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Jun 17, 2014|

Monica in for Dave Cohen. Monica talks about Jimmy Graham and What is Wrong with People

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning David good morning I tell you yesterday I must have been in every downpour every pop up -- that was around hydrogen tank to the West Bank -- talking about it in the newsroom -- Karachi everywhere. Everywhere. I didn't get a drop really not even a drop right in the first time. My umbrella. In the top of my -- well course. That's where we like to keep -- -- Oregon and I'm always optimistic. The ticket needed at all. So we got a soggy Monica very I think it is the blow dryers bomb that goes. It's owls probably mated to Tuesday additional progress going your illness was at the I do have on this Tuesday or eat before hot today what is wrong with people ought to start right off the ride and I know lol you like breaking bad right. Are involved -- but breaking bad -- senior citizen village. It's a little too much even for me is under I bet be can you believe it a California man living in a senior citizen billet is accused of cooking match all of you know apartment. He took the team we showed you seriously. I guess I'll ask again as Fresno police say they may just routine traffic stop. On a 64 year old mr. Roberts shore and found that he had -- in his car. Thanks thing was to go to his apartment brochure and what did they find. They say he was cooking distributing drugs from his little apartment in the senior citizens hall just turning a little. -- -- money on the saw it only goes so well that's right absolutely a little something to supplement ES neighbors who live in the apartment say you know their retirement community is quiet save so -- -- we really know this -- it and see a lot of activity you're -- may be your ticket and after the agency -- -- rather afternoon naps in the -- dominant -- early dinner -- -- yes yes so apparently he was dealing cooking -- in the complex let's hope. The others in the retirement community were not involved in no apparently not holdings violation -- It would totally shocked and they say now we knew is I don't know him and he was at keeping to himself. On breaking bad at least 67. And he was 64 once -- yelled for army. An entrepreneur or steal. On the way to make extra money not belong so of course that. Anybody shocked that the police say the street value the -- chart with -- was close to seventeen. Hundred dollars or a year ago now -- supplement it and it's like it's our student. Don't do that all know what is wrong with three buddies and with people -- -- thank you David are right. Well good morning everyone coming up we'll take a look at our Tuesday forecast meteorologist Laura but -- and the Eyewitness News forecasts and a big day. They Jimmy Graham as he makes his case before arbitrator. That's all coming up with the island sports that the starting your day out without. On the early edition. WL first news and it's 516 on the early edition of you know first news -- on year in for Dave Cohen the small who's vacationing this week. Well a lot of that summertime pattern he is here with us again. Today the heat is back again today with highs around ninety this afternoon but of course around that time will also be tracking if you downpours out there. -- 20% chance for rain today at the 20% chance over the next couple of days. That means just a few isolated spots of rain the high should be getting about ninety or 91 through Thursday for the Eyewitness News forecast center I -- you brawl just lock -- out and. You liar right now we have cloudy skies and 79 not a -- 77 built that -- -- -- international airport and at the Lakefront. And over in Slidell -- 74 and partly cloudy. Jimmy Gramm's long awaited grievance hearing is set for today morning sports anchor Steve Gallagher joins us this morning -- The morning Monica and happy Tuesday everyone well John Brooks came off the bench to score the game winner in the 86 minute. And gave United States a much needed to 21 win over Ghana in the World Cup. Opener for both teams the Americans got off to a quick start. As Clint Dempsey put them -- just 29 seconds into the game head coach Jurgen Klinsmann says they couldn't have imagined a better start the tournament. This is definite style than we wanted to. Their -- top foreign and its just a good feeling to have that the first three points. Also in World -- play Thomas Mueller scored a hat trick as Germany report to go for nothing. Nigeria and I -- plea to -- 00 tie that was the first draw of the World Cup. Louisville's been eliminated in the college World Series Texas stay alive with a 41 win over the cardinals. Also at Omaha Vanderbilt beat UC Irvine six before The Commodores will play in a bracket final Friday against the winner of tomorrow's elimination game between Irvine. And Texas. Point guard Anthony Hickey will transfer from LSU Oklahoma State and be eligible for the upcoming season. Last season he averaged eight point four points three point seven assists and three rebounds. He shot 34 point 4% from beyond the arc in the lead -- she -- 62 steals. And this effort