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Jun 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well it is -- Bob Mitchell be real Robert Mitchell filling in for us to tonight and the rest of of this week and before layouts on our WWL -- table. And you watch game of throws last night -- man. Was -- absolutely. Unbelievable I did not see the ending coming and on another of a show of the if you watched 44 and your big fan of Jack Bauer which. Which I am like. Of course and it -- -- watch it tonight. I noticed one thing about only for -- if you -- a failed to report you know exactly what I'm talking about. CTU. Needs to do a better job of screening their people. It seems like every year. There is there somebody who's selling them out into an inside the organization -- you noticed that. Alright here's what we are talking about tonight. Number one President Bush. Is officially now sending 275. US troops to a rock to provide support and security for US personnel. And the US embassy in Baghdad in the wake of territorial gains made by the jihadist group the Islamic State of Iraq. -- also called crisis. He also has what the George W. Bush. Headed there or may already be there. In a statement from the White House. Obama said he was considering a -- royalty of options to deal with the escalating situation in Iraq but stressed. He would not be sending troops back in to conduct. But he has and is sending 275. US troops to run to provide support and security for US personnel. And the US embassy in Baghdad. You agree with the president's decision. And what do you think about this current thing it's our. WWL principled question secretary of state John Kerry says the US would be open. To military. Cooperation with I ran. To beat back Leo Qaeda and hired fighters were trying to take over rock. Now is this a positive sign for future please. Do you think there's any way we can actually work. With I ran. You know it is there's this one by enemies enemies as my friend is that went on like this was all about. And I can't imagine. Can't imagine ever trusted -- anything on line eighty and 88% actually know and 12% say. Yes you can call me at 2601878668890. It's seventy to be your opinion on that. And is the president doing the right thing by sending 275. US troops to Iraq this is. But he's saying that this is to provide support. And security for US person though. I I don't have a problem to secure -- late 7866889. OH seventy also. Mayor Mitch Landrieu. Is a proposing. A pale -- to 1010 for -- for also the employs. He says that -- long way to creating a better city hall and providing better service to the public. Well I live in saint Tammany Paris July Evan had to deal with City Hall but a long long time. But I remember. Anytime a bid deal with City Hall it was just a salute just that was. It was a terrible situation. The mayor says that we don't get goods or is the mayor admitting that we don't get good service now because they don't make enough money. What do you think in general of raising the minimum wage to attention I don't know. More and more. People are starting to talk about it. Businesses are talking about it states are talking about it. But in the end isn't really good for every one it's great for the people get the play it absolutely but do you not think. If they raise the minimum wage two things you're going to happen or one of two things you're going to have been maybe a combination of both you little anymore for profit. And they will cut jobs to 60178668890. It's seventy. And college football now has its first female defense about. Chief was 5640. -- use -- under for the guys. -- the same -- treatment at the guys get. She is her name is -- Osborne. She walks on when she walks on the field should be treading on ground that few women have dared to even try now. I have a text message here. Ellis -- try to kick her out right but this look this is -- -- about. And here is -- a text much instrument portion of genuine anyway envision. Men and women playing tackle football all on the same field. Text message says on the email and we'll levels eleven news poll was an eleven year old humble it is deployed neighborhood football the -- I loved it. But I did get hurt believe me they don't hold back and she's going to get hurt and if you think about it if a man hits a woman. As hard as they normally hit each other know as as they normally you know another man. It would be considered. Assault. It wouldn't be on the -- Isolation -- plate for a woman's football that's from Tracy in Covington. 260178668890870. What are your thoughts on that ten men and women actually play. Tackle football on the same field and Hillary Clinton. Recently claimed. The solo but -- you the president left the white males in 2000 dead broke. Yeah sure she said that despite the fact that when they left the wide -- Bill Clinton was guaranteed a best pension and Hillary of course of -- -- away from a salary as a US senator. I thought maybe we could take some of phone calls to -- what is the broke just. But you've ever been. Or maybe you know the worst financial shape you have -- ever been. And eat and what is what what is the worst drubbing of of the ever have you ever to do just that I'll I'll I'll and I'll just gross job. Or job you publicly traded for you to make enough money to support -- 2601 late seventy. 