the say in America you would call such a dysfunctional please movies yeah. And again just to -- Talking about Robert Mann an opinion piece more liberal local pebble publications. -- chairman of the journalism school lived L issue. And he's written this article and opinion page. Jesus did on the rebels holed that we call them by your state it's sometimes easier to find yourself in prison cell. Then in a college biology courts where you -- and could be starting cells. It's often easier to get sent to prison for white. And get a college education. That's gonna help you sustain. Your. Get caught with -- one great. Schedule one narcotic like coding. That's less. Than half the weight will end and and to get a mandatory sentence. Of war years. And Louisiana incident is right here will eagerly spent. An average. Of 171486. Votes each year. For that inmates held -- prudent at -- over four years. That 70000 dollars. I guarantee you -- talked to most people in the say they think that. Now. When when I say he prisons or big government. Go look up the two largest prison -- reactions. That wrongly New York's addiction there's felt stock and they represent like 24. States. And -- all on that basis. Today. Or big. Government they come here and and eighty office. To do certain thing. Mother pianist for. His have more prisoners. Than any others. Then goes on to say if you you can get a twenty years cents. What do third conviction for possession of marijuana joint just -- news. And your housing and food cost would be 300. And that the thousand dollars. In this again and something we don't seem. To have -- problem. Lips and -- think and Edwards I appreciate it caller your -- double of the. Go up in looking at this problem local art and in outlook -- that are in the whole different light if you're on united way -- rates. We may have d.'s arrest nonviolent wraps -- Production of campus in this country in Iraq one every 37 circuits. Apparently in state Louisiana. 86% of those. Black -- 86% of those -- it's what kind of destruction or black men into war on the black edged. And it -- and it's discrimination. The media pressure -- Sochi shouldn't you -- the money. I'm looking at LaSalle correction straight he. This guard spot building prisons as a contract that then discharged they can make money to now he's got fourteen Britain's. He has a capacity of 7228. Year old prison until -- -- to -- or print. Yeah of the beleaguered auto -- I was heading for the I've known multiplicity. Of -- over the lived through four years. The -- -- corporations on talk about in most states. They have state signed a contract. That says those Ford twenty years. You have to maintain an -- your ninetieth percentile. Occupancy Avery. And -- the words if you reduce cross like like all of the law enforcement and politicians. Say they walked. The population in the prisons go to a million albums -- -- Blackmon. And it goes down because. We we have to pay more. And and the corporations. We have to give him more money. So reducing crime. Is not financially feasible if you look at that it. That -- that formed army is now a big business groups and the Louisiana that your association controls politicians. They the big money later would be jails. This is a billion dollar corporation. And -- putting it on the backs of people we're nonviolent crime there is no person. Who'd been armed earned a crime campus possession you have there's -- Libyan armed and terrible -- know -- jail on. For seven and is. But possession and. You know -- -- -- a good friend of mine it's parts. And I've said -- some -- for and it just goes ballistic he says people do not go to jail because of the caliber of programs. And what he's saying it is. You don't usually if it's the first time some Dundee and second time but if it's a third time war. You have to -- strikes. And you get caught with small amount can -- that's when you can go to jail for twenty years but let's take pot off the record. Let's just setting the user and non violent offenses the -- house majority. And I had have you ever heard of -- law enforcement against prohibition. I'm very familiar with them I have been communicating with -- selection. Of movies on there -- a couple of months growing government and goes. Motorcycle rally on July 4. We gonna have a bunch of motorcycles along elite people. -- from movies real salt W ma -- on the purple or highway. To bring awareness to their benefits -- kind of mr. -- ESPN TER better. Well look. When you do that give -- your call will put them on the year but we. We have more and we are on the regular but it suits from people don't know what Lee Pitt has its own solutions. To our. Of of former sheriff's police chief deputies. DA's prosecutors. That looked -- in some community. A paying 350000. Dollars. Or somebody that got arrested