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Jun 17, 2014|

Secretary of State John Kerry says the U.S. would be open to possible military cooperation with Iran to beat back the Al-Qaida inspired fighters (ISIS) who are trying to take over Iraq. Is this a positive sign for future peace? : college football now has its first female defensive back, listed at 5'6, 140 pounds. She says "I’m just one of the guys…I want the same treatment, to hit just as hard." Are you ready for men and women to mix it up on the football field? Mayor Mitch Landrieu said in proposing a pay hike to $10.10 per hour for all city employees that it could go a long way to creating a better City Hall and providing better service to the public. Would you pay higher city service fees to give them a raise? Is the Mayor admitting we don’t get good service now because they don’t make enough? Do you base how hard you work at your job on what your employer pays you?

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And I'm Bob Mitchell again in sports dude on the -- -- seven AW WL. AM FNN dot com. Here's what's on our WWL. Talked table college football. Now has its first three build the fence the back she's listed as 5640. Pounds. She says she wants to just be one of the guys should want the same trip that treatment will be hit as hard and I want it as hard. Can you haven't and you wrap your brain around men and women mixed it up on the output ball field. Well shall have a mayor Mitch Landrieu says and purpose -- -- that he wants to increased the minimum wage for -- city employees. To attend to in an hour he -- that go along way to creating a better city hall and providing better service to the public. Would you pay a higher cities servers lead to give them a raise. And in a way of the mayor admitting that we don't get good servers now because they don't make enough money do you base how hard you work when your job. What your employer Asian. 260178668890. It's seventy. And we have our Bill Gates levity ready jaguar opinion poll question secretary of state John Kennedy says. The -- would be open to possible military cooperation with Iran to beat back the al-Qaeda inspired fighters. Not got a text message on on this and he said that. John Kerry did not say this. Well I saw him say at. I read that that he -- -- -- and he was I think being interviewed by Katie car and he said that that they would take and talk to I ran the -- if there was a possibility of of them working together that's exactly what he -- Does that Earl -- 78668. -- -- -- -- service go to Dustin in Morgan City how orient Dustin thank you so much for holding. -- -- -- -- About the the milk football player artwork in the gulf. Yeah and I've seen several women come ago they decided it just wasn't it and it worked physically strong enough. And I worked with several that like it and got stronger did you pick -- backers though. How big would these would. Are you were actually quite small easy five. Harder and -- you couldn't put up 5510. Little football field well. You know I would Wear on the football field by. She's a woman -- work with and drive and she got stronger. And do her job she can take and it she knows she didn't do I think it's the apparently her. So you say just I'll open it up and if a woman able to try out for a -- football team that's okay with you. I think it will. Become OK I couldn't many winners want to do. With the are or how many women are gonna -- -- -- and. Or how many are going to not be able to -- Well I see you also wanna talk about the minimum wage. The mayor of the world Leo and wants to raise the minimum wage for city employers of up to tenth in an hour. He's not said how he's going to finance it but do you agree or disagree if you raise the minimum wage. I don't care whether it's for the city I don't care whether it's for a business somebody's gonna play for some kind of white. I did it in all the way across the board. I disagree with that. Report. Rape scene that -- raising and Ike are very. Skilled specialized career. And what put me on this track in your career is wanting to not make it that way. -- -- -- -- -- If you re. Going to be OK did you know that. There's there in years ago. You know dryer or. You -- your company. So you think if they raise the minimum wage. By it'll put people in the position that I don't have to do anything more -- up to study any harder and harder I don't want to go back to school because. Now on I'm making a decent living. Yet to -- -- feel about minimum wage and I worked very hard for a lot -- years -- alignment now. And it's Seattle. Just speaking at Seattle raises minimum wage at fifteen dollars. As part where it's not much higher than what they're what they're -- will. I appreciate declined to -- Our clients -- to the Chico Chico are you tonight. Chico is there. All right -- they'll turn you turn your radio down Chico. And