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Jun 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome. To the show is Billy Bob Mitchell filling in approach do it and -- be here all week Italy. Let some things out on WWL talked table and that take the stroke of midnight tonight if you wanna join the show ought to be the poll numbers 2601878. 8668890. It's seventy text me at -- 7870. And as I always say. I'd like the text messages but -- much prefer. You call shall weaken popping back and forth Cuba okay. To secure a 1878668890870. Here's what we're going to be talking about tonight college football. Now has its first. Female. Defensive back. I'll fill in a little bit more later on -- like Eagles on exactly what the show -- lady has accomplished. She's listed at 5640. -- And she says I wanna be -- just want to god it's a lot the same treatment. -- hit as hard. I wanna be hit as hard. I think she had one year. Of high school experience. A female. Player and tackle football. The guys now are you ready for men and women to mix it up on the football field you think there's anyway. That women can be on the same field at the same kind of Egypt's give the same college hoops player at the same level. There's been -- they have been a few up females kickers in college football was the first time but a female the fence about has been so. So are you ready for men and women to mix it up on the football field. Or should they always be separate whether any female sports that you really enjoy it for instance I love watching girls a softball -- watching girls basketball because. They play the game a little more pure than the guys but as far as on the same field. Man I hits the all on just. I just though not -- men and women are built differently in Newton and stronger than women flow. I don't know I'm not for at all but what do you -- you ready for men and women to make it up on the football field. Also we have talked about this mayor mutually Andrew. Is proposing the -- -- to ten dollars and ten cents -- or for all city employees. He says that and go along way to creating a better city hall and providing better service to the public. So would you pay higher cities -- pleased to give them -- because you know. The money's got to come. From somewhere now is the mayor admitting that we don't get good service now because they don't make enough. Andy you based how hard you worked at your job on what you're employed is in other words auto Jamaican right now. -- but if you're doing your job to the both of your ability that's what you should be doing if you've got to raise that make you work any harder. And -- does anyone really think that if -- continue to raise the minimum wage. Or we raise the minimum wage. That it's not going to affect our economy in the negative way. Sure you'd like to increase today. But is anyone actually believe that at the start paying people another three dollars and hour the businesses will start cutting jobs. I mean that's businesses are not gonna take -- -- at war. They will have to pass the cost on to you so. Me my logic tells me if they raise the day for city employees to ten dollars and ten cents an hour. City servers please have to go up till now we get back to that question. Would you be willing to pay higher cities service fees. To give them a -- to secure what -- 78668908. Family. Couple calls me go to ray in -- the bill how -- -- -- -- what do you think continue and you remind picture. Men and women even at the college level all the same football field together giving each other. -- -- want a more important question -- how -- -- don't. -- what they're doing a group. Little weenie dog well he's not doing too well these little cars is just about 18. PM -- and Obama weenie dog. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's right well these no I can hear anymore the you can barely see his dissent is there's there's -- sense of smell is really good. He loves to eat he's still for the most part to go to the bathroom outside -- his old buddies start the loses legs were sometime restart now. Fall down a little bit and we realized we're going to have to make a decision sometime soon and it's it's tough really. Charter -- but. I'm not all of the data currently that. -- -- -- And it's a -- and honest -- is like unbelievable at it. He can smell a ball that -- -- smoke -- you pit the two day. Well I've -- here I come home at midnight. After work. This happened a couple of nights ago he was on the sofa sound asleep but he did even hear me -- -- I've put a couple of left over barbecued ribs in the microwave. Are now I am he's up. Play all right well. About our. Intention to welcome. Our cultural broke out it it is -- college well. I and I should be. Boy that well but you know. There were building. You know there are some guys that are you know. Speaking on the bodies -- you -- there -- -- on. One at a plane at our level and the pro level that. There a lot -- guys oh really cool and -- strong. And an appellate guys ordered out. There appear as. What he should she found a letter of intent. At what we've spotted at temple bill university. In Kentucky and she played defensive