for their third Merrill wanted to win their third. Nonviolent offense it just. I mean look at -- for money for schools were looking around for money for roads. We're losing 4050%. Of our drinking water every day because -- can. Repair the pipes we need fifty billion minimum. To make sure this city didn't they give destroyed again in the next storm. Edited on millions of dollars. To put people in the -- And a war on drugs like on in Spain where drugs are -- has decreased markedly across the board every party. People are getting counseling and there's less availability for people under age to get drugs. And in the United States we don't see your reverend problem. On the appalling that the United States consider a that marijuana. Cannabis is a step one growth but yet stay cool and a patent. But you see and can have a dial BD two main compartment towards. In marijuana in the United States government -- that. -- that the GW also. It's all money in this prison system marks are so reduced prison system. There's really and we got in here to help out people whose people are dying and especially in the city in the -- and simple low reps from marijuana -- going to jail for search monster and want to you. And it's just it's crazy ignorance and integrate 24008. From state and -- that people it's a problem about that he went into. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Introducing done -- and -- and look I appreciate the call very much and and in the all week that ballroom. Trying to beat barrel on the show and he concluded on the middle road as much as possible mob prosecutor prince just young -- disagree. That anybody in this state goes to jail for marijuana possession. Under Florida part of that appeared -- all that I guess. The things that I bread nationwide suggests that is the partially not true or not through all the other. But my friends that I actually do this sort of regular daily basis say I -- totally liberal and so. Let me put that information out there -- we're talking about what I thought was very. Interesting opinion -- are offered the man. Head of the journalism school it -- shoot a rotor and loan local publication -- years ago. And let me read the first paragraph for those -- rule in the -- -- -- -- -- different -- for the young -- earned a college degree. By slashing. Poem -- slashing funding for -- occasion and more -- and almost in the news. Wally presided over the country's highest. Prison incarceration rate in America. You'd called such a dysfunctional place Louisiana. He goes on does say. Good call but the schedule when nor comic one -- in -- accidentally -- is holding. When Graham in his hand out the week of in the it's a mandatory prison sentence of four years courting me. That first year when he all the votes shouldn't the 171406. Dollars. They're in their -- for your troops. -- of 7000 dollars per hour prison. That just doesn't make any sense to me I don't see. The benefits of its parole and been able. Doorway of the que -- about the rule with the game. What benefit. Somebody using according. Is a threat to in their poor by its spending. 7000. Dollars on that one individual. We benefit how. I had that may be you can call -- to secure wondered to Albany and explain to him also. This rare import job get a -- your sentiments that for the third conviction for possession of marijuana -- in my -- And -- housing and food could cost taxpayers. 300. In that the thousand. So that you look at all of this in the and the question become. Wouldn't it be better to reduce our prison population in particular for an on violent offenders. Put that money India's education. Report out here in the article. -- -- Different ways that kids can get a good education and talk about topped his State's tuition assistance program. They'd talk about programs. Federally subsidized student loans. Talk about goal grants worst student can -- -- 3000 dollars your way income nontraditional. Students. All of them can attend colleges under these grants. But there's prob go grant program is chronically short should change so we were used in the month. That we -- we're used. And then -- All of this article -- it is mentioned -- -- brutally pliable really popular. Entity. And it didn't say anything about whether or not -- was bonded so soon I'm going to go back again. I don't issued that rouge campus -- school needs 3.2 million dollars -- eligible students. Unlike hops however which the legislature. Always bones fully. And deliberately because I looked at this legislative session. In the Florida every governor general signed a bill little law. Debra -- -- the state to gather more information. About my roots seats tops. And I'm quoting from the local publication. There's speculation that approached topped data. Will be used eventually cut. The scholarship. Louisiana