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06-16 11pm, Scoot, Crisis in Iraq

Jun 17, 2014|

President Obama wants to send U.S. Special Forces as military advisors to assist Iraq in it's crisis; agree and/or not and why?

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I'm Bob Mitchell in for us do tonight. Controlling and for Tommy in the morning packed probably with few the entire week here's what's on our WWL. Talk table. As -- picture of midnight tonight. When. Shelby Osborne walked on the football field this fall she will be treading on ground few women of her to a fewer than a dozen women have played college football and men's team. But Osborne has made history when she signed the letter of intent to play football. With Campbell's field universally in Kentucky as the defensive back the same position you play -- Now no woman has played that position in men's college football and I'm just. Curious to you what do you think of men and women playing football together and I have a text message here that I want to read someone. Did a little research I mentioned early issue only played one year high school football. -- much it says if you look at -- high schools that she only played in blow Waltz as a back up. And the -- a grand total zero tackles that you can't tackle anyone in high school polishing going to make even a division three football team. Well she wrote that every college and to -- as well schools in Florida and North Carolina. But the community nation stop this ash as soon as the coach discovered that she was a girl. But she persisted she showed up the opening recruiting today and Campbell's -- And one of the coach on the matter what she did in college and I agree with it it probably was not that much. Tree of the trial she signed the letter of intent to play at at this particular college so. I and I am more obese people I think tackle football should be played by men and that's it let's go to as go to Joey Julian pearl river power yeah. All right uncle Bob -- On Dubai -- what do you think. The men and women play and tackle football together would that work. -- No way. -- high school ball. And do you have any idea what goes on the bottom of this wrong. When. There's a fumble. BA big Bristol you know it's -- little man I mean they go to grant them for any angrily anger. Go to. And start wondered just how wall. You would last. Or how long you were actually away. Or. Some sort of sexual. What should repeat. Yeah eight and where you'd like yeah it's been. Are. The facility. You know two but lock rooms and stop bombing of -- game. Saying. -- The B. Renovated. It virtue accommodate. Eight. Email -- were. Yeah I titled it it -- take showers what the guys -- does not the guys might like that but I don't forget our politics our guys. And from what I understand I mean she's -- like. Five chick won six years something like. 6141. Or okay. So much bigger than corn sort of Florida. Football. And can. -- about oil. Please do go right ahead. Okay. We -- were Irish are not at contrary. And at 88. Super power. To try and go in and change. A way of life and Italy. For more dangerous era. And those warring factions. Have been doing it shouldn't spoke toward you know -- War that I am open. We don't hear -- here's what I find interest in. Well I talked to people like Q. Well I've talked to my friends and people on though they all say the same common sense thing. And it totally. Puzzled me I mean to be quite honest it it puzzles me in that it makes me scratch my head and say. What's going on here of the they'll know that our own government. Cannot understand this because every one you talked. You talked to soldiers to come back and promoters say the same thing that both sides the the Sunnis and Shiites. Literally -- each other and they have hated each other per year for 2000 years and they raised their children up to. To hate so why do we think that we can do anything to change. Beyond. Yeah a leader to meet our morals. And review. Pastor continually. -- Currently. Our Brian trio are great current jail. -- have to continue to pay for a better each and armor are. You're sure and some then. About oil and -- in Iran. Offer up. Oil as true watched as -- I've I've thought that for years and years and why I don't know. Well. The first thing he did. Worse. May cut a deal with the Russians. And they're selling their oil. To rush yes and are not struggling. Asian economic -- And I mean. Yet to try and end. Buying. Some of our war military are where. -- -- Rebuild their nation. Hatched we -- Our. Can't beat -- It can't -- I mean it the wacky guy is a problem. Yeah. -- -- -- -- in the room by himself from may be the problem. Here a -- -- you know to me. So you say just let them -- up between themselves. -- All right Jack thank you for -- in okay. And you're historic great job I enjoyed it -- -- you filling their screw that bank Dutch group. I just you know miss you on fire brigade base Matt. Thank you so very much OK. I appreciated -- All right 260 -- 7866889. Point 78. Couple of things we have all on our WWL talked tabled this this happen. I just it was late this afternoon that president Barack Obama announced the fact that he's sending 275. View us armed forces personnel. A billion deployed to Iraq to provide support and security for US personnel and the US embassy in Baghdad. The forces deploying for the purpose of protecting US citizens and property of -- story. And he's equipped for combat the -- will remain in Iraq until the security situation becomes such that it is no longer needed. So we have no idea how -- that's the debate do you agree with the president's decision and one of the things that seems to be. Part of the conversation tonight. And that we