back in high school. Throughout. Well it went well the good thing is. Plant that you expect it to be on there are on -- most -- now. I mean should tell you about the apply. But I thought I would I would have to think that at the level of college football at the way these guys -- and his guts so much bigger than they are in high school. Our Odyssey a good chance of her getting hurt I thought I'm -- -- men and women are playing tackle football together. Well webpart where you're not whether you want Derek. Should note you know -- -- org chart chart delegate -- yeah I urge you not that you need. You're not yet not be probably did delay you know. What just like the -- you know let -- well. Actually which. Ready what do you think about the -- proposing they pay hike to ten dollars and ten cents per hour for all city employs. Don't go to -- eventually that cost is gonna get passed on. You. And racial -- are were all but. But the and you are so. We're not sure what did you -- At all no not yet. They never say that you know. I mean. I don't that it can improve so much. I mean normally a no win war and. Know what the victim but most people have pride no war and it worked because they like their job though I would not to. If if if this company offered me a raise a take. But I would not do any better job that I am doing right now in the -- if they were to say. Look we're gonna give you another X number of dollars per show that wouldn't make me work any -- that would make me try to do a better show because. All I already try as hard as I can and prepare and do the best show I possibly can. -- just you know and -- and Cheryl. I don't know it should now. Or whatever rate for vegetables start. I mean their struggles are. Then I mean I don't. Have a problem where. You know I. Did it increases. And it would mark. Well look the civil service on commission is studying the issue and it says. The mayor should we need to create a workforce system where. And morale and performance or high so. They're saying that if we give these people more money they're gonna do a better job and not I don't know whether early works and doesn't work that way for me. -- -- -- -- Not that far where where are. Thank you now. Thank you rate all right just sixer -- 78668890870. -- content to me at 87870. What do you think about college football now having its first female defensive back -- 640 pounds. Continue and anyway envision. Men and women mixing it up on the same football do you think women. Are ready to play tackle football with the guys now I've seen. -- Grandson from time but time and my granddaughter that they are on coed. Socrates -- and I consider soccer I don't have a problem actually that soccer. I can see it in softball. That I love watching girls softball that some of these young ladies and displayed great. I could see it in. While proportional volleyball beat especially beach volleyball you'll like that. But I don't know but you I do not see men and women mixed and up on the same football field. What your thoughts about a 26 year old -- 7866. And -- 90878 but it comes to raising the minimum wage. -- -- -- Or a negative effect in the economy my feelings are if you increase the minimum -- I don't care whether to city. I don't care whether it's -- business some kind of way they're going to increase fees and ordered to pay that extra money. Companies are not just going to say when you know something. This is gonna cost me whenever a couple of a million dollars a year. And we'll just like about the problems that just doesn't happen for immediate thoughts on that. And I've I wanna hear from these sports does or whatever you guys who listened to -- and Bobby. And -- love saints football -- love -- -- football are you ready for men and women to mix it up on the football -- can you imagine. Can you imagine L issue. Having a female opponents but it runs out on the field of purple George. 618788668. At 90 it suddenly I'm Bob excellent pursuit on WWL and I'm Bob Mitchell interest -- Phone number to contact the show to talk things over what those those 26 or one point 78. 8668890. It's seventy text the at age seventy eights of a real -- your opinions on the subject cultural while now has its first female defensive back was today at 56. -- 140 pounds off valuable -- moral about about the school but I just want to get some generic thoughts on this she says she wants to be treated like one of the guys. A lot the same treatment a want to be hip and a lot -- just as hard. Is anyone really ready for men and women to mix it up. On the same field playing football. Is that is that even possible. And we also have our mayor. Mayor Mitch. Is proposing to pay hike to turn turn pro corporal city employees. That he says of going long wanted to creating a better city hall and providing better service to the public would you pay higher cities -- was pleased to give them arranged. Is the mayor now admitting we don't get good service though because they don't make enough. -- you -- how hard you worked at your job. On what you get paid up and get to the -- in the in in less than a minute by I'd do wanna take it and read a couple of these the