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6-17 6:10am Scoot, is Graham a TE or WR?

Jun 17, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot takes your calls and talks about whether Jimmy Graham should get paid like a TE or a WR

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Good morning David good morning I'm surprised that we. I mean today for Tommy Tommy will be back tomorrow and then Tom Lee and his daughter had to Ireland's -- on ice Thursday it does is probably very close of governor and never did and that's part of my heritage is from from Ireland. And I I I hear it's it's quite lovely very green I started telling the hall yesterday I still think this is interesting. If you think about the potato fan and think about the that the famines people starving. -- art in Ireland and getting on the Barton getting back over a year there and -- when they just go fishing. It's a good point I -- juror and highly it just is really just. Arctic -- had the same thought before and I know there's -- there there were political considerations. Other things going on. Along with the potato famine. But I look at how are -- that yeah -- -- of green is and science kind of misty and coal mine on the winners long and it. But I I would just love to goals that are -- and live there. Yes he's -- replace him at the embassy and even prettier Steve at a couple points all barges that looked good yesterday they do a lot of that. But today is an interesting and interesting day to anniversaries today. This is the anniversary of by the Watergate break in is primarily yet. The burglars the -- and you know this was just amazing to go back in in political history and think about this Nixon was running for reelection against I guess it was George McGovern. And he was so far ahead in the polls now why bother breaking into got a democratic national headquarters in the Watergate penalty in and steal. Try to steal secrets in and steal files or you know Nixon always had a little paranoia -- go on form and he it and trust anything early so. I think -- that's why did -- yeah you're right he had the things slam dunk. Yeah and you know I think back on my. Youth I was really young when Watergate which was going on it while my friends were outside playing. And picking -- girls. I was glued to the television watching the Watergate hearings does that tell you a lot about me yeah sure does and -- a lot. Guess they should have seen that maybe this is the direction my sister -- her up and talk radio. Talk also this is the anniversary of the a slow a speed chase -- slow bronco chase with OJ Simpson -- Or -- I remember that too. Just glued to the -- and it did the TV networks and the and celebrating this if you do article celebrated didn't have remembering this. For over a week now and it's -- this was so good for TV that I guess the memory of it is also good for -- was sure and they're just they're resurrecting all of it it's like they're trying to bring to trial back again yeah -- you might as well is -- the slow speed chase and I go ahead and do the whole trial again and cashing in on some ratings. You know after that after that chase involving the slow white bronco on the last time I heard a lot of talk about that I think was when John Elway was playing for the the raucous. I if you wanna join our show with a comment about you they were talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Ninths nearly seventy -- ever say 77. As we -- our show today let's talk about Jimmy -- grievance hearing today oh boy is he a tight end or receive. A wide receiver. And -- he maybe except a little less to continue to be part of the team. Kind of amazed that you get more fear in one position or another it should be. The player gets paid a certain amount of money but there could be five million dollars difference. It is salary if he's declared a wide receiver over tight end and after -- that's a lot of dough yep and that's -- W if you're a pretty general opinion poll this hour is Jimmy Graham a tight end or wide receiver -- your opinion -- which are reflective of your -- not count. It's 6:13 on Tuesday morning and it scoots in the morning Tommy Tucker and we'll be right back -- -- well. It's 6:16 good morning I'm skewed in for Tony Tucker today Tommy will be back tomorrow and Thursday he starts his trip to Ireland with a number of listeners from the show. And should be here agree chipped it what you hear about it when he gets back and it's it's just -- policy to -- autistic -- -- -- -- and a starting Thursday while time has gone. There's a controversy involving the American flag we'll talk about that on the show this morning is that controversy is in a suburb of Denver. And it involves a townhouse resident. Who is being -- 200 dollars for displaying an American flag outside of his town home. Now the south bridge town home association. Says that you can only display. The current American flight. This guy flew the Betsy Ross Americans like. Which is in my opinion still the American flight. But there have been questions about American flags and their rules about flags and in neighborhoods should the American flag be exempt from rules. They banned flights we'll talk about it later in the show here's a quick update on -- -- party general people. And you're just joining us so we're just reminding you did to Jimmy Graham's agreements here it is today is he tight end or wide receiver. It seems to me that the the players should get paid with the player's worth regardless of the position. But according to the NFL and the saints in the -- all of this this operates. Jimmy Graham couldn't get five million dollars more fees designated a wide receiver rather than a tight end. Not you know you can make the argument the guy really doesn't do much blocking -- So that would -- the direction of making him a wide receiver. Is Jimmy Graham the tight end or wide receivers that are -- -- to -- party general opinion poll this hour. Right now 80%. Say he's a tight end only 20% say he's a wide receiver. It is your opinion Michael into our website WWL dot com we'll give you an update on it coming appeared to Stephen Cisco blog is about the the