866 and a nine a late seventy got a punch lines open -- we can take your calls right now -- Bill -- somebody pretty jaguar opinion poll question. Secretary of state John Kerry says the US would be open to possible military cooperation with Iran. 20 beat back what's going on in Iraq right now. You can cast your vote at WW well dot com or you can just call me and give me your thoughts of the slam in Texas power you -- -- what would you think what do you think about the US actually. Trying to cooperate and work with I ran to help solve the problem in Iraq. -- you know if -- -- looking. When you look at situations. Our outlook options you know I don't think. Most Americans want and true. Well going back I mean we Egypt where there are more than a decade. A lot of civil war. -- in this economic -- in -- in the first place. Are you okay what the president sending 275. Troops to a rock today. To provide support and security for US personnel. Well I mean I'm okay with that simply go to my use. You know. Against the Warner ranked in the first place. But I mean one. In the -- you know because right now you know you can look at it to any -- political and you know I exits. Excellent back and pretty much over. For a directing government and you know. What almost a decade more than a decade. That would air on. The question what would become one where in the first place -- back to life. Because it is to me like Saddam Hussein. And want it now. He worked keeping extremist groups. All the moment to check somehow you know that there's some power back. Gone I'm gone and nobody -- charged. And got a problem that you know in part of the world the Eagles back many many years is not something that. You know extra you know like kind in the country going on -- Soviets -- period while they are actually are Shiites in an -- some -- way back. So I don't think that we. Can solve the problem I think that's -- -- and but at the point of doing. By in the long term I don't think it's a good idea. Because this is something that we just can't get pulpit and this is something that has solved by the people in Iraq. And I'm gonna. Lleyton at the -- even working with -- -- like he flatly we don't have human -- choices now. But. I mean we can't trust Iran in oh and one adult knows that that. Man I don't know I don't know what's worse -- -- in oh yeah we don't want riddler and we don't want a rock to totally falls under -- control that's not right. America because now you know your character dealing with two nations and upon -- -- -- like it. But again I think this is something that eagles' way back I don't think we -- able to open means and passed it on. By multiple actions and not just nation in the last -- on people within that region as well. Would like to see peace to -- -- lot of people in the middle one. To have penal leads to violence all the lives. So I think -- -- it you take an answer from those countries say hey come together and try to prevent from happening. -- I think the united station try to take and give a coalition of these countries to try to work on that it's not then meant little not always assume with only -- us. I expect you can bet that that's probably mean whenever something happened a little -- and you know what's America -- them on well. I mean why do we have to -- -- once you do it you know it's that people don't want it I mean we are elections and and people want. You know and that's my opinion on I'm -- right people. -- -- give me your opinion on the on the minimum wage if that the city of mayors talking about raising the minimum wage for a certain city employees. But when you raise the minimum wage -- of four that large number of people. Do you agree or disagree that somebody's gonna have to pick up the slack somebody either they gonna cut jobs or they're going to raise prices or freeze. I like an opening for it in from Canada actually been researching uncle La. When -- council the minimum wage. I mean -- to you have to look at it from the perspective of both that it says we're gonna. You know be -- people outlook the people award for the bit. Because if you look at our point of you would say hey you know we recently featured in the animal which includes everyone. Work. And learned you know cut the pay people more and that's gonna prevent us from hiring people. And then what do you do about the people look let's say -- already make -- let's Sunday ten dollars an hour. That that they don't want race to do. The point. You know. -- aren't you. And you know. If you do if you do increased an animal -- couple. He'd done based on who you are for a couple -- eighteen. Obviously the financial bird actually -- that you -- out. But one who was like forty years old are pretty cute is going to be different I think the media relations race in proportion. To what kind of financial situation. You know you find yourself. And basically. Based in groups as well because if you're 1817. And -- his job and -- working part time worker. You're working just to gain experience not -- can support that children. And that's one thing that being at. You know just basically from our excellent -- lecture about it that actually providing. You know some other employees. Basically if you work and an ability to go to school you know until some I think that the idea. And a country like Germany and the only thing -- Because there who actually -- to ruler happy. -- get trained in that specific. -- -- -- I think guy I think at Starbucks now is is is offering. I think -- two years of college tuition for people. Like yeah that's what they're doing and that. A great idea really take a lot of bird not the government trying to