attractiveness messages. It's always a woman wanting to play men's sports -- Can't play women's sports just confused. Well we do play we play basketball but you know we've built a lot for the women team -- pay hike. City Hall can't support their current budget -- they report higher cost businesses will cut jobs to raise prices. I have to agree with you let's go to Leo in coming to power yulia. -- And -- are are you ready. For men and women to play tackle football together. Mean he wants that I think you know and nobody -- -- will she. Early sounded a she's already signed a letter of intent you know socially she will be she will be a member of the up of the football team know in a well she actually. Debts to actually play you know whether she'd just becomes you know -- on the all time but do you think that men and women -- -- Aren't you afraid that if by a group of college level she can get injured. I'm content patent any -- to bite you. And yeah I mean I would find it I know. What about you would you little played tackle football the guys. That. Right now and the mayors talking about raising the minimum wage. To attend to and for city workers is this a good idea and why. -- Didn't act and different. And a year ago I. Attended. And agree. He went in them any kind. You make me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That Kaka bag around and you had many -- Yeah. It's good time now that people are doing. -- in. England yeah. And it was me I'd say on the -- and hate. And kidney that it was in. It means waiting. And things. -- and and famine and actors and I actually had to grade and put him -- -- -- issue. -- you'd be seen as he. -- didn't. Have people in the fundamentally this continent. And and I am currently. Well I understand what you're saying because both my wife and daughter are both aren't. To me raising the minimum wage that much money. It it did a better person. What are you kids in the car. Got a -- that you can say that led me here is here. Here's what I'm afraid is going to happen and and lot of -- virtually the same thing. You raise the minimum wage but then you will be creased the number of jobs and so what's gonna happen in May be. Maybe that's a good idea maybe like you said baby the book that some although it'll weeds some of the lazy people out because little happened. Is that if they increase the minimum wage. They're gonna say okay we're paying you more but now you're going to have to do. A little more work and that bill so I think that it cost jobs they could think of it that got into. All the fast food jobs and all those all those people had the would get an increase in an in wage. Do you think the people like a McDonald's burger king and Taco Bell legal victory -- gonna pass that cost dollar to fire those people. And equipment. And -- Beat him. -- And me but at some -- them. And didn't. And it. And convenient. And that can happen. It can do and equipment and. -- politely -- thank you so much. You'd just go to Melvin and -- Melbourne what do you think you ready to see men and women playing tackle football in the same field. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Role of say 5640. Pound -- But someone on text committee and want to know what the vision and -- -- mobile. Division but the name of a college is Campbell's build university in Kentucky. And do you think about you you import bounced -- -- -- when you go across middle. What would be mostly as he did. Middle linebacker. -- to rise and fall for it. And in this story. Good ma. Man you know some things. That didn't. Some things we are actually out predictably. For agreed. And and -- call. When it expects one small. Cute but you can -- really cute and -- really actually takes its yeah. I don't like about what. What's gonna -- care. Now you know more for awhile we had today a semi pro female football team here. Some of those with men what I would wanna get on the field -- it's almost looked like they can really. Hit hard but that they say this young lady has has played well in. High school. And not a trial but the team and you know signed a letter of intent so I guess we'll have the C word development. I'm just against that in principle I'm against our principal men and women trying to play obviously and football field. And aren't too bad -- and so I'm you know -- Feel like you don't game should be in an up or shall we now -- -- -- I'm old school -- league you know and actually changed to small. I'm really -- yeah -- and but you go and now we're guy has a bit ago passed a strong. And you know I don't know even if she even though she were bigger in in -- let's look legislation was. I don't know. Of Nyhan and weighed 200 pounds I still don't think. That men and women belong on the same tackle football field. It. It gives teachers and recreation group -- you. -- -- It's in mind or. My sister lol I would do everything. -- -- can you imagine if you were a quarterback entry an acceptable earlier castles Coughlin averaged you'd feel that. -- let let let's talk about of the minimum wage increase. It is raising the minimum wage a good idea or a bad -- if you raise the minimum wage. Are you going to cut