American like controversy should the US flag be exempt from neighborhood rules. And that's on our website at WQ well dot com also later in the show will talk about to pay its McAllister from the fifth district the congressman. Who was caught kissing a married staffer and that led to calls for his resignation from Bobby Jindal also via the -- the chairman of the Republican Party Roger Hillary. Here in Louisiana. This is a guy who ran and we we talked about there's. Hillary rant on Hillary on McAllister ran. On family values Christian values moral values. And that he gets caught making out with a on merit staffer and her husband sent that he Bruins their marriage. Well -- she -- it as well. She wasn't forced to kiss him she accused him as well. -- sometimes guys who went blame the guy if their wife or girlfriend cheats on him but really it's the way for girlfriend who is equally to blame and in my opinion. This guy has to -- in -- the criticized for making out some. That was not the right thing to do it was a mistake. But honestly I think he should be. Forgiven when you think about it. Mistakes that people make I think that the main lesson to be learned from. -- for Alastair is don't run on Christian family values. Because so often that's used as a ploy to get into office. When in reality people don't. Followed those values when they get into office I think that's the real. A tragedy you'll we'll talk about that a little bit later also if you have not heard. President Obama is sending 205 275. American troops will be arms to Iraq. As a militant group ice -- continues to take over cities in Iraq. Anderson apparently. Focusing on Baghdad the capital. President Obama's considering all the different options including air strikes. Training and equipping the Iraqi soldiers which is something I thought we were supposed to do before we left which apparently we didn't do. So the president is sending 275. Armed American troops to our practice this make you nervous. What does your gut -- Do we have an option should we get involved in securing Iraq or should we just stay out of it. And do you think the media. Is beating the wardrobes. Because it's good for business. If you would join -- show with comet this morning are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. At a text over the receipts have reason I Escude in four Tommy Tucker 621 here's a WWL traffic updates -- -- It's 64500. Tuesday morning yeah we're in that sun and summertime pattern even though it's not technically summertime yet -- big downpour yesterday you were expecting more that again today. I'm not necessarily widespread but there's always a good possibility that you'll end up in some rain today and if you are in the arena was in it showered yesterday afternoon and amazing how many people -- to not turn their lights on seems like such a simple thing to remember to do when you're in the rain. But some people just don't give it a -- -- grievance hearing is today. And the determination is whether he's a tight -- or our wide receiver should Jimmy Graham be designated tight end -- wide receiver that's at WWL pretty general opinion poll. -- is changed. And I just a few moments ago 80%. Said tight in 20% said wide receiver it's like closer now right now 54%. Say he's a tight end. And 46% say he's the wide receiver Davis your opinion by going to our web site WWL. Dot com. Also the president is sending 275. It's not it's not a lot. But I guess technically this is boots on the ground is a -- Now there's a difference between sending 275. Armed troops to Iraq. To. Train the Iraqis. To secure Baghdad to help to the Iraqis. Fend off it's this battle from from crisis as we continue to move across the country. On boots on the ground. For a lot of people means in -- Tonight it's just a large massive. Battalion of of soldiers on the ground so like. Again technically it seems like it's it's it's boots on the ground but does this make you just a little nervous. And them -- -- question that continues to come up is is. Is what's going on in Iraq. Because President Bush went there in the first place where because President Obama. Withdraw troops too soon. If you wanted to and -- with a comet -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Nines here recipient tech's number is 87870. Also this morning we're gonna talk about. Congressman advanced McAllister. He said he is leaning toward running for re election in the fall. Should he run for reelection and this is the guy who who got caught making out with them a -- staffer. And he ran on on Christian values here's a Texan restated theatre rain a Christian family values now he's going to run for governor. His wife has to be very proud of him. Maybe -- legalized prostitution. When you make certain mistakes those mistakes -- And yet we're all challenged. A two for gifts. Now what it's McAllister did -- wrong it was stupid. He should realize in life today. Almost whatever you do no matter where you war. Is. Is going to be available for somebody on video with all the cellphones. That have video capability. But all the surveillance cameras that are everywhere now. Why would anybody think they can get away with anything without it showing up on. Video somewhere he says that it is a better chance that he's he's going to run but he still not sure. A governor Jindal and others call for his resignation David that are told him to stay strong. He said that he has the support of David -- and I guess this is not a surprise and stated that it was involved in his own sex scandal. But I think if this has changed people. If if he would fit in their life changed then do you still hold that against him. I mean everything that I know about christianity is about forgiving. And that's the whole reason Christ came back who was that we forgive do you forgive. I'm married congressman. Making out with. Primaries set for charity run for for reelection again he said to David that are -- and just stay strong and remember who you are we all make mistakes. And indeed we do I think the biggest lesson to learn from this is that politicians. Should not run on. Our Christian values and and and Christians need to realize that too