get off the earpiece and the talk to me right now though it'll make things look for both of us. It all right no. This thing is -- in the work either have to talk on the full or -- not to work likeness. -- -- Call me back and had to be some time to. It caught up with the the text messages. -- -- city. Which ones have we not gotten to. What is shocking about Starbucks. The company is offering to vegetation. Both of all the time even McDonald's. The cheapest of the cheap give some education. You have Starbucks. Up I believe this -- there was gonna start giving some of their employees of those who qualified. I believe there so there were gonna give them. Like -- two years of college tuition but see we have Chico back receiver Tony Bennett -- -- there. Much and it was. Being well. First. So. Who are. But we're not. Just. To show. You. Do you believe -- the last caller said that if if you make the minimum wage so high. That people will not be motivated that minimum wage is supposed to be a temporary job for you but. In order to make more money then you need to take an increase for education to get a better job. Yet work order so your lawyer -- or that -- yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I looked at it this way in May it may be -- dead wrong. If they do nothing at the seven dollars an -- they're gonna do nothing Nintendo. Yes sir. -- Journey women all the -- -- -- woman. By jeweler Al. He hated that saw. So. Ridiculous that what we're about. And and where women don't want it -- look -- It -- -- -- I think I think I would be afraid. As. As a college to even try something like that because. If you know we are in. Such an incredibly litigious society. That if anything happens to her if she really -- let's say god forbid she she gets paralyzed or something like that then you know then you know everybody can have a different opinion. Then the parents who are supporting right now are gonna say the coach Shula did more to to protect -- and then you're gonna have lawsuits. Well you know or a woman yelled it is. -- Sick or -- What -- one where. It is or what. We. Let them -- since or met. But not where. Where. Each other speed. All I. Bet they were pleased you. -- Rewards that are -- -- oil oil and oil. -- -- -- Airbase in the world. Would the law wanted to -- only one recent. That we held on their way and they want to go straight to orbit so that they do yeah. -- -- -- -- let me ask you this cautions -- talked -- brought opera and a secretary of state John -- says that the US would be open to cooperating with a windmill right now. -- got a text message that he didn't say that the problem was that earlier. I think last week he said that they weren't gonna do that but now. He's saying that the US would be open to cooperating with Iran. Miller. What would that I ran military to try to take it and solve the problem and -- Iraq I mean. Let me let me. Solve the -- -- And all. They will be expelled on our more more we're not leaving them. So. Why and number. It. -- you think this country. Is going to make up its mind and not listening to all the the conservationist and and stop being. Dependent on foreign oil we we have enough oil in their own country we can build more refiners wicked ruler on oil and never have to worry about stuff like this. -- Yeah -- all of Serbs. We could -- and that we do sooner or later just beat you the we don't meet. Worried about what all our. Well we. Chew. You don't do it also. We need to -- agreement -- hookers and beat the tree is. So sacred date -- All. While in Oakland when I read that we spent one point seven trillion dollars in the Iraqi war. And it goes beyond that I've mentioned this a couple of nights ago we -- and the moral the money to finance Iraqi war they -- with interest. It could be six trillion dollar so my thought is that if we were to take. This one point seven trillion -- take two trillion or whatever and invest that. In developing our own energy in you -- that of -- building more refineries. Then we will we would be way ahead of the game. And and I'm. The war. -- And that military. But no re. The wars we did not like those wars with a certain. We bought the old. -- but oh. It would go forward though. Well. -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- wood. And a it all out and let those. Are. All. Your. So what do you think is going to happen here if for some reason and I don't see how they're going to do it. If they cannot. They did not stop while Baghdad from falling. I know the president said that no boots on the ground. When you look at it in. In reality. Is is there any way to. Open them especially now that you have I ran wanting to get involved and this is it will mean less than I would want is iiroc and Iran. To be good buddies and kick us out. -- But two weeks. What Obama does not make model. Is being made -- -- up. We liked or. I think we're like yeah those serious. -- -- recruitment all. Special forces that are there that work. On the ground. We went. Over. Oh no don't worry we're gonna get there are pretty well. -- because eventually I mean if if we use missiles -- if we use drones. Still. The the Sunnis. Have the Shiites shoot -- The Shiites have already occupied three of portion of these eventually we're gonna have to go win and re occupy those cities. Yes you. Wouldn't wars we just regional buyers. We were fourth and winning wars. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The the the late Wednesday it is but there is is it's actually one on whether it -- and and try and trying to get them -- that. I think missiles on the weapons are one thing. But again but eventually if you going to have to you cannot trust the rocky army at all mean. I've I think the last I read something like. Ninety to a hundred dollars and deserted you you cannot depend on the a rock army to help so eventually I don't know hall. If you and if you don't and boots there if you don't send troops there and I'm not for. But if you don't do it then I don't know how you can retake those cities there is partly that it wants just let them fighting though but well. How long do you think will be -- tolerate it -- -- in one day one. One day at. Eight. An average -- -- -- then you run. On the ground in Iraq yeah. I have to -- I have to endure the Chico thank you for phoning in. All right just 6018788668890878. I'm Bob Mitchell and preschool it is the big gates seventy WWL. AM amp M and dot. Com and to be part of the show what's to secure one late 78668890. It's seventy text -- At age 7870. Missiles and a I have to region this textbook for the right. Bob you or a radio talk show part timer not an economist your economic theory of all wrong. The city as a service industry not a production business. These people work well the poverty rate depend upon public services which are more expensive. Than of these people were financially independent. All I'm trying to site. Because I realized that the city is not a production business. But if you raise salaries. The money has to come from somewhere it's not like this city has a huge surplus of money. Money has to come from somewhere and if you don't think that. These will get increased to cover this or if you don't think that. And I I've I think you're right here when you when Whitman -- you say that. If you pay more money you can you can hire a better quality work I I agree with that. But if you don't think that all of a sudden. They may start hiring one personal due to person's job that's what business does all right let's get back to. Is that -- or -- Do you. I don't mind. Are at the are. It's really are higher -- articulate it towards an -- or all solar -- Ers are real or. Whatever atop. Talk about our sport about it -- a little more -- Everywhere. That we all rational. Forces like -- Munich and standards. For all the people here is where your -- you know it just. -- burst -- -- is it just retreated back -- And to go there where. Our era. -- Take back everything back -- several all -- like you sit you yeah. That jobs are out of it all -- -- -- -- Why don't. And you know deport all because it was a -- you know. Barely any direction at all. Doesn't look before you go any further wanna thank you so much for serving our country. Well I or in the second problem there. You know and -- that actual. Which really short because. They're really early for a minute the normal as possible and how we actually were on Kurdish unit are in. -- And a lot of art Whitner. Very real there there -- the order action but it pictures that are. Don't even before our first and eat -- Arabs to solve. So acute. For me to see why you'd sympathetic figure anybody come true. A takeover. You know the government -- -- so it -- Israel because it it was like it did you know. Two and a half years old rule out there country which apparently it was like at all. Do you think do you think it's possible to go in and recapture of the city's. That the Shiites -- taken over what I'll boots on the ground. Though because airpower is very nice air power will treat it. Delivered a lot of an enemy but it air are. All growl which is why can't just fight a war does airports. You can't -- it'll growl with their -- or -- are short like that. Believe it if you really take back Hoover. Typically -- Particularly in it because. Try to make it you know in urban warfare type situation. No matter how new -- has been forming or poultry or outlook -- -- or. Are you gonna get taken out golden color urban warfare is most typical. Her dream to do. Fighting because you got the civilian factor. You know a lot of -- -- -- -- -- -- lot of collateral -- And also by cherry street out -- A lot of hot spots for insurgents and and also for channel upon -- -- or should -- -- people out here Earl -- there. It like that though to