down to the number of jobs aren't aren't businesses that in a statement. But this is a budget they say we allocate this much money for salaries and so if you raise the minimum wage. Three bucks an hour. Don't you think at the bottom line is either UN are gonna pay for that -- war. They're going to hire -- people. That's important as them back from. Them and most of one. Nobody better. And -- people would these jobs yeah now now. And here's what comes back to rig. You it was straight what these guys were in order beat you at Wal-Mart. Some people because they -- -- and it is only one. If you go to a job but it's automatic bailout -- -- making -- -- Wrong. You nailed that tells you absolutely nailed it you're right. So many. If it comes down to two who are actually individual. Act like Eddie -- -- what can bet that. -- -- And we are women out there which goes with such. And I have yet to achieve one victory. Actually give up on a scalpel outrage you can believe -- about -- -- And what we do -- Caribbean -- Chris. For. -- really into court because of your ability to do. And get the girls back to -- when you mean when you go and I think we've got a job. This money and you're not going to go to -- and Africa. Tokyo and Korea. Britain does not stupid you my pretty New York. I'm with you Melvin thank you so much I really think you nailed it right on the head we will be right back we have and and bill and Paul and do -- a big favor. Hang on a one talk to you right after this break get a lot of polls on orchard men. And women. Play tackle football all on the same field on the same team to figure of 17866. And -- 90 it's many text date. An 878 summit of the Stewart show and I'm Bob Mitchell interest due on WW well. And our big day for every WWL -- drag -- opinion poll -- and secretary of street John Kerry says the US would be open the to possible military cooperation with Iran. To beat back the al-Qaeda inspired by -- -- Who was trying to take over a -- is this a positive sign for future peace. -- he -- Cast your vote at WWL. Dot com. 87%. Say no only 13% say yes let's go to Paul and -- -- or your ball. Paula you with the group hey Paul how are you. Complain about a problem I'm Bob can you imagine men and women on the same field playing tackle football. Actually. At the college level. All right tell me -- I don't think that what jobs. Are also picking kick boxing on the dot on dot. -- into monitoring to mess around. With Neil Young guys bigger. And dale. And a woman to -- and -- -- -- fighting man. Watching over it too much you can't take it it'll be. So you do you think this could be a trend of this this is the first female that's ever. -- team as a defensive back 5640. -- which leaves a little small to the I mean a couple of players are talking about what -- she gets. You know plot by one of these middle linebackers and trying to -- -- play. Hey -- signed up for a certain. For me. So -- -- and I guess that I am asking is that. I can understand and I have no problem. Letting them try -- the do you really see down the road. Of future. For a female roles playing tackle football with the guys. Ha -- future. Like that -- one day when they can't compete with the men. And like at that scene. -- a lot of that activity. Maybe it should be in. They -- I've seen some some larger women play football. I'm against them I guess I've never ever even. Concede the fact that they would wanna play tackle football gods name I can't imagine polish I can imagine I just can't imagine that Tiger Stadium. That you know the the place say in starting at the defensive back here Alice Brown some knowledge of -- it a -- of wrap my brain around that right now. It's stubbornly to a packer couldn't believe when I first heard that turner radio. -- what -- he played at high school. She played. Actually she played well a year and a high school. She was the Gunner. On the specialty in flow again should've been some tough young lady. -- Campbell -- Campbell's university. In Kentucky but what about what about the minimum that the mayors talking about. Trying to increase the minimum wage for city employees. And you know I understand that looked up I've got a email here. A text message and says that turned ten. In a slightly low the only one piles -- the year. Shouldn't the person who works for the people in the city at least the poverty level. I agree with that but you have to understand. That they have there has to be a certain amount of low paying jobs. If not all it's going to happen is they're going to reduce the number of jobs and then you can have these people on unemployment. You know Bob -- and agree with the anymore. Him. Deal or are really do understand what people feel like it should be paid more true. But at the same point. In. If -- -- not the same level. You also adding the poverty level or certain and it. Right. You know in in in so many of these things. Mind. -- in studio producer and board -- open -- Spurrier big job and there we know we have had this conversation. There's somebody problems in this country the role because. We no longer have. Common sense and I would have to imagine that everybody who works that applies