have been fortunate. That some military people of folded and and I'd definitely opened the phones. Especially for. You military people who have served in Iraq because. You guys were there you couldn't you can kind of shed things -- us. And the ones that have folded and pretty much of said that they do not know hall. We will be able to recapture these cells that we have lost. That the Iraq army -- lost with out boot -- to grow with out Sunday more troops though. This has been conversation from military people who have served -- there who have had to go fight for some of the growth. To secure a -- late 78668890. It's -- -- so. I guess from what what I'm getting at. As the president has said that he will not send troops. -- I think that would mean the majority of of the American people feel. That we should not send troops mostly of people have talked to a lot of the conversations I've heard a lot of them to submit simply -- let them flooded out. Throw. My question to you tonight as we've come -- going to the last hour of the show. If it boils down to him that the only way that we can save a rock the only way we can say Baghdad. Is to send troops. Or you're in favor of that or if you if you had to choose between. Sending troops. And saving Iraq. From from the Sunnis. War just letting them plotted out and what happens happens. Which side will you choose. To 601 late 78668890. -- -- -- I am really at the point to where. I I say just what happens happens but then I feel I feel so bad. For. For all the troops to the been there. And sacrificed their lives. And it's it's like they will build it for nothing but sort of bread and Pascagoula power your Fred. Bob good to do you usually did you. On. Here are dying back back and all the work started. What does that weapons. Structuring or whether there would and I don't know -- and bully their rules -- Probably one and for reasons not only partially that we should -- matter because. Blah -- -- -- I believe there are beleaguered sugar partially tore open girl. For a lot of people's portfolio. Are hobbled or a bush had the that ride in regions while oh good -- Off I don't the genome of the buyout -- early you know. Nobody -- George W. Bush -- coal mines all over there or ball. Well but that never that he will was there for a hole and we didn't drop couple. But now everybody it. It could and pollution bullish position where it didn't leave what they'll all. You know we're like we're back in bush the majority of people in the big -- the -- -- now. We're a little immune. If we don't the people and we -- We can't we enjoyed dinner and all time or when it would air strike. People ordinary food raw. We would in this. People were girl her hands and quit knowing more about this battle that would that would go in India -- a bunch of -- and our global it. You're hurt -- -- not all about this room war. On terror should go at all. -- -- -- -- The president that we. All the -- that you're not only title particularly. Care for Barack Obama has got to do it wouldn't right -- like liking the boy what are these supposed to put. Bottom line -- He keeps playing well and Cindy back around -- and so -- You can keep drag. In your well what he said was he wasn't going to send troops and he said he was going to take other things. Under consideration. Including. A special forces including. Air strikes but. And in doing this show and since this opening has happened and since it's -- is -- great concern to Somalia of us. I will probably. Keep it on our talked table for as long as we are in this crisis but it seems to me that that the majority of the calls. That we have received. Especially pro military people say. At the only way we're going to be able to do this the only way we're going to be able to do to repay the details. That that we lost in the only -- re going to be able to maintain that and keep it from going right back is to put troops on the ground. And to put. Put troops. Stationed there so my question to you Fred is given Detroit's. Would you like to see the president send troops or just let them fight it out and what happens happens. Probably Erica. Data pulled the troops that are in the four -- -- -- game -- problems and grow and I. I believe -- and the other. It's kind of pulled out -- -- of yours. For back. Obviously if -- we have to mall. -- shouldn't. -- been in AD might be all you know NN com. It all but here. They're. It's like it's helpful and it will it will go corporation and blanket about all were it ball. But do you honestly think that we could ever one of the things that the president said. And I admire him personally and it although I don't think it's possibly sort of a couple of days ago. He said short term military action. It is is not the answer for the future that these two sides have got to figure out a way. To live and and and worked and co exist together. I just don't see that. Ever happening in fact it hasn't happened in 2000 years what would make anyone think that it would start happening now. Well. That'll -- actually major ball probably would be our country and shape right now where we need to tell. We need to work. I wouldn't be opposed to bring our troops home and protected. And now. And now you know let commercial. Carriers. -- if we didn't. Principled. What word. In the eighties. Well all speak it certainly. The handle on comic book. -- to hurt them -- protect the border with. You can take immediate and -- somebody's gonna have to noble -- the country sit down. And tell each other and discussed and for growth. One group this sort of they'll do it the truth will do -- And law. You know I don't know what archery as the main compound -- give -- an orchard and upheld. One of the my church were there so and