is running out of money to cover the costs of -- the programs estimated cost 387. Million dollars. By 20182019. During that school term what's the state will not be able to will thwart. And -- put -- really high profile legislative leaders and checked. They're gonna look at the options for curbing or eliminating tops. Many if not all of the proposal loaded would mean. Louisiana family with a pay more pro college education in the future. So it doesn't seem to be a problem -- And -- why -- -- Paying 78000. Dollars for four years. Or somebody's caught with Cody. A grand war. Half the way to put in the 7000 here. And if somebody gets the mandatory three shot lights in your -- third marijuana joint. They'll cost is 350000. So. And I'm missing open to agree rude Robert Megan. It just seems more intelligent. To put -- Into. Education rather than prison. But apparently. Museum and instill great. Opinion article written by Robert Marion -- of the journalism school -- only human equivalents -- shouldn't be easier to get in college and prison. And reports that we've talked about minimum deterrent and should we more the prison state nobody comes close. Per capita -- -- itself we yeah. Outbreak a number of Middle East countries and Russia in the in -- -- people and put in prison. In the end gets down to details viewpoints. If you get called important -- scared when nor totally like cold. -- dean. And according croquet quote dean. And more Ingram is half the weight of an. You're headed for reporters Tuesday mandatory. And that's gonna cost 7000. Dollars. -- says says get a twenty year sentence with the third conviction for possession of marijuana joint. And you might be ending up with the it's providing housing food at a cost of 350000. And he'd he'd he'd delineate the the different programs. We have for education but the old -- Including talks. We don't have an opera education but we do. Have enough for president and we don't much. The -- to sing and where would share ropes. We think marijuana arrest should be made should put as many birds and people in prison break the law. Go read the book probably got the numbers wrong but something like. Thirty felonies today. Joseph -- did some homework for a couple years and found out that we all. Bring federal laws on a daily basis. A man goes on in his opinion piece and says quote. With the its low college Marjorie would break. -- Israel will never move off the bottom rungs of the natural -- and poverty indicators. We don't know what's necessary to increase the promised Everett the numbers citizens. And in. When I go to the columnists Rick dutrow called cal -- column and -- people that don't give their name. And virtually -- a rat. Makes for a man in discreet in what he says -- says prisoners they get a college agree. Don't think of problem and certainly in our law. So -- dust and for college some super presents -- Joe's death than to make -- mobile. That's one of these -- commoners. Comments here's an all taxpayers never made your son or daughter. So why should we have to support. Dim every -- of our law. Prison that is very user begin to in the should be one -- -- Then you should go to prison or read that book about a minute old news that you commit I think you might be a little nervous -- that statement. Indeed Lou look at sorbo looks look it up today. Google him -- -- -- in that article your problem. That says they're -- offer their workers a college education. Of these people making call before him in you would think will carry on those are books is -- on the profit. But they're gonna pay what they call -- -- registers. A college education for serving coffee and and and doing whatever they do -- store but it's. And when they were asked about it -- -- -- says bush is gonna come back to office. We educate people and get them a viable alternative. To whatever they're doing on the streets it's illegal. -- bid of blitzes hall. But. He cure and we you know we discreet but Russian or -- would reduce. Yeah. Yeah I don't know we're -- -- Our arms are yeah yeah. Yeah our our our question. Yet their energy. Team. And are you bet I did talk yeah. What charge toward it is bitterly. -- to -- -- -- goes to question. Should I didn't really. Do we. Lost. A little English. Words we lost population. And -- yeah. You lost. Are. Written. And yeah. PGA. We do do you. -- I think those are beyond. Viable fortunes. Got a share of out there that the deputy they've got a law enforcement. What's -- calling gives set answer. Pleased that show the world into a media. Article says prison labor's new frontier and partisan move moods. Talking about -- and Colorado they don't just do lights and sleep with in the news. They're making a surprising your over your product for small businesses. Even so I moved funds from there local -- and -- foods. Which which leads the media very interest thing. Question. And that's in the article children. Brought to me. It says this is a six the five million dollar business. So. We're using prisoners. In prison to build redwood could lose motorcycles fishing -- satellites. Apple Jews to sloppy raised a lot you know cal coach group flowers. Management -- and it's a 65. Million dollar business. And we have two major corporations. That make big big big profits. Off the number of people we put in prison. Can we afford to reduce crime I think that's a a viable question. 