provide all financially -- student. But it also you know it will keep it constant stream of workers coming through because now they know hey. They're gonna help without illegal I don't take note the smaller pay what. You know wouldn't mind -- and from school. Sam I appreciate your phoning in our phone numbers 2601 late 78668890870. The -- -- -- a lot of news you guys. When we got some ladies who called as a and it's great to. The usually men and women playing tackle football. Against the Joker on the same team. It could happen this year. What public colleges has signed a letter of intent with the female. The fence about -- Bob Mitchell and first dude is 60 late 78668. At 90 it's -- but he. And the phone numbers -- department showed 260172038668890. It's seventy text me. An 87870. Wish I much prefer phone call for a text but. If all you can give me as attacks I'll appreciate that too. Here's what we are talking about tonight -- big 870 pretty drag our opinion poll question secretary of late John Kerry's so that you have to be opened. Of possible military cooperation with Iran yes -- that I ran. Beat back the al-Qaeda inspired by -- crisis. Who were trying to take over a rock. Do you think this -- day. Positive sign for future peace can we possibly. Trust and work with I ran. You can cast a vote of WWL dot com -- simply call -- At 260178668890870. And also I'll get your opinion on the president today. Sending 275. -- armed forces personnel. To Iraq to provide support and security for US personnel and the US embassy in -- -- -- forces deployed in. For the purpose of protecting US citizens and property if necessary and is equipped. For combat do you agree. With the president's position also talking about college football. Fewer than a dozen women have played college football and men's team but this week. I'm Shelley Osborne made history when she signed the letter of intent to play football. With Campbell's field university. And the Turkey as a defensive back. Should men and women. Play. Tackle football on the same field go to Iraq to you can Iraq eight. What do you think should men and women would be Kenyans -- men and women being equal the football plea deal. Number. I can't leave my. No more at. So -- should be certain should be tried. It. Yeah they're they're they're at war in my opinion so well here. Here's what she says -- about how you feel. No matter Holland what you have to be there on time you do everything the coach ask you never say no because I'm a girl and never complained she played like. I think it was a year. Of of high school football. She went to different universities and that coach at a Campbell's field university in Kentucky which I'm sure is not a big college -- -- You know and debris shot. I just don't see how how men and women. And participate. In college football against each other but I just don't see that I can see -- I can actually Soviet. In. And volleyball. I could see it in soccer. Air but like I can't see it. Contact and any context -- that you know yeah I would argue it I wouldn't want it I want patriot. I will need now the thing. You figure over the plate and I'll always wondered out wouldn't want. Very you know entry prices. -- wouldn't -- this year -- Oh. Although although I have seen a couple of women there was no secret. You know. And -- I don't allow would you lonely dark Alley you know. They'll. -- would let bush and incidence and human rock. Bottom. Minimum wage today. You say about it -- right there what -- -- -- and a bit -- so spotted government. Operates to something better. And he wanted it should be. Net served on that -- played but it wasn't necessarily meant about Leo alike -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- You know middleweight you temporarily. Yesterday -- something. And people thought you meant -- way well. Our. You know. Yeah I'll be much. You know trotted -- view view that it got -- -- to get ebitda. Well actually I have no problem with people wanting more money and you write -- It would it would be really difficult. To try to support a family. -- million dollars. Lower but if they raised the minimum wage what's going to happen you're gonna get more money. But you also gonna start paying more for your product and and there's a good chance there's a good chance -- they raised the minimum wage. You might not have a job because it the -- the what are. What they'll start doing. It is they'll start saying okay. I'll I'll just make something let's say you're the guy that puts the optical -- while. Now you're gonna put the nickel and the mustard and that catchup and we give it though as those. Earlier. In the area so. -- anyway. You know basically. You know we have lots of -- yeah it is a temporary. Temporary situation could be could be. Believe how an element to -- war joke on wandered. How workbook. Tutor Robert W ourselves a pretty much ultimately. Attribute -- You know helping. So. Let me ask your question rocking Hillary Clinton recently claimed and this is such a joke of it makes you wonder where her head is. That when -- and the president left the white dolls in 2000 they would dead broke out today even though he was gonna get to -- pension and stuff like that. So if you don't mind shirt with many which the broke touched you and -- -- what's the brokerage of government that have ever been Dirk or. Unity. 