now. People in the beginning you know there enter. You. Get together with each others and -- -- other -- now. And emotional. Well you know we. As Americans we. Point the thing years that the Shiites and the Sunnis and say they hate each other and and and they can't get along on and on no -- of this. A couple of times and and I think you alluded to it in an investor conversation. I don't know what it's going to take. For us as a country to convince these politicians to route to convince the Republicans the Democrats. To stop Haiti and each other and work together for the country. So -- calling Fred. -- you thank you so much to 6017866889. Point 78. If you'll take part in the show -- the president has sent some special forces toward rocked a basically the way I understand it is to protect the embassy in May be tried to retrain the Iraqi Army if it boils down to. That we have a choice of just letting them fight it out get everybody out. You know bring everybody from the embassy home. -- every American out of Iraq eleventh plotted out if it blows down to put that. Or troops which would you choose to six year old late 7866. And a nine solid seventy. I'm Bob Mitchell and let's go to WWL waiting for your photos. And the phone number to call the show which 26 year old -- 78668890. -- seventy I'm Bob Mitchell be real Robert Mitchell filling in. -- -- if you wondering where she noticed. If you wanna listen dispute you can tune in to morrow morning dispute is filling in for Tommy talker he'll play in them. Keep you up to date on what's going on in Iraq also. President Obama says he'll issue an executive order that would ban workplace discrimination against gays lesbians bisexual. And transgender employees of federal contractors. That congress refuses to actual the president. Bypassed the law makers if they refuse to take. That'll be tomorrow morning as. Student fills in for -- talked with goat to. Marked in -- loose on power you marked. -- him right you know you marked. That the Iraqi man phoned it -- over your head he made this statement. -- -- Try about winning in Iraq but my question him is the plan leanings and now lives. And it yet answered a question he's a whole lot more. You are the plant me. Well. I don't know iron to to me. I tell you what I didn't I tell you how I would define winning okay I would define winning as. The loss of no more American lives. And and no more American dollar spent there that's often affect what. This what people -- rare. Bit of trouble war. Patrolling cute fracturing. Over back eager yes -- -- And -- may not want one more drop of American -- Picture I didn't really -- You know we wait and don't flower are used they're four. Among them. Well it is already it's kind. Well here's the thing I've heard I've -- many people say I've heard many soldiers but be interviewed on on television saying that. If we give up now it's like all of those lives. -- sacrifice for nothing or not and I understand that but. It didn't do we wanna sacrifice more lives for nothing because if we if we send more troops over there. If we lose more lives it's still going to be for nothing because what what does happen in Iraq is exactly what was predicted that the minute people all the civil war starts all over here and so for me. Winning in Iraq would mean. Not another American dollars spent. And not another life spread I. I would love to -- -- politicians and I'd love to be able to ask the president one question that okay if we need to. Send some drones over and drops some bombs. Fine but why it would not if that's what a rock has asked us to help. A rock has asked us for air support. So why wouldn't we charge them. Why and all know why should I have to play Ford why should marker to pay for what should -- have to play report why shouldn't Iraq played port. I have of course there was -- Google. You're saying it may well forget about it straight into right. History here back in Vietnam War a parent yeah well force then now more star. It would great victories this plane bringing it tactic would vote for old war between Vietnamese. That's right you know it's. It is great it has. Mark speaking speaking of crazy. What do you think of a day a college. Signing a woman. To play defensive back her name is -- Osborne and she signed a letter of intent to play football with Campbell told university. In Kentucky as a defensive back and that that's never happened for women have to played college football stickers. But never as a defensive back are you ready to see men and women come go out and on the football field together. I don't know they want I. Hope it Lima -- brought. Dialogue and I think we've got a good chance of somebody getting hurt real bad I guess it depends on how much the woman -- sloppy though. So all right mark thank you. Let me read this a text message I play high school football right now. And I believe that it shouldn't matter what gender you are the most important matters whether or not. She is qualified to play. If she has amazing stats and as the physical frame to play than she should be allowed to play but as the Marco goes to both players should play. Thank you for that text message let's go to a Mary in Mandel -- you Mary. -- And what's gonna happen but it kind of went to get pregnant. What you get pregnant why should you get pregnant. That. While no. So because so be 'cause you because she plays football your -- or slot right. And on and I'm. Sure yeah. Oh. -- Can implement them. May be -- play at high school football not -- which deploys them. Should the government. You. Prepared the lights go on tour. -- And it can't. -- with the men and he's doing. And can. -- -- Second. In the middle and the -- And can't come on the women get them. Back and opinion. Of