or Burger King or McDonald's or Taco Bell. And they're all making minimum wage their policy and yes -- you know bump as a deterrent and an hour and I understand that if I made that global wage I would wanna have more money -- but common sense will tell you that if you raise that many people -- That somebody's got to play port business traveler businesses are not going to say well we'll just take less profit that's just not going to happen. No you know the rich get richer and order -- You're right absolutely. I mean those who are charging -- gonna take a pay cut. That's at Pollack -- -- appreciate you phoning in. Let's go to bill in Baton Rouge lower -- bill. I'm trying to build a new imagine men and women play in tackle football bill against each other. Where else -- immediately south of Baghdad years who you'd sit -- so. You can get before you know. Well you know stop the -- articulate you know hours and forty -- -- -- -- -- it's -- back right. -- -- -- stop -- about last two -- forty plant which are out here you're right come Arafat to -- near her. We're back for treatment in a big list. But go to the elements thanks satin bow out like it. You see them. You're right yeah you're absolutely be that got by me that that got by me your apps you know and right yeah yeah. Good and you bill you're absolutely right you're right did it couldn't. Grow and get it -- Now aren't -- tight tight end -- -- route though. Well absolutely. Powerful critic tickets you know that you -- ever -- -- Look -- on. -- -- no doubt about it but in general. You know that's not gonna happen to a defensive back. Bill you very alert I did I didn't even pick up on that you're right. It -- I would be hitting his own teammate. Good good bill good to thank you so much. All right 26017866890. It's seventy and and and again to you first right after the break we're talking about can you imagine. Men and women playing tackle football together college football has its first female. Depends about it she played a year high school. She tried out for and many different names but the coach. At this particular team -- Campbell's field University of Kentucky was impressed with her and she signed the letter of intent to play football. 26 year old age 7866. Andy and I know it's -- on Bob Mitchell interest -- on WWL. I'm Bob virtual and first go to. Our phone number to take part of the show was to secure -- 7866889. LH seventy. We're talking about the mayor wanting to raise the minimum wage for some city employees well we're also talking about. College football now has its first female the -- about 5640. Pounds. Do you think that men and women. Should play tackle football almost imperialist gold and in -- and are you ready to strap the helmet on and play it will tackle football. -- I. Or younger there's very. Older brother or so into football and the board in the back everything. Then of course the -- picture I want it can't be right there. And trying to yeah when he came -- tricky aren't really been proceed and I president. However current yeah but I think had -- there. It's not like -- In the event where you have someone answered yeah -- -- each player of the year component might range. And the Italian tactics and -- you Obama. I didn't. There's been there's -- I can't die out stroke that I better than nine. McCarty. But on what majority -- again. I gotta say you played a little semi pro football. Now proceed in the tank and -- would be -- I'm sorry and packed it do that -- at different and every thing that strength lies. I mean that you come -- and definitely. Your guys ever tried -- and thought that it can be and certain part of that well. I -- you can and I was someone. If the cap and act that would hurt and I -- that and -- our partners. Try to beat them why you everything and I. I've got news in a couple of as a -- a talk about the minimum wage so there is that a good idea. Mom you're a look at it or if you. Bring my mind -- come from somewhere. Am I mean burn anybody. I don't see people -- fairly cut. Are you increasing your product. Everything -- according -- get -- Fifteen dollars whatever is it going to be like 78 -- whatever and then -- because. Everything at an increase in the account. You're still on the bottom totem poll you're not doing anything right. On every. You legalese prices or the business jobs. -- -- job their work there's extra hour double -- People aren't that work for our need more people aren't more people are let them give you more things more things to do. Wandering. -- more. Work people on the yes. I mean everything would increase its -- and there are small but didn't someone you know to check it out -- year. UK you too. The increase your your. What can bring and okay your your market in order to -- You can get you that you're making you're looking rank yesterday actually -- the match taxes. You look -- everything creature and they're not an increased our our senior. Our working. Right and I appreciate -- calling of good points on -- thinks thank you. So much 260 late 7866889. Point 78. I'm Bob Mitchell and -- do -- WWL AM FN dot com C after the news.

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