many politicians overtime. Have used -- used god as an endorsement. They have used god. And religion to get your vote. When they really are the person. They cling to -- And to me that is just total hypocrisy. If you enjoy pressure with a comic this morning -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven tech's number is 87870. He has good blog this morning on our website at WW real dot com. Is -- titled should the US flag be exempt neighborhood rules. It's about a controversy that will talk later in the show what a suburb of Denver. Involving a guy who it was a town home and the town home association says you can only fly the current American flag. He put out the Betsy Ross. American -- And he was -- 200 box. Should the American flag or any American flag because this controversy comes up once in awhile should the American flag be exempt from any rules. -- -- I scooted for Tommy Tucker it's 630 and here's David Blake committed WW well -- up. And good morning -- 77. Degrees right now partly cloudy in New Orleans on your official weather station WWL IMI -- dot com. Sunny hot today highs around ninety we get a 20% chance for rain David do we know what time we're expecting the decision on Jimmy Graham. No I really don't. And how long this thing's gonna drag on them it's gonna happen like right away or not. We'll check him with a sports departments -- they've got to. Even of a rough estimate of how this thing's gonna go down. I got a text here it's as so when Jimmy Graham made the Pro Bowl as a tight ends neither him or his agents complained. Then. That he wasn't that he was in a wide receiver in and and they shouldn't do it now. Lot of interesting controversy about this and I don't know about you but I'm still confused about. The designation of a tight end -- wide receiver seems to me that. The best player. For that position should get if there's if there's a tight end who's more valuable to our wide receiver the -- and should make more money. Logically. You would think it would go that way but apparently that's that's not how they look at it and you remember when Drew Brees was going for his big contract. A whole lot of fans turned on him and if -- you're gonna turn on anyone you'd think Drew Brees would be goal at this player. You know in the in the in the country that to people would turn on but. It's all about that money thing or you are you money hungry enough to hurt the team. By getting that extra five million and last with some fans are saying about Jimmy Graham I don't. Remember the year but the the -- and the patriots came together and they actually. Gave -- bonuses or -- deferred payments they made less. Immediately manner in order to to have a better team it asked Tom Brady and and some of the key young players they are they gave up money. And at the moment to to make sure that they had had a good team around him. Will will Jimmy -- do that I have a feeling that a lot of saints fans would turn when Jimmy -- if it appears that he's too greedy and they'll just say let's move -- I've got some macho man on the street comments on Jimmy Graham coming up on the top of the -- other you'll find -- -- -- are here's an update on -- -- WL pretty -- opinion poll is Jimmy Graham -- -- -- -- wide receiver. Right now 60% say he's a tight -- 40% say he's a wide receiver you can give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com -- -- coming up here. In just a few moments if you wanna join us with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And -- -- ever. Is -- 77. Also if you're just joining us that this morning the president is sending 275. Armed American troops to Iraq. As the militant group ice is continues to take over cities in Iraq and they apparently are still heading toward Baghdad. I will continue to talk about this throughout the morning. I'm -- it's time Tucker we'll be right back into the W well it's 645. Very nice look at Tuesday morning but it chances big heavy thunderstorms throughout today so this part of the country it's just that time of year. I'm -- -- for Tommy Tucker Tommy will be back with you tomorrow before he tells you could buy for. For -- I don't know weaker so he's going to Ireland -- his daughter and a tennis starts on Thursday so be America again Thursday morning. The president is sending about 275. Marine and army troops. -- to the US embassy in Baghdad and there are four warships that are headed for the area by Iraq right now as tensions continue to grow with. This ice ice in his Islamic. Fundamentalist or radical group crisis. A Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has ordered the aircraft carrier the USS George H. W. Bush to other ships into the northern Arabian Sea. And I writing in the Persian gulf as I was Obama considers the different military action -- what your gut will talk about this throughout the show also were talking about it Jimmy Graham. His grievance hearing is today is to get tight end or wide receiver that's -- -- of you will pretty jaguar opinion poll here's a quick update. A 68%. Say is a tight end 32% say he's a wide receivers getting a number -- about this. Here's a -- Jimmy Graham just look at last year's game program. And see what position. He was listed. Here is another text if you don't pay -- if you if you don't -- the position. If you can't determine your salary in your salary cap that's why the NFL -- positions and not people. Here is detected see that does it make sense to me. If you've got. A tight end. If the tight end is better than year year top wide receiver. That it makes sense to pay the -- in more than the the wide receiver. Here's a -- reason Jimmy Graham is too slow to be a wide receiver. Here's a text I wonder if the player what the player's agent. Is interested in more money. Is a Texas Sibley says he's a football player. Here's a text I'm with you -- to pay him what he's worth regardless of position. And here's a texted Jimmy grand. Is a tight end with wide receiver numbers. Pay the man so we can get past this distraction and focus on the team's second Super Bowl yeah this seems like a big distraction now but once this is over. This is going to be in the past and -- I don't