wrapped up their eight game road trip with an eleven to one loss to Albuquerque. Today depth orange sports talk Doug Graham Greene Vince begins. Tight end or wide receiver and is Jimmie being greedy or just demanding what he deserves I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports. Is Jimmie being greedy just amending what he deserves that's. That's interesting that's interesting because this what would you do if you -- the average person -- -- opportunity to. You know for your future and get more my. As it would be played through his rookie contract never ones complaining at all -- a lot of these players do come out before their contract is up in demand something to be done. Never said anything and now it's his time to finally cash in on his production. And a lot of folks have -- I guess a lot kind of animosity towards players when they going for the big bucks and feeling. You know -- they're able to cash in while they can. So what would do we want as fancy like you to give everything you have for as little Haas had little money as possible be -- team lawyer but it. Don't want too much and don't expect too much even if you deserve it I'll have earned the right again and -- I think the fans problem with this one is he knows he's coming out saying that he should be considered. And wide receiver 'cause he's lined up at 67%. Of the time in the slot which are traditional wide receiver you know positioning on the field. What I mean. He went to the Pro Bowl as a tight and he's listed on his own Twitter page. As a tight end Sean -- just happens to use the tight end position and a lot of more creative ways and some other folks but this will also have an effect on other tight ends in the game is well if he does come out on top in this agreement. As I ask you about what kind of can of warms -- of this open up for the saints. If Graham is successful if he is successful will we create a little bit of a problem with the salary cap because then his. Franchise tag number would jump from seven million to a little under thirteen million and so they would have to either restructure some contracts. Or then let some players go because right now there about a low 12 million dollars under the cap they're they're fine right now. Then in the B seven million dollar franchise tag on a tight end it's factored into that. But if it jumps up to twelve and the saints have some reworking to Jimmy did GM Mickey Loomis has got to get back to work. Mary actress and will be. Stay -- all right everybody will -- and thanks a lot Steve. Well coming up -- check in the -- but tell again plus we'll tell you about food companies and restaurants could soon face government pressure. To make their foods less salty. Hear from you 87870. Text me is that he's UP to cut down on salt. A cut down on sugar. Salt -- sugar. And the -- For me -- start -- gotta love potatoes and rice. That's all coming up by Monica appearing for Dave Cohen this is the early edition WWL first news. What you gonna do remain and USA USA beat Ghana. Thank you can't we go. -- -- think about him talking about. US has gone -- and electric on Allen do for me you're gonna win. And keep winning right Steve gill. Lightly shaking. My tenure at. We're talking about Jimmy Graham and went by Texas at 8787 he says give Graham and the goal. He has definitely earned that money. -- interest in watching as well another hot day and also keep the umbrella on hand just in case. Please sunny skies to start the day in and some clouds building in toward the afternoon and of course downpours out there -- 20% chance today. That's -- reach about nine DL we're gonna stay right around ninety for the next couple of days Wednesday and Thursday both looking warm. And each afternoon about a 20% chance for just eight straight storm pretty Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark -- think. You are a warm start to our morning right now seven united Ottoman 77 at the lake front and New Orleans international airport and partly cloudy and 74. In slide down. Well it's been long awaited a plan to reduce salt food companies and restaurants could soon face government pressure. To make their foods less salty. Ali did you see -- taste of sultan it's a long awaited federal effort to try to prevent thousands of deaths each year from heart disease and stroke. The Food and Drug Administration is preparing to issue voluntary. And it's a voluntary guidelines. Asking the food industry to lower sodium levels. And according to court to the FDA commissioner we don't know this sodium is a huge abuse interests and concerns. And the commission hopes that the guidelines would be issued relatively soon. My question again we should really know kind of monitor our sodium and our sugar and our starches and everything but. What it's easier for the EU if -- you have to choose between. Less salt -- sugar. Is it easier for you to cut down on sodium are cut down on teacher and that includes skates and economically -- One text threats 87878. Easier to cut down on salt high sodium is dangerous. Absolutely. Roscoe asking how techsters about the Jimmy Graham you know where they fall on this issue Eagles before arbitration and he's -- -- Texas -- let Graham go. -- -- -- There interest. Another what is wrong with people and this just from -- it's really sad SC NF KF CI is investigating allegations at a restaurant employee in Jackson Mississippi. Asked a three year old girl. To relieve -- because her facial injury if disturbed other patrons that's what. The employees that to the family. The company is also apologizing and giving. 