him and. So you think you get all this deliberately. -- -- And -- Would. What -- is -- not taking so far -- not give any many advised of and that he has not he has not committed to send troops to Iraqis is sending some special forces. Let me ask your question at at this point in time. It's strictly for Iraq what would you like to see the president do that he hasn't already done. It's still pretty candid camera. But what alternate. Distribution and didn't. Let me. It people on the ground that. It did at one time. Washington the Pentagon and then why don't want. -- speaking in generic what what would you want in the do. And and Jim McMahon was a long time about it. -- -- Why why should we waste more American lives of whoa wait wait you said he should send more people there. Not that he can happen. Okay he should have a buddy buddy but I think at three if we would have sent more Americans there. We -- lost more American lives. Advocate and to attempt and -- which I'm sure that that's about it. -- Americans are getting hot tempered. And ultimately. Dictate could have done. Give -- and only one thing that he could've done that he has done. So you speaking in generic she's saying that he should send troops over but you know what the troops to to be in harm's way. Assistant people although there. When can. I can't give them. Right stand up and went mad about that right. All right Mary thank you so much okay. 26087866889. Point seven air -- seventy pretty jaguar opinion poll. Question is secretary of state John Kerry says the US would be open to possible military cooperation with Iran who. David reading that it's -- -- scary to beat back the al-Qaeda inspired fighters who were trying to take over Iraq consistently positive sign. Repeat repeat should into alignment cast your vote at WW well dot com 77%. Say no. And only 23%. Say. Yes I'd just. I just don't trust around odd but odd -- -- just doe it come. It's a text message Bob will 270. Troops be enough it doesn't seem like it will be no. They're talking about the president is sending actually. 270 club US troops a special forces to provide support and security for US personnel and the US embassy in Baghdad. I mean to me. It if I have to answer my own question. Witches if we have a choice between sending troops. While loading the whole thing play out. And who wins who wins. I'd -- to play out and who wins who wins. I'm gonna repeat to me winning in Iraq would be. Not another American life lost not a merit not another American like put in danger. And not another dime of our our our money spent there. 260 late 7866. And 89 point 78 got simple line global February. Pitcher call in before a midnight that we should be able take a runway 26 year old -- 7866889. Poets. -- sports talking Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia the grand grievance begins tied in a wide receiver and mr. -- and greedy are demanding but he deserves plus. Irvin Meyers has his 2008 Florida Gators are the best team to ever play the game do you agree. If not which college football team holes that dollar total up the pros weekdays 48 PM on the home of the saints Alicia in the pelicans. WW -- it back to our our -- which -- to to Billy Billy how are you tonight. It'd be -- -- I'm doing okay looks on him and bill. This is trying to again and it is and it compensation. And so. The -- in the -- for understand them whereas. Because the gentleman's view appropriate. That it -- it. A world firewall what is group owns -- -- holes so movement not immune -- -- you know military message. In many cases or two ago we shall we the treaty should. A little bit that -- question if if it boils down to. Military people who have phoned -- have said that the only way we're going to be able recaptured these cities is to actually sent troops. If it boils down to just letting them slide it out. And what happens. Or sending troops to help protect Iraq which I'm quite frankly playing I don't care how many troops we send. It will be a temporary thing unless we leave troops there all the time why would you want the president today. Wouldn't. Unfortunately. It is still Americans in Baghdad. That come to Islamabad. Well we have sent to enhancements and some and so natural forces. Today and take care that the president today sent 270 -- analyst troops. It to provide support and security for the US personal annual embassy in Baghdad -- That that's going to be taking care but what would you prefer at this point just let them flied out. -- send troops to protect yeah. That your daughter you never know what you just mentioned to ship before 2000. In the trial we don't know that -- it and it unfortunate incident basis here aren't looking to look at him and what they have absolute rocket volleys. Net -- trying. And you -- demand in other words. There's possibly -- -- and it would dispute going to be it's. It Clara and is it kind of eleven Malone a little plotted out between themselves. Most -- problem analysts demanding his estate that it normally is an evil evil it's a -- And that's where armed forces it off and get worse -- But the execute those people. -- I think I think data are out there that I think that's what they're doing Billy I appreciate -- your opponent in okay. 260178668. At nine point seven it looks like we have time for. Maybe one or two more callers to if you wanna get in on the subject the line throw when you should be able to get. Straight through let me go ahead and get caught up on a couple of text messages. Here's what this is Bob you are on the right track we were sold on the idea by bush and Cheney that weren't going to pay for the war. With oil during World War II we did that we should be getting paid in all I have to agree with the may -- haven't. Maybe the moral make that the question that whatever we do for a -- Should we be paid to do you know that the government that's there right now sure we helped set up. But they didn't want us there they asked us to leave they'd they'd tried to push us -- earlier. -- oh we did try to negotiate. Some things where week could have some security forces there. And what they wanted is they wanted. Our forces to -- By -- law which means they can pretty much put the finger at anybody and for any reason put our soldiers in it in in personal harm. So -- the president would not agreed to that and now. That things are falling apart and now. That the although the army in Iraq army cannot protect them now others say and can you help us. Stole my thought is if you want us to help then you do need to. Pay for our help let's go to trial. Kyle how do you feel. -- -- -- -- -- Don't really want to be an -- could -- The -- in our lack. Is because all he'll be here is more work. But peace accord that aren't -- integrated part of him. Oil here in Mexico. City Canada think like that can only break down into three out of -- I'd. Where have below him -- in breakdown in all it. OK so what do we do. Do we'd send more troops over to -- send more American lives of -- doing it does this oil becomes so important to watch that. It it is the most important the most important thing to our government. Well. It's -- matter you how when a lot of people think about it confirmed. Well. OK so what I get to them asking you is the fact that I slept would you -- So what do we do do we are it is the president going to have to send mortars has got to be has got to be another option. Than spending more American lives and dollars got to be another option. -- regrettable but does this -- would be competent to continue. But yet but oil that we need a bit of governor -- textiles she. Well utility -- -- out -- all -- McCain -- all audible -- McCain to oil out of of the golf or anything like that. If if not it's pure that it won't meet as many products that need that are essential to American life. I did I noticed an okay with no disrespect I just can't accept the only oil that we can -- that's gonna help the countries and Iran. I just can't except. Well and a bit of -- realism in. All right okay 2601 late seventy. 8668890870. -- -- -- Tell you let's go ahead -- good take a break right now. And that'll come back and even squeeze one more phone call in at 26 year old -- seventy. Or all of read some more -- must Bob Mitchell and -- go to WW well and I'm Bob Mitchell filling the goes to show tonight. Impeccably with few all week. Couple text -- usually get caught up on this is of course concerning the situation in Iraq. And the fact that our -- seventy. -- ready jaguar opinion poll question is secretary of state John Kerry says the youth would be open to possible military cooperation with -- To beat back the al-Qaeda inspired fighters who were trying to take over Iraq as a positive sign for future preacher can cast your vote at WW dot com. Last time I checked the vote. 8515. Who did did not think that was a good move and justice text message -- in the the -- My enemy my enemy's enemy is my friends. Until he shoots me in the back in the Middle East. And were also talking earlier about. A school. In Kentucky. Well received. Campbell's field University of Kentucky. Signed a female. To play defensive -- that women have played some college football before but it's always been a justice connectors. She's gonna play -- about for 5640. Pounds. A text message to debt is. Many women aren't sugar and spice and everything nice anymore hardly. God what -- meant to be men and women. To become one in marriage. Not sports. What remind you that tomorrow on the Angeles Charlotte wanna clocked the DO. Conversation will be as Jimmy Graham. -- tight end or wide receiver I think they start taken in under consideration meaning the grievance committee I think that happens tomorrow. Every sports analyst and who dead in the nation is having. That five million dollar debate but he knows he deserves seven million or twelve million join Angelo Christian -- T Bob -- there. And Doug moved on tomorrow via FL management council that represents the team's 32 leagues contends Jimmy usually tight pin. That would earning seven million. This season if -- long term deal isn't worked -- by July the fifteenth Gramm's camp argues poachers. -- -- more like -- wide receiver in the team's offensive strategy there for Asia be paid one which would. -- him about twelve point three million dollars -- you can see why. He is going after this some people say is being greedy. I think he's just trying to get the money that that he deserves. They may classify him as a -- in but. I think they're gonna rule this flavor. Because he lines up more as a wide receiver all right. Before ago. I gotta tell you about the Bozo criminal of the day of of the day comes from -- -- Florida where Bozo Rodney Baxter. Got into an argument with his brother. The fight escalated and the cops were called when they arrived they discovered the weapons. That are both would use to beat on his brother. This will lend him and he Bozo hall of fame. It seems like during the course of the argument are both -- one outside. Uprooted several marijuana plants from his guard in the backyard. And proceeded to black. His brother over the head with a no sugar damage was done except for the plants. Is now of course being charged with domestic battery and cultivation of marijuana. But thanks to -- to John who are in studio producer folks -- And keeps via my tolls all night long thank you John thank you for calling Bob Mitchell and I will see you tomorrow night the night and god blush of from WWL.