wrap. Problem. And you know you walk up to the opportunity to be its civilian and bloated so I don't care -- well prepared you are she is somewhat is real. -- so. The ticket you yeah I'll definitely somebody else. What do you think the special forces will be able to do when they get there. Special forces. Are ma call it purpose. They're date. Forces -- people think that they do is they'll force a few that actual. Ground combat. Special forces do little but they're mostly for. Equipping or tree or they're -- -- -- -- -- -- some of the better forces out down there and get. You -- that are Iraqi national. Archie Urquhart. Iraqi national sport and now not by Iraqi. Clinton that are Iraqi. -- -- -- -- -- -- How -- -- how did -- Nazis. That in the Iraqi Army when you have the Sunnis and the Shiites. That. If they were attacked that one side would give up on main hotter and hotter than not publicly Nazi. There the second Obama are. He's. They would. One Ankara the it. The UK a lot of ammunition and it would at all. -- your ammunition to the same. That -- that there. Yeah Andy or on patrol -- that's why we. Optimal that you. In Portland sixteenth because there's more -- -- -- six round voter problem is. A trial. Go through. You know your your former you're so deeply and kept -- everything ought grow. And he. -- -- They would do it would sell or straighter vehicle they would sit in income at every level 10%. They're -- You know they -- supposed to get so much for -- and which were troop there. It was somebody broke locals cut. Up that job at this and you take and personal Papa. And so local market in particular well and Xenia and and they also they also Lou all liquor should recover now. They wanted it paid. Off. With how that money to get beaten cash interest only answer it. And the -- a minute break there at 350 with it -- -- the top of the -- -- ever. Be retreat. -- in their -- so that it it would go you'll that it would pocketbook. And insisting that they that they don't mean let me let it surprised that -- You know. Retreated back there. Believe me ask you as as a soldier that has been there. What will the president have to do if anything in order to recapture of the lost cities. It is is there any option but to send troops. If your objective is to capture. The -- and everything again their -- Really is no other option except for if you -- you. Beat up this special forces in to get -- You know the Iraqi Army and everything to take back over themselves. But it and you can help -- but then you can't trust -- Now of course. And hit a perfect situation. And air power cannot peak in -- grow which are on the ground. You know in the Marines -- -- Taking Robert quick but they're not that they're not just cool entity so they're not -- on to. Sustained ground. You know performing normally comes after the Marines that during the -- a quick reaction. -- you and I appreciate all the information that was great talk and you know again thanks for serving our country Chris. Dog and -- uncle drove us on the phone the you guys hang on I'll get right back with you on WW -- Bob Mitchell in pursuit. And if you wanna call the show -- 2601. Late seventy toll free 866889. OH seventy content may. At age 7870 I'm Bob Mitchell and I meant for us cute tonight let's go back turtles we're gonna go to Chris in Memphis tower you caress. A pleasure popular. -- Utah. Outside it is -- to you also. It get out the -- I'd say. Chicken the American people. Out and open -- though they're wind that's problem a little. And it -- about. There is cheap and acres. Now. Keep an acre landscaped. Millions. Where well. Where there and keep it. -- we -- Right in the Middle -- and there will. Actually they should. -- -- India and an upper east so they're big and round for decades on the -- oil. Consultation with the exception of Israel is a plot to Israel. A black person. -- Published. Partial and he edged. We were Asian country. Couldn't eat like. We. Saw in. At the on eleven from Saudi Arabia. The on you can keeping an triple. And of course if you -- abortion thing is you know you can't beat. The dollar and get the pitchers and give a damn keys. And to put them -- cup with a you know what what what are the things that that that I find interesting. Well above all of this and I'm not a politician so I don't opponent anyway claimed understand. But you know he use you bring up a very good point lead we seem to over and over again and start freaking out and facing. That this oil prices but yet. We don't seem to do anything about it I I would think. That may be if we started saying look once and for all we've got to do something to try to get away from the foreign oil. We spend so much money trying to take and protect the oil letter a maybe maybe if we spent that in another way Biltmore reproach and it. Connected the pipeline. Understand that we also have -- a lot of oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Oh wouldn't it make more sense if if if some kind of way you know people will stand up and say look. Let's let's go ahead and let's forget about Iraq and let's let's. Let's make. Let what about trying to say. Let's use our own oil let's that's -- Let's make us to manage energy into it because. Everybody got god -- everybody in this country -- That the Chinese. And the Russians are out there and pop it in the car. And that's up and let it run. You know it's absolutely ridiculous stop that lot got so bad as far as I'm concerned the -- should be Egyptian Israel. About. About it when he popped up sort about a 128. PG network and pitchers and -- all. I'll I'll like the way you think Chris if it comes down to it if it comes down to a dead. Boots on the ground troops is the only way to -- can recapture Iraq do we do auto eleven to spotted out on their own. It's not going to change what we're seeing. Inside that chip out and people out of our embassy. Let's get out of -- like and it's not confirm what we are saying is what we should say. He does but I'm sorry we do. People years -- years ago and each. -- -- But their own country. And corporate -- to setup a new government. And a new light and edit the game. They bicker and complain and and quiet complaint to each other and didn't want and it'll run -- to do it. I added we need. A GE. You know -- -- and our troops could be structural. Running and government -- and the second one at some point fingers and make an accusation shinji want to -- there you're not gonna work. So. It didn't think for years. And we get there and we get it. And so you. -- All right Chris thank you so much but it. All right now if you agree with Chris. Time to the to shut it down that's what Christmas let them putted up to six year old late seventy. 866889. OH seventy Bob Mitchell in for -- we're also talking about. And I'll tell you a little bit above -- have a text message about her college football now has its first female. The pencil back and she says I wanted to be one of the guys can you in anyway imagine men and women mixing it up on the same football. Feel I'm Bob Mitchell and pursued -- WW well be right back with your phone calls. And I'm Bob Mitchell and dispute on WWL text message here. That all heck I lost. Oil. Oil in the Middle East is more to a 100% cleaner. And more sure that the oil in the USA. Did know that -- -- that to be a fact. They resident go back to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Why is at that whenever we go through something like that and every goal it through the Middle East crisis. We all worry about that -- that the price of oil but yet it seems like but we do absolutely nothing as a country for years and years and years. To be independent of -- Middle East all. Well that Arnold company is really. Along with that part upon the bank's. They're really in charge of the so called government. But what why don't we why don't we try to paste and use one of our own all what we try to get to more of oral. Well first of all the most are all going through the Alaskan pipeline. Most of us it was sold to Japan doesn't build -- most. -- you know. I don't know. But I'd I know I know you've heard over and over -- we have some of oil in the gulf but yet we. I just because of environmental hopefully we'll never cut. You know I often wonder. How much of -- environmental movement has been cooperative. People from the oil companies that aren't millions Indians put in totals. An arm movements environmental movement organizations could be that are actually. And it and they did their job is to. You don't. Actually strengthen -- couple years in the terms of taking a drink and -- environmental problem so I'm. It was on conspiracy. Theory nonsense it's it's not it's not the sole problem. So listeners. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- comes from at all I don't know that pipeline goes to the Japanese. What we're we're available what kind of people person. It's it's not the -- what they have is the logic -- the second largest creditor country. Having that mistake to let me just wanted to operate. And it happened. We have been the first -- -- time. They're -- -- -- it operates they'll lead and went bad money along the political purpose. It's too. That we we don't have horrible. -- lifestyle activities supported. If anything it can't believe we have actually -- people the paper written. Not just about got to go thank you so much Joey from pearl river to be a big favor. Hang on until after the top of the hour a joy want to talk about. A college has signed a female. Two way of a contract dollar contract oh and a letter of intent. To play defensive back. And college football can you imagine men and women played on the same deal I'll be right back -- -- calls after the news I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit of WWL.