30000 dollars towards Victoria -- little medical bills so allegation by KFC was made a late last week. On the website and talk about social media announced into the campaign. Well. It's called the of Victoria's victories at FaceBook page and they -- it would happen to the little girl in the restaurant. She has the scarface because of a pit bull attack. This spring. Now the administrator posted a photo showing little victorious smiling shyly in spite -- a facial scars she even has a cartoon decorated I've packed. And the president wrote. Does this looks scary to you last week at KFC and Jackson Mississippi this Russia's space. Was asked to leave because her face scared to. The other -- so once that corporation found out pretty quickly issued an apology says they're very sorry and that they are looking into it. And the little girl started crying because this employee. Sitting in front of car. What is ruling people that in front of our. She was so it says she had just come from a doctor's appointment she was hungry so they stopped in -- KFC to get some food so she was totally embarrassed she was very upset. And according to the grandmother. A little go to -- won't even look in the mirror anymore. When we go to the store she doesn't even want to get out of the car -- she is emotionally scarred by that as. Coming up will also tell you about Facebook and why the Supreme Court is getting into it. I'll post -- the Supreme Court to take a look at it it's free speech -- threatening language that's all coming up I'm Monica pier in for Dave Cohen this morning on the early edition. Of WWL first. News. A new report finds charitable giving to social service and church groups with Stanton and on that a class donors is flat while institutions like universities hospitals and the arts. Swimming in cash from their. Usually wealthy benefactor -- the same -- about that also coming up in the next half hour. Let's check in with meteorologist Laura book tell we'll have a forecast David Blake with news and Steve -- with sports. And thanks David you know this Florida man he's pretty weighs about 450 pounds that's he's happy. Pretty at all I thought you said he was happy -- active and happy but he is. Pretty interesting ballot because he found awaits the -- Merrill one. He weighs 450 pounds faces multiple charges after sheriff's deputies say he he did. 23 grams of marijuana. And -- fat roll. His experience like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to. You about it the drop. -- a market that fat roll it. I'd be silly and other suspicious it's not the vehicle after noticing the passenger was wearing seatbelts it's not. The 42 you'll as the Mitchell told the deputies that he was it to. I think. -- -- I eight Matt Wise it. The deputy requests that a drug test the at detecting dog because Mitchell repeated very nervous and that's with a dog detected. Drugs and vehicles. What -- they smelled anything I think that that's the big -- you know although you know for years we always heard about people would you know get pulled over for do you lie and the cop could you know smell would be your of the them were there was. With with pot injures -- when they roll out. You know they found a gram of cocaine a handgun and a thousand dollars in cash it doesn't say -- all of that was -- Hispanic effect. But we do now that he had 23 grams of marijuana under his stomach under his yacht off badly garlic rolls. Rolls on world aghast you know did I guess he got out of the car that would probably be commitment challenged him I don't know what kind of vehicle that was apparently. -- seatbelt wouldn't fit well I can't Wear seat belt but I can stash the pop in my view that role that's rough you can't make this stuff well what is. The only people oh man. -- -- -- -- Everybody. And welcome to Spain beat around the Eyewitness News or has been our. I think that's right -- courtesy of all the snakes out yes he's jamming this money. You know like I knew where it's because a lot actually over at. As I actually -- -- -- -- -- -- I was hoping I get it figured he probably still from the early morning to see your -- did. I. Europe at the back staged. All out at the studio with all them on -- that. Really I used -- as a long twisted hall. Going back to back -- back -- I hollered -- to meet back here and I can't find my way out in the day I want this day we won. The beat everybody I talk to you guys read that you before it -- talked to people on the radio lately. And it's -- you'd never have these people's -- That I I finally -- -- I -- you there. Is wonderful. Actor he's out in. London. Which adding a Bobble forecasted temperatures already. Aren't aware already burst that -- here in the city. That -- north lake and it's looking -- similar to eight at the steady climb that later today. And it a couple of those downpours that we had yesterday spot again. Probably different spots but still apparently girl all the spots where they were yesterday I was there -- and that one of them. It was amazing the first time at number now. That that. At that time -- at keeper on two hours. On it with -- And that they do IQ and a -- I I will forget and number I leave it where I have once matched. Everywhere I've got car that her work at home I mean really we're -- right am I eyeglasses. -- Quote quickly about the east winds tornadoes. And say -- in Iraq you know. Especially to see it like we did last it is especially DT strong tornadoes can sometimes see. Twisters -- bought off little twisters that -- -- thing but to seek to separate but still -- strong tornadoes. I believe what some of the pictures are getting tweeted out. My first instinct with -- that's been at a shop that I'm not real that's not really happening and it was coming you know what I realized coming from. If people -- Wouldn't send out photo shop pictures you know out like this that's legit this is actually happening until they're very sad. And I know for -- it just wore the same rights and now we don't really have to change our forecasts that are in my -- that does downpours and and you gotta watch out for if you see me coming vote by letting me because there are you like the the -- yet -- -- out -- at a rally in India yesterday and all right you know gonna keep. Keep that collected the weekend temperatures right in 1991 were just to summertime pattern now you know it's genes that summer and and that that for the next several months what we got. -- another what is wrong with people until that political campaigns can bring out the worst -- some can't the incumbent but this latest for. The miracle will be California town who was caught on camera -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- tossing -- who. Onto the walkway of the political opponent. That's how we act and get back at him his campaign out Mickey's step in the best guy I'd like. To do that Clinton being asked the residents of -- to. Resign -- Gap and say this thing you have smear attack in guard doing it far right here's my question get it. Lot of now the mayor always has an answer. This really tidy Los Angeles suburb and it politicians -- -- I always have a snappy comeback he -- filed a bag of dog waste. On a parkway. And decided. And I'll tell -- it on the front walkway of the home in my political rivals. -- -- it. Our question -- do it's -- absolutely found yet that at all on the high. -- pig is that a game in. Yankee. Absolutely got that in the -- on a surveillance video and and the guy is -- political police it handlers -- -- threw it down there -- -- of sand marina. Kind of light he put hoopla sidewalk yes you can imagine like the strategy meeting you know with the delta and everything it can't imagine better leadership and I am hoping that that's quite yet at that. About what they keep you get -- If that was the best I came up with them here right not at the idea is correct I have a better idea that I ever getting it literally yet. That you want it to not include modest studio. Album warning yet not out on real time out -- you -- -- letter -- -- About Al coming up Steve Geller has more on USA's big win over Ghana and a big day for Jimmy Graham. This is the only addition of WWL first news. I'll ride my thing this morning to Shelden Williams on the ones and the twos and Jordan -- producing -- -- That if you know first news related music. Well it is five off I'm 48 and USA over what's gonna do for May. And the World Cup and a big day of arbitration for Jimmy Graham. C elegiac as good morning C good morning Monica did there with what you gonna -- do for me. Hey I got I -- like it. I got like god I like it. -- Well good morning everyone in the US soccer team played the opening game of the World Cup invested Ghana soon to -- -- Clint Dempsey put the United States had just ninety seconds into the game it's the fifth fastest goal in World Cup history. And the fastest by a US player dance he says the team's feeling confident. We believe. We know that the work we've put and it's -- we're gonna get out we know that we couldn't be working more or what we've been doing can we know we're -- myself still -- that. Looking at the rest of the World Cup scoreboard Germany opened its schedule by hammering Portugal for nothing while Nigeria and I ran plea to -- 00 stalemate. That's the first draw of the tournament. Texas and Vanderbilt with the winners at the college World Series Parker French and Travis duke. Combined for a four hitter to help the longhorns eliminate global 41 and Andy fourteen CWS losing streak that dated back to 2009. Vanderbilt beat UC Irvine six to four and walker bugler pitched five and a third innings of no hit relief. Baseball hall of Famer Tony Gwynn has -- the way the age of 54 from cancer the eight time National League batting champ and fifteen time all star. Spent his entire career with the San Diego Padres. He was elected to the hall of fame in 2007. Arizona Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson says the win was one of the best hitters he ever saw. Our guys Emily does he do just -- back control revenge control. Very patient complaint knew we could -- tens -- consistency is unreal you know why can't -- get ahead. And Albuquerque smashed his -- eleven to one disease are back home tonight to take on Fresno for a four game series. Today -- on sports talk about Graham grievance begins. Tight end or wide receiver and is Jimmie being greedy or just demanding what he deserves I'm Steve Geller with your early morning markets. Lawrence Shanxi they'll be watching that -- -- about vote in the world -- and of the USA over god it was a really big win for USA a new was it like a fluke and. It was it was dealt with a big win because Ghana had beaten the US twice. The last two times they met in World Cup games. And eliminated the United States it was a bit of payback also. That the group G that the United States is in. Is known as the group of debt so getting. Three points was key with a win. A tie would have been. Just one point. Which would have been OK but they needed that three because they have Portugal next on Sunday another tough match with the good -- mayor is. They will be without their best player pet today who got a red card yet at that view -- a that -- they got a red card in the of their anger toward their game and will be. Out for the united game against United States and also without another one of their star whom might be another another starters who got hurt in that game it's not short yet if will be able to play or not. Will have we'll have more of US fans watching soccer now that the US has at least one game. You know I was watching the game at home while following it on Twitter because I just I really do love Twitter and everything about it. And the reaction from folks and the funny pictures are saying they come up with our front fantastic so a lot of folks hanging out of in the cool some of our. The guys who work with hero over there are partaking in the celebration. And from what I've been you know could gather at the it's pretty intense celebration every one gets really -- up in the place really exploded with both goals one coming so quick in the game and then. One coming right towards the end of the match before time ran out so was pretty intense and I I expect this to even build more more as the US keeps doing well. Good thanks a -- Steve appreciate aren't coming up we'll have an update on comedian Tracy Morgan after that horrible crash. That's all coming up this is the early edition of WWL first news. -- 57 on the early edition WL first news warming up today to near. 94 year Tuesday partly cloudy skies rain chances at 20%. And highs will be topping out around ninety degrees then tonight dropping down into the mid seven -- with. Mainly clear skies now for Wednesday partly cloudy and warm again 91. With 820% rain chance he'll hang onto that 20% chance on Thursday what type of ninety. Yeah eyewitness she's forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark backed out. Thank you Laura -- actor and comedian Tracy Morgan has been upgraded to fair condition now following the New Jersey highway crash said Bailey entered him and killed one of his friends. Spokesperson for the hospital says money that Morgan's personality is also stunning comeback actually when of his spokespeople. The 45 year old former SNL star suffered broken ribs and a broken leg in the June 7 crash on the New Jersey Turnpike. Crash -- fellow comedian -- McNair a personal friend and mentor to Tracy Morgan. As well seriously injuring two other people prosecutors say that the wall like driver Kevin opus truck hit markets limo. The Georgia resident has pleaded not guilty to death by auto and assault. By auto charges. And a spokesperson for Morgan says that he's been upgraded to fair condition. Hospital officials say the comedian the other one in the car -- food remains in critical condition so we'll keep you posted on that. Think now is the most popular. Girl named baby girl -- in the country. But it. Amber. As well of course that is not Monica it's Brooklyn. Brooklyn. Now one of the -- one of the most nations most popular names of the past two decades Brooklyn as a name for girls that search from. Number 912. To the top thirty in each of the last three years and some credit soccer star David Beckham and his wife Victoria for naming -- on Brooklyn. Now -- you know by the way. One thing interest others -- girls and the other TV shows and movies that to happen to use the -- gritty behind them Brooklyn itself but the New York. But one thing is clear of the 41 states we have Brooklyn is now the most popular girls may be getting beat. New York is not among them real Brooklyn I'd say name your child Brooklyn is strictly out of town as. That we would never ever ever ever do that. Keep your eye on the Supreme Court didn't consider the free speech rights of people who use violent. Like threatening language on FaceBook and other electronic media -- the speaker's intent. Is not -- with clear with that -- for Tommy have a great -- -- abide.

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