see Jimmy -- missing any. Worked with a team that. You think that he should be getting right now I heard on our news earlier might retaliate. In sports talking about talent the first four seasons no tight end has ever caught more passes. Than Jimmy Graham he's definitely been an asset to the saints but I remember last season there were a lot of questions about Jimmy Graham going across the middle. There were questions about. I guess to some degree his toughness although he seems like a tough guy to beat. He's not really a blocker so in some ways that might make it seem like he's more. -- like a wide receiver than. A tight end but I just I find this just I find this controversy rather interesting and it just hate the player what you think the players worth. Regardless of the position. If you wanna join us with a comment this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Here which seventy. In a text number is 877. Also this morning we're gonna talk about the fifth third district to congressman Chris McAlister. He's a leading toward running for reelection and he's he's doing pretty well in the polls. And he's more likely to run did not run in November this is a guy who got caught making out with a -- staffer. And he was criticized and governor Jindal demanded his resignation. Also a Louisiana Republican Party chairman Roger -- city should resign but he says now as a result of this scandal he's a stronger man. He's a better family man. He's about a congressman. So do you do you forgive me for that. And end would you vote for him for reelection. Or which you hold making out with a merit staff for. Which you hold that against him. It's a text about. About McAllister. That it's basically says. To be forgiven is only for the GOP. Because Clinton will never be forgiven GOP equals hypocrites. Are Republicans more hypocritical than the Democrats when it comes to issues like this I mean if you forgive fast McAllister. And why would you forgive. Bill Clinton and I note that there will be people who will come up with a list of recent well it was in the Oval Office it was in the White House he desperate but really it. In theory does -- -- Does it really make any difference isn't really essentially the same thing. If you wanna join our show this morning on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven tech's number is 87870. I skirted the Tommy Tucker 65010 minutes before 7 o'clock on Tuesday morning and here's another WWL traffic updates mr. Robinson. Good morning 655. Times scoot -- for Tommy Tucker on this Tuesday morning here's a quick update on our WW a pretty general opinion poll. Is Jimmy Graham at tight end or wide receiver 76%. Say is that tie it and 24% season wide receiver. Sold most of the people responding to the poll. Are not siding with Jimmy Graham and his agent that he's a wide receiver which could mean five million dollars more a year. If you would join us with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a text of receipts have BH seven I got a budget text to get -- -- to get to those in just a moment from Metairie Dave you're and Debbie WL good morning. Mourners who -- -- jury branded site and but he should be table and work. Art anyway. Forget it visit you know coincides with Rick Rick Rick -- morning. You know like -- wouldn't you want and for Durban. And I can create tension on the money. And not -- and the guy who was forgiven. There's so late in -- and and and you know party's internal Bill Clinton was general law which lie in the lie. And you know at their financial. I think it's all morning you know -- you -- favored here. If the partner nobody you cheated never figured -- -- -- -- -- It's taken on any sort he say -- -- double -- does it. Yet he noted who survived it so that they're. They are at that you want to give bring up an interesting points. People within a party will attack. On those members of a party that are less important which essentially equates to two money. Nobody was calling. Well people were but you didn't you didn't see any of the big Republicans calling for David -- to resign. You saw this immediately with Bobby Jindal when it came to advance McAllister because he's a disposable member of the Republican Party where's David -- in the state. He is not however. You know forgive these guys for what they did. -- -- You -- a bit early here -- but -- you know like you know it's still about -- -- the majority in public office. You know -- he got there and consider race and I was fairly. Coming into -- and as you result lol but I don't hear about the art but in you know. Somebody else might hear that right that it might say well senator. Oh -- -- money involved though. And yeah at no charge and -- are real quickly here but. You know it it's a double standards some are dependent on money. I don't there's a question by Dave I'm going to go show have a great day here's a Texan reasoned difference is that Clinton lied about it. How can you trust a liar. Welcome the argument not be made to advance McAllister lied to. Because he was running on family Christian values and his morals and he says that he was gonna take it I don't remember the exact wording but essentially during his campaign he said that he was gonna take his Christian values into office with a. And apparently that didn't happen because he he got caught I mean I guess tactically he might have been outside of his office but he got caught making out -- he got caught not displaying Christian family values. Soul would that not make him a liar as well here's a text about Jimmy Graham Jimmy Graham is a tight end. And all you non sports men need to take a chill pill. Here is a text that reads has McAllister got a good job in office it's so reelect him I could care less about his personal life. I should you be fired from your job for personal indiscretions. -- -- -- interesting comment here is taxed David bitter. It didn't preside at that keeps keeps coming up if you wanna join Russia with a comment on numbers 2601870. Tool free 8668890. Point 78 Texas a 7870 a student for Tommy Tucker good morning it will be right back into the WL.

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