00. Operated. Yeah -- job and paycheck to paycheck fought so. An endeavor had to. It -- an awful job just for the money. It'll work out and put your value. Because that would put you did you. Would know what's the worst job -- had to do with the money. Oh boy and I don't know -- even though. -- -- It. -- bought boy at a fair property -- unbearable error lies all you years ago but now. And you probably it probably but give it did to even make minimum wage there. Yeah. Yeah. -- -- minimal -- but now back in college yeah. So argument. It away or. I mean now Wagner school when you'll just spent yesterday. It. Raw vote I appreciate anything that you lament the show even -- our situation in Iraq. -- -- -- Comment too much and on such an. All right thank you by archer. WWL tonight. -- You know when comedy cooler than I think it's a woman at the skill to get on the football field -- should be able collect. But do you see it actually happening. Do you -- to be on from the from the physical point of -- do you think they can take this thing hits the mentioned. If people operate -- -- I think you know. It's called blow duping the best -- in the -- and whoever else on the field one. You know I guess down the road on this and I'm I've seen some women. And -- in my gym that I would wanna fool around with a patent. The deck may get a second. I think the problem with this woman joining their football team that she's probably beat her at the back if you go to opposite -- air -- -- Follow up at the coordinator as he could start you know put my -- it over there and I'm gonna go out brawl game. So as as a coach. And went in just a -- just in permissible. You'd think it it would be okay eventually have men and women on the same team. -- Amin in the Obama said 2008 that women can do everything that bullet can do you and that. Well I don't let improve I don't regret and they have the skill the polite. I'm not saying put anyone on the economic field the best team they have the skill. -- -- -- -- -- Tell me what you think about the minimum wage. Outmanned in joke. And I'll be it really helping in the long run. I think it's just so -- buying try to buy votes. Do you think. I mean basically. What he's saying here are what it sounds like you say in here is that. If we give people this extra money in fact that what he said was it would go a long way to creating a better City Hall. And providing better service to the public so. It's kind of like what he's saying is that the people have working for me what would actually do a better job if we gave them more money while. I do my job the best of my ability no matter what money -- make. Well I think it in a lot of ways can motivate people could beat I mean I think the problem is little oddities. Places. The lack of motivation. To do it -- -- you work the more look at the government gonna take on the in the Libya where it remote base and in the -- politically active and ever want to that there are minimal they don't care about their jobs because. You could -- do what you bought off and get five the next day because of everything really. And at that bill that could Bellamy growth and taxes keep -- bigger and bigger mean if you really want to improve everything stopped growing the government like that. Hillary Clinton said that when her and bill left off those they would dead -- so -- I thought may -- would take simple because have you ever been. Dead broke. Which. -- -- what was the situation at the time. Worked in retail. Terrible terrible. Are bad managers yeah some compact. It would take two and a -- following the close explored -- but beat back the next morning. Actually that shouldn't that I am yet to be in and out thirty minute to load greatness store and get it right for the next day it's just. Incompetent that every level. Are you following the situation in Iraq. A little bit com will now account in erupted about race and they -- a lot Shiites so they do they do. I think the part that color. Well you have you have the Shiites and and the Sunnis and that's the and I ran as more. Shiite than that -- -- -- So I Iran is offering help but I don't know I mean that I ran is offering to work with the United States. I Kenya I can't imagine him and I ran as an ally that's all on -- and that that's kind of spooky. But it is warmer now because they don't like the Sunni com talk of rental apartment from -- -- -- And that pretty comfortable about it and they make no bones about needing to picked it every time do not like those people. And they don't like Packard the that it defection. There that's full colors. That -- probably yeah have been repeated attraction. You know you -- clerk saying this since saint make a little bit and followed it. Although I think that at least nobody in the lets you have a rational dictator that comes I mean it's. Aren't bit -- not you know not gonna kill lots of people. Article thank democracy -- -- to go now when you have only action. Not at all you know we've we've had this topic on the table for several nights though since it's a bit in the news and you write the bottom line is. They hate each other and I know I know the president said that he wasn't gonna send any ground troops and that these people had to learn to work together. And I don't old whether he's just being naive they haven't worked together in 2000 years and and the only time that there are -- guess. That there was is it is much harmony as possible is when they had an aren't as the dictator. I think the bad thing isn't -- talk to somebody who have been Saudi Arabia they can't hated everybody -- yeah. About critical element that you wouldn't -- nature and indoctrinate