65 million dollars in benefits. And and that sounds good because it sounds like they would have eighty feet. We're making a living when they come out for the same time it's 65 million dollar business. In one state. Lot lot of questions out there and I think -- fewer answers -- adults and -- on them angry and oral ought to. I think the prison industry. Needs young black men. -- -- that being in the conservative. Audience from that but it I think it's stroke. -- -- -- -- -- And they gonna go to -- for four years and cause those 7000. That makes no sense. Unless it's. You -- you dead in twenty for a profit where -- -- wrong that were true figure Caribbean or much appreciated the call. Well -- Garland and there. Are all -- an American record low on all. -- one. We're I mean more people -- -- -- Metric. More. Or more law that would be on criminal. And what could it. -- -- column that we are. But the men. That we were so. Considered an -- and all of that. And people who aren't me. -- and ramadi killed somebody -- you got a tournament on. -- bet there's something. Oh what was. Or alone. What are you might because the equipment are actually would. Look. And impairment doubt it would be a good book you've got to go out the law but when -- law. Certainly we can have a straight society. You have some good courtroom -- -- -- over -- -- -- -- remove the media respond to. If you killed -- -- violent crime gun -- got to meet that that's what prison should be. -- When it comes down to -- were small state were were barely four million people were losing. Population at that point. We end up not only being the largest prison population. In the country -- or nobody comes close to -- clause. We're larger than a couple of Middle Eastern countries put together. And I think -- beer pitchers is you arrest somebody -- -- of dean. -- -- And you put him in jail for four years and 70000. Say we we get the argument. Confuse with a well absolutely commit murder you gotta put -- absolutely. But again and I don't have the right number gore win the book and very small. Six the felonies thirty felonies today if you Google little pop brought it up and it shows that all. Altered to pin number of years to go back through federal law and shows it every day and we all. Break the ball. Well if that's if that's the criteria. In Dubai at the literature. Can find a reason to rescue and put true and president. And I go back to. Do we want to spend 70000. Dollars to put somebody in -- report yours encoding. Do we want to put them in jail for 350000. Dollars for three strikes in Europe ignorant of the strikes -- There are those valid questions. Quote -- -- period of the RD everything -- Well. At quarter of our public later. Group law enforcement. In the prosecution of the current always end -- the -- -- an -- I realize real medical living. We. -- There no carrier extreme cold and Altman and ball people's lives. Or well for the vote there and lose yet yet -- -- -- -- -- Well if -- they. Bought it. The ball. There a law or court outlawed where people put. All the big -- on them. Are -- I've been I think you're right but I think Joe's the mark. That would do so much more of this than in the of this date somebody has to -- how can that be possible in state -- small. -- thank goodness you've got three felonies and. Gone wrong. And you order your there awhile back there -- -- During -- All the. Comments there. And it again maybe shortly -- they had it. And all. And it only and -- -- -- a wonderful attributes that. Thought wondering on. What one. Is what you order the police don't for the program and can chew it and -- -- be sure. Lou I would I would love to because I have the author of a book. Author that spent. Decades. Or if not decades yours and yours over two years in the Justice Department. And her ideas and mr. -- leads ideas do not match but yeah I'd love to have him on the show. Of the book that I'm talking about is three felonies today and. Welcome. To call or dementia. And -- That -- Powell on. She used she's the lady I'm talking about had overall on forum not a war. And there's a good -- that she's coming to New Orleans. Whoever in the studios -- -- -- it's it's exactly the book them and talk and double audio figured celebrity am and 53 yeah.