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6-16 7:20 Sports Talk: Tulane Baseball Coach

Jun 16, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Tulane Baseball Coach David Pierce about Tulane Baseball and his new job as head coach.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's the new baseball coach for the two -- green wave coach David PA's John is now called this thank you so much for the time and congratulations on a being named coach -- tournament. Hey thanks a lot appreciate to give them. Coach that's probably about. Becoming the coach at Tulane and a program that and you go back. The beginning of the decade and it from the 2000 and all regional team really be a powerful program from 94 and 2014. And the coach and to be the first to aided in as few years. Weren't what he wanted for the program but steal. A lot of young guys -- team simply one of the younger on lineups in the country where is this program -- as juicy as you take oh. Well I think he is ethnic ties to one of the main things are some very good young players right now in the program. You know they have him do what they wanted to be the last couple years or whatever reasons but. I think the program is going upward I mean I think it's going to be a great situation where. Here on campus football stadium create the energy going into the fall. And so I just think there is gonna take all that I think we have some good players and we just gonna Google. Now it. They do when you look at. The whole process and when you wanna continue to have success what is your approach. As far as recruiting the youth of the Texas is right there with notre population there. And then you look at Florida and you always got kids Lombardo wanted to announce out. Look that great facilities. You have a two lane obviously LSU also but -- -- approaching did you kind of work from the inside out and take care of the local town if you can and you know what where'd you could choose as far as recruiting. I think he took the war trying to about you -- toward the inside out and there's great schools -- good baseball players. And Louisiana the great state of Louisiana so you can really take -- look at those kids a two lanes very national. Academic types school. And so you the filter that and Florida Texas in the but the East Coast and there's some great players in the midwest that sometimes do -- is -- And when you're able to take it give it a cold weather climate bringing down there I think he -- some kids really developed little quicker just because the have -- the the would have been a little bit more conducive to a. Tulane baseball coach David Peters is -- -- is taking -- for coach. Marie Jones that don't mean for quite some time Manny for 2014. Culture but talk about what you able to do. And Sam Houston on the and we were able to keep both with you and selling conference schools when they battle do you that you go to pal program that. With the regional appearances and you know I'm not -- he would didn't look at all weather as Sam Houston State -- the bank heads from the silent -- they saw a team come there. That could be a dangerous team that can compete with the big programs and that's what you dear -- could. Bears -- long been a man I think this on the conditioning and music got robbed in those extra innings against TCU liquid TCU's that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well personable. And gone back to the 22 inning game I mean. The thing -- the Olympic -- was two great teams really fight the good to know that regional. And -- great defense and some outstanding pitching throughout and a lot of people would similarly. Winning promotes some timely hits. Well I think -- -- I think both teams made some timely pitch is a -- But does the important thing no matter what the outcome was you had those two great teams -- -- it. He -- situation or not our concern himself. Late in the game and you know it was his opinion and agree with it all that. Unfortunately it happened like that that we had to turn around I was most proud of my team at that point because there picked off and and really beat to -- right back can -- you have about it later. And so. We played forty innings of point seven hours those tunnel crazy. But it -- closure of the question. Talk about what you were able to do that -- good. Well say this we well we came man in 2012. Awaited plan in the regional finals. At rice. Against Arkansas and that they -- knows there's a lot of the kids were -- a lot of community was satisfied. And then the next year we wouldn't -- issue. And and faced a great osu team and great -- here -- team and really we've felt like. I'm not us that we -- of -- -- regional -- really felt like we had an opportunity to win it. And -- in there expectations were so much different element out of it and an issue we would have to agree regional and you know it just it didn't happen force but the one thing is that we've been very consistent. The last three years given that large. We had a lot of experience put a lot of big games so hopefully we can bring them over to a baseball as well. Coach what do what do you make all of all the paired these Jimmy after the first day you mean but Phil -- and they lose on a while it's too powerful Miami could have been a -- agency was solid Jackson State beat. It's almost like their aces. But every program and a lot of they were going to made against the you know summit of velocity was. At the top seed in the east regional may be pitching and number two guy against that -- number one guy but. -- there was a lot of parity especially that those first two days what do you make about -- how baseball seems to have more of a level playing field in your division one sport. Well I think there's a couple of things one the NCA kept the rosters -- pretty -- so we have a lot of good players that are moving on and played in a little bit. Maybe a smaller mid major major type. Environment because you can't stockpile those guys on the bench. And then I think. I'm not a fan of the way that the game is changed. With the -- that they and so hopefully rules to little more offense but when you have that. The ability of those strikes in and really taken that three run home run out of it. They've built a lot more confidence and pitching. That they really feel like you figured those strikes and give them an opportunity to win. And then you see the short game happened a lot more would like to be able to think that we can score multiple ways to not just his short game. Also -- our our approach but. I think with those who want to the new baseball should open up the offense a little more and I think -- was baseball needs. To an ankle is -- the -- and again as cultural war what is show ordeal goals as to what what do you what is. David appears want to what is something that realistic -- team you do a team can count. I don't like to put an exact number on any of the -- -- which dues you really get caught up in the process. And they don't put -- but the goal oriented we've got to win forty games so we've got to make the regional because that's when things that are needed -- suppressing. I think of Mike goes to the ones that really created by -- There's a learning and teaching environment. -- relax and understanding that it stay on the job in the fall. And there in the job in the early spring to -- at the right to fell. I want a player as a right to so this game. He can relax and play so solid just create it but it was a feel comfortable about playing baseball as -- -- can't. Our actual goals coming. -- know we want to compete at a new conference for a championship. And we will be able to make -- in the year but we're not gonna do is label is that is successful we've built a lot of things that we would like to see our kids do well. On the field and off the field is too great academic school and -- will build on that as well. Now are David you brought up the parity. Did talk with -- about this and boy you look at -- guess it is so peak and at the right time in. I think I read this somewhere in the a perfect example you look at UC Irvine. Well policy before the regional that lost our last six games. Then all of a sudden they're one of the last fourteen selected for the NCAA tournament. Then there amazing. Post season run what they knocked out number one national seed Oregon State. Then they swept -- super region Oklahoma State in the first game they beat Texas. Through it once on any leaders on it to about a feel good story and I is it just a case Tim peaking at the right time. I think so I think they're pretty talented and they can it goes back to some of the parity we talked about they can pitch. And so -- give them they're the opportunity. They give their team and the opportunity to win every game there in every game. Much -- right now against Vanderbilt kick and a little bit but the other here -- -- of those stories that. You know -- in. Playing consistent defense and illustrate it's an opportunity. Tulane baseball coach David -- coach this again congratulations welcome to New Orleans can look to you that -- All we're excited to be coming to New Orleans and now. Brady gets started thinking guess for. And yes our coach we appreciate. -- knew a lot to the Tulane -- baseball program even.