their kids wouldn't it would be this group of people these days in the part that actually. -- -- -- all these crazy things that go on it and an -- you know the color like myself on that it say and in no way Google. I'll just particulate stuff and I think that's the big problem in the immediate and such or society based on certain ideology wants you and partly due -- -- -- we want that. Person get the ligament and we keep the children. So all of them that's exactly what's going on. The doctor mace and that's why UK it. You can't tell -- different. All right Brian I appreciate you call it all right up Peter and Dustin and what date you've got to be first up welcome back I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit -- -- join the show. It's to securely 7866. -- and I know it's. And I'm Bob Mitchell and for students go to Peter in kill Peter how are you tonight. Pretty. You go -- topic there. Get that book while the particular church. And I'm -- work which -- chopped -- That so much but -- also. Chuck and there. What an economy that each on you look at. So -- and not gonna hurt or it just that the way to ensure equal players they -- -- soccer like. Harder you know we're we're pretty good some aren't. It after it without the weight on the bank. More than one job artwork should job white sport story jobs. You find -- what's at some other. So that we can senate. Stool and week -- Only making you -- you are. You know to make it. Were to one job anymore and cost more gas spot parks. And now put -- away and -- but he ago higher. But I do you view that a patient you know. At your shop on paper you read that you know which to -- ticket in sports if you markets now are you responsible. Farm. You know whatever. Electric paper -- one or yeah I actually read an orchard or should be great sport and minimum wage now so. But that if they do raise of the minimum wage it's seems to me building is gonna happen is you still I don't know if you're gonna move your status up because. Prices will go up and you'll you'll wind up -- aim more for things with the extra money you're making. -- what is the saying at that weight should now aren't so might -- and are you which is no. -- Action on -- -- and that's really open. But that person should not get paid the same marks on the war on over the vote. No spears are we going to make it fifteen dollar an -- immediate response broke big boat and lie on a. Right I don't think I don't think -- -- have a problem with raising the minimum wage as long as they were like just said a a lot of jobs. Would have to be eliminated from that and yet that their people say well. I work I work full time at a burger plate to make minimum wage can't support a plan Leo that it and then. I don't know what to tell you on that again get another job via. -- and education. I went three years working night. Tolerant they're out and speak up to a bookmark so this school that I caught up but not the the phrase you know no doubt the and I went to school. A career like that. And I came out it it -- -- stronger by the way the -- could not. When you're when you're responsible about hundred dollars to try to every month. And don't have money that -- in or. We you know I've I've not always had a great radio job that there was a time and in my life or not I think god bush is trying to teach me a lesson. Where I wasn't in radio in an order to support my family. -- delivered milk. I was oh home delivery no man in the morning. And at night -- to work down at the morning call call priest and serving coffee and doughnuts. I was working about eighteen hours a day and only sleeping about blow -- -- five hours today and I did this for about. Eight or nine months and it really taught me a lesson really made me appreciate what I have but sometimes you go. You you just gotta do what every have to do and I find I find that today's generation doesn't want to do that. I thought they would outlook and our school a group by them or undermined the work. I am not really sure money. In the bank. -- Wal-Mart. The long. Well -- all of from either a -- all all all your old. Clothes. Well all. Because. It would be about the ball being. Today and it worked like more like an old speech. -- you do that -- no we don't you know we just go off on the on arch street ball Uga but I. Great all of that job thank you to help on him now. I've I've I've -- calling so much okay. 26 year old late 78668. Point 90 it suddenly right back with you on WWL. I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit of WWL we're thrilled to have to -- and blow to Angel hill and I radio privileges some great stuff coming up tomorrow shall. This is really going to be a financial analyst -- 1 o'clock it's Jimmy Graham is Jimmy Graham at tight end or wide receiver. Every sports -- who dead in the nation is having. The five million dollar debate those that deserves seven million or twelve million join Angela with Kristian -- -- -- -- -- And Doug -- and that's going to be fun. Hearing Angela involved in this conversation a malicious could have a in all the saints doll that you have a local Dole's going to be what their. Listen Todd the Dustin and Chico I'd I'd need a huge favor for -- no amassed and a lot. But if you could hold on until after the news -- come to you right now I'll have no time for you I really want to hear what each and every one that you have to say so. Hang on I'll get to -- wide after the top Leo news from WWL.

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